Life is eternal; and love is immortal; and death is only a horizon; and a horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight.

We Love You to the Moon and Back
  • 21 years old
  • Born on May 24, 1996 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States.
  • Passed away on September 15, 2017 in Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States.

It is with deep sorrow that our world will no longer be influenced and embraced by our beautiful, sensitive and vastly talented, Soren. We are creating this memorial website to build a virtual network of friends and family, far and wide, to hold us through our grief, to share loving stories and photos, and to celebrate the many ways in which our beloved son touched the lives of people who knew him. We thank you from the moon and back for your support, care and prayers. 

Memorial Service
Thursday, September 28, 2017

Hope Presbyterian Church
7132 Portland Avenue,
Minneapolis, MN 55423

6:30 - Visitation
7:30 - Memorial Service
8:15 - Gathering

Posted by Leanne Fournier on 15th September 2018
Tonight we will light a candle to remember Soren who is in our hearts and thoughts always. I was just looking through photos of days gone by and found so many of Soren with his beautiful smile. We remember you that way, dear Soren. Sending love and hugs to Lisa, Drew and Signe.
Posted by Jill Heaberlin on 15th September 2018
One year has passed already, both a lifetime and just a day ago. For Lisa, Drew, and Signe my love and deepest compassion is with you now and always, and I know that Soren's bright spirit shines on.
Posted by Marc Larson on 28th December 2017
Drew, with all the time we spent together growing up, you were like having another brother (Brett too, for that matter). I remember going to summer camp together, stalking a black bear on the shores of Lake Superior with you, canoeing in the BWCA, BB gun fights with our pesky younger brothers, and playing cards through the night while we rode the train to Montana for one of our many family ski trips. You were always showing me great new music; you made me my first cassette tape, recorded from your Dad’s fancy turntable (Jethro Tull?), and I went to my first concert with you (Boston!). Lisa, my Grandmother Margaret was a cousin to your Grandfather Dr. Don, so we also have a family connection. We haven’t seen much of you guys in recent years, but the bonds of strong childhood friendships never change, so when I heard about Soren I was absolutely heartsick. As a parent of a son and daughter, I simply cannot imagine what you have endured, but I commend you for having the strength to focus on celebrating Soren’s life. We have shed some tears for your family, and I hope you know how much we are thinking about you and care for you. God Bless, -Marc & Phoebe from California
Posted by Jill Yankee on 15th October 2017
Drew, Lisa and Signe - we just heard this and my heart aches for you all. We are so very sorry for your loss. Some things in life seem unfathomable, and to me this is one of them. I will always remember Soren as that beautiful bright child with a quick smile, sitting in the backseat as Drew and Daryl drove off to work. My prayers for you are for peace. ❤️ Jill and Daryl
Posted by Odile Dhabit on 10th October 2017
We don't know us but Signe was our american daughter during 4 months in France. She spoke us about her brother with so much love. We are very sad for you'll. Sending light to you and tenderness. Soren, Signe and you are in my prayers. Keep hope in eternity.
Posted by Leanne Fournier on 4th October 2017
Our family first met Lisa, Drew and Soren in our early days at the Winnipeg Folk Festival. Lisa, pregnant with Signe, “expired” from the sun of the day and my partner Mike and I ran over to help. Drew appreciated the help, Soren and our daughter Angela become fast folky friends, and Lisa was sweet and grateful for the comfortable chair and umbrella that Mike brought to the rescue. We all became great friends. Every year for many years after our families met in our usual place in Festival family camping and watched our four children — Soren, Angela, Rene and Signe — connect and grow together. A few years ago, I toured universities with Soren, Drew and Lisa and just a couple of years ago, welcomed Soren, Matilda, Lisa, Drew and Signe to our cabin retreat for the first time. Soren’s spirit was always like a brilliant light that shone through in everything he did, from those early days beneath the sun and on the tarps, Lego, playdoh and mischievous fun at hand, to later days as we watched his brilliant mind pursue his dreams. We are sad that he won’t be a part of our lives in person, but will always remember him and feel his lively spirit when we visit the places we shared. We will always carry him in our hearts. Recently, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Angela and I put down tobacco and sang a traditional song to send our prayers for Soren off into the strong waters of the Atlantic Ocean. We felt his spirit. We felt his freedom. We felt his peace as the waves carried the tobacco out to sea.
Posted by Payton H on 1st October 2017
Dear family, I am truly sorry for your heart break. I knew Soren, though not terribly well, through high school. He was always very sweet and tagged along with all of us. He always had a smile on his face and a laugh to go along too. Though he couldn't stay here, somewhere they are getting a very bright light.
Posted by P J on 30th September 2017
It's especially difficult to lose someone so young and full of life. Life can be so overwhelming especially for our youth this is not the way God intended for it to be. We pray for God's kingdom to come and put an end to all mankind's suffering. At that time all mankind will enjoy perfect health on a paradise earth. Revelations 21:3,4 tells us that we will see our dead loved ones again may the God of all comfort embrace the family during this time of bereavement.
