This tribute was added by Cathleen Corredor on April 21, 2020
His testimony was powerful and blessed and freed many people from bondage. I admired him very much. Praying for blessings and peace for his family and friends
This tribute was added by Teresa Calder on April 21, 2020
I never met you Sy, but you will now know what you did in my life. I was so shocked to hear of your passing. So very sad for your family and closest friend.
Your grace, love and extreme openness about your life are the evidence of our very gracious and loving God. You words of wisdom and understanding, your heart for the trapped and broken and your abilities to convey the truth of our God is what keep my head above water for many years.
Thank you Sy for all the years you gave back to the Lord of Lords, thank you for giving soooo much to soooo many. Eternity will know your fruit. Bless your precious family in this difficult time.
This tribute was added by Angelica Tremblay on April 21, 2020
When Sy Rogers came to Australia the first time in Sydney, not only was his testimony powerful and like a movie script. It also identified a hidden paranoia and phobia issues within the corporate religious exposed the many struggles that many... I personally knew were struggling with in the church..they did not know how to council them and were treated like a disease... He was what I would call REAL about his faith and transparent with it...He personally opened my eyes up to the greater picture...... no walls ...the love of our Lord Jesus Christ for all humanity and his passion for truth and kindness cemented his conversion and passion to help those who are struggling. I am so proud to have such a precious strong and loving brother called Sy Rogers.....Who was such an inspiration to all who met him. Sy who walked a walk.....that was Jesus directed for his glory alone. Thank you Lord Jesus for our brother SY and Karen Rogers.......thank you for letting him touch the hem of our garment of faith in Jesus name.
This tribute was added by Tyrone Scandurra on April 21, 2020
To an amazing man with an amazing ministry. Until we see each other again. My thoughts are with all the family and friends you have left behind.
This tribute was added by Sean Clancy on April 21, 2020
I first came across Sy Rogers when I was touring with No Longer Music in Singapore. I was beating myself up about stopping a fast because of a egg club sandwich and he put things in perspective for me. Over the years I would see him from time to time. He coined for me the term infotainment - which he always displayed through his ministry and testimony. There's a lot more I could say about Sy... but this is a blow. I know that he's now experiencing heaven and filling in the very questions of his fast knowledge :)
Blessings to Karen and his daughter who I also met while they were in the No Longer Music family.
This tribute was added by Ray Sullivan on April 21, 2020

My good is hard knowing we cannot talk any longer. I will cherish all the memories and events. I will sorely miss laughing with you and hearing you speak forty times over--many teachings (It was always new). Thank you for speaking, The Father heart of God and for being uniquely you.

I loved hearing you talk about Karen, Grace, Steve, those cute grandkids, Jane, and your extended family (YOU LOVED BIG). You could not wait to see everyone after being away while serving. Now it's all of us who will miss you!

The world has lost a significant hero and yet you have imparted so much for us all to use in living life. Thank you for providing a container of sorts, for all people--a model for empathy, understanding, and connection! You cared more about people's minds, hearts, and souls instead of winning an argument (instead of religion or a mindset). You were a safe person for many people who thought they did not like you and then, they realized they were wrong. Jesus was able to welcome people through you and into discipleship or conversation (time and time again).

Large gatherings of people often got to hear from you were vulnerable in your relationships with others and God. How you resisted, avoided, kicked, screamed at times too. And my you obsessed over whether you were good enough or not (mostly because you wanted to make a point clear enough about what God's character is really like; in the minds of people), and talked about how you would eventually surrender and rely on Jesus. You always brought the house down Sy! You served up, that which had worked for you and gave back the very value and insight, that which you received in and through loving mercies from God. Thanks for being messy, yet a responsible human being.

Big tears for you Sy! See you one day on the other side. Much love.

This tribute was added by Peter Ould on April 21, 2020
I first met Sy over a decade ago. During a long dinner we chatted theology whilst sharing a good bottle of wine and I discussed some of the work I'd been doing around a Christology of Sex and the way that the Bible uses sexual imagery powerfully in it's story of salvation.

