Not a day goes by when you are not loved and missed. Held in our hearts forever
  • Born in North Lakhimpur, Assam, India.
  • Passed away on November 23, 2014 in North Lakhimpur, Assam, India.

Sofia Begum Hazarika, lovingly called "Ma". I have never seen my Mom being hospitalized or being treated for any illness except diabetic for which she takes insulin doses on a regular basis. It was all normal and happy life. We would talk over phone regularly since i reside away from my native place. Whenever i would visit home, she would be overjoyed to cook my favourite delicacies. I was very fond of my Mom's food. On 8th November, my Mom called me up saying that she would need a new white sweater since it was getting bit cold at her place. But all of a sudden, on that very day, say after 5 hours, i got a news late night that my mother had an aneurysm stroke and is in coma. All of a sudden, i was shattered. The news was unexpected. Doctors declared, the chances are very thin. However, she managed to fight 15 odd days in hospital and breathed her last on 23rd November 2014. My Mom was gone. I dont know how to react to it now. Every moment now i feel, she would come now and would ask  "Kiba eta khabi ?" ( Will you eat something ?). Still my ears are waiting to hear those words. RIP Ma. ~ Maina ( Minhaz Hazarika)

Posted by Minhaz Hazarika on 23rd December 2014
Ma, its been a month now. I am still waiting for your call . My life never seems to be the same. I feel, i am incomplete in everything. I feel i dont have the shade of blessings by my side now. I know you were much dearer to God, Ya Allah, please let her into heaven. Please bless her with every comfort that she couldn't have in this earth. Love you !
Posted by Naveen Saini on 1st December 2014
May her soul rest in peace ! God give you all to bear this loss.
Posted by Madhurima Ekka on 1st December 2014
May her soul rest in peace. ... she will always watch you from above and will alway guide you to the right path like an angel. ....
Posted by Aarti Anand on 30th November 2014
she will be there forever in your memories...nothing can stop you from loving her that will keep her alive...just remember the best times you have spent with her.....try n take care of your family and especially your father...and this will make her happy and proud...may her soul rest in peace.
Posted by Hushnee Islam on 30th November 2014
I met her last in the year 2009 during the month of October , I wish I could have met her once. She was one of the best Nanis I have. Vicky be strong and her blessings are always with you. Baby Nani rest in peace... I miss u..
Posted by Swati Tiwari on 30th November 2014
You will always find her when you look at yourself in the mirror... you are her reflection Minhaz. A parent lives in her children. She will always be there for you. I never met her, but I know, it is the saddest thing that can happen to anyone. May her soul find peace and may you find peace in your heart, that you remember all the good memories and smile....
Posted by Darshana Boruah on 30th November 2014
I never got a chance to meet "ma", but I have always heard good things about her, and I thought I will meet her when the day is right. But I never knew that the day would never come, she left so early. I will miss her, and I pray to God that her soul finds peace and happiness. Rest in peace "Ma". We we always miss you.....
Posted by Suzanna Hazarika on 30th November 2014
I've seen my neice hiya and dia asking for their nani but they dont know where she had gone.I miss her everyday,unable to accept her sudden death. May her soul rest in peace .
Posted by Minhaz Hazarika on 27th November 2014
Love You Ma !!

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