Let the memory of Sharon be with us forever
  • 49 years old
  • Born on December 5, 1962 .
  • Passed away on November 11, 2012 .

Sharon Ann Wimberly, aged 49, died peacefully on November 11, 2012 at Southwest Georgia Regional Medical Center in Cuthbert, GA.

Sharon was born December 5, 1962 in Cuthbert, GA. She became a member of Antioch Baptist Church at an early age. She attended Randolph-Clay High School and was part of the class of 1981. Sharon was very passionate about spending time with her children and grandchildren. This gave her excitement and a purpose for living! Before her medical issues, she was an employee of Ranch House Restaurant in Cuthbert, GA.

Death Preceding’s:

Father: James Walker Sr

Husband: Lee Norris Wimberly Sr

Children: Lee Norris Wimberly Jr and Cheryl Wimberly

Grandchild: Jada Mock

Surviving Family Members

Children: Christopher Wimberly, Alexis Wimberly and Adrienne Wimberly of Cuthbert, GA, Candice Blash (Julius Blash) of Albany, GA, Chandra Chisholm (David Chisholm) and Alexandria Wimberly of Columbus, GA,

Grandchildren: Tyler & Cameron Blash (Candice and Julius), Jaiden & Caleb Chisholm (Chandra and David), Alyse Wright (Alexis).

Mother: Cassie Walker

Siblings: Willie D Hall III and James Walker Jr. (Vickie Walker) of Cuthbert, GA, Carolyn Gilliam (Glen Gilliam) of Dayton, NJ.

