Let the memory of SUSAN be with us forever.
  • 31 years old
  • Born on April 29, 1987 in BONABERI, DOUALA, Cameroon.
  • Passed away on August 29, 2018 in OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, SUSAN ENO . We will remember her forever.


Funeral Program of the late Susan Ma’Mbei Eno

Friday September 21st 2018

17:00 pm-19:00: Viewing

Venue: Howell Funeral Home

           10220 Guildford Road

           Jessup, Maryland 20794


Venue: Buena Vista Hall

           8844 Washington Boulevard

           Jessup MD. 20794.

Coordination: Mrs. Bessem Oben.

Officiating  Ministers: -Pastor Victor Sona.

                                   -Elder Samuel Betah.

20:00 H: -Arrival of mourners.

20:30 H: -Call to worship and opening prayer.

              -Opening hymn/praise and worship.

              -Word of welcome by a representative of the Eno Family.

              -Scripture reading/exhortation.

21:15 H:  Dinner/Special numbers/eulogies.

 (Graced by songs of praise and worship.)

            Eulogies:                                          Special numbers

             -Eno Family.                                          -Sakerettes.

              -Tong Family.                                       -Friends

              -The Mungwa’s Family.                         -Family

              -MFM, Bowie.                                      -Other groups.

              -A close friend;

              -A Christian sister

              -A classmate

24:00H:  - Word of thanks from the Eno Family.

              -Closing prayer.

Refreshments continue.


 9:00 H- Arrival of mourners at the chapel of Howell Funeral Home at 10220   

     Guilford Road Jessup, Maryland 20794.

 9:30 H - Viewing.

10:30 H - Commencement of funeral service.

Coordination: -Mrs. Bessem Oben.

                      -Mrs. Agnes Strassberger.

Officiating Minister: -Pastor Seth Marfo.

10:45H -Pastoral prayer and prayer session.

11:00H -Praise and worship.

11:2OH -Call to worship.

11:30H -Opening hymn

11:40H -Biography of the deceased.

11:45H -Eulogies.

  • A class mate.
  • A sister in the Lord.
  • A close friend.
  • A representative of the SAVED prayer and bible study cell Oklahoma.
  • A representative of the Tong family.
  • A representative of the ENO Family word of thanks.
  • The Fiancé
  • The aunt and mentor.
  • The elder brother.
  • The elder sister.
  • Youngest brother
  • The mother.
  • The father.

12:45 H - Scripture Readings.

12:55H  - Special number by the Sakerettes.

13:05H  - Message.

13:40H  - Hymn.

13:50H  - Announcements.

14: 00H - Closing prayer/remarks.

14:10H  - Procession to the grave at Ivy Hill Cemetery, 1201 Old Sandy Road, Laurel 20707.

Post burial refreshment venue.

African Scholar Emergency Relief Hall (ASER)

1708 Whitehead Road

Woodlawn, MD 21207. (Suite 102)

