This memorial website was created in the rememberance and celebration of Stephen Hinrichs.


   "Inasmuch as I have no affiliation with any church or organized religion, no funeral ceremony should follow my death. I direct that my remains be cremated and the ashes committed to the waters of Penobscot Bay.

   If it pleases my family and friends to gather for some sort of memorial, I have no objections. I ask them only to remember that I have had a full and rewarding life and that any gathering should celebrate the love they have given me and the good fortune I have enjoyed.

  However, given that family and friends are scattered over the globe, it follows that no single gathering will be possible. Therefore, a website has been eslablished to enable those who wish to exchange remberances and sentiments."


Dear Friends and Family,

   We know how much Steve meant to each one of you. We encourage you to raise a glass, recall good times and if some of you live close to one another to gather together and celebrate. We look forward to your stories and communications and accounts of your celebrations.

  Please feel free to leave a tribute below, or on the Stories tab leave a remembered moment, quote or poem where you can also include a photo or a song to accompany your story. On the Gallery tab at the bottom of the page you have the ability to leave a photograph.

  It would be lovely for us if at the bottom of your tribute or story you mention how you know Steve (AIC, Harley, John Burroughs, Rochester, Samoset, Vinalhaven, NYSAIS, etc.).  

Thank you and love to all,  Stephen's Family

address: Grace Hinrichs and Family, 45 Village Way #39, Rockport, Maine 04856

On the weekend of September 10-11, 2011 the whole Hinrichs family gathered in Rockport, Maine, to share memories of Steve and honor his wish to have his ashes scattered in the waters of Penobscot Bay where he loved to sail.

If you click on the "Stories" tab you will find a description of those wonderful days along with some poems and photos. Also, there are more photos in the Gallery tab.

When Stephen's ashes were scattered, daisies were also scattered into the waters of the Penobscot Bay. On some of those daisies notes were attached that were written to include everyone who ever sent words of tribute or love about Stephen whether in letters, email, verbally or in thought, you were all included in the day. 

Thank you all, the Hinrichs family


Posted by Grace Hinrichs on March 7, 2014
Wonderful to know that others are thinking of him today. Love this website! 
Cheers! (that's how he always ended his voice mail message as you may remember)
xx Grace
Posted by Bruce Libby on March 7, 2014
Cherished memories of life at the Samoset involve the great times I had with Steve and attempting to improve our games. I valued his advice very highly as a friend and teacher.
Posted by james duffus on September 20, 2013
Another year without Steve - but we think of him often. He changed things for the good of all and was a memorable companion and a dear friend.
Posted by Brenda Doherty on September 20, 2013
How Steve would have loved playing golf at the Samoset today. The sun is warm, the fairways are green and the water is sparkling in the distance. A perfect day in Maine!
Posted by Bruce Libby on September 19, 2013
I was hunting golf balls at the Samoset this August and my thoughts turned to Steve and how much he enjoyed seeing my findings. This year I broke my own record for one hour by picking up over 70 balls in less then an hour. How Steve would have laughed seeing me clean them all up for reuse. I'm dedicating them all to Steve's memory.
Posted by Grace Hinrichs on March 31, 2013
Kitty Greve Darst, former student of Steve's as well as counselor at AIC, has made a donation to Great Pond Mountain Conservation Trust in memory of Steve. Thank you, Kitty! For news of the Trust's "To the Summit" campaign, see their letter to me posted under "Stories." That mountain is dear to the hearts of all AIC-ers I know. Greetings to all!
Posted by Caroline Darst on March 8, 2013
Steve was thoughty enough to allow me to enter the AIC family - after I had been his student - and I'm STILL working for the Great (Pond) Mountain Conservation Trust and probably will forever. Many thanks, Steve - you'll always be remembered.
Posted by Bruce Libby on March 8, 2013
Steve was my friend and I remember the great times discussing
politics, Samoset affairs, and great places to dine. He was a fan of
Jeff Sluman while Calcavechia was my favorite. Made for great
conversation. Dearly missed.
Posted by Michael Bond on March 7, 2013
Steve has always been an inspiration for me. I remember his wonderful way that he dealt with me as a child. I give thanks for his presence in my life at a time when I needed him most.
Thank you Steve, and happy birthday. Always remembered.
Posted by Jeff Davis on March 7, 2013
Happy Birthday Steve. We think of you often. Your memory continues to enrich our lives.
Posted by Grace Hinrichs on March 7, 2013
A month after Steve and I met ,in April 1985, I flew to Rochester NY for a weekend at his solar-heated house on Canandaigua Lake and when I got home wrote a letter to my family to introduce Steve to them. I'll post a brief excerpt from that letter under Stories. Amazed how well I already knew him! With best wishes to all his friends on what would have been his 95th birthday , Grace
Posted by Brenda Doherty on March 7, 2013
We miss seeing Steve around the Village and remember him for his wise counsel, especially when we were discussing national politics.

