Let the memory of Steven Shaw be with us forever.

This tribute website was created in memory of our favorite teacher, Sensei, actor and role model Steven Shaw . We will miss and remember him forever. Below is a link to a page to fundraise for his family


Posted by Ella Cromie on 21st March 2019
Mr. Shaw was my favorite teacher and was so inspirational to me. Thank you for making me laugh every day and truly brightening up my day. Some days, we would spend our entire class going off on a tangent and always find a deeper meaning in such a simple concept. The critical thinking in your class amazed me and has changed how I look at things now. I learned acting skills, how to lead, about all the different types of poems, and how to analyze short stories. I discovered the complex wonderful world of film and will now never look at a movie the same. Most importantly, Mr. Shaw taught be how to express myself and make people feel something real. Thank you for pushing me to my full potential and making your class so challenging. Thank you for expanding my view on the world and life itself. You were truly a role model to so many, you will be missed. May the force be with you.
Posted by Ella Tyrrell on 21st March 2019
I had Mr. Shaw last year for my 7th grade ALA class and he was one of my favorite teachers. He always had an interesting take on topics for the class, and gave insight into topics that I hadn't thought about beforehand. He also went off on tangents that were always interesting and could make us laugh. He called on students at random to test our knowledge and talked about Star Wars and his experiences. Mr. Shaw truly cared about our learning and liked to push us to work at our best potential. Thank you so much for all you have done Mr. Shaw. You were an amazing and caring teacher that did so much for everyone around you. I am very grateful to have met you and to have been impacted by your teaching. You will be greatly missed by everyone.
Posted by Kate Call on 20th March 2019
I had Mr. Shaw as my LA teacher in 8th grade about 3 years ago. He was one of the hardest teachers I had but he also prepared me for high school and will continue helping me throughout my college career. I work at a salad restaurant and he came in one day. At first, I didn't recognize him but then it clicked. I didn't realize how much I missed him until I saw him again. I loved his class. He had so many stories and always made me laugh.
Posted by Evie Cuffaro on 20th March 2019
This is Evie. Mr shaw was never my teacher, but he was certainly a great role model and father. I was on an ice skating team with his daughter, and he always showed up. He supported everyone, and could make anyone smile. His samurai swords were strong, but his love for everyone he knew was stronger.
Posted by Summers Filion on 19th March 2019
Mr. Shaw was my favorite teacher. He was such a deep thinker and had so much respect for everyone, especially his students. He always inspired me to be kind and work hard. He could be both serious and funny, at the exact moment he needed to be. He was such a strong human being and told his students stories about his family and his adventures. I was never bored in Mr. Shaw's class because he always kept me thinking. He inspired me and opened my eyes to the real world. I send my regards to his family. Thank you Mr. Shaw for being the greatest teacher ever. I will miss you dearly.
Posted by Diana Walley on 19th March 2019
This is Caroline Walley. I had Mr. Shaw in both 6th and 7th grade and I've always had to much respect for him because he was able to teach us things without us knowing that we were learning. And, his strong opinions always lead to class debates and discussions that constantly got me thinking, and still get me thinking all of the time. The two things I'll remember most about him, though, is how much he talked and cared about his family, and how passionately he taught. Mr. Shaw was one of a kind and anyone that knew him, even in the slightest bit, will ever be able to forget him.
Posted by Diana Walley on 19th March 2019
My daughter had Mr. Shaw for 7th grade ALA in 2018. I appreciated his passion for the subject and the way he challenged the students. He touched many lives and will be missed in this community! Our family is so sorry for your loss. May love be what you remember most.
Posted by Emma Mccoy on 18th March 2019
Mr. Shaw was by far the best teacher I have had. I was lucky enough to have him in the 6th-grade acting wheel rotation and 7th grade ALA. He taught me so much within those years and not just about language arts but also about life. He taught in a way that twisted students minds and I am forever thankful for that skill. He pushed everyone to be better and meet the expectations he saw in all of us. All the random rants we would go on and how he would make fun of the only three boys in the class. You never failed to entertain everyone in your classes. "It's hard to confront a challenge, but you'll get more out of your life if you do." You told me that one day after class in sixth grade. You will be missed very much.
Posted by Waverly Fisher on 17th March 2019
I will always remember Mr. Shaw as a compassionate, intelligent, caring, and humorous individual. I will miss his long tangents and warm smile in the hallway. We always learned something crazy that I had never considered before in Mr. Shaw's class. He always took the greatest care to make sure each student took something out of each lesson, and everyone's creative juices were always flowing in his class! Down the road, I will remember Mr. Shaw as not only an amazing teacher, but someone who really cared about how I was doing each day. Thanks for everything you contributed, Mr. Shaw! You will be missed.
