Let the memory of Scholartisca be with us forever
  • 54 years old
  • Born on February 2, 1962 .
  • Passed away on May 18, 2016 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Scholartisca Udebuani- nee Onuoma 54 years old , born on February 2, 1962 and passed away on May 18, 2016. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Anyaso Chidinma on 3rd February 2019
... It has never been the same again since U left, but I’m glad heaven celebrates one of their angels today. Happy birthday mommy. Continue to rest in peace till we meet again. I miss u plenty
Posted by Chinyere Judith on 2nd February 2017
Mummy I still miss you everyday. I am still in shock. I live in denial that you are gone forever. Words cant describe the emptiness within me. I miss my best friend. My gossip partner. I miss your laughter. Your warmth. Death played a fast one on us but I am sure you are in a better place. i feel your energy all around us. I feel your love deep within my heart. I know you are fine. I love you mum. Happy birthday. Hv fun with the angels n the loved ones who left before you. RIP mum.
Posted by Ali Alfa on 26th July 2016
I'm weak....I'm just weak. You gave me the best advice when I loved your daughter and she will forever be blood to me. I remember you clearly warning me that I should treat her well. You sounded like my Mother because you are,because you showed me family isn't by blood alone but by those you call your own that's why I may be the only one who has two mums in this world. This isn't a tribute for me mummy because as far as I'm concerned you're still very much alive. Not because Muna can't hear you doesn't mean you aren't there because love is a feeling. We all miss you. So I'll answer you like I always do mummy-Good Morning Ma. Love you so so much. Your son....Ali
Posted by Abbey Oshodi on 3rd July 2016
She was a very good mother to all. Always happy most often. Her smiles I can't seem to forget. She will be greatly missed. Adieu Mama. We love you so much, but God Loves you Most. Sleep well Ma.
Posted by Chidinma Ordu on 28th June 2016
Mommy.... as I fondly Called u. Your demise is still one of d rudest shocks that sent my heart in ripples in my whole entire life. Till this moment, my breathe stops for a moment, whenever thoughts of u crawl into my mind or issues concerning u is raised. Most times I can't help d drops of tears that trickles down my eyes, but what gives me joy is that I'm very certain u r with our creator. U r resting now. U r far away from this brutish, harsh n wicked world, and away from ppl that are as thus wicked n irrevocably malicious and unrepentant. Mommy, I was not opportuned to know u for a Veeery long period, but d few years I did, I'll mince no words to say u r one of d most awesome, beautiful, loving, kindest, amiable, sweetest, warmest, gracious, generous, large hearted, free spirited souls I have met in my entire life. U were beautiful in and out. I remember the very first day I met u in person, instantaneously, I fell in love with u. U took me n embraced me immediately like your own. You loved me to bits n even wished me all that u wished your own biological children. U reached out for me even in my darkest times and would always call and chat me up to lift my spirits. We talked n Gisted like friends n buddies. U will call me n pull joke about everything and anything with me. Gist me all the gists of life and we will laugh so hard like we had known for ages. Irrespective of our age differences, u treated me like I was one of Ur best friends. U always had a reason for me to smile and laugh so hard. U were so magical. U lit up a room d moment u stepped into it. Oh my God! Mommy, I remember when I visited u in a hospital, when it hadn't gotten so bad, we Gisted and played. In your usual way, u said silly jokes and we laughed silly and so hard. You called the nurses to come n see your daughter. You referred to me as "nwamnwanyi" meaning (my daughter), any where u would introduce me to anyone. Little did I know I won't won't be seeing u for long. You prayed n prayed for and blessed me. You encouraged me to always love chichi ,and always made it known to me that she is my sister. I can't believe u have gone mommy. Even on your death bed, u still looked beautiful and alive, the only difference was that u were not talking which was very much unlike u. If I hadn't seen you that day, I will still be in doubt that u are gone. Words fail me! Words fail me! If I continue, it will b endless, Cuz you were diversity in itself. U were everywhere and everything to everyone. You were a blessing to everyone that had a encounter with you. There are loads and loads of things I will write about u mom. One thing I know for sure is that I miss u terribly. I'll forever miss u. I miss all your oyibo things u dash me. I miss your laughter n smile. I miss your jokes and your pulling of my legs. I miss Ur hailing and gingering. All the beautiful names u used to call me. All the plenty cookings for us whenever we came around....everything! I miss everything. I pray to God for your eternal rest mommy. Rest in peace nwanyi Oma. Nwany Mara mma obi ya Mara mma. I've loved you, I love you, I will always love you forever. REST IN PEACE
Posted by Jayk Madu on 28th June 2016
