Without fail, if you knew Steve for a day or if you are one of the lucky ones to have known him for a lifetime, you were immensely blessed to have called him friend.
  • 65 years old
  • Born on January 19, 1949 .
  • Passed away on August 14, 2014 .

Memorial Service
The Memorial Service for Steve will be held at 1:00 pm on Wednesday, September 10th at St. Denis Church on Avy Avenue in Menlo Park.   There will be a reception following the service also at St. Denis Church.

  "One of the good ones, an icon, a mentor,  a true gentleman, authentic, loving, caring, smart, genuine, funny"   These are only a handful of the many words that friends have used to describe Steve.
Please share your words, stories, thoughts, and photos of Steve as we celebrate his life.

In honor of Steve a Memorial Fund has been established in his honor.  Below is more detail and instructions for those that would like to contribute.

Steve was an early Menlo-Atherton High School Foundation Board member and remained committed to the cause of supporting economically challenged students in our community throughout his life. In keeping with his values, The M-A Partnership for Success connects at-risk students with comprehensive services on and off campus. Donations can be made to the Steve Bellumori Memorial Fund at the M-A Foundation for the Future in support of the Partnership for Success. Checks made payable to M-A Foundation for the Future can be mailed to P.O. Box 1228, Menlo Park CA  94026. Please note in check memo line Steve Bellumori Memorial Fund or donations can be made online at www.mafoundation.org;  Under  donor information/address in PayPal in "Note to Seller" please indicate your  donation is for the Steve Bellumori Memorial Fund.   If you have questions, please contact Cindy Folker at cfolker@seq.org or (650) 322-5311 x 50206.

Posted by Wendy McPherson on 14th August 2018
Thinking of you on this 4 years gone.......
Posted by Charlotte Van Orden on 19th January 2018
Steve, You are not with us in body, but you're always with us. Thank you for showing us how one person can make a difference.
Posted by Kate Kimelman on 19th January 2018
I was just thinking of Steve yesterday -- I don't even know what brought up his memory but I could see his face, hear him talking, and hear his wonderful laugh. He will never be forgotten -- he made such an impression on everyone with his kindness and positive energy. My daughters enjoyed him so much too. They thought he was one of our relatives! We all still miss him.
Posted by Wendy McPherson on 14th August 2017
Another year has gone by and the hole you left still reverberates in the office...............
Posted by Tracie Southerland on 14th August 2017
Still to this day when I am challenged by a situation, I say to myself....."what would Steve do". Your ethics and your care for people lives on in the people you touched. I still miss you my friend! Tracie
Posted by Don Diltz on 19th January 2017
Every time I visit my cabin in Twain Harte I think about you Stevie. Miss you much. Thanks for all your love to me and Jay. Xoxo. Don
Posted by Linda Morrisey on 19th January 2017
Miss you Steve! Everytime I have a friend or colleague talk about buying or selling a home, my first thought is still to refer them to you... the best in the business and a wonderful person.
Posted by Tracie Southerland on 15th August 2016
I was cleaning out some boxes last week and ran across the brochure that Alice and Steve created for selling our home in 2013. There was his smiling face and I was reminded of how well he took care of us during that time. Also during the course of many days in this crazy RE market I find myself asking the question "what would Steve do?". That compass has never failed me. Love you my friend!
Posted by Wendy McPherson on 14th August 2016
This is a day that I will always remember - you gave a lot and I received a lot. Thanks Steve.......... Always a supporter.............
Posted by Kate Engelbrecht on 19th January 2016
Steve had the gift of making each person he was with feel special and important. I was proud to call him my friend, and will miss him always.
Posted by Wendy McPherson on 19th January 2016
Just over one year gone - his light still shines in the office for all of us,
Posted by Hugh Cornish on 19th January 2016
Steve was one of the finest people I have ever met. He always would take the time to stop by my office, poke his head in and say hello. His words were always kind and genuine. Steve was someone I looked up to and admired. He had a moral compass that was spot on in all business situations. Steve treated everyone with respect and truly cared about the outcome of every deal. I truly hope I am lucky enough to meet more people like Steve in my life.