Posted by Alison Wiyeh on April 29, 2019
I still can't believe you are gone Mambei. You were such an exemplary and amazing person. Rest in peace my dear friend
Posted by Elsie Tamiya on October 30, 2018
my dear aunt ,
             your'e indeed and angel send from heaven , your'e a light to the world and through you someone could tell what Christianity is all about , i love and miss you so much and wish you could be hear with us but god took home to rest , i love you so much and sadly i only met you once but that one time i met you felt like i was meeting and angel , you thought me a lot about Christ without having to say anything but i could see it through your actions and love love love love love you and miss you so much , but i know i will see you soon , i thank god for bringing some one so sweet , beautiful , loving and caring person  like you into my life.
                                          may your soul rest in peace .
Posted by Olga Asante on October 2, 2018
Can't believe you are gone. Thanks for your care and love, boldness and gentleness, generosity and hospitality. You are unique. Thank you for the home group and bringing us together. Thank you for taking time before speaking/ministering, and for your mom.
Posted by Quenette Zion on October 2, 2018
I am still trying to find ways to understand but I can't...
Posted by Lacey B on October 1, 2018
I am so very sorry for your loss. Our Creator purposed for us to live forever, so having to cope with the death of a loved one feels very unnatural. Soon, we will be able to experience the truthfulness of Gods promise "And the last enemy, death, is to be brought to nothing" (1 Corinthians 15:26). What better hope than to know that God will very soon bring an end to death and all the pain we face (Revelation 21:4). My sincere condolences to all who knew and loved Susan.
Posted by Ngozi Manack on September 25, 2018
gone too soon, may your soul rest in peace Mambei
Posted by Mbide Mesue on September 22, 2018
Ma.... Su..Su..It was a big blow and shock when I heard you are no more. Words cannot express how much you will be missed so dearly. I am so short of words my dear. I will continue to pray for you and the peaceful repose of your soul.
May you RIP
Posted by Seun Alabi on September 22, 2018
I write with great sadness. Sister Susan you fought a brave and strong battle. You took each day in stride and never really complained. You offered valuable and truthful advice when I was confused on the right path to choose concerning my major. But you came through and I will surely miss you.
Your beautiful spirit will continue to live on my hope is that you rest in peace knowing that you will forever be in my heart. I love you and will miss you Aunty Susan.
Posted by Claribel Ngundu on September 22, 2018
My dearest Mambei or like I was fond of calling you Eno Mabelle. It has taken me for ever to write this tribute because I was unable to accept that you left us so soon without any good bye. My friend, my sister, and confidante there are three things I learned from you that I wish I had told u sooner, to love the Lord with all my heart, to show love to others and to never give up even in bad times. You lived by example which I pray by His grace I can emulate. Mabelle your kindness, your smile and your tenderness and all the times you encouraged and prayed with me will always be memories I cherish. Some friends the bible says stick closer than a brother and that was you for me. I will forever miss and love you, until we meet again. Kisses
Posted by Mildrede Bonglack on September 21, 2018
Mambei, it is hard to put in words how I have felt since the news of your passing. It feels unfair that as I celebrate another birthday today, you are being laid to rest. But then again, as I reflect on the person you were it seems just right. You were too good for this earth Ma, and I have no doubt that your work here was done. You were beautiful and brilliant and kind. Made of sugar and spice and all things nice but also of grit and determination and willpower. While us your friends and your family are hard hit by this development, we know that you are certainly at rest and flashing that million dollar smile. Rest easy Ma.
Sincerely, your co-religio.
Posted by Helen Nde on September 21, 2018