Philip and Brenda Doherty
Posted by Caroline Darst on September 25, 2012
Never will forget Steve - at JBS, he taught us how to read newspapers. At AIC, he made me discover how to cane chairs. Love to Grace, who also had interesting tables for her students!
Posted by claudia sullivan on September 19, 2012
Dear Grace--

Though time passes it is hard to bear the loss of a loved one.
I wish you comfort from these kind tributes.
Posted by james duffus on September 19, 2012
Miss Steve as always. Drive by Harley School each day and remember - and view his "Tree" which is growing wonderously well. He would be happy to know that his student, son Tom Duffus is now sailing a Cape Dory on Lake Superior! Steve's memory will never leave us. Jim & Dancy
Posted by Caroline Darst on March 7, 2012
As a teacher, as our camp leader, you are still missed. Happy Birthday wherever you are, Steve. Cheers! You certainly live on in many, many hearts and you always will.
Posted by Donald Lindsay on March 7, 2012
Steve opened the possibility for young minds to pursue their dreams. Being a Harley student and an AIC camper helped me develop an appreciation of the beauty of traditional watercraft and the adventure of exploring the world. Steve taught me to pay attention to my hygiene so that others would not call me “Big Daddy Barnsmell.” After college I sailed for 17 years in traditional vessels.
Posted by Ellen (Melon) Roos on March 7, 2012
I just read through the whole list of tributes on this page. I was quietly stunned by the richness of the true substance in those who wrote. If that isn't testimony to who Steve is, what he drew to himself, and how he shaped it, I don't know what is!

With love
Posted by Bruce Libby on March 7, 2012
I will long miss Steve every time Maine comes to my memory.Golf and
friendship we shared on Penobscot Bay at Samoset will never be forgotten.
Much love to you Gracie,
Bruce Libby
Posted by Ibi Hinrichs on September 28, 2011
It has been one year and there is a description of the scattering of Stephen's ashes at sea on September 11 along with the poems read in tribute to him at the family gathering that weekend can all be found by clicking on the "Stories" tab.
Posted by james duffus on September 20, 2011
Steve was a warm and loving friend and mentor to our kids. We sailed with him and he came to both daughter's weddings. His mind was sharp and we loved "The Bangor Packet" recitation. He remains crystal clear in our memory. He was and is an icon - one of a kind - a very very speci
Posted by Brenda Doherty on September 19, 2011
Grace, we'll be remembering Stephen in a special way today.

