Shawn Januck
  • 18 years old
  • Date of birth: Jul 20, 1993
  • Date of passing: Apr 6, 2012
Let the memory of Shawn Januck be with us forever. Gone but not forgotten "Looking at Life through Shawn's Eyes"

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Shawn Januck, . We will remember him forever.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by annou annnou on 21st April 2013

"I can still remember every adventure we did ,wed always do anything and everything sometimes some of the craziest stuff but it was so much so we didn't care I think we had one of the strongest friendships anyone could ask for that's why I cherish every memory we had and all them fun times will be with me the rest of my life you made me a stronger person today you will always be rembered <3"

This tribute was added by annou annnou on 21st April 2013

"I'm gonna start by saying I miss you so much bro and that I will never ever ever ever get over what happened to you I just cant believe it happened to such a special person.Not one time did I think of you as a friend cause we were so much greater than that so we can say brothers cause we always made the best of everything and I honestly will never have as much fun with anyone as I once did"

This tribute was added by Travis Kuhns on 5th April 2013

"Tomorrow will be one year since you left us. But it wasn't by choice. Till this day, ever day I think about you. I miss you so much! You always brought a smile to my face and everyone around you. You don't even know how much of an impact you made on everyone's life. Just know that we all miss you and can't wait to see you again. Rest In Peace my Angel and watch over us."

This tribute was added by Tiffany Henry on 1st April 2013

"Shawn, oh how you'll be forever missed. Growing up you were one of the first people to talk to me and become my friend. We had class after class throughout our school years. Its hard to push past the fact that your actually gone. Its too hard to believe. This is something you never deserved. I know that you're watching over us all, you're truly missed. Fresh dreams man <3"

This tribute was added by Marissa Haley on 23rd November 2012

"Brudder): More nd More Everyday I Miss You ): Its So Different , This Thanksgiving Was Just So Weird Without You With Us. I Lovee You Soo Much We Did So Much Together, When You Would ALWAYS Make Me Pizza, Or If You Were Full You Would Give Me The Rest Of It ! When You Would Blast Wiz Khalifa Late At Night  I MIss That , I Looked Upp To You Theres Not A Time When I Dont Think About You"

This tribute was added by Alicia Marie Reno on 10th October 2012

"Hey Beautiful. Just thinking about you. Thanks for staying by my side the past two weeks. I never felt so safe and confident. I'm going to make you proud one day, Shawn. I miss you. Stay close. I know you're watching me. I'll see you later. I need you, don't let go of my hand, Shawn. XoXo. I love you. Rest easy, catch me."

This tribute was added by Denise Evans on 22nd July 2012

"Today will be a difficult day Shawn for those who hold you dear to their hearts.
I ask if you could please send down alot of Faith......especially to C.J. His soul is wounded. Death has left a sting that hasn't yet healed. For all the Wilmerding friends and family who struggle. We long to see you in that special paradise in the sky!!!!!!!!! Have a joyous day"

This tribute was added by Brittnye Donna on 20th July 2012

"Happy birthday Shawn! Your still so very missed"

This tribute was added by Zoe Livingston on 24th April 2012

"Hey love :) I miss you more and more everyday and life sucks so bad without you.. Waking up everyday and not being able to call my boyfriend is the worst.. I would do anything to see your beautiful face again :( I love you more than words can describe and i ALWAYS will babe:) REST IN PEACE Shawn Paul Januck<3 i love youuu!!"

This tribute was added by Amy Frederick on 20th April 2012

"R.I.P Shawn I still can't believe you're gone you were one of the nicest people I've met. Watch over us down here :( <3"

This tribute was added by tia emerick on 20th April 2012

"its been two weeks and im still in complete shock that this happened. its gonna be weird going down wilmerding and not seeing you around at all anymore. ill still always remember all the good and funny ass times we had. my favorite memory is going up camp for my first time with you zoe and zach. your the funniest dude i ever met. always wanting the fair one. "chilll" love & miss ya ♥ rip ♥"

This tribute was added by Denise Evans on 15th April 2012

"Hello precious Angel; It is really amazing how death makes us feel. I come to say I realize were you  really are, and that is with the Creator of the universe. I am watching how God taking you home, has already brought so many people together. Complete strangers want to know about you. You have left a TATTOO on peoples heart, not on the body were everyone can see. Were it remains personal."