Posted by Charlotte Van Orden on 19th January 2016
Steve, your kindness made a difference to everyone, who was blessed, to have crossed your path. I’m just one, of many, fortunate to have known you. I keep your photo at my home office, and several times a week I ask myself “What would Steve do?” Thank you for continuing to be an inspiration. You are missed, loved and not forgotten! Thinking of you on this special day!
Posted by Tracie Southerland on 19th January 2016
I am reminded of Steve almost everyday in some small way. His impact on my life continues and will forever. I walk in a room or meeting where I would normally see him and I still have that feeling that he will walk in any minute. I miss you my friend! Tracie
Posted by Jeanne Wangsness on 19th January 2016
Steve made the world a better place!
Posted by Tracie Southerland on 14th August 2015
Rarely a day has gone by in the last year that I have not thought of Steve. I still miss you like crazy sweet friend!
Posted by Linda Morrisey on 20th January 2015
With the new year I was thinking back over events that had a huge impact on me in 2014. Losing Steve was at the top of my list. And I'll bet it was at the top of many lists. A more wonderful person we will never meet...
Posted by Ann Marie Swetz on 19th January 2015
Still difficult to accept the loss of usch a loving, giving person who loved his friedns and family totally and unconditionally. We were truly blessed to have know him for many of the days of his life. His memory will live on in fondness always. Class of 66
Posted by Wendy Petersmeyer on 11th September 2014
Dear Darline and Bellumori Family, Steve has been a friend and reliable real estate partner for decades. He helped us sell our first home in Menlo Park and find a lovely home in 1997 that we may live in forever. He was always a phone call away for advice on our elderly parents real estate concerns as well. We have the fondest memories of meeting all the Bellumori family back at Las Lomitas in 1990 where our children were classmates. Words that come to mind to describe Steve only being with: joyful, loyal, enthusiastic, trustworthy, reliable, fun, brilliant and always giving it all his best!! With profound sympathy, Wendy Petersmeyer & David Bagshaw
Posted by Kate Kimelman on 10th September 2014
Steve was the best. Whether we were working with him on buying our house or out to dinner or just running into him when he was in our neighborhood, he was always friendly, down to earth, full of energy, and interested in catching up. When I think of Steve I will always remember his great sense of humor — and his warm and hearty laugh. We are all so lucky to have known him. Our lives have been enriched. We will really miss him. Our sincere condolences to his wonderful family.
Posted by Kyle Imatani on 10th September 2014
I have the fondest memories growing up with Tommy, Dave, and Mr. and Mrs. Bellumori. Mr. Bellumori in particular was always amicable, humorous and inclusive -- whenever I went to visit the Bellumori house I felt like family. I only wish for the best for the rest of the family and I know he will be missed dearly.
Posted by Pete Tachis on 10th September 2014
I am, still, largely speechless over the loss of this good man. Steve helped me buy my first house in the mid-nineteen seventies. He sold me the one that I live in now, (the little house with the big view) and we had some very nice moments in between. Steve was a friend and will always be. In recent years, I’ve gotten into the habit of signing off any correspondence to Steve with the phrase; “I’m still not tired of the sunsets”, my way of saying thank you for helping me purchase this home. I’ll think of you whenever I see one of those beautiful sunsets and raise a glass in your honer. So long old friend.
