Let the memory of Susan be with us forever.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Susan Saddler, born on September 13, 1968 and went to be with the Lord on September 7, 2019.
Life is a blessing, her life blessed us all. Please freely share your stories and thoughts with us, as we remember her beautiful example of service to others.
Posted by Sean Tourtellotte on September 18, 2019
Sue taught my 3-year-old’s Sunday school class. He has always been super shy around groups of people he doesn’t know, but Sue somehow had a way of helping him come out of his shell. She is the only teacher he would call to across the parking lot when he saw her. He would also come home full of things he wanted to tell us anytime she was there to lead story time, and apparently she even got him to raise his hand and participate. I’ll remember her for her sincere and enthusiastic love of little ones and her way of making even the most shy feel comfortable.
Posted by Manny Mejia on September 19, 2019
I had the pleasure of meeting Sue when my son started the three year olds class. Sue was so patient and positive with our kids. Her joy and positive outlook on life was amazing. We will miss the talks we had with her about our kids, her passion for teaching and the good she saw in everyone. Sue embodies what it means to live a Christ centered life.
Posted by Jacquie Bryant on September 18, 2019
I got to interact with Sue occasionally when I would pick up one of my boys from the 3 year old class at Grace and during a few Educator of Grace Table Talks. What strikes my memory so strongly is the way Sue would look at me directly with such pleasure just to me in conversation with me. It was as if she knew how to be present and attentive to just me in a way each time that struck me as undeserved on my part. Who was I to receive such care and attention and joy for whatever I shared? It was clear that this joy exuding from Sue was God’s love. I know that Sue looked and saw my kids and saw the image of God in them and she gave me the same care. I am honored by that look and the memory of that attention.
Posted by Janice Mejia on September 19, 2019
Sue had made an amazingly positive impact on the Mejia family. She always had the most joyous things to share with us about how lively our children behaved in the 3’s class at church. She also joined us for the Educators Table Talks and brought a beautiful perspective on how we can show our students the love of Christ.
She was honestly the best example of Jesus’ love for children and the Mejia family will cherish the wonderful memories we shared with her.
Posted by Ellen Flaming on September 19, 2019
Sue was happy and full of joy. I loved her passion for education. She was careful to take into consideration the individual needs of each student. When I spoke to her about her students, her face would light up with delight. Her absence leaves a hole that cannot be filled. I miss you Sue.
Posted by Eric Monian on September 18, 2019
I had the pleasure of serving along side Sue for several years in the Three Year old's class at church. She was an amazing teacher, and welcomed everyone with a "Good Morning Friend!" She had such a pure devotion to the nurturing of the children and loving them to the very end. Her embodiment of God's peace and purity of heart will continue to be an inspiration to me and will not be forgotten.
Posted by Alan Thompson on September 16, 2019
A pure pleasure to be around have known Tom and Sue before they were married Susan was a pleasure to be around had many occasions to talk with her as she patiently waited to pick Tom up from work i was so blessed and relaxed after talking with Sue. To all who knew Sue were and are Blessed now and forever
Posted by Amber Peters on September 16, 2019
Pour Madame

I’ve had countless occasions to remember and thank God for Madame Saddler over the last twenty years.

I decided to pursue a degree in voice and found I was required to have proficiency in languages to graduate. My choices were French, German, or Italian. Thanks to my experiences and instruction with Madame, I got through French in a snap! I was required to sing in French and transcribe French songs and operas into the International Phonetic Alphabet, and Madame had made it so easy. I don’t remember what made me decide to choose French over Spanish back in high school, but it turned out to be a fantastic decision. Maybe it was Madame’s friendly personality, and how confidently she walked down the halls and introduced herself in French to all the students she saw. Learning a language was hard, but Madame was sweet and lovable, though tough at times. She invited me to join the French club, and that was a great decision, if only for the French food! Yum!!! After two years study with her, I was blessed to be able to join her on an educational tour of France and Spain. It enriched my life immensely.

I was on the cross country team when I was her student, and once she came to one of my races. It was held on our Huntington Beach campus, and I pushed myself so hard that day I threw up in a teammate’s arms afterward. (Sorry, Robert Hatch!) Madame approached me in tears, saying that she could never run like me and wished she could, but her heart condition made it impossible. It opened my eyes to what a precious gift a strong, able body is. She was so active, and so cheerful, you’d never know she had a life-threatening condition.

