Let the memory of Stanley be with us forever
  • 84 years old
  • Born on July 10, 1930 .
  • Passed away on August 21, 2014 .

Stanley Philip Bateman was born July 10, 1930 in London, England.  

Stan's family moved to Wales when he was very young.  

He served in the Royal Navy where he became an engineer until he retired.  Upon his retirement he was on his way to New Zealand to start his new life.  He stopped to visit his sister who was living in Canada.  He loved the area so much he decided to stay and make a life there instead.  Stan became an engineer for the Canadian Ferry Boat System and retire from there too. 

In June, 2010 he met the woman he would later say was his soul mate and the person he had been waiting for his whole life.  He said he had never known true love until he met Nancy.  He also said he never knew the love of a true family until he became part of her family.  He loved their twin grandsons, Neeko and David, and bragged about them often.  Stan died at their Canadian home while sleeping on August 21, 2014.



Posted by Jay Gray on 10th July 2017
Stan, Today is your anniversary and I just wanted to say that each year I watch this slideshow and listen to the music and shed a tear... You touched me my friend, and believe it or not, I just took a 7 year chip...Thanks for all your help...Love ya man. Jay
Posted by Angela Gaunt on 10th July 2017
Forever thinking of you Uncle Stan.... I'm sure you know but your plum tree isn't doing too well Love you always xxxxx
Posted by Greg Wennes on 23rd August 2016
Thought of Stan today for quite a long time not recalling it was the Anniversary of his passing. That is not surprising because he was likely sending me his energy. We did that to each other quite often. Not long before his passing I was thinking about him one day and he called on the phone a few minutes later from Canada to Minnesota. I said 'I was just thinking about you'. Often the same happened vice versa when I called him. The spirits of special friends never stop communicating. Best to you Nancy and all who loved the man like I did. God's speed friend!
Posted by Joe Evans on 16th March 2015
Stan, Words are nothing unless they are softly spoken and with a gentle heart. Stan had these qualities. Thank God for his life, and the legacy he took from this place and what he left behind. Love Joe 'E' Cornwall, England
Posted by Angela Gaunt on 8th December 2014
Uncle Stan....you were loved by your whole family both here in the UK and in Canada. We will always remember. Peace be with you now. xx
Posted by Buddy G. on 28th November 2014
Stan, thank you SO much! You have touched my life, and I will remember your wisdom forever.
Posted by Diane Hager-Johnson on 26th November 2014
Stan....what a blessing it was the day I met you at NCAL....I always loved to hear you share...the words came from you beautiful heart and touched me in so many ways. Thank you for being the wonderful Man that you were and are. You will live on in my heart forever. And also thank you for introducing me to Nancy...A Beautiful Lady... Love Diane
Posted by Greg Wennes on 23rd November 2014
Thank You SO MUCH for this Jay! Misty eyes here now as I grow to accept Stan is gone although he feels as close as always. He built a stone stairway at our Mn home. I walked on the 'Stan Steps' one day and thought "I wonder how he is?" We hadn't talked for a couple months but within a couple hours the phone rang. Stan; 'Just thinkin' about ya'. That happened dozens of times. Some kind of 'cosmic connection'. As always we exchanged "I love ya's" at the end of our last 'earthly' connection-only a couple days before he went 'home'.
Posted by Jay Gray on 22nd November 2014
Stan, Thanks for all of life's lessons and all the fond memories. I never have witnessed anyone that would go out of thier way to help someone out as much as you. You had a gift of reading people and knowing who needed help right then..... Rest in Piece my friend. Jay
Posted by Nancy Bateman on 22nd November 2014
Jay, thank you so much for setting up this memorial page for me. Stan was the love of my life. My only regret is that we didn't have more time together, but we made the most of the time we did have together and I wouldn't change it for anything. My heart aches everyday for him. "Our" song was "I know you're out there somewhere" by the Moody Blues. I know he is waiting for me and we will be together again "somewhere out there". Love, Nancy
Posted by Nancy Bateman on 22nd November 2014
Stan, was the father I wish I had. I am thankful for the time we did have, though sad it was so short. I loved him very much. It warmed my heart every time he introduced me as his daughter. We all miss him terribly, especially mom and their grandsons, my boys, Neeko and David. You will be forever missed Dad, love Dee.
Posted by Jerri Jones on 22nd November 2014
Stan, It was always such a pleasure seeing you when you would venture down San Diego way. I just loved when you shared your wisdom, your stories and yourself with all of us. You are truly missed in our neck of the woods. Rest in Peace, Stan Jerri

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