Posted by NOREEN HARROW on 10th September 2014
Once in a "Blue Moon" a star enters our lives and gives us an extraordinary human being, Steve Bellumori. One hears all the superlatives bestowed upon him.The one that frequently comes to mind is integrity ..the quality of being whole, sound, moral, upright,sincere.Others we hear are: patient,helpful, kind, generous, cheerful,loyal,humorous,compassionate,ethical,honorable,professional,witty,warm,caring,trustworthy,respectful. Yep that's Steve. He set the bar for life's highest standards. I retired from real estate 14 years ago, yet for 14 years i have received the brochures for Steve's listings and sales,plus his yearly updates.This year was a "TOME",encompassing not only the entire Bay Area but a radius reaching north,south,east,and west. Some years back Steve travelled East with his 2 sons. On the way he stopped at Niagara Falls, not only to view one of the wonders of the world, but to visit my mother who was then in her late 80's. To this day Mom who is now 104 still recalls their visit.Yep that's Steve. Last April he sent out an email announcing my sons's Opera "LILLITH" which was presented at Menlo Atherton Performing Arts Center.Steve and Darline came. Yep that's Steve and Darline, too. We will always look to the heavens and remember this remarkable Renaissance Man. YEP that's STEVE BELLUMORI. Please accept our deepest and heartfelt condolences to you Darline, and to the boys and your entire family. Fondly, Noreen Harrow and Herm too
Posted by Jeanne Wangsness on 10th September 2014
I was proud to be a Steve’s colleague and friend for almost three decades. He showed me through his actions how to be a real “humane” being. He loved, cared, generously shared, and forever sought to improve his profession and community. He respected and valued the opinions and welfare of others. Daily he demonstrated that the ethical way of doing business was the right path to follow. I miss his smile, but can still hear his laugh. His legacy of invaluable lifetime accomplishments will remain into perpetuity. Rest in Peace my friend.
Posted by Debbie Spinelli on 10th September 2014
Steve was a treasured friend and associate of my father, Raymond Spinelli. I knew him only briefly when he helped our family through some difficult times. He was an honest, dependable professional and truly one of the nicest guys in the world. He gave expert advise with caring, compassionate service. He touched the lives of many. I hope the great outpouring of love and respect from his many friends, and associates will bring peace to his family
Posted by Arvid Hoppas on 10th September 2014
I have know Steve for over twenty years. He was one of those people who you will never forget, no matter how infrequent your interactions were. I met Steve back in the 80's at our early morning work-outs. He was a light in my life; a man who inspired me. I loved Steve for his compassion, integrity, honesty and mostly, just because he was the type of person who you immediately trusted and liked. His passing is a loss for all who crossed paths with him. I will miss him a great deal.
Posted by Ronald Rossi on 9th September 2014
I represented Steve years ago and valued our ensuing and ongoing friendship. He was a great guy – both a consummate professional and a truly decent, admirable human being. I know that his friends and family will have many wonderful stories and memories to share at the memorial service. I have many of these myself that I’d love to contribute, but I am out of the country, not returning until mid-September. I will be there in spirit with all of you and send Steve’s family in particular my warmest wishes and support.
Posted by Hill Huntington on 8th September 2014
A number of years ago we joined other friends (who also bought a home through Steve over the years) in taking Darline and Steve out to dinner at a local restaurant. Needless to say, other dining patrons that evening could not understand why this group would make such a fuss for their real estate agent. But as others here have noted, he was our friend who would stay in touch over the years. When we think of community in Menlo Park, we think of Steve. He was the best. -Hill and Honor
Posted by George So on 7th September 2014
The loss of Mr. Bellumori is devastating and infuriating. My brothers and I had the pleasure of growing up with his youngest son, Tommy, and frequently visiting his home. As many of you have mentioned, Mr. Bellumori's smile and laugh were infectious and unforgettable. He always brought such a bright aura of joy, kindness, and good humor to every situation. The Bellumori's played a key role in my childhood and will never be forgotten. Mrs. Bellumori, I hope you know just how much your husband was appreciated and loved on every level. We will remember him for the rest of our lives.
Posted by Cheri Nason on 7th September 2014
So sorry and saddened to hear we have lost Steve's vibrant caring life here on earth , but I'm sure the angels in heaven are happy he arrived with his infectious optimism and smile. Steve helped my husband and I through one of the most trying times in our marriage- buying our first home in the tough competitive market of Menlo Park 12 years ago, and we will be forever grateful to him for his guidance, kindness, and genuine concern for our well being. He always kept in touch in some way over those 12 years even when we moved out of state and this is a testament to the wonderful caring person and magnificent realtor turned friend he was. Praying for the comfort of his family, thanks for sharing him with us.
Posted by Phillip So on 4th September 2014
I have nothing but fond memories of Mr. Bellumori. As a kid, I remember seeing him whenever I went over to hang out with Tommy and thinking how awesome it would be to have a Dad like him. I remember vacations that our families went on together and all the times that he brought energy to the whole group. You will surely be missed.
