Better to attempt great things and fail than to live in the gray twilight where there is neither victory or defeat.
  • 61 years old
  • Born on January 15, 1954 .
  • Passed away on March 10, 2015 .

This memorial website was created in loving memory of Steve, a wonderful husband and amazing father.

We (his wife & son) know that anyone who knew Steve has a story to share and hope that you will take few moments to share with us your memory of this wonderful man.

Posted by Tracy Soranno on 10th March 2018
Steve, Thinking of You! Desiree..... I finally found and posted that pic of our Christmas party at Pneumatic.
Posted by Jack Winover on 10th March 2018
I always thought time heals all wounds. Well, pal, guess what, not this time..still miss my best friend...
Posted by Tracy Soranno on 15th January 2018
Happy Birthday Steve! I still think of you so much, but especially today! (Desiree', I think of you often too. I know how much you miss him)
Posted by Desiree' DeMars on 15th January 2018
Today is your Birthday. I cannot give you a card or a kiss & a hug, but I still want to tell you Happy Birthday. And even though you are not here to celebrate your special day it is still special to me so I will celebrate the love we shared today. Last night I watched a remake of one your favorite movies the Magnificent 7 because I know we would have watched it together if you were still here. But that is really almost everyday that I see a new show/movie, news story or new product at the grocery store & think "I bet Steve would have liked that" or think to myself what you would have to say about it. So you are in a way still with me & always will be.
Posted by Tracy Soranno on 10th March 2017
Steve, I can't believe it has been 2 years since you left us. And I can't believe the number of times I think of you. Our long distance friendship lives on.
Posted by Jack Winover on 10th March 2017
You were and still are my best friend. My front door with the plasma cut helicopter is both a daily reminder and tribute to you, my friend......
Posted by Desiree' DeMars on 17th January 2017
Everyday I miss you & think of the love we shared & life we had together but on days like our anniversary, New Years & your birthday I miss the future that I wanted to share with you.
Posted by Rusty Lessard on 16th January 2017
Happy birthday Steve! Miss you!
Posted by Steven DeMars on 15th January 2017
Happy Birthday Dad! Words can’t express how much you’re missed or how proud I am to be your son. You will always be my source of encouragement and wisdom. Thank you for being such a terrific father to me. Even to this day I remember the advice you’ve given me over the years and it has always helped.
Posted by Larry Carroll on 15th January 2017
Happy Birthday Stevie D. I miss you.
Posted by Tracy Soranno on 15th January 2017
Happy Birthday Steve! Miss you!
Posted by Tracy Soranno on 10th March 2016
I haven't found the pic I was looking for but found one of a Christmas party in the office. We were singing Christmas songs. It doesn't look like Steve was singing much, lol
Posted by Tracy Soranno on 10th March 2016
Dez, I can't believe it has been a year since Steve passed. I think of him so much. I was looking for a picture of you and Steve at a Christmas party at the Mexican restaurant in Lamont. Do you remember that party? We did have some fun parties. If I locate it I will try to post it. I think of you often and pray for your strength. Miss you Steve!
Posted by Larry Carroll on 15th January 2016
Happy birthday Stevie D.
Posted by Tracy Soranno on 15th January 2016
Happy Birthday Steve! I always sent Steve a birthday greeting and I'm glad to think of him again today. I can't count the times I have wanted to go to the computer to send him a message. I remember him coming into the office (PCI) and greet me as "Miss Tracy". I really liked that. I miss him and think of him often.
Posted by Jack Winover on 15th January 2016
Steve was my oldest and best friend, my go to guy for damn near everything. I miss him a lot. I'm reminded all the time of things I would have shared or asked him about...RIP my friend....
Posted by Robert Lambert on 16th April 2015
I've only known Steve for the last 7 or 8 years, and from day one it was great! Always stopping by the shop looking for pieces and parts to whatever idea he was working on at the time, and always ready to talk about anything. You knew there was going to be some great stories when Steve showed up. Over the last few years the CNC shop was much of our conversation. He was extremely excited about it and his excitement was contagious! His over engineering always cracked me up... It was Steve's way. He was an awesome mentor and a great friend. I always felt honored when he'd call or stop by for a second opinion. The many pictures posted here were great. Over the years I've heard many stories about his many different jobs, travels etc. To see the pictures just made those many stories complete. Always smiling. Always happy. That's how I'll remember Steve. To Dez and Steven jr... You were both obviously everything to him. His love and pride for the both of you was evident in all the stories he told... He will be missed.
Posted by Tim Geromini on 7th April 2015
