Let the memory of Ted be with us forever
  • 64 years old
  • Born on May 19, 1952 .
  • Passed away on July 14, 2016 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Ted Rudow 64 years old , born on May 19, 1952 and passed away on July 14, 2016. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Robin Yamaguchi on July 14, 2019
Dear Ted, it's now been 3 years since you left us. I'm sure you have been absolutely thrilled having no hindrances of your body, and being in the Spirit and with the Lord. Please know you are loved, very much appreciated and missed.
Posted by Robin Yamaguchi on July 14, 2018
Ted, we miss you brother and I am sure you have been very much enjoying finning and flying around, no longer tied down by your body. Thank you for the love you showed to our children here in Uganda. Every single month we received a kind gift from you, and many prayers. In thanks and admiration. From us all...
Posted by Robin Yamaguchi on July 14, 2017
Ted, it's hard to believe it's already a year since you graduated this earth and gone on to receive your reward. I expect it's really wonderful not having to suffer! You are dearly remembered and all your kind giving every month to our extremely needy kids is continuing. The buildings and things you helped us build, stand as a memorial to your caring life! Cheers!!
Posted by George Dunbar on May 25, 2017
Dear Emanuele, Wow! Your first birthday in Heaven! It's hard to believe you've been "home" this long already, but I guess that's not the case with you since you're where time is no more! I can just imagine you dancing and singing wild and free while at the same time crooning to all the beautiful girls (and when I say all I mean ALL since they're all so beautiful there. I miss you, Eman, but I'm so happy that you're free and healed now--enjoying all the wonderful rewards that you so richly deserve! Lots of love always my dear brother, Micah
Posted by James Rudow on May 19, 2017
Happy Birthday! Your first in the Kingdom! I can hardly imagine how wonderfully it was celebrated and how much eternal reward you have for all that you accomplished in your life, bringing the Lord's Love and Joy to so many. Have a good one!
Posted by George Dunbar on September 9, 2016
I first met Emmanuel when I went to the States from Thailand in June, 2003 visiting my mother who was quite sick. I think he was living in Menlo Park, CA. at the time and someone had given me his phone number so when we met he took me to dinner. At the end of the evening he gave me a donation. GBH!--and from that day forward he NEVER missed sending a monthly donation--and sometimes TWICE/month--for the next 13 years! From then on every time I'd go to the States I'd visit Emmanuel once or twice during my visit. I could clearly see how his physical condition was deteriorating, but it was almost like the weaker he got in the flesh, the stronger he got in the spirit. On my last visit in November, 2014 we went, as we normally did whenever I'd visit, to Trader Joe's to do some shopping and get a sandwich for lunch. I would walk alongside him as we went up and down the aisles and he would always have a ready smile and/or kind word for those we passed. When we got to the cashier he got his change and then stuck another $20 in my hand! He continually amazed me with his positive attitude despite his physical limitations and he was always ready to burst out in song to sing his praises to the Lord! As I mentioned earlier he never missed his monthly donation to us and I know for a fact he was also faithfully supporting upwards of 20 or more other projects around the world--he was the TFI's "Sophie" for sure! I'd usually call him once a month and we'd talk for about 1/2 hour. He'd always have a testimony to share--particularly in regards to his incredibly fruitful mail ministry via the newspapers which reached, literally, 100's of millions of people. He told me that he felt like the Lord wanted him to be like Jeremiah of the endtime in warning the wicked of their wicked ways--and that he did faithfully right up until the day of his passing! One other thing about him is that whenever I'd call him he'd always pray for me before we hung up! Always! Honestly, whenever I'd be a bit down or discouraged about myself or my situation, all I'd have to do is stop and think about Emmanuel and it would make me feel ashamed for feeling that way. Sure, there were times that he got upset and he got a bit "out of it" like all of us do, but if you were ever fortunate enough to visit Emmanuel, and see the very small room that he lived in you'd be amazed at all that he had to endure. Thinking about it now as I type this literally brings tears to my eyes when I think about all that he suffered in the flesh for so many years--and how cheerfully he did it! GBH! He truly had the "Heavenly vision" and lived only for that--knowing that all this on earth was going to pass away! GREAT is his reward! GBY dear Emmanuel--I miss you, but I'm SO happy that you're finally free and I look forward to the day when we will meet again! Much love always my dear brother, Micah
Posted by Robert Elk on July 22, 2016
I only met (Ted) Emmanuel one time and that was in the fall 1981. I was in California with some video equipment and we filmed Emmanuel giving his testimony. I remember he also sang a song but had to have someone else either strum the guitar or form the chords as he was partially paralyzed from the accident in which he was involved. I didn't hear from Emmanuel again until early 2009, over twenty-seven years later shortly after we had put People of the Keys up on the Internet. He had sent us a donation to help support the web site. I knew this was a real sacrifice for him being wheel chair bound along with the many problems he had including harassment by evil neighbors. Over the now nearly eight years People of the Keys has been on the Internet Emmanuel became by far our most regular and faithful supporter. Then last night, July 21, 2016, a week after Emmanuel's passing I received notification from the office that I had again received a donation from Emmanuel B. Ball. God bless you Emmanuel I know your still going for God!
Posted by Steve Hanson on July 20, 2016
Dear Eman, We are a little shocked you went so quickly. We enjoyed keeping up with your prayer requests, victories and also your testimonials in the papers to get people to think of the Lord and assess the American society. We'll never forget the one day we got to see you and your dwelling place, when visiting the states from Asia in 2000. Glad you are free from this 'earthly body', and on to help all in the spirit world!
Posted by Susan Gustafson on July 17, 2016
Aah, Emanuel B.Ball, we, along with our dear Leviticus Love, were "babes in the cradle" together, had SUCH fun coming to know Jesus, the Word, & His amazing Family! Was it not, just truly the start, the best journey we could have EVER undertaken? Love you forever! Jael/Free/Susan
Posted by Robin Yamaguchi on July 16, 2016
What an amazing person Ted was! Even though on his pension, and fighting physical challenged, he never failed to send a donation to our orphans in Uganda. I talked with the kids about him many times and what an amazing person he was. I'm so glad he's gone on to what will surely be a wonderful reward in Heaven! I also greatly admired the fact that despite being wheelchair bound, he wrote such poignant commentaries regularly and was a fighter to stand up for his beliefs till the end.
Posted by Isa Rive on July 14, 2016
Dear Ted, I look forward to giving you the biggest hug ever when we finally meet in Heaven. On Earth, you had all my admiration, for your enduring faithfulness to the Lord, to the truth, to denouncing injustices, and standing up for what is right, as well as for your wonderful generosity towards so many projects around the world. I love you! Rest in Peace and in Joy my friend!
Posted by Renan Muratlı Kaynak on July 14, 2016
Dear Emmanuel...You have a very special place in my heart...and will keep it there forever..until we finally meet in Heaven...
Posted by Lilia Potters on July 14, 2016
Dear Ted, I just came home from work and saw the news of your passing today. I didn't expect this sudden news, and shed a tear. I am going to miss you and your calls every month or so, but I am so happy for you that you are finally free from pain and have peace at last. I will never forget your support, encouragement, and the prayers we prayed together when we talked. Thank you for leaving an example for me, and so many others to follow. Rest in peace, dear one, and enjoy the freedom you longed for.

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