This memorial website is a campaign of HOPE created in memory of our loved one, Sandy Scully.  My mom’s favorite Bible verse was Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for give you a FUTURE and a HOPE."

There is a video added from June 1, 2016 when Tunxis Community College awarded Sandy's efforts to earn her degree with a certificate of completion and the Business Office Technology Award at the Commencement Ceremony for 2016 graduates.  Click on Galley, Video to view.

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Posted by Carolyn Laban on April 7, 2020
I will always remember how you lit up a room when you smiled. I see that beautiful essence in your daughter and grand daughter’s smile today. You will be remembered and loved forever.
Posted by Derek And Michelle Guiber... on April 7, 2020
Today I’m remembering her beautiful smile and encouraging words spoken over my life! Thank you Sandy!
Posted by Lisa Jolley on April 7, 2020
I did not know Sandy well, but I know she had a sweet soul and think of her occasionally. Thanks to our Savior Jesus, we know where she is and that we will join her in the not too distant future. Because life is short, even if you live to be 100. I praise God for the hope we have in Him.
Posted by John Huff on October 12, 2016
Dear Sandy,

I did not know you personally but I have been blessed with having your daughter enter my life. I have heard about how amazing a mother you were and wanted to thank you for shaping Susie into an extraordinary woman and mother.

Sincerely yours,
Posted by Susie Hetrick on October 5, 2016
Dear October 5th. You woke me up in tears and fear. I've been dreading this weekend starting tomorrow but you've come a day early with PTSD panic attacks and sorrow once more. Tomorrow is half a year since the anniversary of the accident followed by your passing and then this extended weekend would have been your 56th birthday. 55 is much too young and no one was ready to let you go. The heaviness today is somehow more epic and crushing than it was at the hospital, but when I remember it; it was the hardest thing at the time... Who knew it could get so much harder; and it has mom, without you life is so much harder. You have always been my closest and dearest friend and confidant. Saying, "I miss you" doesn't scratch the surface. I am changed without you for the rest of my life. You're amazing mothering example and upbringing will not be unsewn during these most difficult times; in fact, your amazing family would not allow it. Everyone is here with me but I miss you still and forever will.
Posted by Nancy Riley on May 21, 2016
Like her heavenly Father, Sandy was a strong tower, a lighthouse really. She gave hope in the storm, was a steady beacon to safety, strong when you needed reliable guidance and faithfully standing ready to shine her light. She was tender, full of love and her smile could light up a room. When I picture her smiling face I am still filled with love, hope and sadness because I will miss her, until we meet again.
Posted by DerekandMichelle Guibert on May 18, 2016
I wanted to paste a post I had made on Facebook a day following Sandy's passing...

'Yesterday afternoon, a dearly loved woman went home to be with the Lord. It was sudden, unexpected, and for some (for me) without goodbyes. So what do you do? All I know is that I’m sad (and that’s okay), that I had been loved (directly and indirectly) by this sweet woman, and that her influence in my life (directly & indirectly) will continue to benefit others for amazing goodness for years to come. A piece of her heart has been sewn into mine and the fruit she had been producing on earth will still continue - not just through my life but through the lives of everyone she touched.

As I was feeling all these things this afternoon, I began to pray. And as I was praying, I envisioned this woman in Heaven gathering a basketful of flowers from this amazingly beautiful garden. I felt her tell me that she loves picking flowers and that she’s gathering flowers to bring to the King. And also, that the flowers come from seeds that I’m still planting, that we all (who do the work of Heaven) are planting here on earth. She encouraged me to keep planting seeds - seeds of love, seeds of beauty, seeds of life, seeds of hope, seeds of deliverance, seeds of freedom, seeds of peace in to the hearts of all those I encounter. So as I continue to process this all, I wanted to share with everyone that I have lost, I have been loved, I believe she is happy, I believe the seeds she’s planted in my life will continue to be sown to the world, and Jesus still holds my hand.