Posted by Richard So on 4th September 2014
As a child, I always thought of Mr. Bellumori's contagious smile and uplifting chuckle. He was the definition of a fun, cool and loving dad. As I grew older, I saw Mr. Bellumori as a prime example of the man I wanted to be, diligent and driven but always compassionate, good hearted, positive, and, just as I saw as a child, ready to laugh. It is truly unfair to see Mr. Bellumori gone too early. My deepest condolences Mrs. Bellumori. Even though it may not seem like it, you and your husband were great positive influences in the lives of my brothers and I.
Posted by Dennis Baldini on 4th September 2014
steve was a true professional and a friend to appraisers. he was always very helpful when i called him for advice or information on his listings or recent sales, especially in menlo park. RIP steve.
Posted by John Till on 3rd September 2014
My sincerest condolences to Steve's family. I am deeply saddened by the news. Steve was always there as a friend. He was, not only one of the most capable people I know, but he ranks among the most ethical. A sincere goodbye my friend, John
Posted by Katsi Nousiainen on 3rd September 2014
Thank you Steve for always making everyone around you feel important. I was blessed to have known you for the past 25 years. I'm sending prayers to the Bellumori family.
Posted by Judy Ellis on 2nd September 2014
To Steve, your exemplary practice inspired each of us – you made us better, stronger - wanting to know more and be more. Thank you for your friendship, your kindness to a single mom & your career long support.
Posted by Judy Ellis on 2nd September 2014
To Steve, your exemplary practice inspired each of us – you made us better, stronger - wanting to know more and be more. Thank you for your friendship, your kindness to a single mom & your career long support.
Posted by Jean Rigg on 2nd September 2014
Steve Bellumori did not walk lightly through this world. Steve drew awareness to himself not through flamboyance but because of his great humor, kindness, generosity of self and respect for all he came in contact with. Steve, you are and will be forever sorely missed.
Posted by Margaret Brandeau on 1st September 2014
There are no words to say how shocked, dismayed, and upset we are with the tragic news of Steve's passing. We were honored to have been able to call him friend for the last 27 years. A lot has already been said about Steve among his real estate colleagues. As a friend and mentor and will be sorely missed. But he was more than that to us. Yes, Steve was "our real estate broker" ̶ we never thought we'd sell or buy another house without Steve. But Steve was also a wonderful friend. Steve always had a cheery bounce when he saw us (even if the time gap might have been years) and opened with a quick and cherubic "Hello, Jose!" Nobody ever called Joe “Jose” and Joe doesn’t really like the nickname, but coming from Steve, he enjoyed it thoroughly. Last night we were reminiscing about searching for our first house with Steve in his cream yellow Mercedes in 1987. This was in the days before the internet, so we visited probably a list of 50+ houses. We were dogged. We joked with Steve that since we were raised Catholic there was a right way and wrong way to be a buyer ̶ and we were going to do it the right way. Steve enjoyed that one. While house hunting with Steve we coined the term "all ducked up" for houses in the 1980s that had been redecorated in the prevailing country-chic of the time with blues, whites, images of little farm animals, etc. that included ducks. Steve loved that term, got a real chortle out of that. For our first house he gave us a concrete garden statue of a duck with a bow around its neck. We still have the duck proudly displayed at the entrance of our driveway, 27 years later (though the bow is long gone). When Joe was diagnosed with cancer last year, Steve didn’t call to ask what he could do. Instead he just showed up at our house with lunch one afternoon. We sat outside and chatted, laughed, and hugely enjoyed ourselves. Steve of course will be eulogized for the many big things he did. But in a way it was the many little things Steve said or did that have the lasting impact on many; that is what we will remember and cherish. Although he is no longer with us, his memory will always live on in our hearts – and we will smile every day when we see that concrete duck.
Posted by Susan Tilling on 1st September 2014
Steve ...to whom we could turn for sage advice...on whom we could rely for up-to-date wording (and explanations of same) in PRDS forms.....who always had useful information to pass along at sales meetings....whose transactions with clients and relations with agents were always guided by honesty...whose selflessness was apparent....for whom agents and clients alike have the highest regard...who has suddenly left a void in our hearts and an empty corner of our office. We will miss you so much more than you would ever have imagined.
