Life is Short...Make it Sweet!
  • 58 years old
  • Born on July 3, 1960 in Costa Mesa, California, United States.
  • Passed away on January 12, 2019 in California, United States.

We Miss You

Our hearts still ache with sadness & many tears still flow

What it meant to lose you, no one will ever know

We hold you close within our hearts, & there you will remain

To walk with us throughout our lives, until we meet again

From Your Loving Family

Posted by Amy Hunter on 16th February 2019
There are so many ways I want to start this sentence and have erased every single one. Because there are no words for how sad my heart is about you moving on. I can no longer foul myself as I put back our house from your many stays. I keep thinking that you just went home for a bit, but reality has sat in. The one comfort I have is I know you are not alone...Mom and Dad are with you❤️ I really miss you Steve, it’s never going to be the same without you
Posted by Sue Hunter on 12th February 2019
YOUR life was a true blessing to me as well as to so many others who crossed your path in life. YOUR memory will always be a treasure in my heart. YOU will always be loved by me beyond any words and missed ALWAYS beyond measure!!! I can still remember our very first encounter, which was 21 years ago this week on Valentine's Day, when your Dad and I had our very first date at Chanteclaire Restaurant where you waited on us throughout our 5-hour dinner date, of course, we heard about that for many years to come and all the tips you missed out on during that famous holiday. I fell in love with you both that same night and we became the three muskateers for 15 years before losing your Dad and the absolute love of my life! During that time we shared a lifetime of great times celebrating every chance possible at Marios or House of Pizza. I loved the special and close relationship that you and your Dad shared-especially all of the excitement of everything being a total competition-whether it was tennis or cards! You made your Dad one happy and proud man and it was so very obvious that you had a rare, mutual admiration society and love for one another!!! In my heart, you will always be my "Mini Bob" as I could always look at you and see my Hunter Boys!!! I am forever thankful that God selected me to share your last 6 hours with you-I always told you that I could only love you to the very end. You know I just had to take advantage of our special time together and give you a God 101 crash course during those last hours and I knew you heard me when I told you that you were also a child of God!!! And I also know that you heard every word of our family prayer together! So now sweet boy, you will rest pain free in peace UNTIL that glorious day when we will all be united as He has promised each of us!!! May God bless and keep you always dear Steve!
Posted by Hunter Roginson on 10th February 2019
To my Uncle Steve. Thank you so much, you brought me so many great memories and fun growing up. I will always cherish the time we spent together and I know it’s not a goodbye, but I’ll see you soon. Love you and Rest In Peace.
Posted by Scott Hunter on 10th February 2019
Steve, You are always on my mind and forever in my heart. Days will pass and turn into years but I will forever remember you with silent tears. You will always be loved, never forgotten, and forever missed. Love, Scott
Posted by Gail Ross on 8th February 2019
Steve (aka Ozzie), you are certainly missed here on earth! But I know you are still with us, as I've been receiving messages from you through songs and dreams. It was a pleasure to be your friend as you were always so kind and generous. Always loved being on the tennis court with you (as we'd try our best to beat up on Greg and Sue!). Thanks for being a true and loyal friend! Until we meet again...Love, Gala
Posted by Amy Hunter on 7th February 2019
Steve was the kind of man that never complained about much...always on the lookout for the next laugh or adventure and as curious as they come. He was adored by many. The kind of guy that would just start talking to the stranger next to him and within seconds have that person smiling if not laughing. It was his nature to go out of his way to help others and give an extra hand. He was the man that actually “Walked the Talk”....he was “One of Kind”...he was our “Legend”. Playing games was one of his favorite thing to do. He held high standards to rules of any game you dared to play with him. It’s how he got so many titles like Law Maker, Rule Maker and Gamester - to name a few. There was never a dull moment with Steve and he always made me feel like a kid with his playful demeanor and crazy schemes. If there is a lesson you can take home from such a sad loss, it would be to live like Steve. Care-free, help your neighbor and just be. Everyone should love like Steve. I am going to miss you dearly my brother, my best friend, my partner in crime! My life will definitely not be the same with out you, and you will live in my memories, heart and soul with honor and love for all of eternity. From your devoted loving sister, Amy

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