Let the memory of Sollie be with us forever
  • 66 years old
  • Born on February 9, 1940 .
  • Passed away on February 16, 2006 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Sollie Miller Jr. 66 years old , born on February 9, 1940 and passed away on February 16, 2006. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Georgia Moore on 16th February 2019
The sun is shining today just like the day you went home. I visited you today as I always do. It is hard to leave you. I know you are not there but it is a place for me to go talk to you. Sometimes it is impossible to believe you are gone but then reality sets in and it hits me hard. I miss you so much ,your little smile, your smell, your voice Everything about you I miss. You were my life I think about it all the time how young I was when we got married and how you really raised me. I cherish all the days we had together. All the times we laughed and cried together the day our baby died and the day our other babies were born, How we tried to raise them the way we were raised to love and fear the Lord and come to Him someday. You would be very proud of them and your grandchildren and great grandchildren they are just awesome and so loveable. I feel so lonely today altho there is people around me. But you are only a memory that will linger in my heart and n=mind forever. I will love you always and forever. Until we meet again my love is yours. Just wait by the Gate I will be coming soon to meet you in that beautiful and blessed forever to never part no more. I love you.
Posted by Georgia Moore on 10th June 2018
Today was our Communion at Little Memory. Seems like no one wants to come to church anymore it is not like it was when you were here. We had 6 to take communion.. I sure do miss you all our trips we took and places we visited. You will always be in my heart. I thought about you today as I do every day. I miss your singing and your advice to the church. Ronnie is doing a good job of being the clerk and treasure he is also singing and when we baked the bread he sang No Measure of Time my heart just melted. I could just imagine you there singing. Oh so many memories I treasure. I love you my sweetheart till we meet again keep watching over me.
Posted by Georgia Moore on 3rd June 2018
Well our little Kylee is getting married she is engaged to Branden Lane he is super nice. She is 28 years old and this is her first boyfriend. She is super excited. I am sure you would like him.I am sitting on the front porch missing you so much. I will love you for ever and eternity.
Posted by Georgia Moore on 10th March 2018
Well sweetheart today our baby girl turned 55 I remember when you used to wash her diapers by hand not a stain was to be seen. She was and is still her daddys girl. She has done a lot in her life but always goes back to the love for the elderly people to take care of them she is good at her job. She is a grandmother of 4 Wyatt, Jade and Tolby Robert Miller they belong to Josh and Christopher he belongs to Tiffany. I love and miss you and this is church time at Little Memory will miss you even more. All my love always.
Posted by Georgia Moore on 16th February 2018
Well 12 years ago today I kissed you for the last time,but someday I will never have to do that again. I miss you so much my life is so lonely. You have a family you would be so proud of and great grandchildren you would love Easton knows who you are he says my great papas I get to take care of him three to four days a week he is a real job the price of Ronnie and Reginas life. My life I just go on from day to day. It would be so good to have you here but not like you were. I would not want you to be in pain like you were. I know you have a new body now and enjoying the joys of our Lord. I will join you soon then I will be happy again. Until we meet again I will go on loving you.
Posted by Georgia Moore on 13th February 2018
Tomorrow is Valentine's day and I just feel so lost without you. I love you so much and I miss you more everyday. No matter what people say or do it is not the same. My heart is with you.
Posted by Georgia Moore on 11th February 2018
We had a wonderful service at Little Memory today and they sang all the songs you used to sing. Bro Jerry Damron and Bro Popeye Brown and Bro Bill Elkins good preaching you would have been pleased you would be so proud of Ronnie. My love forever
Posted by Georgia Moore on 11th February 2018
Getting ready to go to church please show your presence today.Let me know you are there.
Posted by Georgia Moore on 10th February 2018
Had a good service at Little Memory today missed you so bad.We are getting help from the Association all the brothers that have been here tells us how much they loved you and how good you were to visit other churches. You sure haven't been forgotten. I love you so much.