I did not see much of her after I graduated, apart from the two years I taught at BCHS myself. My sisters went on one of Madame’s European tours together and had a fabulous time with her. My mother was her coworker for years. I am deeply grieved at her passing. I’m looking forward to giving her a big hug in heaven someday.
Posted by Sylviane Ela on September 16, 2019
Where do I start. 1992, Tom and Sue Saddler came to Cameroon to Set up a Library in the Cameroon Biblical Seminary .We met in Dr. Hockings house. That was the beginning of a long lasting friendship. I was not married to my husband yet. Every time I came to the States with my husband, Sue will take care of us like a mother. Sue was an angel, our angel that God sent on earth to take care of people like us. Every time I came to the States, I always find all that I will need for the trip laying on my bed. Sue Knew exactly what to buy, she will make all the appointments with the eye doctors, the dentists ...etc Sue knew where all the good deals where with the meds, equipments, vitamins for the ministry and for us specifically.
Sue was never tired, and she did not know how to say no to people. Every time I was with Sue, you will never know that she had a pretty serious health problem unless she told you. She always had a big smile on her face and always hugged and encouraged people around her. She did not want people to feel sorry for her because she will always say to me: Sylviane God made me special and He gave me a special heart so I can take care of people. Sue always found a way to cheer people up, a way to help people financially or spiritually.
Sue was a real angel that God sent us for a while , but we got used to having her around that it is going to be very difficult for people like us to be in Lakewood California without seeing my sister, my best friend, my angel.
I know that every thing God does is good, but that hurts.
You will be missed. Praise the Lord we will see you soon.

Your African Sister, Sylviane Blanche Ela

Posted by Janice Kiefer on September 14, 2019
When you truly “let go and let God” he works miraculously and mysteriously beyond anything we can imagine.  The night I took Kate to meet Tom and Sue I immediately knew that their opening their home to Kate was part of God’s master plan for Kate’s life.  They had invited us for dinner and I felt so welcomed, and comfortable, that I asked Sue if Kate could spend the upcoming long weekend with them while Pete and I flew to Hilton Head for a wedding.  Of course she said yes, and the rest is history.  What a gift Sue and Tom were to Kate and her dad Mike when they needed a miracle. Just knowing Sue has blessed my life.  We should all strive to be a Sue in someone’s life.  How beautiful this world would be.  I miss you...
Love, Grandma Janice
Posted by Elle Griswold Beck on September 13, 2019
Sue was a light in this world. My husband David and I met her at church one Sunday through friends and she immediately made us feel like old friends that she deeply cared for. She continue to light up when I saw her on the Sundays after and invited us to this large French dinner where she taught us and several other couple how to cook this amazing meal. She always smiled and was very expressive with her tone of voice. You could tell that many things brought her joy. She lived every day with gratitude and made me feel grateful too. I will miss her very much.
Posted by Ellen Kabelitz on September 13, 2019
Susan Saddler was a sweet person who cared about anyone she met. Our oldest daughter Amber was a French student of hers at Brethren Christian High School. Susan and Tom also led summer European education tours that all three of our daughters enjoyed immensely! I worked alongside her at BCHS and saw her genuine character and love for Jesus. She impacted many people and will be very missed.
Posted by Kathy Zorn on September 13, 2019
I will never forget when Susan was born, hearing about her heart problem. We united in prayer and by God's grace, He strengthened her and blessed her in ways far beyond what we could have ever imagined. Susan was so loving and sincerely and deeply cared about others. She and I hadn't seen each other in probably 20 years when one day I happened to be in Trader Joe's. I'm sorry to say that I didn't recognize her, but she came right up to introduce herself to me. That really touched me! Such selfless kindness! To all of you who are grieving the loss of this dear woman, I offer my condolences. May you know strength, comfort, and peace from our gracious Father.
Posted by Calla Andrews on September 13, 2019
We so dearly loved Sue! She and Tom took care of our 18-month-old son for four days or so to allow us to go backpacking in the Sierras with a friend from Indiana. That is just one example of the many ways Sue exemplified Jesus's love and acceptance for "the least of these." She's with her dear Saviour now, and I am happy for her but sad for those who will daily miss her voice and her smile.
Posted by Marcella Flippin on September 12, 2019
Madame was a special person, friend and teacher. She was a light that brightly illuminated every room, meeting and encounter with the love of Jesus. She always showed mercy and grace to each and everyone of us. She loved deeply and was loved deeply.

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