An Open Letter In Memory of Sherry Amore..

Shared by Isaac Ezekiel Muhammad on May 29, 2012

My Dearest Sherry,

I know as I type this open letter you are in a realm beyond the stars.


Yesterday morning Almighty God allowed you freedom from your illness, pain, and despair however to the ones like myself who do love you the challenge of your absence will always be there.


In the year 2000 we met and a whirlwind of love & adventure began for us. You were the sweet southern girl from the small town Folkston, Georgia about 45 min ride outside of Jacksonville, Florida. I was the young man living in Seattle, Washington just out on a journey to see what the south looked like. (Smiles)


We fell in love with one another and for 5 years despite the odds we built a bond that remained. I watched your children Jakara & Bernard Jr. grow from a little girl and a baby boy to now strong young people ready to take on the world.


We traveled together & on your 28th birthday you got a chance to fly out to Los Angeles where we enjoyed a wonderful time even got a chance to see what would be the last time the cars rolling down Crenshaw on Sunday afternoons cruising.

You came to Seattle in 2005 when I was to sick to travel to Georgia and gave me comfort when my father passed that same year. Whatever our differences I always loved and remained in love with you as you did with me.


The last we spoke I can now see in your own way you were telling me "goodbye" but only in the sense of being physically here on earth to talk, laugh, or even fuss at me when you saw a need.

My heart aches as I write these words knowing you are away and praying that your soul is truly at peace. I gave you the name Sherry Amore as I looked at you & always saw just that, love. You always loved me in spite of some of my crazy stunts trying to impress or make you laugh. I did my best to give you as much comfort and some luxuries as I loved seeing you happy. Despite my pain, Amore I pray you're happy now. I thank Allah for you, your love, time, and attention towards me. You were my Christian angel and I looked forward to you planning a ministry of your own. You told me so many plans you had and you didn't know it but I quietly resolved to myself to help you even to my last breath to see you succeed.


Your success now is elsewhere all I have is memories but I carry them with the utmost of care. When I found about your illness I quickly went to prayer as you did for me so many times. The world went to prayer for you all the way in the Holy Land as I contacted friends everywhere asking them to pray for your recovery.

Right now Sherry along with me the world mourns your passing. There will never be another you.


Thank You Almighty God for sharing this great woman's life with me & those whom she touched.


May Allah (God) continue to bless her children and family during this time of transition.


Thank you friends from FB and all over for your love, concern, e-mails, & letters.

Your words of encouragement gives me the strength to do more of the mission laid for me.


I will always love you, rest well Sherry Amore. Your "BooBear" will forever long for you.


Yours Always,


Isaac Ezekiel Muhammad

A Star is Named in Her Memory: "Sherry Amore"

Shared by Isaac Ezekiel Muhammad on May 29, 2012

*Ina Lilah w Ina Ilayhee Raji'oon

* 'Surely we belong to God and to Him shall we return'." ~ Holy Qur'an 2:156

Surely those who believe and those who are Jews and the Christians and the Sabians, whoever believes in Allah in the Last Day and does good, they have their reward with their Lord, and there is no fear for them, nor shall they grieve. ~ Holy Qur'an 2:62

When I consider the heavens, the work of thy fingers, the moon and the stars, which thou hast ordained...~ Psalms 8:3

There is a glory of the sun, and another glory of the moon, and another glory of the stars: for one star differeth from another in glory. ~ I Corinthans 15:41

Let me start this note by thanking Almighty God Allah for the life of this precious woman Sherry Renee Morris-Jordan.

Her passing will be felt for years to come, however even though a physical body may have been put back into the soil her spirit continues to live & inspire.
As the stars in the sky are a natural diamond wonder of everlasting beauty, as my love for her will last beyond my time on this earth and as she was a star without equal I dedicate a star to her memory with the new name honoring her....

Sherry Amore.

This star that was chosen is in the constellation of Ursa Major with the telescope coordinates RA 11h 20m 44.89s D38 Degrees 43' 31.67 on your telescope setting to view her memorial star.

Depending on where you live this star can be seen without a telescope as well.

This is a first of many tributes to be paid to Sherry Amore as she was a love of my life never to be forgotten.

Long Live & Shine the star Sherry Amore!



How she got the name Sherry Amore....

Shared by Isaac Ezekiel Muhammad on May 29, 2012

This is really quite simple as but she always loved when I told this story....

One day while listening to the radio I heard the classic song "Cherie Amore" by Stevie Wonder and later that evening when I spoke to Sherry I remember as soon as I called her I said, "Hello Sherry Amore".

She was so surprised and would often tell me to call her by that name whenever I was with her or just call her "Amore". It seems like she took great comfort in that.

The interesting thing is when I first learned her name I mispronounced it but she loved how it sound coming from me and adopted it. Once I remember calling her by her name as it was said down in her native Georgia.....LOL. She absolutely flipped!

She told me with the most stern look I have ever seen, "Isaac Ezekiel Muhammad don't you ever call me like that again! What's my name Boobear?" I sheepishly said, "Sherry Amore" to which she smiled and kissed me on the cheek. I gave her a few gifts in life but the greatest I believe that she most enjoyed was the name "Sherry Amore".

The Chance Meeting That Sparked An Enduring Bond

Shared by Isaac Ezekiel Muhammad on May 29, 2012

We met in the year 2001 in the month of November and it was the night of her church choir anniversary. I remember rolling hard and strong down the Georgia highway and I stopped at the nice brick church. People were just starting to arrive and in the distance walking was this beautiful woman with two children with her. She was wearing a black long skirt and a black with white blouse. The children one a baby boy and a cute little girl with braids. As soon as I saw her I was smitten. She told me later she fell for me at first sight as well. She sung that night and I knew my attraction would never end. Amazing way to fall in love but we did.

Every evening around 6pm on the west coast 9pm on the east coast my phone would ring or buzz and her trademark sweet "Hello" would come through. Every night around that same time I miss her. Even at this point I can no bring myself to delete her number even though I know she"s gone I still have hope against the harsh reality that I will hear her voice and tell her how bad of a dream I hope to awake from this is.

I love you Sherry well my Immortal Beloved Queen

Prom Night

Shared by Jacarroll Jordan on May 8, 2012

It was my seventh grade prom when I had finally talked mom into letting me go. That night I must have dreamt that it would be something to happen that will make that night a night to remember. Then it hit me when I was about to head to the car with my date Cory, mom said no darling it will only take me 15mins to get dressed tell cory ill take you there and you will ride back with him but no touching. My heart had just seemed to immediately fall into my intestines but what I thought would have been the worst prom ever turned out to be one of the best. My mom was not what I thought she would have been at prominstead she was just the best, I truely love her and miss her we have had some great times together. 
I love you mommy may you rest in peace and dine with the best of the best our God Jesus Christ !!!

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