Posted by Georgia Moore on 9th February 2018
I am missing you today more than ever today is your birthday and I know you are having a wonderful time but I am lonely without you. I missed you on my birthday and all the things you always done for me. I miss doing for you and seeing the joy on your face. I miss your little crooked smile it was so special because I knew it was for me. I wish you were here to go to church with me I really miss that and all our trips together were so much fun. I will always love you till the last breath leaves my body. Just wait for me and I will be coming soon. All my love always.
Posted by Georgia Moore on 10th January 2018
I just went and took our Great grandson to Preschool you would love him he is so sweet and so smart. He knows who you are he looks at your picture and says that my Great papaw. As you know he is Grayson's son Grayson is a good daddy and he has a beautiful wife she is a good mommy to Easton Tolby. He is like you, his Pap and daddy loves Christmas. I love you and miss you so much but I know one day we will be together again. As you know Ronnie came back into the church the only member left now when you were here is me. We are struggling but pray that we can get back to where we were. Till the next time Stand by Me. Let me know you are near. Love you till the day I see you in Heaven.
Posted by Georgia Moore on 7th January 2018
Well Sweetheart here it is the 7th of January 2018 I am starting a new year without you again I miss you so much, nothing has been the same since you have been gone. My heart hurts everyday it doesn't get any better. I miss all our adventures we had together whether it was just a ride to get away or going to church. I miss your smile and that silly little grin you had. I miss the smell of just you and the feel of your arms around me the simple touch that said I love you.You were always there for me no matter what was going on your support I miss so much. I miss your voice saying come here mom I need you and I was always there for you. I have learned a lot since you have been gone I know that no one else can ever take your place you were very special and I am glad you were mine. Thank Daddy and God for getting us together. I love you baby and I will see you soon.
Posted by Georgia Moore on 25th December 2017
Well Honey another year has passed and we are celebrating CHRISTmas without you. It is so hard because you were the heart of our family and always seen to it that everyone had something. But now all we have is your precious memory to carry us through this day and everyday. We all miss you so much but I miss you more. Life hasn't been easy but I carry on until the day I will see you again. Ronnie,Regina,Grayson and Aspen has visited your grave every year at CHRISTmas and they decorate it so beautiful. SOmeday I will be laying beside you till the Lord comes for His Saints and we will be together always. I love you and carry you in my heart and think of all the good times we had. I know you are watching over me I feel,smell and sence your presents all the time, a Cardinal, Butterfly or a Dove tells me you are here.I will spend the rest of my days serving the Lord and keeping your memory alive. You have some beautiful grand children and great grandchildren you would love so I will try to love them for you. I love you.
Posted by Georgia Moore on 16th February 2017
Today is the day that my world was changed forever it is the day I lost the love of my life.I didn't know what to do or how I would survive without you.Even after 11years it is so hard I am so lonely without you.I heard our song the other night I closed my eyes and felt your arm slip around me I held on as long as I could it felt so good.God is so good to let you visit with me for a little while.Ronnie and his family got me a blanket for Christmas with your picture on it and I sleep with it everynight I know you have been with me all the time.I just love and miss you so much.someday we will be together forever I love you
Posted by Georgia Moore on 9th February 2017
Today you are celebrating your Birthday in Heaven and my heart is so heavy and broken because I miss you and love you so much. I know you are rejoicing and not in any pain. Last night I heard a song that was popular when we met Floyd Cramers Last Date and I just closed my eyes and felt you slide your arm around me I didn't want it to stop I wanted to hang on as long as I could,it felt so wonderful I am truly Blessed that God would let you visit me. I know your day was wonderful and our baby was with you love him for me tell him mommy loves him and will see both of you soon. Happy Birthday my Darling I love you.
Posted by Georgia Moore on 12th March 2016
Fifty-five years ago today I married the love of my life we had forty-five years together before God called him home, so I just want to say Happy Anniversary in Heaven to my wonderful husband. He was a wonderful father to his children and taught them how to live a christian life, be good husbands to their wives and take care of their families, He was a man of God loved his church and served as deacon till God called him home. I know he is enjoying the beauties of that City and rejoicing with the Lord. I miss him more today and everyday that goes by just brings me closer to joining him. Keep watching Honey I will be coming to join you soon. I love you.