Dear mama, Since u bin gone, things are still crazy out here with our emotions. The only comfort zone we find is knowing that u are now in a better place. Memories of you and the life you lived and gave will remain forever Green with us. I dont know were to start from but your absence leave us broken and wishing we can feel more of your positive energy and your love with that beautiful smile you always give to comfort everyone in different situations. Knowing that you are no more is the hardest thing to believe, its like asking God''why the good die.... Mama we hurt so much, our hearts bleed.!!! But in the end what matters most is that you lived, loved and was loved back till death.... Until we meet again we will continue to celebrate your Life with Love. REST ON MAMA.... Love Jayk
Posted by Muna Udeh on 17th June 2016
My mother, where do I start from? you left without saying a word to me. Just as I was on my way to the hospital I heard you had given up, only for me to meet you lying lifeless. Mummy you were a great woman, a pillar of strength, a fortitude , the glue that bonded our family together. You always directed us towards the right path and was steadfast in providing us with sound advice on how to face the challenges of life. You loved me so much even though I gave you troubles. You always believed in me and never gave up on me. You pampered me and called me all sorts of pet names like "my African queen ", "Governor's wife, " baby oku"...etc. You told me that you couldn't wait for me to get married so that you can bring your friends to my wedding, you said that my wedding day will be one of your happiest Days and that you would surprise me...little did I know that death would steal you away from me so soon...you never failed to correct me when I misbehave. You always made sure I lacked nothing.. who will I call mummy? Who will give little dumebi the motherly care he needs? Mummy how do we continue to live without you? I miss the wonderful times we shared as family, I miss all the gossips and all the plans we had...All I have left is just memories. Words can't describe the emptiness I feel inside. I am scared of life now that you are gone. I wish you could have stayed at little while longer... You can no longer be seen by the human eye but the love that you gave so many will never die. Since the day you left I and my siblings in this wicked world, our lives has not and will never be the same. No one can ever take your place in our heart. I wish I could become a kid again so that I can hug you once more. I miss your mind, your body, your soul. Mother I promise to make you happy wherever you are. I promise that my siblings and I will forever be bonded in love that no one or circumstances will separate us..I will never forget the last conversation we had on phone and everything you said to me..we will be strong because we know that even in death you will still protect us like you always have. We now have a guardian angel . You might not be present in the house anymore, but in our heart you will always be..I promise to be the winner that you saw in me. GOD needed another angel in heaven that's why you had to go, I find relief knowing that I will see you again someday.. we miss you so much..sleep in the cradle of the Lord mummy...I love you mum, I always will.
Posted by Kenneth Onuoma on 16th June 2016
My dearest sister and best friend, where are you? Your calls have stopped coming and you have also stopped picking calls. No day passed in the 50 years we didnot speak, laugh and fight. Who can imagine how crazy it has been for the past few days of disconnect. How long it will take me to accept you are gone,I don't know. You represented everything kind and lovely. Your soul was full of good stuff and you radiated your environment with love, joy and awesome compassion. You were everything good that many people were not. As much as I will miss you my Guardian angel, let me be glad that you are in a better place at the bosom of our gracious God. You will be forever in my mind. Bye my best friend. - Anyika
Posted by Osy Faco Orji on 15th June 2016
Hmmmm!!! Words cannot describe how I feel inside because i still find it difficult to believe that my lovely sister SK is no more . SK ,you were such a wonderful ,generous and kind woman .You really fought to survive till your last breathe , but who are we to question God about taking away a rare gem like you from us. Miss you so much . May you rest in the bosom of the Almighty God. Adieu SK Nwannem! Adieu my beautiful sister !!.
Posted by Vivian Ukachukwu on 13th June 2016
I can't still believe you are gone. it still feels like a dream and I pray to wake from it.But its reality is dawning on me as the day goes by. You were my favorite aunty, always wanting to share with others. I will miss you but God knows the best. Rest in peace aunty, until we meet to part no more.
Posted by Douglas Onuoma on 12th June 2016
My lvly sis, words cn't express my sad feelings towards ur demise. U were a loving sis wt a broad mind. U accommodate everybody wt lv. U never abandon anybody who's in difficulty. U replicates our mother when she was alive. Sis, ur death has thrown me off balance cause u ar a mother to me since our mother died. U'll luk at me & tell me to hv an accommodating heart even when i'm oppressed & even when negative things are said against me. Who'll my children call grand mummy cause dey always com to ur house to spend quality time wt u even in my absence. Tears cn't bring u bk to life if not, my family tears wuld've brot u to life. U still luk beautiful even in death cause when I cam to see ur corpse in d mortuary, I did not believe u ar dead. Sis, i'll always lv u even in death. Adieu my lvly sis, till we meet to part no more. I knw u ar resting in d bossom of d Lord.