Philip and Brenda
Posted by Jeff Davis on September 19, 2011
We are remembering Steve today. We think of him often. Our thoughts are with Grace and the entire Hinrichs clan this day.
Posted by Anne Miner on August 29, 2011
I went kayaking two days ago in Wisconsin, and Steve's presence was vivid--- teaching cool canoe techniques, wryly enjoying trips. From my viewpoint now, I see his genius in creating a nurturing organization. AIC changed my lfe for sure, Grateful for his gifts to us all.
Posted by Tim Holekamp on January 31, 2011
Steve Hinrichs was my teacher and coach at JBS way back, early 1960s. He was a significant factor in my interest in founding an independent school much more recently and was kind enough to remember me thirty-five years later and counsel me during the founding and later during our head searching. To me, he and Keith Shahan are models of independent school culture and teaching. Thank you.
Posted by Grace Hinrichs on December 6, 2010
I've just put under the "Stories" tab something Steve wrote in December 1985--his reflections on the meaning of this season as printed in the NYSAIS Newsletter (and reprinted many times) May it bring you "light and joy and hope."
   With warm wishes for the holidays, the solstice, and the new year,
           Grace (and Steve)
Posted by Grace Hinrichs on October 30, 2010
From my good friend and former Italian teacher:" I will never forget Stephen tapping (doing a little tap dance) while he was preparing food..his grace and wiry funny gentleness. Kind of windswept elegance. He was such a treat!...and such an inspiration."
             Cristina Arrigoni Martelli
Posted by Parry Norling on October 19, 2010
Mr. Hinrichs (at JBS) or Steve (on the Drive from St. Louis to Lovell or at AIC)was the best teacher I ever had -- the lessons he taught from his heart or from the classroom or the unique camp environment have had a lasting impact upon me. It was luck (maybe even Grace -- the religous word for an unanticipated gift) when Steve asked me to come and be a counselor at AIC.Lessons? another tribute.
Posted by Parry Norling on October 19, 2010
Lessons from Steve: 1) Always leave the campsite (and the World) better than you found it. 2) Love and learn from history 3)Campers should decide how to use their time creatively-- othewise they will be boring creatures by the age of 30 4) Use the right tool for the job at hand (many broad definitions of tool!)
Posted by Loma Clarke on October 9, 2010
The Rush Clarke family will with much love remember all the involment and joy we had working and being with Steve at Harley and How blessed we were that our children were touched by his love of learning....god bless you Steve. When I lovingly look at the ocean here in Charleston I will think of you and know that you are out of harms Loma Clarke
Posted by Haydie Callaghan on October 8, 2010
AIC: I keep thinking of all the “for instances” that made up the magic. It was all about setting up a pattern for our lives, with growth and curiousity at it’s core. I will be forever grateful for the life tools I acquired on that beautiful, pine-smelling island. All thanks to Steve. I look forward to sending out a candle boat in his memory
Haydie (Donahue) Callaghan
Posted by Linda Hamlin Arnold on October 7, 2010
My memories of Mr. Hinrichs was a little girl in elementary school at the Harley School. He had such a kindness to him that I looked forward to popping my head into his office to just say hello. He always seem to have time for me and brightened the smile on my face. We were all given the gift of a wonderful personable leader.
Posted by lee lundback on October 7, 2010
I have very fond of "Mr. Hinrichs" when he was headmaster at the Harley School. Can still see his wonderful smile and the twinkle in his eyes. Also have fond memories of spending time with the whole Hinrichs clan in Maine and Rochester. Your father lead a long and fruitful life.
Posted by Grace Hinrichs on October 7, 2010
From Barbara Swanson at NYSAIS in an email to Grace: "I have such warm, fond memories of Steve! He was a visionary--one who understood sustainability before there was such a term. I really loved him and I know that many others did as well. He left a quiet, strong legacy at NYSAIS which is stronger because of his leadership."
Posted by Ibi Hinrichs on October 7, 2010
Email from Steve Lockwood.........

"While I was only an AICer for one summer (mate on the Alamar) the Steve I knew briefly was a remarkable guy with a vision (for the camp) which was a unique experience in the life of many.".......................................

Steve Lockwood AIC '60
Posted by Ibi Hinrichs on October 7, 2010
Email from George Morgan...(AIC)..........."He was an inspirational man, I will never forget him and he will be in my prayers."
Posted by Ibi Hinrichs on October 7, 2010
Email from Ross Harris....Alamar Mate 1962........."Sad news but Steve had a wonderful life and contributed to so many people. I remember unwinding with him and Nancy at their house on Breezy Point after along day, glass of bourbon in hand. Those were great times and I'm glad to have been a part of it."......Ross
Posted by claudia sullivan on October 5, 2010
Good Morning Grace and family.

Charlie,Sean Cara and I would like to express our condolences on the death of Steve.

This is a very beautiful and wonderful memorial. May you cherish the memories and in that way find comfort in your loss.


We know Grace from Vinalhaven
Posted by Jeff Davis on October 2, 2010
Steve’s life was as deep as it was long. He was a thinking man who put his intelligence to good use. He lived life with purpose and his actions spoke volumes about his beliefs. He loved learning and life. He was able to share ideas, allow space for others to formulate their own, and hear what others had to say. He touched us deeply and will be remembered always.
Posted by Rebecca Howard on October 1, 2010
Mr. Hinrichs (as I will always think of him) was my history teacher at Burroughs. He then introduced me to the beauty of Maine by hiring me as a counselor at Alamoosook Island Camp. Just a few weeks ago, my husband and I were in Maine and we stopped, once again, to look over Alamoosook Lake. How I loved that place and time. And he was a wonderful teacher as well.  I was lucky to know him.
Posted by Ibi Hinrichs on October 1, 2010
Resubmitted for Lew Bigelow entry: 30 September, 2010........