This tribute was added by Thomas Lochinski on 13th April 2012

"Oh Lord, you work in mysterious way, you have a plan for all of us, for heaven needed another angel. Although we did not want to see Shawn go, let the perpetual light shine upon him, and have eternal rest in your kingdom. With the grace of God, give his family and friends the strength to keep their faith and to have his memory forever live in their hearts, Amen."

This tribute was added by Chad Sanner on 13th April 2012

"Shawn, wassup bestfriend.. there's so much I can say, but I'm just guna keep it short cuz I know damn well ur gettin sick of reading all these! aha, I just wanna tell you that I love you and I love the feeling I get now a days, I jus feel like your with me and its a great feeling, always make me smile still (: .. I love you and I miss your beautiful face soo much (: .. love you bro"

This tribute was added by jess lamb on 12th April 2012

"Shawn, All i can remember is you always messing around with me on the bus. Or that time me you and tia were outside under that tunnel till the sun came up, and we climbed that wall to get on that roof, which wasnt very high but i still needed help getting down. When we hungout it never was boring, i'll miss you so much <3 :'( watch over everyone. Rest in Peace Shawn Paul Januck <3"

This tribute was added by Chucc Loc on 12th April 2012

"Well shawn i jus wanted to let you know I LOVE YOU BRO !
R.I.P SHAWN ) hold it down up thier ."

This tribute was added by Kymmen Casey on 11th April 2012

"Its very hard to believe that u are gone..u where the cooliest dude and u will be missed.
R.W.G SHAWN...watch over all of us!!"

This tribute was added by Zabrena Lynn on 11th April 2012

"R.I.P Shawn you were loved my many, by me an everyone else. i remember like it was yesterday you, me, zach, meme,an felicia were chillin at westinghouse an you said something to me an i said you want to fight you said naw i dont fight p**sys and i said i aint no p**sy an then lightly punched you an you said NAW CHHIILLL... no matter mood i was in you always find a way to make me laugh. <3"

This tribute was added by Demi Welsh on 11th April 2012

"Shawn, you were always my second brother when, you lived up my hill I miss youu soo muchh<3 Just stayy clossse. & Watch over us at all times and I'll pray for you EVERY night I lovve you babby<3 Rest easy broo(: </3"

This tribute was added by Lacey Weyels on 11th April 2012

"All of these memories just keep running thru my head. I am going to miss you so much shawn. Things are definately going to be different without you. I love you shawn, I miss you so much. you will forever be in my heart. rest easy sweetheart."

This tribute was added by Ashley Mort on 11th April 2012

"Shawn , We All Miss You .
Come Back , This ISN'T FAIR . <3
RestInPeaceee !"

This tribute was added by Mandi Bulischeck on 10th April 2012

"It's been sometime since I've seen or spoke with Shawn but I will never forget all the times we would get a few people together & hangout at Frankie's house back in the day, I'm pretty sure Shawn, Alex & me were always the biggest goofballs! I got memories that will live forever. Rip-Shawn, God Bless you buddy.<3"

This tribute was added by Karin Niehl on 10th April 2012

"I am at a loss for words. You were an a great person and everyone misses you more than anything. No matter the situation you could always make someone laugh at the drop of a hat. They always say the good die young, but it just isn't fair to all of the people who care about you. Make sure you watch over everyone and keep your family strong. They need you more than anything now. RIP Shawn"

This tribute was added by Barbara Nicholson Baker on 10th April 2012

"I just wanted to thank you for making work, Wilmerding, and the world a better place. You will not be forgotten. You and Nicole always had a special place in my heart and you will always be with each and every one of us. Thank you Shawn!!"

This tribute was added by Becca Moraes on 10th April 2012

"hey buddy, i miss you so much hun<3 i still cant believe this. theres not a single day that goes by that i dont think about you. my whole entire  life has changed, you will never be forgotten shawn. you were the best person in the world,and didnt deserve this, please watch over us. Rest In Peace Shawn. I love youuuu<3"

This tribute was added by Sherry Hershey-Darden on 9th April 2012

"Shawn i seen you a few time with Cordell ad remember you coming to Cordell grandma funeral.You were a polit young man and did not derserve to die at such a young age. I know you are looking down from heaven making sure your mom and Nicole will make it thur all of this you were truly loved by many ppl.May you Rest In Peace !!! Gone but will never ever be forgotten by anyone!!!"