Posted by IFEDI 'ONYIMA' ARIGUZO on 10th June 2016
"What a vacuum" you were Loved by many. The month before I got this sad news, I called ur # but u never picked up ur phone not knowing that u were in pain somehow and somewhere. Death snatched u away from us all. Sister Scholar, we miss u, And I believe u are where u will never feel any pain, and no worries. May your gentle soul rest in the bossom of our Lord, Amen!! Our good Lord know the best for each an everyone of us. We will all be there one day. Goodbye Sister.
Posted by Chineme Onuoma on 9th June 2016
De Chick! as i normally call you. The news of your passing into glory is a great shock to us. Your smiling face is very much alive, very vivid to my sight. I find it hard to believe you are no longer with us. I loved you as a sister inlaw specially and miss you. God knows best and also the best time for everyone. Go in peace. May eternal rest grant unto your soul & perpetual light shine on you. Rest in peace in Christ. Love Onuoma
Posted by Chinyere 'Onyima' Muoneme... on 9th June 2016
A good heart has stopped beating. A good soul has ascended heaven. We part with our beloved aunty in pain. May her soul rest in perfect peace. Amen.
Posted by Chinwe Ibisi on 9th June 2016
It's hard to put into words how I feel about ur death Aunty scholar,it breaks my heart cos I saw you 2 days b4 d cold hands of death snatched you away from us,my beautiful n ever smiling Aunty.its hard to accept but now I've understood Notting last Forever.continue to rest in peace.we love n miss u.
Posted by Ozioma Lindy Onuoma on 9th June 2016
Aunty the news came like a flash of light that even up till now I still don't believe it.you were like a real sister to my mum,infact we call you her gisting partner .you have to see the excitement on her face each time you call her.you guys will gist so much that she doesn't pay attention to anybody, intact most times she goes to an excluded area so we wount interrupt the gist. Who will she call her "sico". She cried like the day she lost her own brother. You were the closest of all the aunt's we have words can't express the pain we feel but we love u so much
Posted by Chinyere Judith on 8th June 2016
Mummy words fail me,i can't put it in words,but I can try. ....I am still In shock. For me,it's still a dream, a nightmare. I wake up every morning in tears. I go to bed in tears. My best friend is gone. I don't want to process this thought that you are gone. I wait for your call wishing I can hear you say chi nwam as usual. Mummy was so full of life,I envied the way you lived and loved life, a woman of great pulchritude,a woman with a heart of gold. you gave freely,always ready to help anyone in need,you loved peace. You always reached out for peace amongst everyone. you loved sharing,nothing was too valuable for you,you gave your all.no wonder you had lots of friends,a lot of them confide in you,told you their secrets and you kept it safe till your death. my friends were your sons and daughters too, You accommodated all,mummy I remember your laughter,your smile. One thing I learnt from you was your beautiful heart,always happy for people's progress,you would call me to gist how happy you were for your friends and family's progress never for a day did I see envy and jealousy in you. Mummy you lived a good life,though short but I thank God. The opportunity you had in your last days are rare,we worshiped and praised God together,the ministrations you got were mind boggling you were in another realm...I thank God he gave me the opportunity to be with you on your sick bed, I got your blessings. I know you are resting mum,I know you are now with God. He has called his daughter back,perhaps he saw that the evil and wickedness of this world won't let you have the peace you deserved. enjoy your CROWN mum,you deserve it. I love you today tomorrow and always.
Posted by Nkechi Okolo on 8th June 2016
I haven't seen or heard from you in about 15 years but memories of you are still so green. We aren't related, you knew nothing about me but the fact that I was your daughter's friend. In such a little time, you took me in like your own and trusted me so much as to leave me all by myself in your shop. You were too excited to introduce me to your friends as "enyi chichi". These gestures say so much about your person. Very accommodating, trusting, joyful and loving. My greatest joy is the unbelievable strength and courage Chinyere has. I feared she wouldn't cope but because your peace is guaranteed, God has granted the beautiful ones you left behind solace. Rest on and remain beautiful.
Posted by Chukwudi Chiadikobi on 8th June 2016
A mother with a golden heart, you were indeed a mother to everyone, very friendly and fun to be with, always willing to protect all who came around you. You touched the lives of everyone you came across in so many positive ways I can't even mention. It's still a shock that you had to go so soon but I am happy I met a strong and virtuous woman like you. We all love you but God loves you more...Mummy continue to rest in God's bosom. Amen.
Posted by Magnus Onyima on 8th June 2016
Beloved sister..heres my greatest shock ever..never heard yu were sick for a second..i wish yu an everlasting rest in Gods kingdom, we shall meet definitely Again to part no more..love yu sister..rest in peace..
Posted by Chineme Onuoma on 8th June 2016
It was barely a week after I saw you at the hospital. In your normal selfless way, you were more concerned about the needs of others rather than your health, little did I know it was going to be last. I pray for the gentle repose of your Soul in the bosom of God. Rest in peace Aunty. I miss you.

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