Ma. These are words I should be saying to you but you are gone so I will say them to your gentle, loving spirit and your most precious memory. Thank you for being a friend to all who came your way, and especially to me. Thank you for loving and accepting life as it came to you and showing us another kind of strength, the kind that quiet grace and trust in Good can bring forth. My memories of you do not extend past Saker, we drifted so far apart but thank you all the same because I read the tributes and listen to the conversations and know that you remained your essential self, the sweet, kind, compassionate being that graced us all with your presence. Sing and shine with the stars, dear.
Posted by Hervé Vinie Ihega on September 21, 2018
Susan Eno Mambei.
Tu as combattu le bon et rassures toi tu as marqué de ton empreinte lors de ton passage sur cette terre vas et que la terre de nos ancêtres de soit légère.
Puisse ta famille trouver la force nécessaire pour traverser ces moments.
Posted by Wakuna Galega on September 20, 2018
Mambei! Na wa o. Na really wa. I don't even know how to write or what to write. I come to this webpage numerous times at day but I lack words. I have never written a tribute and the first one I write is for you! I think I am doing this out of formality bc I don't think the reality of this situation has hit me yet. You were not just my friend but my sister, and you will live forever in my heart. If I did not know God, I would say this is totally unfair but God's ways are much higher than ours. Even though I don't see what He is trying to do in this very moment by taking you away from us, I have to believe that He makes all things beautiful in His time. I know you are in a happy place now and you are exactly where God wants you to be in this very moment. Keep a special room close to yours up there for me o. Until we meet again my sister. I love you more than words can express but God loves you more than I do and that's Ok. Good bye Ma
Posted by Wendy Betah on September 20, 2018
Words can’t describe the sadness I feel. Ma’Mbei, I will forever remember your beautiful smile and gentle nature. May the lord continue to bless and guide your family. May your soul Rest In Peace.
Etane, on behalf of the Betah family
Posted by Anjong Nkengla on September 20, 2018
Dearest Ma,
Its unbelievable that I am writing a tribute to you. From the moment we met at St. Mary's primary school in Tiko, and then Saker, I knew there was something different about you. Your close fellowship with God was evident in all your ways. So soft spoken, encouraging, humble etc. There is no doubt that you are resting in the Lord. You touched so many lives. Love and miss you.
Anjong N
Posted by Constance Takang on September 19, 2018
Ma’Mbei, your passing just rekindled a deep pain in our hearts as it brought fresh memories of our beloved sister and mother aunty Meg who preceded you. You were truly special...your smile and your person. As we mourn your absence from this world, we keep our hopes high that someday we will all meet again. RIP my dear child.
Aunty Ofundem for The Nkongho family.
Posted by Agei Enoh on September 18, 2018
My personal person....
I find no words to describe this mixture of emotions. Thank you, Ma, for seasoning my life and the lives of all those around you.
Posted by Mina AG on September 17, 2018
Ma, your going home to be with the Lord confirms you were always meant to be in a better place. I'll always remember your beautiful smile. Rest in peace.
Posted by Ristel Binyet on September 16, 2018
A life that touches others goes on forever.
A heart of Gold stopped beating, two shining eyes at rest. God broke our hearts to prove, He only takes the best.
forever missed !!
Posted by Olive Nk on September 16, 2018
How do I describe the most selfless person I know, how do I explain the multitude of ways she made me feel better, or how she never missed an opportunity to encourage me, tell me she loved me? How do I begin to recount the lives she touched here in weatherford, Oklahoma. You fought a brave and strong battle since March, hoping that your treatments would finally end so you could get on with your life. This was our hope too. But only God knows what happened. My friend, my sister, I miss you already, I remember our nights of studies at Swosu, our time at work, I feel so alone SUSU. Mama Olie, as you used to call me, I am short of words Maa Su. We love you and you will forever be our hearts till we meet again. May your soul rest in eternal Peace.
I love you SUSU