You will be missed Sandy Viccaro Scully. Thank you for your love into my life. -Michelle'
Posted by Ben Hetrick on May 18, 2016
Thank you for all your love and support over the years. You and Tom raised a beautiful, kind daughter. Your love shines through her always, in that way you are never really gone from us.
Posted by Tony Viccaro on May 10, 2016
Aunt Sandy was truly a person that lived life the right way. Family and friends were always number one in her heart. No matter what was going she was always the first person by your side if you were in need. I feel blessed to have a aunt that was that caring. I feel that she showed me how to life my life the right way. I love you Aunt Sandy and you will always be missed especially that laugh and smile. RIP we all miss you!
Posted by Lindsay Perzan on May 5, 2016
Aunt Sandy was a fun, kind, helpful and caring person who always added life and fun to every family event. I will always remember her smile, laugh and the dedication she had for her family. May your light continue to shine in all of us, Aunt Sandy! We love you!
Posted by Lisa Jolley on May 4, 2016
I worked with Sandy for a short while at New Britain General Hospital. One day a patient took the Lord's name in vain and she very calmly but firmly asked the patient not to do that again. I admired her for speaking up. More of us need to be like that.
Posted by Kathy Birchard on May 4, 2016
Sandy, you were a beautiful soul; your beautiful smile, kindness, and your love for people. I remember when you were working for Pastor Rick, I would come in the office ask if we could pray and you would say sure we can. The love you had for your family was amazing. The last time I saw you is when I cut your hair. I will miss you and you will always be on my heart. I will remember your smile and your laugh. RIP Sandy
Love Kathy Birchard
Posted by Jody Davis on May 4, 2016
Susie invited me to write a memorial - to share a story - to honor the woman I called friend. The truth is I don't want to. I am going to, but I don't really want to. I am not yet ready to really accept that this has happened and I am not convinced that I have any words that are adequate either to offer comfort or to sustain a woman's memory such as Sandy.
I have known the Scully Family for well over 20 years. She cared for my own two children when she had a daycare in her home. We went to Kensington Baptist Church together and later we went to Wellspring together. We led small groups together, we shared a passion for those who were trying to rebuild their lives from hurts, habits and hangups and we loved Jesus together.
I had the amazing privilege of being present when her first granddaughter was born - if memory serves me, it was on Superbowl Sunday! While the men were watching football, we were watching Suzy give birth for the first time and oohing and ahhhing over new life and the hope that comes with it.
I have spent countless hours praying with her for her children - and she with me for mine. There were times we weren't sure either Tommy or Suzy were going to make it - but we rejoiced when they turned and gave their life to God and things started coming together for them.
I went to visit her and Tom in North Carolina and God blessed us with the capacity to share deep secrets of our heart. What a blessing that trip was!
Sandy Scully was a beautiful woman with a beautiful heart and I am so happy FOR HER - she is with Jesus. My heart is broken for the family and close friends who now have the difficult task of going through life without her. It is unfair. It is terrible. It is rotten. It is things I cannot say here.
Tom, Tommy and Naphtalie, Susie and Ben, I love you all and will always be here for you.
Posted by Kurt Miller on May 4, 2016
Sandy was the strength of the Scully family. She could always pull things together. Family, Work, Husband, children and friends. She always held out an open hand to those who knew her. I will never forget how she welcomed me into her circle of friends and was always there to offer encouragement and support. She's our loss, but Gods gain.
Posted by Kelly Gawitt on May 4, 2016
Two of the best things I admired about Sandy was her love and her loyalty. No matter what, Sandy loved people and stood by them. She persevered through trials and tears. She held onto hope and gave it to others who needed it. I will miss her dearly. May we follow her example and shine like she did.
Posted by Tom Scully on May 4, 2016