Posted by Sean Wesenberg on 29th September 2017
"Soren was so awesome. He reminded me of my little cousin. He would just instantly figure everything out. I'll really miss him." - Co-Worker from Best Buy.
Posted by Sean Wesenberg on 29th September 2017
Soren was full of life. He started working at BestBuy in February and immediately started committing code to the pricing component. Surprised at how fast he understood all the nuances of a massive ecommerce pricing ruleset, we put him on creating a decoupled, decentralized pricing view - The Pricing DUX. Soren took that project and within a few weeks, we had a Price-View that was rendering the prices on the List Pages. After that Soren joined the Customer Solutions - Inspire Team, where he quickly become a part of their family. Soren was always looking for the next challenge to tackle and overcome. Whether it be optimizing his walks into work or chasing down how to apply web torrents to make the site load faster for our customers. He loved talking about all sorts of things - and though it wouldn't be our first topic of choice - it was enjoyable to talk to Soren about his pet rats. All of us can attest that we were blown when he brought in his own cake for his birthday and told us he had just turned 21 - because the way he shared his life and his experiences was beyond a normal 21 year old. He was bright and beautiful and our world will be forever darker without his blazing light.
Posted by Julia Takahashi on 26th September 2017
I didn't know Soren personally but wanted to share a message of encouragement. From your comments I can see he was a very talented person who was deeply cared about by his family and friends. Take comfort in knowing he's now at rest. Like another comment mentioned for a young person to pass away seems unnatural and really for anyone we love and care for to pass away seems unnatural for us. It's because we weren't created to die but actually to live forever. We look forward to a time when God's promise in Revelation 21:3,4 will be fulfilled. There will be no death, pain, or tears only happiness. Until that time deep sympathy-- Julia
Posted by Crazy Uncle Rayballs on 26th September 2017
Soren was the kind of guy who just did things. At our company retreat in Monterey, he went into the ocean because he felt like it, no towel or carefully laid out plan, he just walked half a mile back to the conference grounds sopping wet with a huge smile on his face. Talking with Soren was the best. He'd constantly surprise me with the way he saw the world. I always looked forward to sharing my thoughts and listening to his. He sold me a 3D printer of his. The price new was $500, and he asked for $100. I told him that was too low and he said, "man, I hate money." Me too man. You brought it into the office and we spent three days figuring out how to calibrate it. So much fun. We'd go to Al Lasher's Electronics shop together during our lunch break and so many things that had been mysterious to me when I went there by myself were suddenly completely understandable. Soren could talk about anything in there with his vast knowledge of electronic components. I learned a ton. I am a better person for having befriended Soren and finding a common love and wonder for this weird world and everything in it. Here are some messages Soren sent to me. "Sometimes I wish that I was only interested in one thing. Like oatmeal. Because how much is really going on in the world of oatmeal? I genuinely don’t know." "Here’s a question: If you replaced every neuron in your brain with an artificial version, one by one, are you still alive? Are you still you? Assuming you could replace each neuron while conscious" When I asked if he was in the office on a Friday (we are able to work remotely on Fridays): "I’m not. I was thinking about it, but I like working without pants." Miss you buddy.
Posted by Joyce Sanders on 26th September 2017
Thank you for sharing this memorial of Soren 's life and loves, especially from one who never met him but through my daughter, Denese, I could feel her love for him. You have my heart felt support at this time of remembering what a special young man, who has left his footprint on this earth., will always be remembered.
Posted by Jill Heaberlin on 26th September 2017
I'm remembering that stretch of time when Soren wore his Crossroads shirt every day...weekends too!
Posted by Christine Wood on 25th September 2017
Our family had the pleasure of Soren's company during the holidays of 2015 while he was visiting Gus and Denese. We were very moved by his music; he and our daughter played guitar and sang together throughout the visit and we were all struck by his talent, humility, and gentle spirit. Our hearts are with you during this difficult time.
Posted by Paula Wright-McCluskey on 23rd September 2017
I remember this sweet boy named Soren at Crossroads, who would lite up the room when he walked in. There was never a peer who did not want to be his friend. Soren left a smile on everyones face who came in contact with him. Losing a child is life's most difficult challenge, as days go by seek our friends family and support to get through this difficult challenge. Our children are NOT supposed to go before us and as a parent, we need all the support we can get.. YOU ARE NOT ALONE, but losing a child is the worst. Hugs and support always!!
Posted by Thryn Hare on 22nd September 2017
Soren was the kind of person who talents seemed boundless. He was brilliant, funny and just a great person to be around. I'm so honored to have been his classmate.

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