"Steve's steady hand and light touch at AIC continues to draw my awe as I recall knowing him over the years. He was a valued friend and mentor to me."
Posted by james duffus on September 30, 2010
Steve was dearly loved by Dancy and me (Jim Duffus) and by our 2 Harley kids whom he befriended both at school and in later life. We sailed and golfed and skied with Steve and he was there at our kid's weddings and was always there for us. And Gracie, you have our respect and our love and admiration for all you did for, and meant to Steve. He was an icon,a renaissance man and true friend.Jim&Dancy
Posted by Frances Parsons on September 29, 2010
One of my most poignant memories as a fledgling teacher at Thayer Academy was chatting with my "mentor", Grace Bernan, in Room 21A; she confided that she was leaving Thayer to marry a man she had met through an ivy league "match up" column! And what a great decision that was... Grace and Steve were a "match made in Heaven", a bonafide love story! Steve will be sorely missed. May he rest in peace!
Posted by Katharine Muench on September 29, 2010
I have known Steve most of my life. He and his family spent many summers at my grandparent's camp on Lake Kezar. Later He would drive into their yard in Freeport with his station wagon full of stuff, heading up the coast. I always thought Steve was Fred Astaire. I hope he's sailing somewhere with my dad.
Posted by anne meyer on September 29, 2010
How could anyone encounter Steve and not be forever changed? Space is too small for the long, true narrative. So vignettes: Steve on Omega - Botticelli master, we paddle for long hours, no notice of our aching arms; Steve, charging our confidence in our own path and vision. On Delta, we sailed across Blue Hill Bay to Mount Dessert. Who else would have dared let us be so brave?
Posted by Ibi Hinrichs on September 28, 2010
Godfrey Pflager / John Burroughs....... from email to Ibi......

You made American history interesting, wish I'd talked on 4 trips to Aspen..married a Denver
woman, lived in NYC since '64. Bet you had a great
family, LUCKY to know you. Still laugh at you doing Ski exercises in class. Godfrey
Posted by Caroline Darst on September 27, 2010
Steve was a wonderful person. I knew him first as a student at the John Burroughs School in the early fifties. Later, he became my boss at Alamoosook Island Camp, where he was kind enough to hire me for two years, in 1958 and 1959. My experiences at AIC have stayed with me the rest of my life.
Kitty Greve Darst
Posted by William Idol on September 27, 2010
Steve was my golf coach and history teacher at John Burroughs. I wasn't a very good golfer and remember his support in my first match after my first drive at least stayed in the fairway: "Hit 'em like that and you'll do fine." It meant a lot then and now. What a good and gentle leader he has been for so many. Thank you, Steve.
Posted by Richard Thompson on September 27, 2010
Like a father, like a brother, always a beloved friend. My fortunate connection with Steve began as an AIC counselor and was rounded with an active correspondence and summer visits for the last several years. Like so many of his friends, I will treasure his calm good sense, always spiced with humor and a twinkle in the eye.
Posted by Brenda Doherty on September 27, 2010
We knew Stephen as a neighbor and friend at Samoset Village. His wisdom and good common sense were always respected at get-togethers on the porch or at Village meetings. He had a fine command of the English language and used that strength for many years to write a wonderful column monthly in the Samoset Village Newsletter. He will be missed.
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Posted by Ibi Hinrichs on September 19, 2021
Today 11 years ago you left this world. We still appreciate how you participated in this world with integrity, care and kindness. May we all do so well in this time we have to live consciously, treat all life with respect , be good stewards of this amazing planet and enjoy in the truest sense this gift we have been given. I know you would like this new book by Prem Rawat, " Hear Yourself " as you have always advocated for personal responsibility, and this book helps each of us do just that, with very freeing results. Love you, Ibi
Posted by Karen Saludo on March 8, 2021
Happy birthday, Mr. Hinrichs. You made a huge impact on The Harley School and so many, many, students. You are missed!
Posted by Ibi Hinrichs on March 7, 2021
Happy Birthday Dad.
Would have been your 103rd! It is a beautiful day with sunshine and warmth, just like you radiated while here.
It being a spring day, I look forward to seeing a great blue heron again which I always associate with you. We carry on with input from the joy of nature and with living the kindness that is inherent in every human being.. and will be the key to our future.
Recent stories

