This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Shane Willerton, 45 years old, born on June 26, 1975, and passed away on May 2, 2021. We will remember him forever.

Please share your memories of Shane. Share your photos and your stories so we can all laugh together, cry together and most importantly never forget all the great memories we have of our dearly missed Shane. Forever missed but never forgotten.
Posted by Carol Willerton on June 26, 2022
Missing you today on your birthday & every day Shane.
Love, Mom
Posted by Sandy Spencer on May 5, 2022
Shane….a year has passed, seems like it was just yesterday but also, very long ago. We raised a glass in your honour and toasted to the good times and our memories of you. Personally, I can’t go to a Canucks or Canadians game without thinking of you. That will probably never end, you left such an impression on all of us. I hope you are resting in peace, my friend. 
Posted by Pat Schuck on May 4, 2022
Shane, it is hard to believe you have been gone a year. I’ll always keep my memories of you close to my ❤️. Hoping you are doing well Carol.
Posted by JW MacEachern on May 4, 2022
Hey Mr. Awesome / Sparky:
Enjoyed a toast raised in your honor my friend. A year plus later and still your absence is felt. I'm sure it will never settle. Memories of good times, laughter, and your stories are frequent and powerful. Whether it be Central Park, Shenanigans, The Fire Fighters Club, The Mez, or any of the other places you left your mark - you are missed. I hope you are at peace.
Posted by Chris Krecsy on May 4, 2022
A year and a day on.. and I find myself thinking of you as usual, with a smile. Your energy and enthusiastic stories never fade my friend. 
I keep your picture, the one with you in front of mister two on the roadside, on the shelf beside my desk in my den. 
Sometimes I get tears in my eyes bro. But I always get back on track and focus on all those better memories. 
Posted by Leanne Willerton on May 4, 2022
It’s hard to believe it’s been a year. Think of you often and miss you xx
Posted by Dawn Johannesson on May 2, 2022
Hi cousin !
A whole year has gone by and you are thought of and missed so often. I know that many others have memories of you in the post teenager years...but most of mine are from when you were born ... through your younger years. You brought so much joy to our family. Forever missed dear cousin. Love Dawn
Posted by Carol Willerton on May 2, 2022
Dearest Shane
A year has passed since you left us. I have tried to remain strong, but admit it hasn’t always worked. You’re always in my thoughts as I push forward with love & support of family, friends & some of your dear friends. Love you forever Mom
Posted by Preston Pearce on September 7, 2021
A gentle man with a heart of gold, genuine, sincere, always such a pleasure to be around, who always had a fun story to tell, so friendly and positive he was a good friend to me. I will miss Shane and am so saddened I didn't get to reconnect with him now I have returned to Canada. He was one of those rare bright lights that you meet that burnt out far too early.. I will miss you mate.. where ever you are Shane you can have your coat back ..
Posted by Sandeep Dhaliwal on June 26, 2021
Happy birthday Shane, love you bro. The girls always askin (amaya especially) about the baseball game uncle Shane! Especially when they eat cookies out of their a&w bowls they got that day. Too cute bro. We are still in the thick of it. But it’s changing now slowly it seems. I talked to Troy & he told me poppa Willerton is with you too now so you both shine bright & be all of our guiding light together now. Forever now. Ttys bro. Miss you
Posted by Sandeep Dhaliwal on May 27, 2021
My brother from another mother. You were truly like no other. A kind and gentle soul that loved to laugh & could tell the most incredible stories. Im gonna miss you shane-O.
I know your in a wonderful place now ; I’ll cherish the good memories you left behind & concentrate on the best of times we had & shared.
I will hold my head up & try hard not to feel blue.
But the truth is most nights I wake up in shock & wonder why U.
Rest In power brother
Until we meet again to laugh & talk & play I’ll be at the cross roads telling you stories along the way.
Posted by Daren Wilson on May 27, 2021
Hey Shaner
I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting you over 20 years ago. Michelle of course ,always included you in every occasion whenever it was possible. You were always a bright spot in all our lives. Whenever I would learn that you were coming over or we were going out for dinner or something I would always smile. You had that affect on everyone my friend. You were bright, funny, happy , contientious, charismatic , caring and loved by everyone.Especially the Buddys. You can't even believe how their little faces would light up in anticipation of Uncle Shaners visits. Even though they would wear you out by the end of the night, you always played every game that they wanted to happily and wreckless abandon, cuz thats what the Buddys wanted. You would come downstairs for a glass of water and we would all laugh and youd say between gulps " I gotta get back up there cuz the Buddys are playing hide and seek now". When someone says " He was truly one of a kind" they had you in mind for sure.
Shane, you touched all our lives and we will never forget you. I hope you are at peace now and one day we will meet again and you will make me smile and we will have a beer and you can play with the buddys again......
Posted by Ron Bertram on May 26, 2021
I got to know Shane over the 2 1/2 years we sat next to each other at the Surrey Tax Center. He was part of a core group of long time employees who dated back to the days with Shauna as our manager. We had fun and laughs together everyday. Shane was smart! He was calm and cool and knew his job. Unfortunately in Surrey his abilities were not recognized. I retired a year ago because I witnessed bullying and harassment and it was ignored. Shane called me Mr B as I was a generation older than him. We got along great. We went to Nat Bailey for baseball and the next year he has ordered a dozen season tickets for his ticket operation. Same as his hockey scheme. He was the man in black. I will miss him. Here’s to you Shane!!
Posted by Navi Deol on May 19, 2021
Shane was a great friend, co-worker and most importantly a great person. Countless breaks, lunches and several nights out had always brought with them his great sense of humour and infectious laugh.

