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McDonalds drive-thru

October 16, 2012

I have so many memories of Terra and I. When I think of Terra, I laugh becuase we had such fun together. One story that always makes me laugh and I will always remember forever is the McDonalds drive-thru story..
Terra and I were hyper as always and went to Mcdee's to get some icecream. We probably skipped school to go to the skate park. lol.. When we were ordering our icecreams we decided to be extremely abnoxious to the woman taking the order... leaving out what we wanted.. I will have two lrg... and two small and you get the idea. We were killing ourselves laughing that we payed for the icecream but drive right passed the other window and never picked up our ice cream.. lol.we had to go back through the drive thru to the same lady we were abnoxious too and explain that we never got our ice cream.. we ended up getting it.. I think it was a story that you had to be there but I always think of it and it always puts a smile on my face!
I miss Terra tons. I still have her shoes Linda. When I wear them, I always get comments on them. Strangers have stopped me to say they love the shoes. When they ask I always tell them about my best friend Terra...

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