This tribute was added by Kaylee-anne Beresford on 9th April 2012

"shawn, first I wanna start off saying that you didn't deserve this, you were such an amazing person. I'm sorry that I cant be there to come to the viewing. I really wish I could. Its just still so hard to believe that your gone. I wish we were tweleve again down at the park in west wilmerding with not a worry in the world. R.I.P shawn we miss you already!"

This tribute was added by Scott Croft on 9th April 2012

"shawn i dont even kno were to begin. its crazy without seeing u in the ding when i go for a walk. sorry u had to go so early bro u will be missed and loved by everyone r.i.p shawn ur in a better place now look down over us! 4/6/12"

This tribute was added by Alaina Cavanaugh on 9th April 2012

"Shawn, I've known you since we were little. We were all so close. I remember playing kickball at the park, playing Michael Myers, climbing trees, poison ivy, "the red man". So many memories I have that will never leave my heart. You were an amazing person. I know your up there watching over me and Anthony because I feel safer. Keep protecting us. I love you Shawn ill see you later <3"

This tribute was added by brittany scolieri on 9th April 2012

"Oh shawn, I know we weren't close friends but this was not something you deserved. From the sound of it you touched a lot of people's lives and will be missed terribly, you will not be forgotten </3 R.I.P Bud, rest easy and watch over us all<3"

This tribute was added by Deavynn Filia on 9th April 2012

"I know we weren't as close as we used to be these past few months, and I really regret us loosing that. I still can't seem to wrap my head around what happened to you. You were such an amazing person and definitely impacted my life in a great way. There is and never will be anybody like you. I'll never forgot you babydoll. I love and miss you so much. Watch over all of us. Rest easy<3"

This tribute was added by Eppic Danielle on 9th April 2012

"Shawn, all of you're friends all had different memories. Because you were that  only person that noone could look past without giving you a smile and a hug. It was raining today and I cried in the rain so it wouldn't look like I was shedding tears Because I still don't bilieve you're gone. I still bilieve you are in our presence. We love you so much. Rest easy Shawn. You're in gods hands<3"

This tribute was added by marissa headlee on 9th April 2012

"oh my dear little Shawnie boy, we have been through so many memories that never stop running through my head over and over, everything i do reminds me of you, you were the boy that could make everyone smile, damn bro you are truly cared about you brought everyone together and everyone feels like theres just something missing, keep us safe&watch over us down here i love you so much R.I.P <3"

This tribute was added by Dillon Keller on 9th April 2012

"R.I.P. one of the coolest people out we all love and miss yu bro I wish I was dreaming but I know your up there watching over us rite now its not a good bye ill see yu again I love yu kid keep everyone safe"

This tribute was added by Paula Sanner-kircher on 9th April 2012

"To a yough man Shawn Paul Januck, who I met through my nephew
Chad Sanner and Brett Curry. Every time I seen Shawn ,he was always
Happy and he's always joking around.
Shawn , you will be missed but not foregottin. Watch over your family and friends and give them strength. R.I.P"

This tribute was added by Jenna Kelley on 9th April 2012

"Everytime I try to write to you my mind runs blank, I cant seem to grasp reality, I continue to ask myself why you? We have so many amazing memories together. ill never forget you Shawn. Your every where I go. When I go to sleep at night I look over to my dresser where you tagged Shawn is sexy everywhere lol and the sign yoou made. Rest easy my angel I love you."