Sandy lit up any situation that she walked into with her smile, her positive attitude, and her love of life. These things were constant with her through thick and thin. I was saying to Irene Stavla, one of my cousins, how Sandy was a whole lot of what I wasn’t that made me what I am. In so many ways we filled each other gaps and it made us both so much more than we could have ever been without each other. The influence of her love and kindness will never die. It lives on in everyone that she had anything to do with. Sandy was a very special woman, friend, wife, and mother. I was an extremely blessed man to have shared my love and my life for 35 years with “My brown eyed girl” as I referred to her and she to me as simply, “Tom my love”
Posted by Ken Lavoie on May 4, 2016
Sandy was always so much fun to be around. I remember back in and just after high school how much fun we had and how special she was. I was so excited to be reunited with her a few years back and was looking forward to a life long friendship. I loved her whole self including her spirit and her laugh and will always miss her.
Posted by John Scully on May 4, 2016
Sandy was a real heavenly gift to my son Thomas and to all who knew her. She was with us for a very short time but her memory will last forever. God Bless her and all of her loving family.
Posted by Laura Erickson on May 4, 2016
My friendship with Sandy spans back over 20 years.. Having the privilege to meet her while doing childcare in New Britain and carrying our friendship through the years..She truly had a servants heart and her devotion to her family and friends was an inspiration to me and others..I truly will miss her contagious laugh and smile, but treasure the special memories we shared..Thank you for being such a sweet friend..
Posted by Kara Amatore on May 3, 2016
About 5 years ago, Sandy and I went to a live streamed Beth Moore conference at another church.. It is one of my favorite memories with her because it was one of the only times that we did something alone together and not in a group with our friends. We had a really sweet time that day that included tears, AND of course... laughter! That weekend, we learned the importance of saying "I" love you to someone instead of just "love you".. We learned that saying "I" was so important and deeply personal to the hearer. It's a precious memory. Anytime we said love you to each other after that, we stressed the "I"! Thankful for that memory and so many others. Her laugh is forever implanted in my ears and in my heart. I find comfort that I will see her beautiful face and hear her beautiful laugh one day again in heaven!
Posted by Kimberly Springman on May 3, 2016
Sandy and Tom once invited us to visit their summer beach home years ago. It meant a great deal, as a young mother at the time, to be specifically thought of and invited as a family with young boys to spend a summer day with them at their beach house. And what delicious and generous food she made for that day! I remember meeting Tom's Dad at the beach house, and that Susie and Lexi dropped by for a visit during that day. I could see the strong love and friendship that existed between mother and daughter. 
She exuded encouragment and hospitality to every person, and she really listened to you when you were speaking to her. She had the wonderful ability to make you feel that you were the only person around her when she was listening to you. She conducted herself with unusual grace, diplomacy, and wonderful mercy.
I remember for one of her birthdays, when she was working at Wellspring, I gave her a birthday card that she just loved and she told me she played many times; she was not afraid to convey sincere appreciation towards people who gave her their time, beneficial comments, a listening ear, and special momentoes that meant a lot to her. 
Sandy is a wonderful treasure, is greatly missed, and I am so glad that someday I will see her and talk with her again. Thank you so much Jesus for Sandy's beautiful soul and spirit! What love and beauty reside within her!
Posted by Susie Hetrick on May 3, 2016
I wish there was more I could do
Posted by Carolyn Laban on May 3, 2016
Sandy, it was always a joy when I'd walk into a family gathering and see you there with Tom. Your smile sent waves of joy and love over everyone you pointed it at. Your children are testimony to your mothering. They are strong, confident and loving. For whatever God's reason for taking you now, we may not know right away. But we do know that we were/are blessed for having you when we did.
Posted by Debbie Amenta on May 2, 2016
Just looking at all the wonderful pictures of your Mom with her family you can just see the love she had for you all. Her smile tells me there is nowhere else she would have rather been. You all were the joy in her life! Remember that always and use it to help you through xxoo