Walking into the office every morning he’d greet me the exact same way. Big smile on his face, finger guns waving, shouting “Navitron”! It was staple to my morning. Despite whatever mood I was in at the time I’d forget it for just that single moment and have a chuckle. Like others have said before me; he encompassed that ability to brighten your day.

As many of you are aware Shane was a huge Canucks fan as am I. Every morning we’d have a little debriefing about the game the night before. Being a bigger Canucks fan than I, Shane invested heavily into Canucks season tickets, every year without fail no matter how terrible they were. Sometimes tickets were sold at a large premium to counter the cost of him being able to attend. No matter what though. Every season the first day he gets the ticket book he’ll call me over to his desk and tear out two tickets for the Jets game “these are for Navitron, because I know his bro in law is a Jets fan”. Always charging me at cost despite knowing he could’ve fetched a ransom for them. That was the type of guy he was. Always putting friends and family first, over any personal gain. Putting others before himself and never thinking twice about doing just that.

You’ll be missed but not forgotten.
Hopefully when I see you again we’ll have a chat about the Canucks winning the Cup ;)
RIP good friend. 
Posted by Sandy Spencer on May 19, 2021
I first met Shane in 2011 when I transferred to VTSO. Being new to the area, I was introduced to everyone and he made a lasting impression. As others have noted, when I got to know him, I immediately felt comfortable and knew I could count on him to be honest and forthcoming.  He had a way with people, making everyone feel important and valued. That’s why he had the nickname, Mr. Awesome. 

Through the years, until I retired in 2015, Shane was the social organizer on our team and could be counted on to plan, organize and gather people for the many events, big and small, that made our work environment so positive. Even after retirement, I saw Shane at my BBQs, weddings, social and sport events. He was one of the people I would reach out to when I wanted to connect with the team. In the same way many of us felt about him, our friendship extended outside the workplace. 

I last saw him in December 2019 and, as usual, we had a good conversation. Then, Covid hit our lives and we all stepped back and hunkered down to ride it out. When I got the news of Shane’s passing, I was in disbelief, shocked, saddened and devastated.  He was such a good man, loved by many, everyone had nothing but kind words to say about him. In fact, when I told the news to my family & friends, they all remembered Shane even though they only met briefly at a couple of social events. He had that kind of effect on people.

Shane, you will be sorely missed. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and wide circle of friends. 
Posted by Leanne Willerton on May 18, 2021
I have so many fond memories of when we got together; whether it was a family reunion or coming to visit over the Easter holidays.
You always knew how to make me smile and laugh even when I took your comic books out of their plastic to have a read while you were at school. I remember you were not impressed but were quick to forgive.
You brought joy to so many lives and will be truly missed.
Although we were countries apart, you were and will always be in my heart.
Rest In Peace Shane.
Posted by Chris Krecsy on May 17, 2021
I met Shane in 2008 when he came to work with us at the STC warehouse. He instantly became one of those guys you considered a friend and felt like he had been for years. We shared too many laughs to count and he had my back even when I didn't know it.

Even when he transferred to VTSO we stayed in contact and his stories were always something to look forward to when we got together for Red Robin catch up times and I never had so much fun golfing as I did on his team at the 1st annual Bartholemieu invitational.

