Let the memory of Sharon be with us forever.

Sharon Lee Todd beloved wife of Marshall Wayne Todd passed away on May 13, 2019 at 10:42 at Northside Forsyth Hospital in Cumming, Georgia.

Sharon and I were married June 27, 1994 in Dahlonega, Georgia.  We had a wonderful life together. She introduced me to any new things and people. We had great adventures and travels together. She was blessed with many great friends, many who have gone on before her.

Sometime after her last operation she started having varies infectious which caused her to spend much time in ICU's, hospitals and rehabilitation centers. My last day with her was Mother’s Day where I brought he favorite Thai soup. She was not responsive the next morning and was sent to ER. Sharon's cause of death was congestive heart failure. She will now rest free of any pain or suffering. She will be forever missed by family, friends and her loving pets.

Sharon will be cremated at The Cleveland Funeral Home in Cleveland, Georgia.

Thank you for all your love and support during this sad time.  We love you Sharon and we will miss you!

- With all my love and affection M Wayne Todd

Posted by Cindy Sutherland on July 8, 2019
My Sister Shared by Cindy Sutherland on July 8, 2019 Sharon was the oldest sibling of four; I was the youngest. Being the first born, Sharon was loved and spoiled by her three maternal uncles, two grandmothers and two grandfathers. Born after the end of WWII, and before the invention of the polio vaccine, Sharon contracted polio. Fortunately, she survived; she always claimed being short was because of contracting polio at such a young age. She had therapy and diligently performed her physical exercises to regain her ability to walk. She was a lucky survivor. She was an only child for six years, and then my brother, another sister, and me were born. Being six years older than my brother, Sharon gladly accepted a great deal of responsibility for her younger siblings. She liked the control and being in charge of us; this contributed to her developing leadership skills very early in life. She was the favorite grandchild of both sets of grandparents...well until little Stevie came along. But she was adored for six years without any sibling competition. Sharon was a Brownie and a Girl Scout, she was a fan of the original Mouseketeers, was in the high school marching band, was a good student, and loved to read. She married right out of high school, worked her entire life in administrative-type positions and never had children of her own. Her children were the furry, four-legged kind. I cannot begin to count all of the animals, strays, and rescued souls she loved and cared for over her years on earth, but there were many. At the end of her working day, coming home to a house filled with wagging tails and unconditional love brought Sharon great joy. She lived in Arizona for a short period, moved to Atlanta when she was in her twenties, and loved becoming a true southern girl. She blossomed in Georgia and really became the endearing soul she was to many. She made and fostered many friendships as an adult and endeared herself to others easily. She met and married Wayne Michale Todd while in Georgia, and together they shared a life of love and adventure together. Also while in her twenties, Sharon contracted Crohn’s disease, before the medical community really even knew what CD was or how to treat it. She was a true medical pioneer patient as the medical community learned more and more about Crohn’s disease and ulcerative ileitis. She was a trooper, and continued the ongoing struggle for years until the disease was brought under control. Sharon had more than her share of physical struggles, but she always remained hopeful and positive. Many folks never realized she had any physical ailments because she lived her life to the fullest and enjoyed each day. Besides her love for reading and science fiction, Sharon was an excellent cook and baker throughout her life. She loved to create dishes, embellish recipes, and improvise as she went along. There wasn’t any kind or type of food she wouldn’t tackle. She loved Thai food later in life, and could master just about any dish you desired. She was in the same class as Julia Child and Martha Stewart when it came to cooking and creating delicious dishes. She was as adventurous in life as she was with creating meals. She was an original foodie. Sharon was the first person I called when trying to make my first Thanksgiving Turkey. As an eighteen year old, how was I to know they bagged the gizzards, neck and whatever and placed it inside the cavity of the turkey and you had to remove it BEFORE stuffing it with dressing? Sharon saved the day. While we may not have been close geographically as adult siblings, there were periods she and my other sister talked daily, weekly, and monthly. Sharon at times had two-hour commutes to and from work in ATL, and we would use that time to talk hands-free and catch up on life. My commute was only about ten minutes, but I would arrive home and sit in my driveway while keeping Sharon company on her longer commute. I miss those calls, and that time we shared. I find comfort in knowing that Sharon’s physical suffering on earth has ended, and she was embraced by our Heavenly Father, by mother Laura, father Donald, Grandmothers’ Mary and Grace, Uncles’ Donnie and Myron, and friends too many to list by name. I will miss Sharon everyday until the day I die; may she Rest In Peace and may Wayne Michael find solace in the memories they shared.