Fast forward a decade and when we met up again he told me that he'd used one of the key points I'd made at that dinner ever since and he thanked me for it. It was a typical humble moment from a man who many misunderstood as brash but actually was just incredibly confident in the Saviour who had rescued him and equipped him for ministry.

When I heard he had died I cried, which is weird for a bloke I'd only met in the flesh twice, but he had such an incredible impact upon all of us who minister in the area of sexual brokeness. My son and I watched the "Four Things" snippet on YouTube last night and he said "Wow, he's cool". Yes, Sy was cool. He was awesome. He was open. He was outrageous. He was Godly. He was Sy.

Rest eternal grant to him O Lord, and let light perpetual shine upon him:
May his soul, and the souls of all the departed, through the mercy of God rest in peace.
May they rise in glory.
This tribute was added by Holland Davis on April 21, 2020
I just learned, my friend Sy Rogers is with the LORD. Sy Rogers is to me a picture of grace... the Powerful Presence of Jesus in the life of a believer. The power to transform and change. The power to restore and heal. He was one of the clearest voices of the Gospel of Grace and testimony of the power of God to save. Sy lived what many in our culture would say is an impossible life. He exchanged his old identity as a LGBTQ man for his new identity as a New Creation in Christ and God restored him to his created intent as a man, a husband to one female wife, a father and a grandfather and a spiritual father to many who sought their own Exodus out of a life of bondage to same sex attraction into a life of freedom and hope in Jesus Christ. I was privileged and honored to minister with Sy on many occasions. I always counted it an honor and a joy. We also shared that special bond that musicians share... although worship is much less theatrical than Sy's music! But more importantly, Sy was my friend. He will be missed in this life, but I know it's just a momentary pause. I will see you soon my friend.
This tribute was added by Karen Blaq on April 21, 2020
Sy Rogers, words fail me, my deepest condolences and prayers go out to his family.
Sy changed the course of my life and work back in the 90's, when Phil Baker from Riverview church, Western Australia. Brought him out to help me set up a ministry centred around sexual health.
That was the beginning of a wonderful friendship and mentorship and I learnt so much from him, how to be truthful about difficult issues and about being humble. He always relied on Jesus and the Holy spirit for everything and prayer was central to everything he did.
I have memories that still leave me laughing in response to some of my friends questions,. They wanted me to ask him, " have you had a facelift', to which he showed me , no he said just good genes !!!, But by far the most precious memory was when he came to Western Australia for one of our sexuality seminars and my Dad-was dying.
He sat with me , cried with me and helped me release him to the lord. My Dad died and went to be with Jesus three days later.
I will never forget him, no other person has had such a lasting impact on my life and destiny and I know that I am not alone in this.
See you in heaven dear friend

This tribute was added by Derek Dunn Fbfull on April 20, 2020
I was shocked and saddened as I heard the news last night that Sy passed away. I first met Sy in Singapore as he was a frequent speaker and helped us to set up some infrastructure in our pastoral care of those who struggle with sexual issues. He broke down many stigmas and rallied the church to reach the broken.

Sy was a great communicator, had a pastoral heart of gold and always emulated Christ in and off the stage. I always cherished our sushi lunches when he was in Singapore over the years with of course extra wasabi (his favorite).