I think the thing that best tells you what kind of guy he was is when, in 2011 he reminded me months before the playoffs began that EA sports predicted the Canucks vs Bruins in the final - and had the Canucks winning game seven... He knew I was a huge Bruins fan, and he bought me two t-shirts. We were stoked for that eventuality. I still have those Tees, and always will. Here's to you, Shane...had the Cup gone to Vancouver I still would have been happy, mostly because I knew how much that would have meant to you. You deserved a Canucks victory. My Bruins won and you never held it against me, in fact you celebrated for me. That's the kinda guy you are.

The past year was horrible, and we stayed in touch the new way, by text,  and email, and you never forgot anything. We shared stories, funny and serious, but you always made it entertaining.

I will never forget you my friend. Forgive me if I cry sometimes when I think of you not here. But, I will keep those giggles and snickers and that boisterous laugh of yours close to heart.

Posted by Sharon Reid on May 15, 2021
Shane .I knew you much better when you were younger. We often had good visits with you your parents and Troy, I remember the old comic books you loved to collect. I believe it was your dad that told me you stored them between your mattress and box spring so they wouldn't get torn. I remember celebrating one of your early birthdays at a campsite while we were traveling to Sask. You were such a kind thoughtful young boy. As in all life, people get caught up in different things as time moves on. But in our huge family even though we might never see each other often, it does not mean we forget each other. You will be missed and your passing leaves a hole that cant be replaced. Be at peace now with your family and friends that have gone before you. My heart goes out to your dad, mom, Troy and Amber. Love Aunt Sharon
Posted by Pat Schuck on May 15, 2021
Shane was my son Bryan’s best friend since preschool. If you found one of them, the other would not be far behind. They would play for hours at a time either street hockey or with their GI Joes. I can still hear Shane calling out “car” while they were playing hockey. Shane was such a sweet boy and I was so happy that he and Bryan found each other!
Later in life Shane worked in the Public Service in the same office as me. He went out of his way each day to come and say hi to me. He always had a smile and a joke to tell. All the ladies in the office were always smiling when Shane came by.
I want to send my prayers out to Carol, Jim and Troy for their loss.

Shane you are loved and never forgotten! Love you Shane.
Posted by Sarah Schuck on May 15, 2021
Shane and my brother were best friends growing up and he lived down the street. I always remember him giggling away with Bryan and getting into mischief. My family used to play a game where you stood by the fireplace and we all tried to make you laugh. When it was Shane‘s turn all we had to do was show him a picture of Bryan when he was younger and he’d laugh every time. He was a big part of my childhood as he was my Bryan’s best friend. I always remember him as such a happy kid. I’m devastated to hear of this loss but my memories of Shane will always be his infectious laugh. Much love to his family ❤️
Posted by Kathy Watson on May 15, 2021
Although I never met Shane, I heard much about him from Carol. He obviously was a well-loved son, brother, nephew, cousin, friend, and colleague. Such wonderful tributes tell a story of a man and how well-loved he was, and he will be much missed and cherished. On behalf of my family I offer our sincere and heartfelt condolences for this huge loss. I hope Shane has found peace and that the family may take comfort in these tributes.
Posted by stephen hand on May 14, 2021
I've known Shane for a long time. He was always a kind, funny, and smart dude. His ability to tell a story about the most mundane things was amazing. My best memory was watching the last 3 games of the Canucks playing the Vegas Knights. I wish I could have done something and I wish I could have seen you sooner. Shane is an amazing person. You were my most core friend, and I miss you. I *really* miss you.
Posted by Bryan Schuck on May 14, 2021
Shane was my oldest friend. I wore a spiderman shirt to pre school and Shane decided we were meant to be best friends for that alone. Growing up we spent as many hours as we could playing street hockey, baseball and spending hours playing GI Joe in the front of his house in Delta. When he originally moved to Victoria it was crushing. But still we made the effort to still see and talk to eachother. Then when he moved back to the mainland we started talking more frequently. He was the first friend I wanted to meet my children. He was always happy and had a joke. Always easy to talk to, and honestly I can't ever remember a time where we even argued. He was always kind and everyone who met him couldn't help but love him. I would have done anything for him, and I wish I could have done more. His passing has devastated me and likely everyone he has met. He had that kind of impact.  Shane will always be missed and never forgotten. My deepest sympathies go out to all he touched but especially Jim, Carol and Troy. I'll miss you and never forget your impact on my life Shane. Love you.
Posted by Betty Swift on May 13, 2021
I hadn’t seen Shane for several years but remember him as a happy, friendly, outgoing young man. A great kind of guy. My love and heartfelt sympathy to Carol, Jim, Troy, Amber & Roahz. May fond memories of Shane help to ease your sadness at this time. Love, Betty
Posted by Lavaine Lightbown on May 13, 2021
Shane < I have known you all your life and I wish I could find the pictures of you and Troy peeling logs ( haha ) for us in Pritchard and also for running faster then the speed of sound down the embankment by our house, Loved you dearly . and you will be missed Love Auntie Lavaine
Posted by Dawn Johannesson on May 13, 2021
From your cousin Dawn
It had been a few years since I last saw Shane.
Shane was my much younger cousin (we have a large family) and I am almost 20 years his senior but how I remember when our families would visit together ~ the fun we would have together with Uncle Jim, Aunt Carol and Troy and Shane (early years in Surrey). You've have left a hole in our hearts Shane but look forward to the day when we see each other again in glory. Much love from your cousin Dawn
Posted by Melodie M on May 13, 2021
Funny enough Shane is the name of my older brother.

