Posted by Ann Powers on July 24, 2021
I only met Sheila a few times through Yvonne, but felt an instant fondness and connection. I would have valued her already as the sister of one of the kindest and most giving people I’ve ever known — but her own droll sense of humor, willingness to connect and enthusiasm for the Pacific Northwest where I was also raised won me over. She has left a real legacy there and amongst her family and friends. I send my deepest sympathies to all who mourn her.
Posted by Robert Hinrix on July 24, 2021
I knew Sheila through our times at music camps, and we shared our love of Latin music, politics, nature, and just sincere friendships.  At times when i felt lonely, or down, she always seemed to be there with a smile.  That meant the world to me then, and still does today.  I'm so grateful for the times that we spent together. My condolences to her family, she will be deeply missed. 
Posted by Elizabeth McGhee Hassrick on July 24, 2021
My first memory of Sheila was when I was maybe 5 years old, playing hide and seek on the back hill with the neighborhood kids from overhill road. She saved the day, when I was attacked by a swarm of wasps, defending their nest. I must have had more than 20 stings by the time she rescued me and got me safely home for a vinegar bath. Sheila and the older brothers and sister were in charge of endless games of kick the can, beckon the bacon, hide and seek. Seems like Sheila has been helping others play outdoors ever since. Thank you Sheila, for getting us all outside in nature. Rest In Peace. Love, Elizabeth and family
Posted by Christine Kelly on July 23, 2021

You were always kind, and you were so accepting. You may have never known on this earth how your quiet, gentle spirit influenced me, but rest assured it did. I would look forward to your rare but poignant Facebook posts the same way I had looked forward to your visits to the print shop. I knew they would change me, always in small yet meaningful ways.
Posted by Giovannina Souers on July 13, 2021
Thanks so much for putting this beautiful remembrance for Sheila together. I worked with Sheila for the last 6 years, and in the short time I knew her she taught me so much. As my mentor and friend, I miss her. I miss her steady answers to all my questions, her calm voice in our weekly check-in's and her passion for Camp Long and the environment.
Posted by Elaine Chuang on July 6, 2021
Of my many regrets, one is that I came into Sheila Brown's sphere of influence only in late 2016 (and as a Seattle Parks and Recreation volunteer, it was always somewhat peripherally). In this part of her "Later Reign” it was overtly apparent that she was a respected and beloved person of standing in the “larger' Community, the Delridge Neighborhood and at Camp Long. At any such coming-together that I might happen to attend, seasoned Sheila-colleagues and friends always abounded!

In my little ‘box’ I’ll hold onto that gentle, wry smile of hers, and those few but always memorable words uttered! 

Thank you so much to Philippa & Co. for the June 19th Camp Long Remembrance gathering, which brought many “Sheila Groupies” into close proximity! That event delivered a lovely touch of happiness: seeing and hearing from the many. Good balm to the shock and sadness of losing her. And I lucked into some real “quality time” spent with Mom (see added photo)!

And getting to see the content you’ve adorned this site with has been wonderful. 
Posted by Tracy Rathke on July 2, 2021
I worked at CYO summer camp with Sheila. She will forever be remembered for her kind, inclusive leadership. She was passionate about wild things and getting kids outside to experience the gifts from the natural world. She was a friend to all. I will miss our Thursday night zooms with our friend. The last zoom she was able to attend we had music and it filled my heart to hear her singing. Happy trails sweet friend. You are dearly missed. 
Posted by elaine nye on June 29, 2021
My family & I will all miss Sheila, taken from us too soon. My daughter Philippa  had a close friendship with her for more than 25 years. They shared two lively border terriers. She became part of our family, we enjoyed many festivals (Christmas etc) together & many beach walks near my home. There were lively conversations, Sheila was knowledgeable on so many subjects. She & my son Adrian both play guitar really well, she loaned him her instrument when he came to visit. My sympathy to her mother, sisters & all her family in their sad loss.
Posted by Bernadette Roberts on June 28, 2021
I met Sheila in Spain, where we walked on a pilgrimage for peace with Jesuits to celebrate the 500 year anniversary of their order. Both recent JVs we shared curiosity, skepticism and adventure. Sheila brought kindness, music, and intelligence to our journey, as she continued to do in our friendship these last 30 years. I can't begin to thank her for the friend she was to me, nor to explain how deeply I miss her, how I feel a connection to her spirit in a hummingbird on a trail, a forest hill of ferns, and a song. Thank you Sheila
Posted by Tony Jenkins on June 23, 2021
I will miss Sheila's dry wit and wry smile - she always made me laugh at unexpected times. Most of my memories of her are somewhere in nature: sitting by a lake or walking along a forested trail - she loved being outside, under the trees, with her family and close friends. We will remember Sheila for her quick intelligence, her musical talent, and her warm heart.
Love, Tony & Philip

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