Sy, you were a blessing to many and will be greatly missed and I know Heaven welcomes you with a standing ovation. Rest well friend. Our thoughts and prayers are with your wife Karen, your daughter and grandchildren.
This tribute was added by Simonn Sim on April 21, 2020
Adios..... my friend....had learned much from you during the days in Choices Ministry (Church of Our Savior in Singapore ) learning to love and ministering to our fellow brothers.
You're an Angel!! Love.....
This tribute was added by Kate Mackay on April 21, 2020
I loved hearing Sy preach - it was touching, beautiful and truthful. He will be missed. Thank you for your contribution on this Earth Sy xx
This tribute was added by Simon Camilleri on April 21, 2020
I met and was able to sit under the teaching of Sy Rogers a few times many years ago. His passion, humour and story of redemption was such an inspiration and encouragement for me. He defied stereotypes, challenged expectations and pointed people to God's fatherly love and kindness. Sorry to see him go, but joyful that he now has received the crown of life waiting for him.
This tribute was added by Joseph Nicolosi, Jr. on April 20, 2020
Sy, you've done so much to inspire, challenge and deeply care for others. Your bravery and honesty have inspired me, and the legacy you leave behind will continue to echo through time.
This tribute was added by Richelle Mullins on April 21, 2020
I first heard Sy speak in our church Christian City Church which was meeting at Hopetoun Alpha in Auckland, it must have been around 25 years ago. I didn’t realise he was the guest speaker, I thought we had an interesting visitor to church that day. I was blown away when he got up to speak! His testimony was incredible and I was profoundly impacted. He visited our church as a guest speaker many many times after that and we all loved him so much. He and Karen were always so friendly and ready to offer advice and wisdom with how to reach out to my son who was struggling with identity issues. I will never forget their kindness and wisdom. Karen my thoughts and prayers are with you at this sad time. Kia Kaha my friend x
This tribute was added by Marilza Gervais on April 21, 2020
I was invited to attend Sy's conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil in the 80s. My part was to help with the translation of the questions asked in Portuguese! That was my first contact with Sy. I was surprised with the enormous amount of people who attended, marveled with Sy genuineness, his love for the Lord and the power of his message! We became friends and I started my involvement with his ministry in Brazil and then in U.S.A. I was so glad when God gave him the joy of marrying Karen, Karen gave his precious Grace and Grace got married! It was wonderful to see God's blessings in Sy's life and also learn from him! His teachings in tapes and then in DVDs were the material I used in my support group for many years! It was my privilege meeting Sy! Oh and and he spoke a very nice Portuguese! Thank you Karen and Grace for sharing Sy with us! I love Sy and even my husband does! We will miss him but what a joy to think that now Sy met Jesus face to face!
This tribute was added by Juliet God'sBeloved on April 21, 2020
Sad to hear of your passing beloved Sy. Thank you for completing the race with your faithfulness and passion. Am sure you have impacted thousands with your testimony and teachings.
It had been my privildge and joy to work alongside with you in Choices ministry in SG. You have left a deep iunforgettable inpact in my own life seeing how the vastness of our Beloved Daddy amazing Grace and tranformation through your walk  You will be sadly missed by all of us but never forgotten . Will see you in the near future, RIP bro. Praying the Love of God and His Strong comfort to embrace you beloved Karen, Grace and all your loved ones.
This tribute was added by RuoYi WU on April 21, 2020
Thank you Sy Rogers for leaving a legacy in Singapore, especially in Choices MInistry (COOS). I first heard him at the pulpit in City Harvest Church in around 2002. Was very impacted by his sharing and his words literally pierce through my spirit and heart. After about 15 years, I was led by God to serve in Choices Ministry and I was so honored to be part of his legacy. Thank you once again.
God bless Karen and Grace, and the rest of the family members. Sy has fought a good fight of faith and will always be remembered.
I have not spoken to Sy but I am sure we will have opportunities in heaven!
This tribute was added by Janet Boynes on April 20, 2020
I was saddened when I saw all the Facebook post regarding Sy’s transition from this life to eternal life.

Sy’s was not one of the best but the best person I ever heard speak on homosexuality. As a former lesbian myself, I could relate to Sy’s awesome story of Gods redemption.

May 3, 2019 I commented on a post from Sy on Instagram. I mentioned missing him in Minnesota. He commented back “Wonderful and anointed Janet!! Awesome to hear from you...we will catch up soon”. But we didn’t have that opportunity.

It was a privilege to have known him for the short time that I did. A man of compassion without compromising Gods word.

