Let the memory of Sigrid be with us forever
  • 56 years old
  • Born on December 12, 1955 .
  • Passed away on March 11, 2012 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Sigrid Shayer 56 years old , born on December 12, 1955 and passed away on March 11, 2012. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Shelley Foster on 11th March 2016
Here we are again my friend four years later and much has happened especially with your family. Winnie thinks it's five years, don't know why? So pleased she's in India for the English winter. Gosh Sigrid I still miss you madly and think about you every day. I think things along the lines of what would you say and do if you were here. I didn't get to the beach today but am off to Whitianga for ten days after a sleep and will visit Otama for you. Big hugs my dear dear friend xxx
Posted by Shelley Foster on 12th December 2015
The seeds you planted continue to bloom my friend xxx
Posted by Shelley Foster on 12th December 2015
Your light shines brightly Sigrid xxx
Posted by Shelley Foster on 12th December 2015
Dear Sigrid, I still miss you so much I cry with longing. Wishing you were here for this reunion of my three sons. They are very different from 20 years ago since they were last together. Then there is Jade my 14 year old granddaughter. She is beautiful, funny and very clever as well as cheeky! You would have loved to see them altogether and marvelled at how much they have all changed. Arohanui <3
Posted by Shelley Foster on 12th December 2014
Letter to my friend Sigrid 12/12/14 Dear Sigrid, today is our third birthday since you moved on and I wanted to let you know how much you are still in my thoughts. I celebrate our many memories together every day but today is special so I cut all the roses in my garden and brought them indoors so I could see and smell their beauty.I know you've never been into roses but I've rather liked them since I spent that year in Dunedin. I think your Mum had some in her garden but since it was winter when I was there so I didn't see them. I got such a surprise today when I went to collect the eggs to find four brand new chicks under my broody bantam. A friend who has roosters and fertile eggs gave me some to put under Miss Broody about a month ago. I had been feeling a bit on the sad side and that cheered me right up. Almost feels like that was a present for you or maybe from you but whatever, it was the perfect antidote for your birthday blues. I've made arrangements to borrow a friend's rabbit hutch to protect them from the marauding cats. A week ago and also three weeks before that on the third anniversary of our last camping trip to Whananaki I have been back there and camped by myself. I find it helps me to remember that special trip and to celebrate the beginning of summer by being at the beach with the sand and swims in the sea. I so love camping with tents and cookers and time away from all the cares and woes of the city and suburbs. Thank you so much for that trip Sigrid. I will never forget your phone call asking me to go with you on your last camping trip while you still had the strength. I have many precious memories of that trip, the most special one would be in the very early morning when I had taken my bed outside to give you quiet time for a bit more sleep and myself the opportunity to watch the sun rise. You came out for a few minutes and curled up beside me on my bed and I tucked a bit of blanket over you, no words were said, we didn't need them. Yes, my eyes are filling with tears and that is ok, these are happy tears for happy memories. I haven't had much summer these last two years with my broken foot and have determined to not let that stop me any longer, I'm sure you will approve. I'm smiling and giggling to myself now, imagining your reactions, your eyes and smile. I do miss you so very much and I have been learning much about the value of our friendship over these last years. We will always be best friends Sigrid just as Rebecca will always be my daughter. Death does not take these relationships away, it only changes them. Enough of this for the moment, I need to get outside and sort my new chicks. Arohanui, big loves from Shelley xxx PS. Puss-cat is very happy. She is scared of the chicken's and hasn't caught any birds since she's been with me. She's curled up next to me right now. Thank you for her, she's a wonderful comfort to be around.
Posted by Shelley Foster on 12th December 2013
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR SIGRID, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU <3 Thinking of you today and my heart is overflowing with emotion....so many memories racing through my mind.....I miss you my friend xox
Posted by Shelley Foster on 14th June 2013
Sigrid you are my best friend, my soul sister. I am so proud you chose me as your friend as I am proud of your achievements. You walked the walk like no other person I know. You made a difference to many people's lives and influenced our thoughts and actions for the better. I love you with my heart and soul. Thank you for being you, true to yourself always.

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