Sandy's full name is Sandra Ellen Massey. She was born in Toronto in 1952. Her parents are Betty and Raymond Massey. She is the eldest of 3 kids. A few years later her brother Bradley was born then came along her sister Laura. That's me. We lived in a small flat near Dufferin and college. Below us lived my grandmother and other family members. Sandy attended Brock public school then later she graduated from Central Commerce highschool. In later years we moved to a house of our own but Sandy left a few years later with her boyfriend and they later got married and she had her first daughter Tiffany. Life was a little rough at times for Sandy but nothing in life was too challenging for her because she had the spirit of a bull and nothing could stop her from doing what she wanted. She later had another daughter named Elyse. She had two lovely daughters and life was great for her. She was a special lady and a great mom. When things were not going as well as they should have for her she became very empty and lonely but that changed when she met her husband and best friend Brad. They shared laughter and good times together. Times some people will never do in a lifetime. They travelled and shared many good times with family and friends. She arranged family get togethers and also made people laugh with her comedy acts and her joking ways. I miss her so much but i am not sad about her short time here on earth because she is the strongest person i know and the time she spent here on this earthly plane was amazing for her. She owned three homes, had two trailors, travelled, married, had children, spent lots of time with family and friends and created a lifetime of memories for all.