His legacy will be felt for many generations to come. ❤️

Sy, well done my friend well done!!
This tribute was added by Hamish McAllum on April 21, 2020
I never personally met Sy Rogers. I listened to a few tapes, uncomfortably at first, but was impacted by his honesty and redemptive message. As time went I fell in love with the message and story which Sy shared. Listening to Sy, my heart would joyfully sing "I knew God was like that, I knew God really was that good!", I have been a Christian for 30 plus years and no teacher has revealed to me the heart of our heavenly Father more than Sy. Thank you so much. I cant help it and anyway...the world without Sy seems a bit darker.
This tribute was added by Kevin Whitt on April 20, 2020
I really know Sy. But me being a former Transsexual and Drag Queen for over 20 years, he gave me so much hope when I came to the Lord 6 years ago. Just watching his videos etc. Made me feel like I can do this and I wasn’t the only one like me. I only met him once but he was so nice and encouraging, he mentored me through his videos on YouTube. He will be missed and just know he changed the life of this man in Texas. Rest in Heaven Sy
This tribute was added by Loves Hope on April 21, 2020
Sy was the 1st person I shared my struggles with at COOS when I went to see him for counselling in 1991. I remember I broke down in front of him when I shared about my broken family and my distant relationship with my dad. To be honest I was feeling scared and uneasy when I first saw him. He had piercing eyes and his mannerisms and voice made me feel uncomfortable. I was slowly put at ease when he listened patiently to my story and gave me pointers on why I had the struggles which was my main reason for seeing him. Before that I was clueless about why I had the struggles and Sy opened my eyes to the emotional issues I was going through due to my upbringing and childhood experiences including sexual abuse by women. Towards the end of the counselling session he asked if I wanted to join the men’s support group which had just begun. Though concerned about exposing myself to others, I said yes nevertheless as I knew that my same sex attraction was incompatible with my Christian beliefs and I had to do something about it.

It has been almost 30 years now after that initial encounter with Sy and joining Choices set up by him. During these 30 years I became a support group leader, went on quite a few conferences and overseas speaking engagements in Taiwan, Vietnam and even USA, helped to set up support group in PLUC Malaysia, pioneered parents support group in Singapore and wrote 3 books in Chinese on the issue. I threw myself wholeheartedly into serving God through the SSA ministry all due to 1 single reason: to pay it forward as Sy has taught me through his life. His dedication and devotion to God was always a source of inspiration for me. Secretly I wished God would call me as an international speaker just like he called Sy. But alas we all have different callings and gifts. Through him however I have learnt what real courage is, and that is to share your testimony even when it is taboo, painful and uncomfortable as long as it brings hope and encouragement to others. His consistent walk and talk throughout his life and lack of scandal is a reminder to me to always walk the talk and not bring shame to God’s name. I will always remember this saying of Sy: faith is trusting God when you have every reason not to. He was indeed a man of great faith and despite his mannerisms even after claiming victory over homosexuality and transgenderism, he remains the most manly man I have ever come across in my entire life. If there is one person who has made the greatest impact on my life, turned my life around and reminds me always not to lose hope and faith in God, that person is definitely Sy. I am forever grateful to God for calling him to Singapore and sending him to me as my counselor, mentor and friend.

Rest In Peace my role model and faith giant. My greatest regret now is missing the chance to visit you and Karen with Janice and kids after you left Singapore. Alas and adieu. Till we meet again.
This tribute was added by Katie Okuonghae on April 20, 2020
I was incredibly sad to hear the news today. Sy’s passing has left an huge void in this world. I had the privilege of hearing Sy speak many times and each time was so blessed. There is a great need for what he did. His message of hope for those struggling with their sexuality was incredible. But it wasn’t just for those with any certain struggle. It was for all of us. He showed each person, each human, that no matter what struggle they have in this life, God loves them just as they are. He loves us in the midst of our mess and wants us in spite of our mess. The love Sy demonstrated to all people is quite an example. He will be greatly missed. Praying for his family. I know he is rejoicing! ❤️
This tribute was added by Lynda Stein on April 20, 2020