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Posted by Carolyn Laban on April 7, 2020
I will always remember how you lit up a room when you smiled. I see that beautiful essence in your daughter and grand daughter’s smile today. You will be remembered and loved forever.
Posted by Derek And Michelle Guiber... on April 7, 2020
Today I’m remembering her beautiful smile and encouraging words spoken over my life! Thank you Sandy!
Posted by Lisa Jolley on April 7, 2020
I did not know Sandy well, but I know she had a sweet soul and think of her occasionally. Thanks to our Savior Jesus, we know where she is and that we will join her in the not too distant future. Because life is short, even if you live to be 100. I praise God for the hope we have in Him.
Recent stories
Shared by Kristin Scully on May 10, 2016

Sandy was one of the first Scully's I met while Mike and I were just dating, back in 2008. I had flown up from Charlotte for a visit, and we went to the Daffodil Festival that weekend. I met Tom and Sandy when we parked at their house for the festival.  I remember how warm and kind Sandy was, and her smile just lit up her face. She and Tom were both so welcoming, and really made me feel like a part of the family.

In the following years, I would come to learn that the warmth, kindness, and generosity I experienced that day was Sandy's "signature look". She was always smiling, and making the best of every situation. Her laugh was contagious, and I can still hear it in my mind. She loved her family so much, and had an amazing way of making those around her feel loved. Whether it was helping out someone in need, cooking a holiday meal (her stuffed bread was the best!), or simply spending time together and talking, she was a joy to be around.

I am reminded of how much fun our two children had with her during our last visit to CT. She certainly had a way with kids, and ours were no exception. I remember how much fun they were having, laughing and giggling...

My hope is that Sandy's legacy will live on through those who knew her and loved her. I know she has inspired me to be a better person, and to live my life with as much joy and gratitude as she did. Sandy truly was a gift to all of us, and I will miss her terribly.

Rest in sweet peace, Sandy.

A Beautiful Friendship

Shared by Elizabeth Glenney on May 10, 2016

Honor, faith, love, and loyalty served with a warm, genuine smile are all words that come to mind when I think of Sandy. I am honored and privileged to have walked under this beautiful umbrella. It is still a challenge to think of such great beauty in the past tense. I am comforted knowing that all the wonder that was Sandy lives on in my heart even without her presence.

It seems that we were friends forever. It was our shared faith that made the initial connection but it quickly grew to a deep, abiding friendship. We shared struggles. We cried together. We laughed together. We prayed together. We celebrated together. We loved together. Most of all, our friendship existed without boundaries. 

I will always cherish Tom and Sandy visiting at my mother's wake. We were fairly new friends at the time. This was a small example of Sandy's heart. I was gifted with the joy of seeing the Scully family grow together in greater love as Tommy and Susie experienced teenage struggles and matured. They returned not only to their family but to God and their faith. I will always remember celebrating...SummerJam...Holidays....25th Anniversary...beach days....and just being together for a meal or a visit. Being in Sandy's presence was always a present!

There is so much I could say but I am being blinded by tears. Sandy lived her faith through love, sharing it with her genuine, beautiful, encompassing smile. My life is so much richer for having had the treasure of Sandy in it. Her memory will always bring a smile not only to my lips but to my heart. 

Your precious memory will be treasured until we meet again!    Love, Elizabeth

Mama's Heart

Shared by Naphtalie Scully on May 8, 2016

There was a sparkle in her happy tear filled eyes as she looked at me, the bride to be, in the wedding dress I had chosen. She nodded her head and told me I was beautiful. As I turned around to look in the mirror, she came up behind me, put her gentle hands on my shoulder, and whispered, "Papa and I want to buy this dress for you". I was overcome with emotion, and completely lost for words. All I could do was gaze into her lovely face and think of how blessed I was to be marrying into this family. She was more than I had prayed for in a mother in law, so the name "mama" was fitting and deemed perfection. 

This is just one of the many instances that I felt completely loved and supported by mama. With every milestone in our lives - from engagement, to marriage, to moving, to having her granddaughters - she was there, cheering us on, with lots of happy tears and hugs along the way. Every time we departed, we shared tight, long, comfortable hugs and tears ran down her silky cheeks at our departure. These moments were the only time I ever saw her cry tears of sadness. What I would give to hug her long and tight and whisper how much she is missed.

She was more than an answer to my prayers for a mama, she was my 3 young daughters "Naunnie". Every year, we received many cards and gifts for birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day, anniversaries, and many times just because we were constantly on her mind. Those gifts are now treasures we will hold onto in memory of her love. 

Although I was blessed to call her mama for 6 years, the moments we shared together felt like an eternity. And eternity is what we will spend together, one day not too far away. We both share a love for water and the sun, and I envision long blissful walks through heavenly gardens to go to the river of life as we dip our toes in the perfectly cool, healing waters. 

Until that day, my heart is saddened at too sudden a departure. At the same time, overflowing with joy at the daily daydreams I have of eternity together. Until then, Mama, I will tell of your love to your granddaughters, and anyone else who will listen. I will miss you everyday, especially the really special days that we cherished together. I will envision your infectious smile, and replay your contagious giggle in my head. I will see you in the ocean, and the sun, all the flowers and all the beauty in the world. And I will forever long for that warm embrace of yours as we cry tears of joy, fulfilling the longed for reunion of eternity together, at last.