Posted by Luka Kazanjian on 17th March 2019
To Mr. Shaw For no words shall do justice to respect your name and your legacy upon all of us that you have taught. Eventually all our waves Come Crashing down Yet So early? So young? On the black shores of death We are but pebbles Drifting in the sand Our impact hits hard Yet it soon Washes away Out of sight, out of mind Until all that is left Is a spec of grain To remind us Of what we have lost Life is never fair Yet It is the worst To those who do not deserve it Why? I sit On the cliff Overlooking the tides come in then Fade away Wishing I could stop them But I am powerless Pulled out by a riptide far away from shore But how far? I cannot see Blind to the future Looking back, more and more behind me All of us awaiting our fate All of us waiting to break With white shards of glory We will all fall And extinguish the fire Burning bright within each and all of us In that moment Where life and death collide There is Peace Stillness Piercing Quiet Harmony The yin and the yang United In one final stand Under the sun And we realize All the good we have done And all the bad For we are mortal And we do what we can Yet at the end of the day, When the sun sets, And purple Pink Orange And Yellow Cloud the sky We are at our knees We bow before the waves Of life Say our vows Preach our final words And are taken by the sea Thrown into the sand Laid to rest forevermore
Posted by Nicole Stutte on 17th March 2019
Mr. Shaw, I will always miss your kindness, humor, and confidence in every student through your years in Louisville Middle School. You were the only teacher I felt really happy greeting in the hallway because I knew your smile and laughter was always genuinely real. Nothing was fake in your class. You gave us a challenge and pushed us further than we've ever imagined and it was a gift to learn from you for two wonderful years. Thank you for seeing me as more than the quiet student.
Posted by Matan Gold-Edelstein on 17th March 2019
Mr. Shaw, You were such a great person and you taught me to be myself. You shaped me into the person I am today. I cannot once think of a time that you failed to make me smile. Your class was the highlight of my day each and every day. You taught me to fall and get back up again. I will always remember you.
Posted by Kayleigh Nichols on 16th March 2019
Mr. Shaw, you were such an amazing individual and taught me so much. I had the privilege of getting to have you in 6th and 7th grade. Everyday in your class we knew we would have at least one good laugh. Your knowledge has taught me more things than I can count. You made me a better person, actor, and student. Your class pushed me to be my best and work hard. I will use your lessons throughout my life and thank you for teaching me. You will be missed by so many.
Posted by Ella Sarles on 16th March 2019
I think about Mr. Shaw whenever I am stressed in class and ask myself what would he say to answer my question. I remember being so stuck on something once, and when I asked for help, he helped me look at the whole situation in a different way. My favorite lesson I've ever had in school was in Mr. Shaw's class where we wrote a story about a picture and we had to guess who's was who's. I never realized how lucky to be taught by Mr. Shaw until he was not there to teach me anymore.
Posted by Anna Carlson on 15th March 2019
Mr. Shaw, I had the pleasure of taking both your 6th grade acting class and your 7th grade LA class. From those two years, I learned so much about theatre, literature, and about taking risks every day. Every single day that I walked into your class I would always take a deep breath and smile. The deep breath was because I knew that every day you would challenge us to look at the world differently. The smile was because I also knew that every day would include laughter and lots of jokes. I will always remember your challenging class filled with laughter and learning. Thank you for being an amazing teacher.
Posted by Lily Lee on 15th March 2019
Mr Shaw was both my 6th grade teacher and 7th grade teacher, he was always one of my favorite teachers just for being so funny. I was recently going through my year book from last year and Mr. Shaw had signed it and said “I look forward to continuing to be a thought partner for your development next year”. And it wasn’t until I finished reading that that I realized I couldn’t tell him I found it. Thank you Mr. Shaw for being a AWESOME teacher! You will be missed, and will not be forgotten.
Posted by Sophia Stearns on 15th March 2019
Mr. Shaw was my language arts teacher at LMS in 8th grade. The class that I remember most from middle school was his. My friends and I still talk about all the memories we have from his class. One memory I will always have is the day that Mr. Shaw explained to the that he had a huge sword at home. He told us that if anyone broke into his home he would sneak up behind them with his sword. He then proceeded to act out the scene out of him sneaking up with an imaginary sword and it made the whole class laugh so hard! Another thing I loved about him was how he would just start bouncing on a bouncy ball in the middle of class. I admire the fact that he didn’t sit down in a chair like every other teacher, he was always one his feet or bouncy around the class. I remember him having hilarious stories and being extremely intelligent. I truly believe he was one of the smartest individuals I have ever crossed. He could see the potential in everyone and I admire that so much about him. Another piece that had a large impact on my life was that he stated that he personally believed that individuals with dyslexia were amazing and capable of so much for some reason I always remembered this. The following year I found out I had dyslexia and his words were the first thing I thought about which gave me hope. He saw the potential in me that I could never see. I am so thankful that I took his class and that I had the pleasure to have him be a part in my life. Rest in peace, we love you.