Posted by Steven Sutherland on June 28, 2019
I have provided the means for all who knew Sharon to leave their thoughts & pictures for all to enjoy and remember her in their way...Steven
Posted by Lance Dobson on June 4, 2019
A dear loving woman. We will dearly miss you Sharon.
Posted by MICHELLE GWYNN on June 3, 2019
She was such a wonderful person. And the best step-mother you could have ever asked for. She truly changed my life. She helped me find my career path and in doing so I meet my husband. She taught me so many life lessons. I know my sense of humor has been altered forever! Basically she was the second mother I didn't know I needed. And my life has been forever changed because of her influence.
Posted by Wayne Todd on May 28, 2019
Sharon took care of me for 24 years and I took care of her for the last year. She helped me get through my divorce and get home when I got lost coming. We got to travel together for her work and get to do lots of fun things. She will be missed by all
Posted by John DeRosa on May 26, 2019
Nancy and I first met Sharon at IBM. We grew that initial contact into a 38 year friendship. What started as a friendly encounter grew into a lifelong relationship. We shared many experiences together, the attic fan fiasco, the Peachtree Road Race, our son being born, driving to see holiday lights and coming home in a tow truck, peeled potatoes on the ceiling, talking by phone during her long commute home, and these are just a few of our fond memories together. Sharon touched our lives forever and will be remembered by all who knew her. She was an angel among us and will be sorely missed! John & Nancy DeRosa
Posted by Tony DeMaria on May 26, 2019
Always a smile to whoever approached. Combined with a “welcome , a happy to see you smile, a sense that you ‘re still looking well, and, a How Can I Help You ? - - - - - always a warm feel - - - - and one we all remember. Sharon seemed to always elevate to her visitor’s questions or needs. When you ended your stay, you were happy from the time spent with her. My lasting thanks, Sharon. Tony DeMaria
Posted by Barry Moore on May 25, 2019
Wayne, we wish you the best. Sharon was a wonderful person and a great friend. She was always up, even when she didn't feel well. She was a person that you could always depend on. We didn't even know that she was ill. She will be greatly missed.
Posted by Brenda Hansen on May 23, 2019
I met Sharon when we both worked at IBM in 1984. She was an amazing friend to me. I will always treasure the many dinners we shared and countless hours we spent together when we were both single. Sharon, Wayne, my husband, Glenn and I took a trip to New Hampshire to my in-laws lake house many years ago -- we had a great time on Lake Winnipesaukee. I wasn't able to see Sharon as much as I would have liked after she moved to Cleveland, but I know she was very happy there with Wayne and her animal menagerie! She will be missed, but will live on in our hearts.
Posted by Debora Tucker on May 22, 2019
Sharon was my first friend after moving to Atlanta in 1989. She and I worked together for almost ten years, and carpooled for several of those. We developed a close friendship and she was like a sister to me. She never once failed to be supportive when I needed it. We shared so many interests; most specifically our love of animals. I loved her sense of humor and her ability to find humor in difficult situations. I admired tremendously her intellect, common sense and gift for just getting right back up, dusting herself off and moving on from life's hard knocks. To this day when I am faced with a dilemma, I ask myself, "What would Sharon do?" She was generous and gifted me with several items of jewelry, some of which were antiques - I will continue wearing them in her honor. She enriched my life, I loved her and I'll miss her every single day.
Posted by Terrie O'Neal on May 22, 2019
Wayne, Ed and I hope that all the wonderful memories you have of Sharon will comfort you during this difficult time. Rest assured you are in our thoughts and prayers. Terrie & Ed O'Neal
Posted by Daryl Neisess on May 22, 2019
May the peace..... ..... and the joy...... ..... and the happiness that you brought others....... Be yours........ ....... for eternity! Love, Daryl & Deanna Neisess
Posted by Michelle Fasone on May 21, 2019
To my loving second mother!! You were always there for me growing up. You gave me advice, love and support continuously. I always loved helping you with all the animals. You will be greatly missed!! Love you always!

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