Let the memory of SARAH be with us forever
  • 62 years old
  • Born on May 12, 1947 in Blount CO TN, Tennessee, United States.
  • Passed away on October 20, 2009 in hickory, North Carolina, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, SARAH SWEET 62 years old , born on May 12, 1947 and passed away on October 20, 2009. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Mary Smith on 21st April 2018
I sure miss you sissy. Now you all can be enjoying the family again. I miss Cathy and pat so bad it hurts. We took a ride to the mountains today. It is beautiful. I miss our rides. Give everyone one a big bear hug for me. Mary Alice Smith,
Posted by Mary Smith on 22nd October 2017
I miss you so bad sissy. Thank you for comeing and visiting me. You are so beautiful. Now you have so many other family members to aggravate. Please aggravate brother and daddy an cathy a lot. Love you all bunches.
Posted by Jason Bean on 22nd October 2015
Always remember her hugs!!! She would grab you and squeeze and you knew she loved you. Still miss her but I know she is in a better place just like my dad. Love you all. Mary Bean
Posted by Carol Minton on 20th October 2015
Hi mom it has been 6 years now. i can't believe i will never get one of those big hugs you always gave out... everybody really misses you so much. there is not a day that goes by that someone doesn't say a nice thing about you. you were our rock and now we have to keep moving on without you and i have to tell you some days is so hard to do that. But i remember you telling me to keep going and i promise you i fight hard every day.. we are all trying to take care of each other the way you raised us to... you know us we have our moments but we all love each other so much. i miss you and ellen and i know one day i will see yall agian. im still doing so good at church still have room for improvement but i will get their with yall i promise. all the kids are doing so good and full of life and smiles.. Little Jordan is a mess i know you would have ate him up with hugs and kisses. I tell them about you because i want the future to have known you mom.. I love you and miss you every moment of the day Until we meet again love and kisses from your oldest..
Posted by Dana Smith III on 6th June 2015
Miss you aunt sarah ....every Christmas I would see you..you would always give me kiss on my cheek I love and miss you so bad...we didn't loose a loved one we gained an angel..thinking of you.
Posted by Carol Minton on 13th May 2015
hi mom another year has passed and we still love and miss u so much.. i wanted to wish u a very happy birthday.. my life is doing k im still going to church its a great feeling to know im going to be able to be with u one day.. everyone is doing k we seem lost sometimes without u and ellen but i know yall would want us to go on. the kids are growing like weeds and they are all doing well. im still trying to be the strong one of the family and hold us all together. it is hard at times but i love them all unconditionally the same way they do me. leroy has been thru alot this year but he is doing so much better and i think he is finally getting his life on track and u would be so proud of him. rena is doing great keeping busy she is my phone call away when i need a shoulder to cry on.. we all sit and talk like u are still here and it helps us all. give ellen a big hug and kiss and tell her i miss her so much. i love yall and yall will never be forgotten we love u so much and wish u were here but until my time i will keep fighting and making u proud of me. i love u dearly moma with all my heart don't ever forget that. until next time.. hugs and kisses on your birthday..
Posted by Carol Minton on 20th October 2014
Hey momma its been 5 years now.... we talk about u all the time and say boy I bet momma would like that.. we went and decorated your area for the holidays hope u like it momma... I am doing a lot better and I am still fighting like you wanted me to.. I have those days were I miss you and Ellen so bad but you know what I am saved now and I will see yawl again I promise you that momma.. please give Ellen a big hug from me and tell her I love her and miss her.. Boy sometimes it is so hard I see people who have their mother and could care less about spending time with her.. I loved every minute we got to be together would not have changed it for the world. I try to make good memories for my kids to look back on like u did momma . I love and miss u so much momma u r always in my heart sometimes i am jealous because Ellen is back with u now and that is all she wanted.. But for I will keep doing what I promised you and u keep watching over us all until next time mom love u with all my heart for ever and ever.
Posted by Carvin Hefner Junior on 20th October 2014
i love you aunt Sarah and i miss your big bear hugs and all the love you gave to to family!!!!
Posted by Christy Stewart on 20th October 2014
Posted by Blanche Powell on 20th October 2014
I love and miss you so much mommy.there"s not a day that goes by that we don"t think of you and Ellen.ya"ll will forever be in our hearts.your little pudding pop is growing up so fast, she is in school now,sure wish you were here to see her.it"s so hard living with out you.but were doing our best,I LOVE you MOMMY.