Olivia Nkeih « Mama Olie »
Posted by Zakari Lawani on September 15, 2018
Une personne qui quitte ce monde, ne le quitte jamais vraiment entièrement, car elle reste vivante dans nos cœurs et nos mémoires. Elle vit à travers chacun de nous. Accepte mes sincères condoléances
Posted by Maureen Enongene on September 15, 2018
I've gone through both our Facebook and Instagram chats to see if you ever dropped a clue as to your sudden departure; I found none. You were such a sweet little girl who knew the Lord early and served him all your life. The pain of your departure is only made a little more bearable because of the knowledge that we'll meet again someday when all tears will be wiped away. Meanwhile.... rest well Ma. Aunty Maureen
Posted by Bee L on September 14, 2018
Mambei 1990 seems like a long time ago, yet it only feels like not too long ago that we met in Nursery 1 at PNEU and became fast friends. From striving to be best in class to our sleepovers with Nina, Yoyo, Becky and Brenda and hanging out with Ayuk at home. We did go our separate ways after secondary school, but FB allowed us to at least keep in touch. I keep rereading our communications, and you were ever caring and always wished me a happy birthday, while I always reminded you about the encyclopedia you got me for my 5th birthday. Funny enough I dug out when I was visiting my parents last year, but I procrastinated a little too long on sending you that picture. It feels weird thinking that you are really gone, but I remind myself of all the amazing memories we shared. Uncle, Aunty, Eben and Chu, I know there are no words that could possibly take away the pain, but we trust that Mambei is in a better place, free from pain and suffering.
Posted by Narcisse Nyang on September 14, 2018
This is unbelieveable to know you are gone so soon and so young. You were such a calm, loving, caring person. Above all a God fearing person with somuch humility, you make no distinction amongst your friends. I had somuch lovely memories with you starting from ST LOUIS Primary School - Bonaberi, Saker College Limbe, Youth Camps at Youth Aflame and When Women Pray Conferences.... I believe the Good LORD call you to rest and we can question him for taking you away from us. I really do missed you somuch. Rest in perfect peace my good friend and a sister. We shall meet some day again in the heavenly places.
Nash Narcisse NYANG
Posted by Glenda Nkeng on September 14, 2018
Ma our dear sister,
                 From where do we begin? How can we be writing a tribute for you? How did it all happen? We are so confused and heartbroken and still in shock. We don't know what to write because there is so much to say. You lived an exemplary life that we were all trying to emulate. Your walk with God was exemplary and we know you are resting in His presence. We will miss you a lot Ma. We love you dearly.
    Your sisters, Ndip, Taboko and Baby K
Posted by Edika Achare on September 14, 2018
Hmmm. Mambie, when I think of your passing, I am left speechless. A lot of questions go through my mind and I'm not sure of where to get the answers. I remember our time in secondary school, always soft spoken, always calm...Find rest my dear in our Lord's bossom.
Posted by Laura Dimite on September 14, 2018
My beloved niece, I can't write a tribute for you but I hide my heartache behind a smile because I know we will talk it over with the Lord someday.
Posted by Mesmire Wilson on September 13, 2018
I don’t even know the last time we spoke, I don’t know if you listened to the last voice note I sent. There’s too many unknowns it hurts.
Distance and time have thought me a lesson with your passing - never procrastinate on reconnecting. Thought we had more time.
You taught me this song and that was my last voice note for you - Before the world began,You were on His mind,And every tear you cry,Is precious in His eyes,Because of His great love,He gave His only Son,Everything was done,So you would come,Nothing you can do,Could make Him love you more,And nothing that you've done,Could make Him close the door,Because of His great love,He gave His only Son,Everything was done,So you would come
I’ve got so many questions ahhhhhh so many. Gone too soon.
RIP Mambei
Your cousin sister - Mesmire
Posted by Nzunghe Abia on September 14, 2018
Mambei, the news of your passing came as a shock to me. Though we were never close, I can NEVER forget the impact you made in my life in Saker Baptist College. I learned something from you as my Sunday School teacher (though you were just a class ahead of me), which I carry till date.