Posted by Robin Nickles on 15th March 2019
Mr Shaw taught both of my boys at LMS. As their mom I'll never forget this infamous teacher. This legend. I had never seen Ryan work so hard or so passionately ever. He respected Mr Shaw immensely and was used to skating by in school. Not in this class. He worked his tail off and had to fight hard for every success. He's in his first year of grad classes in engineering and still refers to Mr Shaw as one of the teachers who sets the bar and taught him what it was to really challenge himself. My younger son, Sean, has never really connected all that much with school. He reads every book he can get his hands on and writes poetry, screenplays, and short stories as a daily hobby, but rarely connects or feels school is all that worthwhile. And then there was this window. This year in time where Sean was on fire and could not wait to get cracking at everything this new teacher put in front of him. Mr Shaw "got him". He appreciated and encouraged his sarcasm and spoke his language. He saw his talent and pushed him hard to stop backing away from it... Everyone says people are great in their death tributes. But even having gotten to meet him only a handful of times I can saw his influence on my kids was profound. He had a gift to reach the kids others couldn't. He taught what it was to think critically and to push your limits. He found the spark and ignited it The world just lost a great man.
Posted by Zachary King on 14th March 2019
As a freshman in college, I can safely say Mr Shaw’s 8th grade writing class was key to my success in every high school writing class and helped to get me here. On top of teaching me how to write, I remember he taught me how to overcome failure and learn from my mistakes instead of giving up. I remember one day when I didn’t get the grade I wanted on my paper, he comforted me and told me he saw value in me and as someone who didn’t find a lot of value in themselves, it meant a lot to me. From the laughs at debate club Friday mornings to the motto “cry in the dojo, laugh on the battlefield”, Mr Shaw taught me a number of lessons and I’ll always be thankful to have had him as a teacher.
Posted by Xander King on 14th March 2019
I’m a Freshman in college now and I still remember so many wonderful stories with Mr. Shaw. I was blessed to have Mr Shaw as a teacher in my 7th grade drama class, my 8th grade squawk box film class, in my 8th grade combined LA class with Mr. Mischke, and every Friday morning for debate club. What sets Mr. Shaw apart from other teachers in my memory was his ability to inspire students to learn more about themselves. Even though my writing improved greatly in the years that he taught me I truly learned to know myself in his class. He told great stories and I remember his story about why he believed in magic, while he was speaking I believed too. Along with teaching of deeper insight he knew how to laugh. I remember at the 8th grade dance he did the wobble and I’ll never forget that image. These are just two stories of countless moments that taught me how to be a better human being. Mr. Shaw was a tremendous figure in my middle school years and the lessons I learned in his classroom about hard work, reflection, dealing with obstacles, being joyful, and truly loving to learn remain with me until this day. I am certain Mr. Shaw influenced my classmates in these ways and his teaching during the chaotic period of middle school helped me become the man I am today.
Posted by Lily Pradeau on 14th March 2019
Mr. Shaw was by far my favorite teacher at LMS. From daily quotes to rants to speeches about Star Wars, he taught me more about life than any other teacher I ever had. He made us laugh and cry. He taught me how to rise up from defeat and make myself better because of it. He reminded me on a daily basis that I wasn't alone during one of the worst years of my life. I wish I had gotten the chance to tell him how much he really meant to me, but I missed my chance. I know that he changed the lives of countless kids and will be missed.
Posted by Cole Spradlin on 14th March 2019
Mr.Shaw, i never had you as a teacher and only talked to you a few times but in those few times i saw that you where one of the kindest people in the school who got joy from seeing others being happy. Im sorry i never knew you and its to late now. You will be missed
Posted by Josie Small on 14th March 2019
Mr. Shaw, you will be forever missed and remembered in our hearts. Everyday I had you class, you inspired me and taught me something new that I can use throughout the rest of my life. I learned how to break out of my shell and be able to be more confident from both your ALA class and drama class. You made such a impact on so many lives by being by our sides every single day not matter what we needed. Thank you so much, we love you.