Sometime at Eve

Shared by Barbara von Schilcher on September 19, 2017

This is a poem that was read at my grandfather's funeral and both of my parents funerals. My Mom taught typing at Harley while Steve was headmaster there and I substituted for her there when she took a trip with my Dad. I graduated from Harley in '58 and my Mom graduated from Harley in '33. Our family loved sailing, and my Mom raced her sailboat on Lake Ontario. When someone who enjoys sailing passes away, this poem always reminds me of the person. Barb (Poole) von Schilcher

              Sometime at Eve 

Sometime at Eve when the tide is low

I shall slip my moorings and sail away

With no response to a friendly hail

In the silent hush of the twilight pale

When the night stoops down to embrace the day

And the voices call in the water's flow

Sometime at Eve When the water is low

I shall slip my moorings and sail away.

Through purple shadows

That darkly trail o'er the ebbing tide

And the Unknown Sea,

And a ripple of waters' to tell the tale

Of a lonely voyager sailing away

To mystic isles

Where at anchor lay

The craft of those who had sailed before

O'er the Unknown Sea

To the Unknown Shore

A few who watched me sail away

Will miss my craft from the busy bay

Some friendly barques were anchored near

Some loving souls my heart held dear

In silent sorrow will drop a tear

But I shall have peacefully furled my sail

In mooring sheltered from the storm and gale

And greeted friends who had sailed before

O'er the Unknown Sea

To the Unknown Shore

- by Elizabeth Clark Hardy

sprinkling daisies/ daisy chain of love

Shared by Ibi Hinrichs on September 21, 2013

An email thread on the 19th between family members:

1)Remembering Dad today. His laugh, his dance steps, his love of life, his love of each of us, his passion for teaching and his passion for kids thriving.
Continuing to sprinkle some daisies today by any bits of kindness that show themselves to me today. As simple as a smile with a friend or stranger.
Thank- you Dad.
Love to you all, Ibi

2) Dad 's energy shining down on us all
love to everyone , Victoria  (photo)

3) energy flowing to England ,thoughts with all,  Love/Hugs Kate (on a trip to England and France)

4)Thank you for starting this daisy chain of love.
 Remembering Dad,   Mary and Christian

5)Thinking of all of you on this day. Hugs and blessings.
Love, Rebecca

6)Catching up with this "daisy chain of love" as Mary put it so well. As for the Day of Remembrance itself, for me, and no doubt for a lot of you as well, every day is a day of remembrance. He's always with us.  And as for dates, the ones I like best to remember are his birthday... the day we first met...,  the day we were married,... the day I saw the ad (for that matter!),…. the day we all celebrated his life with that wonderful schooner ride out into the bay on a spanking wind, --things he would have preferred to remember too.

7) So true Grace, I see this day as one of many, on this one he gave me an experience of calm and clarity, so fully engaged in his life, how he would pass and how it was all good. The comng day and the going day and all that lies between.

An earlier vignette

Shared by Benj Thomas on May 14, 2013

I was a counselor at AIC in 1961 (Dick Thompson n.b., you were there that  year), and while the experience shaped me profoundly, setting me on a course that led to progressive education (Nat French's North Shore Country Day), thence Quaker education, thence alternative Quaker schools and Quakerism itself, I want to add a second-hand recollection, from Bob Smith, who was Head of School at Sidwell Friends for several years while I was there. Like Steve, Bob served in the army during WWII, and with Steve at the Battle of the Bulge. Not a experience either of them talked about much. Bob only said that Steve, as his  platoon leader, was an island (there's the image) of calm and reassurance in the midst of terrifying chaos. I can believe it (see an extraordinary made-for-TV series called Band of Brothers to see more -- one episode takes place there), and I wonder about the impact of that experience on Steve. It must have strengthened him, but was there more? Others may have some answer for that...