Posted by Georgia Moore on 16th February 2016
Today is the day God sent His Angels to our home to carry you away on wings of love. It has been the longest ten years of my life I miss you so much and don't know what to do sometimes, you were always here help me make decisions and now I face them alone. Our family has grown and they will never know what an amazing man you were.You would be so proud of your grandchildren and great grandchildren Wyatt,Jade and Robert belong to Josh, Christopher belongs to Tiffany and Easton belongs to Grayson, Ronnie is just like you he is Pap to Easton. There have been so many changes some good some bad. God knew that when He took you home He was getting the best Jewel ever. It is hard to live without you but God gives me the strength to go on till He comes to get me to be with you i that Gloryland where there will be no more sorrow or pain. I love you and miss you. You were my one and only my first love.
Posted by Tiffany Miller on 16th February 2016
They say time heals all wounds, but it doesn't. Time just makes it harder. You were the strongest man i have ever met. You were the best family man, christian man and supporter of all your grandkids. I love you and miss you handsome.
Posted by Georgia Moore on 14th August 2015
Well today we will be going to Kokomo Indiana to get ready for the wedding of Grayson Tolby Edward Miller and Alisha Lynn Herr, we will miss you being there but I know you will be there in spirit. I know you are looking down on us and always watching over us. I pray you will watch over Grayson and Alisha and Easton. You would love Easton he is like Grayson and he loves his Pap(Ronnie) and Memaw Gina. God has Blessed us with much love for this little one he is a joy you would so much fun with him. I miss you more and more everyday but someday I will be with you and we will never have to part again. There are so many that miss you but not like your family does. Ronnie mowes your grave every week and keeps it pretty and puts pretty flowers on it. But you are the prettiest flower of all, you have on your white robe that you worked for and with your Heavenly Father who you served to the fullest. I love you Honey wait for me I will be coming soon.
Posted by Tammy Landis on 2nd May 2015
The first time I met Sollie, he hugged me...and me being the huggy type...there were always hugs shared between us...we sat together at ball games and cut up...several times, he saw me at McD...and he skootched me over, sat next to me and we would cut up for a good hour...but every time he would say goodbye, he would always give me a hug...Sollie was such a kind and gentle man...sure do miss his hugs!
Posted by Debbie Powers on 2nd May 2015
To me growing up,he was my Junebug. Not sure if I couldn't say Junior back then or what lol,but he was very special to me,and I loved him dearly. I used to catch worms for us to go fishing. Something we enjoyed a lot,especially creek fishing. Junebug loved his family,church,and pretty much everything life had to offer. I miss him a lot especially when I go fishing,I think of him and my dad.
Posted by Ronald Miller on 1st May 2015
Dad I love you and miss you very much. Dad you are on my mind thinking of you always. Gina`s dream about you proves that you are watching over us. Until the day we meet again I LOVE YOU.
Posted by Georgia Moore on 20th September 2014
Honey today was 54 years that my dad passed away and you were there to help see me through. From that day forward we were together as much as possible been as you lived in Indiana and I lived in Ohio. But God seen fit to bring us together. I love and miss you.
Posted by Georgia Moore on 19th September 2014
Sollie was a good Christian man. He loved his church and his family. He was always helping someone in need. We were married when I was 14 and he was 21 had a good but hard life for 45 years.
Posted by Ronald Miller on 19th September 2014
This is my daddy the Greatest man that I ever new. There is not a day that goes by that I don`t think of you and tell you that I love and miss you. I know you are in a much better place in Heaven playing with the son that you never got to and all the other little children. As great of a singer you was down here you are much better now. I know your not sick anymore you have a new body that will never hurt again. I mow your plot every week dad and enjoy the talks we have I always feel blessed when I leave from there. Rest in Jesus`s arms. Until we meet again daddy I love and miss you. Daddy this is your favorite time of year with all the Association`s going on and there was nothing that would keep you from going :)

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