Remembering you Mom
  • 86 years old
  • Born on November 27, 1930 in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, United States.
  • Passed away on December 28, 2016 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, United States.

A memorial to our beautiful mother, Sue Ann Miller Larratt, fondly known for her boundless joyful energy passed away peacefully on Wednesday Dec. 28th with her family at her side. She was 86.

I see you in the stars above
I feel you in the breeze that lingers
Your music was always 'over the rainbow'
And I know I may find you there

You are my shining inspiration
I know I must let you go
But your pulse will forever live
Upon my loving soul.

You remind me of all I am meant to be
A light that makes me soar
Thank you for your 'can do' outlook
May you find peace in eternity

I will yearn for your presence
But I will always know you are near
Your children, your friends, your greats and grands
Forever reminded of what life can be

Your strength and words of wisdom
I take with me on my journey
And share the memories
Along the way
Until we meet again. 


Posted by Lisa Larratt Warne on 28th December 2017
One year ago, mom, you beautifully passed into a new life that surrounds you with eternal peace. The joy you left in your path continues to live within me and all that you touched in your earthly presence has continued to grow and flourish in your name. We have missed you this year but your spirit is alive and brings each of us a song of good cheer. Much gratitude, your loving family.
Posted by Susan Morris on 28th February 2017
I met Lisa in 1973, my first year at Swallow School and it seemed knowing Lisa was knowing Sue. She was an extraordinary mother and it was evident from the start how much she loved her children. She had an interest in the lives of their friends, too, and I enjoyed when she took us to and fro Arrowhead football games or our cleaning job at the Kotovics. She always was engaging and had an amazing joie de vivre. I'm truly sorry for your loss Larratts and I know a piece of her lives on in all of you - how could it not? I'm very glad to know she spent her final years with your family, Lisa. I'm sure your being with her beautiful family gave her much happiness. I'm holding your family close and my prayers are with all of you.
Posted by Joanne Knight on 20th February 2017
I only met Sue twice on the streets of Portsmouth. Both were brief encounters but I feel like I know her through Lisa. One thing I do remember about Sue was her beautiful smile and even in brief conversations you could see how much she loved her family. I know she will be missed but she will live on in the hearts and spirits of all those she loved.
Posted by Mindy Braun on 13th February 2017
I met Sue years ago not too long after my brother, Burr, fell in love with her incredible daughter, Lisa. Sue traveled to our hometown to meet Burr’s family. I remember a women so full of life and energy. I am sad I did not get to know her better but I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to meet Lisa’s Mom and the Grandmother of my dear nieces, Hannah, Rachel and Kate. I know her loss has left a hole in their hearts and she will be greatly missed. I hope that these beautiful memories ease some of your sadness. Love and prayers to the whole family.
Posted by Jenna Dion on 7th February 2017
Sue, When I opened the letter of your passing I wept, deeply. But in this, is a knowing that your light transcends. You were a powerful presence in my life and I know that we had a special bond. I will love you forever. Rest peacefully, and I know your charm, your smile, your love, your light will always live on. And for you Lisa, I am sorry for this deep loss. I send my love to you as well and know that you are an incredible daughter, an incredible advocate for your mother. You both are very very blessed. Lots and lots of love <3
Posted by Harry Hoyt on 3rd February 2017
Lisa i never knew your mom but know she had to be a wonderful and caring woman who will always live on in your heart - god bless Sue and god bless you.
Posted by Lisa Larratt Warne on 19th January 2017
Mom, I will forever hold dear our incredible bond of friendship and mother-daughter strength to courageously go after any challenge. You were always a caregiver sharing your positive attitude and unwavering encouragement. You gave amazing advice to Hannah, Rachel and Kate. They respected you and loved you. Thank you for passing on your delight in discovery, adventure and travel. The girls, Burr and I are grateful for the moments we shared with you these past two years and will always cherish our joyful memories. We will miss you deeply. All my love, Lisa
Posted by Dona Zsori on 12th January 2017
Whoever wrote your Mom's obit that was in the Waukesha Freeman - did a wonderful job. Great picture of her. What a wonderful story of her life. I was glad I was a small part of it. Dona[Bahr] Zsori
Posted by Jill Ray on 4th January 2017
Snowing, snowing, snowing....we were snowed in for 3 weekdays back in the early 1970's and schools were closed. Snow drifting high and the wind blowing and Sue says "Who wants to go to the MALL?" Of course we did and all piled in and plowed through the drifting snow where the plows hadn't been in 3 days. Off to Brookfield Square Mall and shopped while everyone else was home not even thinking of venturing out. We had many adventures and fun times through the years which we will always remember fondly. With loving thoughts to our Mother and Grandmother, Ken, Jill, Nikki and Krista