Grandmother: Mary Hall

Special Friend: Frank Toney

**A host of relatives and friends too numerous to name**

Posted by Chandra Wimberly on 5th December 2018
Posted by Chandra Wimberly on 11th November 2018
Mommie!! It has been 6 years already! Seems just like yesterday! You're still missed greatly and thought of frequently! Love you for an eternity!!
Posted by Ira Jones on 3rd May 2018
Its been almost 6 years since my sweetheart sharon pass a way.i Miss you so much Sharon.you still the love of my live.i will cherish you in my Heath they rest of my live.ira adn Sharon will live for ever.no one will Take Sharon place.
Posted by Christopher Wimberly on 26th February 2018
I love you mama and miss you so much you are always in my heart always and forever
Posted by Ira Jones on 24th February 2018
Sharon Will always be love by irá Jones.she was a real Mother to her kids and a great woman to.me.o love you so.much and tears are talking from my eyes as i write this.i love how Sharon.
Posted by Christopher Wimberly on 17th February 2018
I have missed you so much always when you left us a piece of me left and I wanted to thank you for all you done for me and for bring me into this world and for me knowing you and my family and for my sisters and grandmother and everyone and for being there when i had stroke because I know you was there in spirt you and god helped me through it with staying postive and being strong and a fighter will always I am sorry for not saying it when you was with us here missing you so much each and everyday more and more
Posted by Chandra Wimberly on 5th December 2017
Another birthday has passed without you! Oh how I long to hear you voice...your laugh...and see your smile! You are missed greatly! I can't wait until I can see you again!! Love you for an eternity!!
Posted by Chandra Wimberly on 5th December 2016
Happy Birthday Mommie!!! Words can't describe the void of you not being here. I always keep you in my spirit and rejoice at the precious memories that we made. Love you for eternity!
Posted by Chandra Wimberly on 5th December 2015
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!
Posted by Alexandria Wimberly on 5th December 2015
Happy Birthday Mommy! I miss you so much. Continue to rest in love!
Posted by Chandra Wimberly on 11th November 2015
3 years!!! WOW! I can't believe that it has been that long! Time has began to heal the pain but you're still missed and loved dearly! I love you beyond measure!
Posted by Chandra Wimberly on 11th November 2014
Well mommie, it has been 2 years since you transitioned into eternal life. I miss you tremendously! My life still isnt the same without you! I love you beyond words! Til' we meet again, muah-muah!
Posted by Ira Jones on 27th August 2014
I am thinking about you every day sharon.you will always be the love of my Life .i think about sept.15, 1995.i met you at top bate gas station in cuthbert ga.and you been the love of my life.you wad a real loving mother and a very sweet lady to me and i shells tears every time i think about. You.i will always love you.love.ira to sharon.
Posted by Chandra Wimberly on 5th December 2013
Happy Birthday Mommie-Pooh! I love you and miss you greatly! Til we meet again.....MUAH MUAH!
Posted by Chandra Wimberly on 11th November 2013
Well, today marks one year that our lives changed forever. It has been a difficult task trying to function without you! You are greatly missed and always loved! Continue to rest on My Love! Til we meet again....I Love You Always! Muah...Muah!
Posted by Chandra Wimberly on 12th May 2013
Happy Mother's Day Mommie! I really wish you were here so we could celebrate! I really hope to be as great as a mother as you are someday. I Love You beyond words! You are still the greatest! Until we me again, continue to rest in peace..I Love You!
Posted by Alexandria Wimberly on 7th April 2013
Miss you mommy!
Posted by Chandra Wimberly on 23rd February 2013
I miss you entirely too much! You were my best friend! Whenever i needed you, you were ALWAYS there! My mind understands why you had to leave but my heart still hasn't caught on yet! There isn't a day that doesn't go by that i don't think about you! Everything happened so quickly and mind is still trying to process everything. I remember our last conversation that day...full of laughter!
Posted by Chandra Wimberly on 23rd February 2013
Til' we meet again, I LOVE YOU!
Posted by Alexandria Wimberly on 25th December 2012
Merry Christmas mommy......I know your enjoying!
Posted by Alexandria Wimberly on 19th December 2012
Missing you mommy!
Posted by Cassie Walker on 18th December 2012
i love u and miss u very much
Posted by Chandra Wimberly on 5th December 2012
Posted by Adrienne Wimberly on 5th December 2012
Happy Birthday Mom!!! Love u for eternity!!!!!
Posted by CANDICE BLASH on 5th December 2012
Happy Birthday Ma! We miss you so much! Rest in Paradise.
Posted by Alexandria Wimberly on 5th December 2012
Happy Birthday Mommy! I know it's the best birthday ever i can't wait to see you again.We all miss you and love you. Rest in Peace!
Posted by Alexis Wimberly on 5th December 2012
Happy Birthday Ma!!!!!!!!.........Rest In Peace........We miss and love u
Posted by Shakila Coleman on 25th November 2012
Sharon was my aunt. It's so sad to have family and not know them . I wish we had time together. I wish alot of things, I wish that you was still here with your kids and family that loves you. I will always love you aunt Sharon.
Posted by Taneqwa Wimberly on 25th November 2012
Miss Sharon, my "Friday mom!" I would spend just about every Friday at your home and you would put up with me and Chan's giggling. You were always very warm and welcoming. The news of your passing wore heavy on my heart. Be proud, Chan is being very strong thru this tough time....something I've always admired. My thoughts and prayers are with your family!
Posted by Da'Jaun Walker on 25th November 2012
I just want so say thank you for making me feel like part of the family when me and Candice were together for always being so caring and kind. What we have lost is truly heavens gain. Love always Da'Jaun
Posted by Rachel Thomas on 25th November 2012
Sharon, I was blessed to see you in Feburary of this year. It had been so many years since I had seen you last. I can say I recognized you right away. You looked exactly the same to me as when we were once girls.together. Elegant and poised. May God keep your family & all your loved ones in His Grace at this time of your homegoing. With sincere sympathy for your loss. Rachel Bush Thomas
Posted by Abreshia Reynolds on 19th November 2012
My next door neighbor. I remember the night that all of this happened. My heart was so heavy because it just seemed so unreal. My heart and prayers continously goes out to your family. You will surely be missed.
Posted by Aretha Green on 18th November 2012
Sharon and I were gradurates of the class of 81 and when i would see Sharon she would still have that SMILE and that SWEET personality gonna miss you.The family gave a beautiful service. May God continue to shower his blessings on the family!
Posted by Sonja Davis-Williams on 17th November 2012
Mrs. Sharon was like a mom to me, we stayed over your house all the time you always smiled and greeted us as we would come over. I know indeed you will truly be missed, especially by your six loving children, three which are my best friends and are like sisters to me.
Posted by Shirley Johnson on 16th November 2012
Sharon u will be truly missed and I love u always and like the talks we had when Lee Norris would bring u down to the house. We wil miss u and never forget u. LOVE U
Posted by Antoinette Robbins on 16th November 2012
Sharon, you were my first friend. I can't recall a time when I didn't know you. I fondly remember playing with you, Teddy and our friends "down in the Valley" and all the fun we had growing up. I always enjoyed our visits when I returned to Cuthbert. Rest in peace. - Toni
Posted by Alice Browner on 16th November 2012
frank and the wimberly family our prayers goes out to you may god bless you alland give you the strenght you will need to get through the tought times your friends and pal alice and brenda browner
Posted by Iraj Jones on 16th November 2012
you will always be love by me, im going to miss you so much. just want to say kissess and se you later, love ira to sharon
Posted by Iraj Jones on 16th November 2012
always be the love of my life.
Posted by Vickie Johnson on 16th November 2012
Sharon,I'm in tears trying to type this tribute.We were more than just friends and neighbors we were like family.You,Teddy,and I,and the rest of the Railroad St.gang had a blast playing checkers and just having some good ole fun enjoying each others company.It is still hard for me to believe because we talked briefly before you left us.We miss you Sharon.Rest in paradise my dear sister....
Posted by Martica Davis on 16th November 2012
mrs.sharon u will truly be missed u was a very nice person may u rest in paradise

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