I met Steve in 1993, carpooling & working together in New Orleans. Right away he was what I call FFL (Friend For Life). Met Dez & Stephen right away, awesome family. Me & Steve stayed intouch often by phone, helping each other or just hanging out till the day he passed. I really looked up to Steve for so many things (knowledge, advice & life experience). We had SO many GOOD times (laughing, sharing, etc....) I miss Steve, anything Dez & Stephen that ya'll need. love ya'll!
Posted by Jessica Beck on 29th March 2015
I really miss seeing Steve when I look across the Street. He was such a Great Guy with so much energy and excitement and always working on a new project.. Mike and I knew that if we wanted to know anything that was going on in the Neighborhood we should ask Steve.. Or if we needed help, we would ask Steve.. He was always so helpful.. He left us way too early. We love and miss you Steve.. and Desi if there is anything you need, even if it is just a hug.. Come visit us.. Oh and I love the pic on the trike.. I believe y'all were riding it the first time we met.. =0)
Posted by Efan Hsu on 25th March 2015
I will always be that asian kid that had a solution to his conspiracy theories. His perspect of the world will definitely make you wonder. I still tell stories of him to this day. He will greatly be missed. I wonder if he is up there laughing at all of us right now?
Posted by Megan Hillensbeck on 24th March 2015
Steve was a very kind man and he was always willing to help you out whenever he could. I've practically grown up next door to Steve and Desi and it is still so unreal not to see him everyday. I will miss having those friendly and sometimes quirky conversations in the driveway. Desi please know you are in our thoughts and prayers and if there is anything at all that we can do, please let us know.
Posted by Kitty Lessard on 24th March 2015
The times that You and Steve came to visit us, and the times that we enjoyed together was always fun. The last time you and he were at our house, he had me laughing so hard, I about fell on the floor, He just enjoyed his life, and he made you feel like you knew him all your's. when you think about him, you just have to shake your head and smile. Dez, I am sorry for your loss, and I know you have great memories. It was obvious that he loved you very much!
Posted by Ann Bolton on 24th March 2015
Being Steve's next door neighbor, I never had a dull moment. He keep us laughing and guessing what new project he was going to undertake next. He was always ready to give a helping hand or help us find a solution to any question you asked him. He was a researcher and never started a project without knowing everything there was to know about his next adventure. Miss seeing your smiling face and wave when I come outside now.
Posted by Angie Lopes on 23rd March 2015
It is very hard to say goodbye to Steve. We have shared many stories in the street and exchanged many jokes through emails. Such a good person and concerned citizen. I will never forget Steve (popcorn). RIP my friend.
Posted by Larry Carroll on 23rd March 2015
He was one of a kind.
Posted by Jack Winover on 23rd March 2015
I met Steve in 1975 when he was working at the Baton Rouge Harley shop. We hit it off right away and quickly became riding buddies. For the next 40 years he was my oldest and best friend. Over the years we have sure been through some times ! I always described Steve to others as the smartest guy I knew. He had the ability to learn a new trade, project or whatever very quickly and never forget what he learned. He was always my "go to man" for damn near anything. I know he loved Desi very much and was extremely proud of Stevie. Steve's own upbringing was pretty hard and he was determined his son would have better. To say his passing is a personal profound loss to me is an understatement.
Posted by Rusty Lessard on 23rd March 2015
Love the array of pictures. They tell a happy story. Steve worked with me for just over 3 years a few years back. He told me one time, "this is the longest I ever worked at one place". I use a lot of his views and explanations (Steveisms) a couple times a week. Steve's way of explaining things was truthful and often comical. He said he was glad other people go to the gym, because when the aliens come, they will eat the healthy ones first.. A coworker was buying a house. Steve told him to dig a hole in the back yard and every time you pass the hole, throw a $20 in the hole and that's what it's like to own a house. Great Guy and a Great Friend! I'm going to miss his knowledge, humor and his friendship.
Posted by Tracy Soranno on 22nd March 2015
Those are wonderful pictures of Steve's life. He has been so many places and done so many interesting things. He didn't just dream about it, he made it happen. You can tell how much he loved his family. These are wonderful memories to console you.
Posted by Tracy Soranno on 22nd March 2015
I met Steve when we were both working at Pneumatic Control in Bakersfield, CA. We formed a lasting friendship. Steve always made me laugh. I looked forward to his zany emails. Whenever John would see me on the computer laughing, he would say, must be DeMars! We always talk & laugh about the time the 4 of us went to the Bakersfield swap. What a fun day. John got to know Steve a little better that day and learned why I liked him so much. I will never forget him. Dez and Steve, Jr., I will pray for your comfort.

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