Posted by Hannah Warne on 2nd January 2017
"Gagu, thank you so much for always being there for me at any time as a caring Grandma. You always gave me the best advice at all the right times. Not only were you wise, you were blast to be around. Whenever you came to our house you were always lively and filled the house with joy. I remember once during the summer of 6th grade when you were visiting, we both had woken up a few hours before the rest of my family. During those hours we sat on the porch enjoying the crisp summer morning while we talked about our family's history including all the amazing genealogy work you have done over the years. I shall always remember that and the many other memories we made together. The Christmas trees we cut down every year in the snowy hills, our many beach trips and the laughter we shared. You shall be in my heart forever, not ever to be forgotten. We all love you so much Gagu.” Lots of Love from, Your Granddaughter Hannah
Posted by Kate Warne on 2nd January 2017
You will always be with us you were so much a part of our lives we all love you so very much you were the best grandma and you will live on in our souls forever I love you so much Love Kate
Posted by Rachel Warne on 2nd January 2017
Every day your knowledge and enthusiastic attitude towards the world, makes everyday with you wonderful. I have learned so much from as you have influenced my life since I was little. I treasure every memory I with you, from going for ice cream, to cutting down a Christmas tree every year. Our laughs together are always fun, and I will miss them a lot. Every time I was with you, your fun and joy to the world made everything light up a little more. The huge ice creams from the beach plum on a hot summer day, so hot that the ice cream would melt and drip onto your hand was always fun as we did it right after a long day at the beach. Thank you Gagu for being the best Grandma I could wish for, and sharing memories I will never forget. You have spread your joyous attitude to many different souls. You have made the world a better place, with the sun rising a little higher because of you. Thank you Gagu Love you forever - Rachel Warne
Posted by Burr Warne on 1st January 2017 came into my life when I met your wonderful and amazing daughter Lisa. I will never forget the mother's day when it snowed in Vermont, the holiday seasons when we all cutdown our family Christmas tree and I will always remember your many visits to see Lisa and our three added so much to our family. It was beautiful to see our girls connect with you over the last two years. I will miss watching the Green Bay Packer games with you and sharing a glass of wine...and every time I watch a Green Bay or a Badger game I will toast you! Our family will miss you.
Posted by Linda Hoard on 1st January 2017
We're grateful that Sue was a part of our lives, too, and that she always had such a fun, positive and cheerfulness about her when we were together. As a young kid, I remember lots of wonderful times with all of you swimming at Beaver Lake and enjoying Auntie Sue's picnics at the fun big round picnic table with the built in Lazy Susan. In Florida, I remember good times with Sue, Stuart and Erik visiting in Sanibel and looking for Halley’s comet. Sue, Stu and Erik on that visit would each hold up their car keys before getting into the van to make sure they had them: They would say, “Key – Lime- Pie” as they counted their keys. Sue would visit Arv and Ave at Cross Creek on Friday nights for dinner and watch “Washington Week in Review” together. Boppa always made sure she had her own pint of Chocolate Chocolate Chip Haagen Das ice cream. She never needed a bowl, just a spoon and would enjoy the whole pint! Sue was always a good sport about wearing a costume for the Anderson costume parties on Sanibel between Christmas and New Years. She was at many of these gatherings. She would orchestrate our family photographs. Not at easy task with twenty of us. We’d have fun times visiting with her, talking in lawn chairs at the beach on Sanibel at the end of Jamaica and Tahiti Drives. Sue was such a good conversationalist. When she talked with you she always asked lots of questions and showed that she really cared about you and how you were doing. We miss her, but are so thankful for the positive memories we have of Sue.
Posted by Suzanne Anderson on 1st January 2017
Sue, we will really miss you. We shared many good laughs and good times on Sanibel Island. You were willing to share your experiences about your own travel throughout the world. You were always so full of energy, so happy to hear about our families, our travel, our lives. You encouraged us to go out and travel, to try new adventures, to meet new people. You were an inspiration to us all. I added a few pictures of the Arvid Anderson family. We know you loved photos and often helped us take our huge family photo. Here's to you Sue from Suzanne Anderson, your niece in-law.
Posted by Dona Zsori on 31st December 2016
We all had a great time camping with her & my Mom in the Girl Scout program. She had affect on a lot of girls in the Hartland area. Working at Hartland North as a teacher's aide she touched a lot more children. I remember good times at your place and being driven to swimming lesson at the "y" in Waukesha. May your memories being you joy. Dona [Bahr} Zsori

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