Sy Rogers, Pastor, Author, Husband, Father, Speaker, Singer/songwriter, friend to many passed away yesterday. Back when I had the privilege to work for Exodus International where some of the most courageous people thrived this gent served as their icon to hope and healing. He reached and fought for many serving God and man with all he had. An example to the world and cause he was wired to proclaim. Godspeed Sy Rogers, you were truly a sparkle in Gods eye as you changed the world one soul and story and song and conversation and counseling session and word at a time.
“Then the king said to his men, “Do you not realize that a commander and a great man has fallen in Israel this day” 2 Samuel 3:38.
.. .
Thanks Bob Ragan for the pic... Please go to my Facebook page and friend me to see over 100 people who paid tribute to Sy.
This tribute was added by Jaydan Pozzebon on April 21, 2020
I am so sad to hear of your passing Sy! But I am thankful to have met you in 2017 in Melbourne, Australia even though it was only once! I am looking forward to seeing you again in God's Kingdom!

My condolences to Sy's family and close friends.
This tribute was added by Nick Kuiper on April 21, 2020
So sad to hear at your passing Sy. Fond memories of yourself, Karen and a very little Grace coming to Australia back in 1987. You had a very successful ministry in many churches, here in Adelaide, and well as around Australia. You had a tremendous impact on the ministry here, opened way for change in many churches, and had a field day with the media. You will be missed by us here on Earth, and looking forward to our reunion in heaven!
This tribute was added by Niall Mc Nally on April 21, 2020
I was so sad to hear of Sy’s passing, My heart goes out to you Karen and your kids & grandkids.

I want you all to know even though I never met Sy in person we corresponded a few times, but I was so fortuity to seat listening to his teaching for many years. Sy’s personal testimony give such hope, but more than that, it give clear practical insight into the human condition and God’s desire & methods by which he restored us.

Words can be meaningless and empty, but Sy’s reach me over Cassette tapes originally, then I bought all his DVD,s, in my early 20s. Sy’s ability to articulate my inner world and help guide me to the the Light of the world for healing, comfort and correction was just so beautifully wonderful.
The fruit of Sy & your life Karen, is massive and it will echo in eternity. The fruit of your ministry is still growing in the Hearst and minds of thousands & thousands of people.

I thank the Lord for your both and for all you have done for the broken in this world, bringing them to Jesus the Author and perfecto of our faith and clarifying how God makes His love tangible to us.

At this moment in time Karen may you know the comfort of good friends and family in the mist of your grief. Your will be in my thoughts and prayers as your heart looks to navigate the loss your wonderful husband & father / grandfather.

Love & Prayers from Ireland
This tribute was added by Kellie Brendle on April 20, 2020
My husband and I attended many of Sy's talks but on one particular Sunday evening we attended Capital Christian Center. We were both sitting in the last row in the back and in the midst of getting a divorce. I was planning my escape and move out date. It is one time in my life that I heard an audible voice from the LORD telling me...don't you dare! I responded with "I didn't ask you" and I heard again...don't you dare. My husband was hearing from the LORD too!! As we were walking back to our car, silent and me angry .... my husband announced that he gave his life to the LORD.  I remember yelling in parking lot...NOW LORD!!!! Two days later we both asked for forgiveness from each other and we have not turned back!!! We have an amazing marriage full of love and JESUS. Thank you Sy for loving GOD so much that it spilled over to us. We are forever thankful !!! Can't wait to see you in Heaven. 
This tribute was added by MelanEE Lisa Davidson on April 20, 2020
It was the summer of 2002 when I first met the super-hero, the legend, the larger-than-life man by the name of Sy Rogers!
I was at my first FREEDOM Conference (held at Wheaton College), and was standing in line "sweating bullets" waiting for him to turn towards me.
When Sy looked at me, there was deep compassion in his eyes and his face was lit-up by his delightful smile. I stumbled around some words, pushed the VHS tapes of his trainings towards him, and I guess I somehow asked him to sign the paper insert, which he gladly did.
With a flourish, he finished and handed it back to me--the words, "Philippians 1:6" were there, along with his signature.
Fast-forward to 10 years later when I was no longer the "terrified little girl," because I had been able to put into practice almost everything (possibly even everything) I'd ever heard Sy teach on, and I literally asked him (along with some of my precious girlfriends) to "catch me" as I swung myself into the air for a totally candid photo in Tallahassee, Florida.
Sy was more than a mentor--he was my older brother--he was KING YESHUA-with-skin-on. I love you, Brave Warrior Prince Brother!
And I love you, Precious Warrior Princess Karen!
Please know I will continue to deeply pray for YOU and your family.
-- MelanEE!
This tribute was added by Christine Sneeringer on April 21, 2020
I first heard Sy Rogers on Christian radio in 1987 and to be honest I did not like him. Sy was sharing God's truth about a topic that had a grip on my life at the time. I was in a gay relationship and I didn't want to hear Sy's personal story of overcoming homosexuality because I wasn't interested in God. I'm grateful that God was interested in me and began to pursue me with his relentless unconditional love. I came to faith a year and a half later and then was a fan of Sy and his ministry. I first met him on March 31, 1990. I will never forget the day. It was at a seminar he taught in Orlando. That day I was filled with the hope that if God could help Sy then He could help me, too!