Posted by Robert Reid on 30th August 2014
I met Steve in the late 70's and got to know him better during the Seville Properties years in the 80's and 90's. I came to count on his market knowledge and wise counsel whenever I found myself working in southern San Mateo County. I admired Steve's willingness to commit his time to the many leadership roles he assumed, especially on behalf of organized Real Estate, at the local association with Pen-west and Silvar and at the State level. His interest in improving our industry by giving his time, energy, and ideas for a better run more professional organization with better written more up to date forms continues to benefit all of us. Steve was a friend, a great guy, and certainly the consumate profesional Realtor. We will miss him greatly.
Posted by Lisa Dunlevie on 29th August 2014
My family and extended family were clients of Steve's. No business was too small for him and he always made my husband and me feel like we were his only clients. When we were looking between San Carlos and Los Altos, whenever the selling agent at an open house would ask who our agent was, after our response they would say "Oh, you have STEVE BELLUMORI." We have clearly lost a giant of the Peninsula.
Posted by Neal Fine on 29th August 2014
Steve was one of the first agents I met when I started at the Almanac in 1999. He was just a nice guy, always cheerful, always smiling and laughing. He was full of information. If anyone ever had a crystal ball on how the market will be or changing, he was the agent to ask.Sometimes his ads were complicated and our design team may not of gotten it right or the way he wanted it. He was always respectful and just had great patience and we worked it all out. I loved seeing him on tour, I was emailing him his ad , the day before he past away and saw him on tour about 2 weeks ago. He was so easy to talk to and only one of a couple of agents that would ask me about my personal life and he really cared. My publisher always told me that if he ever was going to sell his house, Steve was the man. How could you ever go wrong with that decision?
Posted by Lee Anderson on 29th August 2014
I have many fond memories of Steve's hard work and dedication on the Las Lomitas Education Foundation in the 1990s. He also arranged office space and telephone lines for phone banks for district parcel tax and bond campaigns, and then made countless calls himself. The community has lost a great friend. Please accept my deepest sympathy.
Posted by Mark Ankenman on 28th August 2014
Steve was truly a mentor for so many of us and always set the bar so high both personally and professionally. He always took the time to check in and say hi, ask about the family and was so incredibly supportive. I will truly miss his great wit, sense of humor and knowing that if I needed anything he was there.
Posted by Shane Stent on 28th August 2014
Though my interactions with Steve were limited, I always knew what I was getting and that was honor and integrity. Too many people are out there for themselves without a consideration for others. Steve was a person of integrity and someone that you could count on. He will be missed.
Posted by Barbara Tyler on 28th August 2014
Steve's wonderful laugh and positive outlook were his hallmark. I admired Steve for his generosity, kind spirit and integrity. He was a privilege to know. My heart goes out to his family at this time of sudden loss.
Posted by Leannah Hunt on 28th August 2014
Steve was indeed the Realtor's Realtor and made an outstanding contribution to our industry and Association through his leadership and volunteer efforts over many years to write and perfect our Realtor forms through PRDS. His good nature, optimism, competency and generosity to other Realtors endeared him to us all. We have lost one of our finest however, his legacy and standards are left to all of us to emulate and champion through our relationships with fellow Realtors and the manner in which we continue to conduct our transactions and represent ourselves to the public.
Posted by Kate Engelbrecht on 28th August 2014
Steve and I have been friends since way back in the Seville Properties days. He was a wonderful, generous friend and mentor and we collaborated on many transactions over the years. I learned so much from him, and will miss him forever. His generosity, his great sense of humor and his wonderful treatment of his clients and colleagues are some of the characteristics that defined him. I am just so sad to see him go.
Posted by Suzie Provo on 28th August 2014
I knew Steve for many years. He was the kind of man who made you proud to be a realtor. Not only was he honest, ethical and kind, he was funny, collaborative and in general a superbly decent person. I was honored and proud to call him my friend. I miss him and am saddened by his passing. My prayers and thoughts go out to his family.

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