Posted by Carol Minton on 12th May 2014
k here we go another year has passed and we want to wish u very special mothersday and birthday.... I am doing so much better now and I am trying to get my life back on track to be here for the all kids like u wanted me to .... there is not a day I don't think about u and wish I could get me one of those big hugs and kisses from u... I know I will see u again when my time is ready but I promise to be here for the family and love them with all my heart... mom I miss u so much and some days is harder than others but u raised me to be a strong woman and I will fight to the end moma.... I love u and miss until we meet again u are always In my heart and the memories will never go away... we tell all the kids about u and how much u loved them and they all love u so much moma we all love u with all our hearts and don't ever forget it moma because we haven't forget ur love u were and r the best mother ever..
Posted by Samantha Hall on 12th May 2014
Time goes by n it's still so hard for me you were like my momma n my only best friend I could call you anytime day or night always no matter what it was you made me feel better. I love you soooooo much with everything I got I sit around at times n just think how we would hang out n talked about anything n everything I have nobody to share my life problems with or if I need advice or how you would fuss at me for making stupid choices. I miss you there's not a day nor a minute that goes by that I don't think about you there will be times Caleb asks about you n it breaks my heart but he loves his grandma. I looovvvvveeeee u with all my heart n know we miss you so much. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA I LOVE YOU VEEERRRYYYY MUCH.
Posted by Mary Smith on 12th May 2014
Happy birthday sissy I know you are missing us just as much as we miss you. But you get to see us. That's not fair lol. I am so proud of your children, they are doing a good job of being together. We keep brother on his toe's for you. We talk bout the good time's. Look at picture's and remember those day's. Hey just thought bout that to, you even get to see mom's jean. Tell her we miss her to. Big Hug's and kiss to the rest of family that is with you. Missing you so bad today. Love you.
Posted by JessicaMinton JerryGoodwi... on 20th October 2013
Love you mawmaw sweet, you are missed dearly. I know your watching over us every moment of everyday, see you soon at the golden gates
Posted by Mary Smith on 20th October 2013
I miss you so much sissy.
Posted by Carol Minton on 20th October 2013
Hey moma another year makes 4 and I miss so much ..my heart yearns for u everyday moma...I am being strong but it hurts so much here without u..ur new litle. Grandson jordan has never met u but he knows his mawmaw sweet and he throws u his kisses...caleb aand sissy and ashley r doing great..we will never let them forget u...keep resting in peace I will see u some day moma I. Love u
Posted by Alma Banks on 14th May 2013
aunt sarah we love and miss u so much sit and think about u and daddy all the time and all the good times we had together really hard on holidays without yall here with us just not the same u will always be remembered and never forgotten we love and miss you very much tell daddy and mamaw we said hello and we love them also we will be together again someday and i cant wait for that day
Posted by Bobbie Van Cour on 26th January 2012
When I think of you Sarah, I think of all the fun you brought to everyones lives. You were such a free spirit...I always loved that about you...YOUR LEGACY WILL LIVE ON. Luv u....
Posted by Elizabeth Walker on 21st December 2011
Grandma, its almost Christmas and it just doesn't seem right without you being here. I miss you everyday and when the holidays roll around they aren't as fun as they use to be. I think about you all the time. I look at your picture everyday. I just wish you were here. I need you. The family needs you. I miss you so much. Ill see you again soon. I love you with all my heart Grandma. <3
Posted by Christy Stewart on 14th December 2011
Hey Grandma I miss u so much i wish u were still here with us , But I know God needed u more than we did.. I miss sharing our Bithdays my birthday aint the same now with out u ... :( I miss your big bear hugs too a couple of us sure could use some . I know ur looking down from Heaven watchin over us .. Caint wait to see u again.. LOVE U WITH ALL MY HEART GRANDMA :3 Dont u ever forget it.
Posted by Carol Minton on 13th December 2011
Hi... Moma i dream of one day hearing your voice again..I miss your big bear hugs and that saying i love u and don't u ever forget it... The grandbabies are all doing fine and they miss there mawmaw Sweet..Moma u were my rock and sometimes i feel so weak without you but i think of u and our time together makes me strong... I love and miss u so very much mom.Keep looking down on us we needu
Posted by Blanche Powell on 12th December 2011
MOM just wanted you to no we love you and you will not be forgotten.. you will live in our hearts forever.we make sure the grandkids remember you.we show them pictures of you and talk about you all the time.I LOVE YOU MOM.

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