So when I met him he became my work older brother as he shared great characteristics of an older brother typically does: funny, caring, and protective. He was always a great sport to take part of different activities as a big brother always does.

I had the pleasure to work along with him in the mailroom and as an officer. Just as work is work, Shane was always awesome.

I’m truly going to miss his great stories and how approachable he is, even at the 6 am morning commute.

We love you Shane, you will forever be missed.
Posted by JW MacEachern on May 13, 2021
I had the great pleasure of knowing Shane for approx. 5 years. We called him Sparky; we called him Mr. Awesome and we called him a dear friend. We went golfing, curling, bowling, playing bocci, darts, to hockey games, baseball games,and reveling. We worked together and he was always ready to help out, go the extra mile, be there for you. Theres so much else to say about such a wonderful man - I will remember him forever. Rest easy Mr. Awesome.
Posted by Troy Willerton on May 12, 2021
Dear Brother, Your Memory Will Never Fade

My dear Brother, now that you are gone.
You’re no longer here to share
The bond we had together –
A bond of love and care.
Yet, somehow something tells me.
You are watching over me –
Now that from Worldly cares.
You finally are free.
I miss you so very much,
And my tears, I cannot hide.
Yet, within my heart, I feel.
You are always by my side.
Ever since you went away
Life has never been the same.
Yet, it comforts me to know.
That one day, we’ll meet again.

- Unknown

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Posted by Carol Willerton on June 26, 2022
Missing you today on your birthday & every day Shane.
Love, Mom
Posted by Sandy Spencer on May 5, 2022
Shane….a year has passed, seems like it was just yesterday but also, very long ago. We raised a glass in your honour and toasted to the good times and our memories of you. Personally, I can’t go to a Canucks or Canadians game without thinking of you. That will probably never end, you left such an impression on all of us. I hope you are resting in peace, my friend. 
Posted by Pat Schuck on May 4, 2022
Shane, it is hard to believe you have been gone a year. I’ll always keep my memories of you close to my ❤️. Hoping you are doing well Carol.
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Dearest Shane

Shared by Carol Willerton on May 19, 2021
As I sat looking out at our ocean view this afternoon I saw an otter.  You loved sitting on our balcony watching for otters, seals, eagles and even the noisy geese & ducks.  I'll always think of you enjoying our piece of paradise.  Missing you always.  Love, Mom & Dad

Family sympathy

Shared by Elva Nerlien on May 15, 2021
We have been unfortunate not to have had a visit with Shane over the last few years.Life has been taken from Shane away to young. Our thoughts & prayers for Shane’s family @ this very difficult time. Hang on to all your fond memories for comfort. Our love Andy & Elva

Young Shane

Shared by Tana Hendricks on May 13, 2021
Shane is a cousin of mine, almost 20 years younger. I remember babysitting Shane and Troy when they were little. Both happy cute young kids. Shane was the first child that I was able to flip him over and he would land on my shoulders. Complicated to explain and I don’t remember who taught me to do it. He loved it when I did that. A big smile. Our families always had fun together and he will be missed by so many. Rest In Peace Shane and I know we will see each other again one day.