Gone too soon. Rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus, till me meet again, ADIEU!

Prayers of comfort for the family
Posted by JOHN ENO on September 12, 2018
I know God called you up to be by His side, but I don’t know why it had to be this early.
In your short time on earth you were an example for so many; you started ministries, led many to Christ and accomplished so much for His kingdom.
You were one of the most loving, caring, forgiving, nurturing and devoted people I know.
I miss you so much every single day, I wish I could hear your voice again and see you smile one more time.
I know you are in better place now.
I will always miss you.
You brother.
Posted by JOHN ENO on September 12, 2018
A sister from another mother, who taught me to smile even when am passing through storms. Susu as we used to call you, God sent you to Weatherford for a purpose. You spread the word of God, you impacted so many lives. Eversmiling Susu, you never complained. You loved to preach about faith, you wanted many lives to be saved, even our families.
The memories we had, I will live to cherish them, so thankful to God to have met you. I learnt alot.
I will miss you my dear Susu.
Posted by Brendabell Tong on September 11, 2018
Sister rest in peace until we meet to part no more. We will greatly miss u. Papa Joe & Aunty B.
Posted by JOHN ENO on September 11, 2018
It is with very deep pain and sorrow that I, the mother of your father, my eldest son, Eno Mbei Emmanuel, write this tribute. When news of your grave illness reached us sometime towards the end of March this year, all my children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, in laws, and myself and the rest of the family turned towards our creator, the God who has never failed us. We prayed and fasted. He heard us and listened to our cry for healing. You were healed to the point where you had been discharged from the hospital over two months ago.
I received the sad news about your passing which occurred on that fateful Wednesday, the 29th of August, only on Thursday evening, the 30th of August because your uncles and aunts were hiding it from me, since I was also just convalescing after hospitalization. I was devastated to the point where I had to be readmitted into hospital the following Sunday.
I could not help but ask why my good Lord abandoned me and let this happen. I have the feeling that God is reproaching me and my family for something. I am on my knees since I received this shocking news, with the hope that our God who is faithful will reveal to me and to the rest of the family why He raised our hopes so high by healing you, and then turned around to let this happen. You my granddaughter, Mambei and my other grandsons and granddaughters, should be the ones to lay me to rest. I wonder if I will be capable of bearing this.
As Matriarch of the Eno clan, your passing as well as the untimely deaths of your uncle Namme and your Auntie Magdalene, have left open sores in my heart. The family needs to do some soul searching so our God can reveal to us what message He has for the family.
Adieu Ma! May your young and gentle soul rest in perfect peace, till we meet to part no more.
Your inconsolable grand mother
Johanna Ndip ENO
Posted by JOHN ENO on September 11, 2018
This is the toughest thing to do as I always called you honey love, it really was the case. A great path to have walked. You were the epitome of Divine blessings and virtues, too good for this world. Words fail me of the things that have happened, and of the vacancy this leaves. It can only be said to them that learn, even as I do, be thou faithful till the end.
Love, you will be forever missed…
Simon Mungwa.
Posted by JOHN ENO on September 11, 2018
My dear Sister,
I love you!! You are the sweetest, kindest person I know. You have taught me so much about unconditional love and forgiveness. You also told me that your relationship with Christ was the most important priority to you. Your faith amazed me every day. Today I hurt so much, but I know you are right up there rejoicing with Christ Jesus!!! I was so blessed to be your sister. I miss you so much. I miss our plans, our dreams and the amazing friendship we shared. Rest in peace Sis!!! My heart is broken but I will always treasure the memories. I love you so much.
Posted by JOHN ENO on September 11, 2018
Ma as we fondly called you, the time has finally come for us to say goodbye. We never saw this coming, but our Lord God who is our maker knows it all. Our hearts are filled with so much pain. He giveth and taketh and so who are we to question him. God loved you more, there was no shame. Your memories will live on through. I continue to cry for you. I will never stop crying. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace until we meet again.
NYC. Joseph & Brendabell Njee (Papa Joe & Aunty B).
Posted by JOHN ENO on September 11, 2018
From your Dad
You were in the world but not of the world.
Ma, you always knew where you came from and where you were headed to. Yes. You knew all along that you were heaven bound.
You refused to be part of the value system of this world.
Not that you didn’t enjoy life.
You did but you believed it should never stand in the way of your purpose.
Yes Ma. Your lived a life of purpose.
Confronted with hate you showed love.
In the face of adversity you embraced hope.
In the midst of strife and divisions you stood for unity and concord.
You spared no efforts to enhance reconciliation.
You disarmed the quarrelsome with your gentle smile of love.
In want you could afford to share.
You were always fully aware of your identity and you were proud of it. You knew in whose image and likeness you were made of. That’s why you were never shaken even unto death.
That’s why you remained steadfast in your resolve to preserve you body as the temple of the Lord.
A worthy ambassador of Christ you remained mission driven.
I still recall your urgent request for me to visit you when you were offered the post of religious prefect of Saker Baptist College. You told me your friends dissuaded you from accepting the post on the grounds that all past religious prefects suffered tremendous spiritual attacks. However you decided to put the issue to God in prayer, defied the threats and accepted the challenge.
Ma, only a few days before you were called home to meet your Lord, you confided to me your vision. You said you were called to serve as a full time minister of God and that academic and professional attainments will only be a spring board towards the accomplishment of that goal. You were equally thankful to God for giving you a future spouse who shared the same vision.
We were all planning for your wedding in December. You insisted that I come to the US months ahead of the great day. I came in April as I promised but met you in your sick bed. And when you recovered we continued to work out the details of your wedding.
When I think of these things we shared with you I get really confused Ma. Because I know that the God you served with such commitment is consistent. He is not man that He will change his mind. What happened then? What is He teaching us? Your mother and myself, Your siblings, Your disciples?
In all resignation I can only bow to His decision to have expedited your home going for reasons He alone knows. The only comfort I can desperately hold unto now is the fact that since He remains the ALPHA and the OMEGA (the beginning and the end) He alone sees the big picture and in His sovereignty He does not share that picture with us, not even with us your parents. All things work for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.
Posted by JOHN ENO on September 11, 2018
My dear Sister,
              Words cannot explain the emptiness I feel each day when I stare at your pictures. Your were my other half, my partner in crime and we were inseparable since PNEU, to Tiko, to Douala, then to the U.S and till the end. You always had a light in you, always knew what to say to make everyone feel better. Your heart was pure, bright and compassionate. There are many things I wish I said to you. To show you how proud I was of you and how much I admired you. Even to the end you were a fighter and taught me to never give up no matter what situation I was faced in. I keep asking myself how I'm I supposed to live without you? How can we move on when you left a big hole in our heart? I miss you sister and it still hurts each time I think of not spending the summer with you. Growing old together or our kids playing together. Or Christmas time with you or car rides and endless phone calls to ensure I was having a good day. They say time heals all wounds but I beg to differ coz time won't heal this wound. I'm trying to stay strong, be positive and above all else lean on God. I believe God had a plan for you Ma and I know that you are looking from heaven smiling. I know that one day we will be reunited again and it will be glorious, I know you are an Angel now protecting us from above. I miss you Ma, my one and only Sister.

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