Let the memory of Sonna be with us forever
  • 86 years old
  • Born on February 29, 1928 in Nampa, Idaho, United States.
  • Passed away on November 19, 2014 in Spokane, Washington, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Sonna Miller, 86, born on February 29, 1928 and passed away on November 19, 2014. We will remember her forever.

A celebration of her life will be held December 13, 2014 at the Women's Center in Spokane, WA.

Posted by Audrey Harris on 19th November 2016
So many memories. I remember your Mom from working at the hospital in the OR with her; she came to my meetings for the Holistic Nurses for years and she was a dear friend. We had many adventures. All good memories. Blessings to Sonna and Family.
Posted by Gretchen Neeley on 19th November 2015
I can't believe it's been a year - seems like a day and an eternity all at once. We know Zeus is there with you now Mom... We miss you and think of you all the time. We've even started using the "fine china" (aka paper plates) on vacation. Love you!!!
Posted by Pauline Miller on 2nd January 2015
It's 2015 and I am at a loss. A new year and Mom is gone. I wish I could pick up the phone and talk to her again, but I can't. I know she would want two things: she'd want me to move forward, and .... she would secretly want me to mourn her forever. Mom was both things. I miss her so much, mostly because I'm selfish and wanted her input and advice on so many things. She was my sounding board for all of my dilemmas. She sure hated getting old. She'd often show me her forearms and say "just look at that skin! I look like an old lady!" She didn't much like taking all of the pills she was prescribed either. And she hated living in a body that was failing her. But....she loved sushi, and she loved life. She was interested in everything and she loved Costco. She loved her "fine china" that probably kept Weyerhauser in business for quite some time. She loved her hats. She loved Fat Tire beer, and going wine tasting with Sonna Jean. She loved Girls Night Out on Thursdays, and she loved hearing from all of you. She love love loved the clock that her friend Cecil made for her. She loved lighthouses, and she loved the glass balls that her grandson Sean made for her. She loved the program "Create a Card" and she loved being able to "go online" to check things out. I love hearing stories about when she was younger. I've only ever known her as my Mom- to hear other stories fills out the picture better. She was a lover, a giver, feisty and fierce about what she cared about. I can still learn much from her example. 2015... a year of change, a year of hope, a year of love.
Posted by Toni Henning on 25th December 2014
Aunt Sonna- I miss you. Somehow I thought you would never pass on. Your Memorial Service was beautiful- especially the song Pauline wrote and Satai and Sages sang. It was wonderful. I love you. Toni
Posted by Pauline Miller on 25th December 2014
Cecil- I am so sorry. I have your beautiful clock, Mom treasured it and watched it like a hawk when we moved it. I tried to email you, and tried both phone numbers Mom had written down for you but the email returned as un-deliverable, and the phone numbers she had responded as disconnected. I know she would have wanted you to know she had passed immediately, and I called or emailed as many people as I could get ahold of in her address book. I do apologize that we were unable to get ahold of you. Thank you so much for writing about her, as I've been wondering If you're OK. My girls will treasure your clock- I'm sure they'll be negotiating to see who gets to keep it forever. Thank you for being such a great part of her life. She was blessed to have your friendship. Pauline
Posted by Cecil Buchta on 24th December 2014
Sonna and I go a back a long ways. We went to Mora Grade school together. She has been a very dear friend.I always called her on her birthday and at Christmas time. Matter of fact that is how I found out of her passing quite a shock! I will really miss her. I made her a clock a few years ago I know she really enjoyed it, love you sonna.
Posted by Tammy Killain on 13th December 2014
Ma....I'm so glad I had the opportunity to meet and know such a wonderful person...you treated me like a daughter. For that, I'm forever grateful..we spent a lot of time together, and in this time...I've come to know the caring, helpful person you were, always wanting to help..I see why u became a nurse...you always had a warm smile... ok 80 % of the time :) But most of all I will miss your quirky sense of humor ... :) There will always be a special place in my heart for you....until we meet again ....love u Tammy Ps..... Every time I pass a Costco or Curves I will think of u. :) And in your honor I will continue to use paper bowls ... :)
Posted by Mickey Neeley on 13th December 2014
I have so many good memories of Sonna, my former most excellent mother-in-law. She and Bill truly enjoyed their retirement once they left all their stuff (and there was a lot of stuff..) behind and headed into RV adventure-land. Jokko, Pepe, and Sasha were just a new round of kids that were handy to give you a good necking or even a nice toe massage... Probably my best memories were of the late night card games with she and Bill. The later it got the more the insults would fly and we'd all end up laughing our butts off. I have no idea who every won or lost but it was a blast! I'm sorry I can't be there for her memorial but I will raise a glass to her tonight. Sonna you will be missed!
Posted by Bob Young on 13th December 2014
Aunt Sonna was one of a kind. Funny, ambitious, hard working, friendly, & always upbeat. We got to know Sonna & Bill when we lived in Bremerton, visiting with them in Chico. Later we visited with them when they were living in Chimicum (I think that's it...way out there!). Sonna was always so gracious, & had a great sense of humor. When I was a kid, we always figured "Uncle Bill" to be a perpetual bachelor...until Sonna came along. She was good for him. After Bill passed away, Sonna would keep in touch with me by email, which impressed me! Good for her, learning to do that at her age. I will miss her and really enjoyed her friendship over the years.
Posted by Linda Lasswell on 2nd December 2014
Oh so many memories. All the times spent at the house on Chico. There were so many. Mrs. Miller was always so warm and friendly. I became another daughter. I loved her German Potato Salad. Her willingness to always take us to the latest Disco. I will always miss her. She was a big part of my teen years. Love you guys. Lin
Posted by Charlotte Bonin on 2nd December 2014
God bless her. The few times I met your Mom, Rae she was always hospitable and friendly. Not unlike many of us liked to laugh. No doubt she had her opinions about the issues of life. But I never saw her as opinionated but a warm person. Much like you Rae. My condolences. Bless you and your family.

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