This tribute was added by Sarah Plavko on 9th April 2012

"I've been asking myself why this has happened and why God wanted you so badly. I guess it's because how great of a person you were, He was jealous and wanted you for himself. I will never forget you and I'm so grateful i got to spend more time with you and get to know you better through work. You have impacted my life and I will miss you so much"

This tribute was added by Chrissy Plavko on 9th April 2012

"Lately, we haven't really been as close as we used to be but I'll always have the memories from when we were. You stayed messing with people and just kept us all laughing. You definitely made an impact on all of our lives and not one of us we'll forget you. I'll miss seeing you at work and out with everyone :/ Watch over us sweet angel <3 R.I.P. Shawn"

This tribute was added by Chelsea Porter on 9th April 2012

"We weren't really close but I use to see you almost everyday riding down the street on your skate bourd..And everytime I seen you you would give me a hug..I can hear you now saying heyyy boooo lol...You were such a nice guy and you obviously meant alot to alot of people. Everyone we see you again. RWG Shawn<3"

This tribute was added by Devin Welsh on 9th April 2012

"Shawn, you used to practically live here when you and my brother were like bestfriends and when you went to Splash Lagoon with our family, those were the good old days. We grew apart when you guys moved to wilmerding but i always considered you a second brother to me. You were such a great person. You are and will be forever missed </3 Rest Easy."

This tribute was added by Karly Steele on 9th April 2012

"Shawn, I only knew you for about 6 months and I always looked at you as a good dude. I still cant believe that you are gone. I still remember always picking you up in Wilmerding and giving you rides places because I hated seeing you walk with that leg brace on. I love you so much and you will forever be missed<3 Rest easy Shawn<3"

This tribute was added by Alexis Hampshire on 9th April 2012

"Shawn, i know we havent been close for a while. But i remember you and your sister always coming over to jump on the trampoline. Or back in the day when you dated my sister. You were the light in the dark. Always knew how to keep everyone smiling. Watch over your friends and family. They need you the most. Rest in peace buddy. <3"

This tribute was added by Charlotte Peer on 9th April 2012

"I can not wrap my brain around this at all, when I got that phone call I dropped my phone and started to cry. I was just in shock you were the greatest person, you always made people laugh, you were just an all around great person its horrible that this happened to you, you did not diserve this at all. You will be missed everyday by everyone R.I.P shawn miss you so damn much :( <3"

This tribute was added by Dreje Robinson on 9th April 2012

"Rest in peace shawn.. even though we werent that close, you always spoke to me and made me laugh every time you saw me...I wish i got to really know you because you was a really great guy and you will truly  be missed.. :("

This tribute was added by Ericaa Lynn on 9th April 2012

"Wow it's still unreal to me, its been 4days and all i wanna do is lay in bed an cry. your our beautiful angel looking over us now. ill see you soon when the time comes . Rest Easy Shawn love you<3"

This tribute was added by Erica Luther on 9th April 2012

"We all miss you very much Shawn:( ill always remember our park times together. Even tho we didn't see eachother much I always considered you my very good friend. Rest easy buddy ill see you again one day<3"

This tribute was added by josh eathorne on 9th April 2012

"You were a very close friend to me and the moments spent with you have always been good ill never forget you I love you like a brother and ill miss you bro rest easy.."

This tribute was added by Brittnye Donna on 9th April 2012

"Still and always in our hearts. When we think about you it WILL bring a smile. U was a best friend to many. We all love you. Until we meet again"

This tribute was added by Haley Rickard on 9th April 2012

"It still doesn't feel real to me that your gone. But I know your in a better place, and I know this isn't a goodbye this is a see you later. R.I.P. Shawn. </3"

This tribute was added by Cordëll Gibson on 9th April 2012

"The one thing that should Bring Us(Friends/Family)ALL together should be LOVE, Not Death!
Dont Just Fade, Because You MIGHT Fade Forever...
Stay Close, Then You Know You'll ALWAYS be Together!
R.I.P Shawn.. :'( ..... its crazy your gone Bro!"

This tribute was added by John Shuber on 9th April 2012

"Shawn damn dude still cant believe this you were one of the best people who was funny caring and kind who did not deserve this what so ever and ima miss you man R.I.P Watch over all of us Shawn"

This tribute was added by Adrianna Esquivel on 9th April 2012

"R.I.P to a young man I can call my "other brother" Shawn Paul Januck my little buddy you will be truly missed by everyone. As we all know your with god now watching over us, keeeping everyone strong in this time. Love you kiddo. Me & Chad Sanner will miss you so muchh :( ! Help to keep him strong shawn! ♥"

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