Posted by Autumn Godard on 13th March 2019
They say that in your first years of life is when you make the deepest connections. I've known you since I was a very small child, and I can still vividly remember what a presence you were for me growing up. You and Cyan introduced me to some of the things that I love so dearly to this day. I remember your influence of Star Wars showing strong in your daughters when we were young, and watching the prequels as an eight year old, sneaking into the bathroom to avoid seeing Palpatine's face while Cyan watched bravely from my parent's bed is something I'll always remember. I read my very first Harry Potter book hanging upside down off of her twin mattress. One day, at a music festival in Lions, I fell face first onto the ground while playing with my brother and the girls, and I started to cry. Your first instinct was to explain to me that my eyes were only tearing up because I had hit the bridge of my nose, and the seemingly strange description about the anatomy of the nerves in the human face (which no elementary schooler would understand, for that matter), was the only thing that calmed me down, and made me feel less vulnerable and understood for crying. These spiraling tangents soon became a common occurrence with you, and I can't help but think back to two summers ago, when we had a ten minute conversation about the true definition of the word 'salad' in the midst of a barbecue. You always made everything interesting, and funny, and the amount of times I've been left dumbfounded by the sudden profoundness of your words has been too many to count. The event of your passing was harder for me to stomach than I thought it would be, and the promptness of your leaving was something I had not prepared myself for. It still feels surreal, in some ways, and it's difficult for me to fully realize that I'll never have another introspective conversation with you, or that I won't automatically hear your voice at every party my parents throw from now on. I don't think anyone is having an easy time with the loss of you and your warm personality, least of all me and my family. It has been a trip, for sure, and one with an ending none of us were expecting. The galaxy misses you, and it always will. Thank you for everything, Steve. All the love in the world, ~ Autumn
Posted by Maggie Lynch on 13th March 2019
Mr. Shaw was and forever will be my favorite teacher I've ever had. He brought out the best in me and helped me out on tough days. I was lucky enough to have him in both 6th and 7th grade and got to have drama and LA with him. I appreciate every minute of class I had with him and all the incredible memories I have of that time. His tangents on the most random topics never failed to make my day. Mr. Shaw taught me so much and I cherish all of his lessons. I will never forget the huge impact that he had on me.
Posted by Lauren Mckeen on 13th March 2019
Mr. Shaw, I have spent the last two days wondering what I could have done better... hugged you one more time, laughed at you try-to-hard jokes one more time, smiled at you one more time in the hallway. You made me feel important when I felt invisible, happy when I felt down, and inspired when I felt hopeless. 44 years that you impacted people in this way. Out of all of my teachers, you made me love not only LA, but school(which can be hard to love). I sat in the back of your theater class in 7th grade in pain and shy, but you brought me up on the stage and taught me that it was my best friend. And in LA, you pushed me hard, harder than i have ever been pushed. And I will forever be thankful for you. Thankyou for making 4 years of my life feel like a lifetime of learning. Thankyou for smiling and talking to me in the hallway even though their are 2,500 other kids that you could have talked to. Thankyou for making pain seem not so scary. Thankyou for giving me hope in my darkest moments. We love you. Lauren
Posted by James Compo on 13th March 2019
Mr. Shaw was the single toughest teacher I've ever had, and I could not thank him more for it. He taught me how to write every single sentence with compassion and heart and turn those sentences into something beautiful. You were the best at pushing me to the limit without breaking me and I grew so much in your class with Mr. Mischke. Every person you came in contact with you tried to help even if they didn't see it at the time, but I believe that now they are grateful for what you did. Thank you, Mr. Shaw, you will be missed dearly
Posted by Hailey Andresen on 13th March 2019
One of the best teachers I have ever had, you didn’t give up on kids even when things where going rough. You taught me so many life skills. Thank you for teaching me how to always win an argument. LMS will never be the same without you. Thank you for preparing me for life in the way you did. You will be forever missed.
Posted by John Nassif on 13th March 2019
Mr Shaw was a hearted person believing in everybody but also protected us from everything going not in aware way he had a personality for everyone he was a very special man that man made me laugh I felt like everyday he was there when I needed him for whatever it takes . Mr.Shaw was not just a normal teacher he was gifted and I will never let go of what he said to me he wanted me the best I can be made me laugh who can do that? He wanted to know about us not about the teaching but he taught it a way we all loved he was one of the great man that I will never forget. He will be missed. Thanks for the opportunity. He asked me one day “what’s over there but he was covering it and it was a heart
Posted by Olivia Mckeen on 12th March 2019
Mr. Shaw, you were an inspiration and role model for me. Thank you for all the laughs and joy you brought to our ALA Shaw-Mischke block. You taught me critical thinking, how to improve my acting skills, and how to be a leader. Thank you for always saying hi to me in the hallways in middle and high school. You will be missed very much.

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