Since 2001 I've had the privilege of serving Sy as the producer and publisher of his multimedia resources. I've also traveled with him to serve at a number of his events in the US and abroad. He and Karen have stayed in my home in Florida on numerous occasions. One thing I can say about Sy, he is genuine and the real deal. He loved God with all his heart, mind, soul and strength. Sy taught me to do the same. He taught me to bring my dirt to God and run to the Father whenever I failed as I was climbing out of the ditch of sexual immorality. I'm so grateful to have been mentored by one of the greatest Christian leaders of the 21st century.
This tribute was added by Carrie Schuessler on April 20, 2020
I will never forget hearing Sy on the Sunday after 9/11. His insightful, truthful words brought such comfort that day. But my best memory of Sy is the way that he attended our little, local church on the weekends he was home. You would have never known that he was a world-renowned speaker and influencer. No, he was just a regular member who worshipped along with the rest of us, never demanding the spotlight or promoting himself. That level of humility was so striking and inspiring.

Karen and Grace, our hearts and prayers are with you. - - Rick and Carrie Schuessler
This tribute was added by Julie Hamilton on April 20, 2020
Sy Rogers was the first person I ever heard speak on the topic of homosexuality. It was 1997, and I had just learned of my loved one's involvement in homosexuality. Sy's talk was incredible!! He spoke of things no one else was speaking about in the pulpit. He was biblically accurate, incredibly articulate, extremely funny, and right on point!!! It was just what we needed to hear! A few years later, he was in town again, and my friend, Christine Sneeringer invited me to hang out with some friends and Sy. We stayed up all night watching the Matrix. Sy broke down the movie, describing all the redemptive themes in the Matrix. I know I am not alone is saying Sy was brilliant - and not just because he found redemptive themes in movies, but because He was a truly gifted thinker and speaker! God powerfully anointed Him to do His work, and Sy carried out that work so courageously and faithfully!!!
Some time after the Matrix event, I was privileged to meet Karen, who is equally insightful, having walked with God for many decades. Over the past 20 years, I have been blessed by the friendship of Sy and Karen. When I started dating and eventually married, Tyler, my husband, Sy coined the term "The Tyler Protocol" as the standard that my single friends should use as their dating standard. Sy was always so complimentary and encouraging!
The most striking quality about Sy (and also Karen) is that he knew God intimately. He had the type of relationship with God that God desires all of us to have with Him. Sy needed God desperately and found God to be the one who could meet all of his needs. His closeness with the Lord was the key to all that he did. All credit goes to God for the incredible work He did in Sy's life and the incredible blessing Sy was to all of us. The world is a better place because Sy was in it. Although he is no longer with us, his impact and legacy will continue. I pray Christians around the world will carry out the message of redemption that Sy so beautifully preached. It's hard to even believe that Sy is actually gone, and as the painful reality sinks in, we will need God's comfort. But we rejoice for Sy that he is in the presence of God.
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