Let the memory of Terry be with us forever
  • 69 years old
  • Born on December 31, 1943 in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States.
  • Passed away on June 2, 2013 in Lexington, Kentucky, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Terry Daugherty 69 years old , born on December 31, 1943 and passed away on June 2, 2013. We will remember her forever.
Posted by YVONNE GILBERT on 31st December 2015
This separation, although painful is not forever....... Faith in believing is the key that will open the door to Eternity.
Posted by Mike O'Bryan on 31st December 2015
Happy Birthday Mom! We miss you. I think the hardest thing is just not being able to pick up the phone and tell you about my days...struggles, triumphs, or just everyday little things. I like to think you know and are guiding me. I love you forever!
Posted by Walter Kozik on 2nd June 2015
Ray, whenever I think about you I think of saying 'Thank You' for what both you and Terry have put together and continue to put together. Even the students in class repeat this refrain: Thank You! You miss Terry, for sure. She looks very much alive in all her pictures and you miss her aliveness. Yet, we believe she is more alive now after death than when she was when living with us. So, peace be with you and yours.
Posted by Sallie Prewitt on 3rd June 2014
Terry, another friend, and I pretty religiously went to Body Structure at least 2 days a week as gym buddies. We kept each other motivated. The other friend and I have both back sliced. She kept us going, and I miss her for that and for her ever flowing enthusiasm for life.
Posted by Walter Kozik on 2nd June 2014
Terry, I am grateful and pleased with what you have put together with Ray and how your creation, now your legacy, has helped save from destruction not only those who succumbed to the pitfalls caused by high risk use of alcohol, but also identify valued guidelines to those using alcohol well. After teaching PRI for years, I connect AA's adage "Keep Coming Back!" to your values but it does take time to 'sink in', doesn't it? I can now play your tune on my own piano.
Posted by Mike O'Bryan on 2nd June 2014
Mom, It's been a year...but feels like yesterday. You're never far from my thoughts...I catch glimpses in pictures around the house..reminded of your talent when I look at the quilts hanging on our walls. feel your presence when I'm down and miss your generous spirit and loving nature. You're in my heart always and I miss you every day. I love you.
Posted by Sallie Prewitt on 1st January 2014
I think of Terry often. .. When something happens I know she would enjoy which happens a lot because she took delight in so many things. When I'm downtown, I remember things we did together - the plays at Natasha's, restaurants, movies at the Kentucky, walking around. She was a brave and deep soul whom I am blessed to have known.
Posted by Michael OBryan on 31st December 2013
Happy Birthday Mom. All of the celebrations tonight are for you. Love you. Miss you.
Posted by Earl Avant on 31st December 2013
Remembering Terry on her Yahrtzeit. Peace and Blessings....
Posted by Ann Barnum on 26th August 2013
Dear Ray - I just heard of Terry's death. I remember Terry as a bright, engaging, and insightful woman. You and your family are in my prayers. Thank you for keeping her zest alive!
Posted by Rick Kidder on 26th June 2013
Dear Ray and family. I am so sorry for your loss. I did not know Terry but I feel like I have known her because of all she put into PFL, and all that I have gotten out of PFL as an instructor. I thought I knew a lot about addiction, and I did, but you and Terry helped me to understand addiction at a whole new level. Thank you Terry, you will be missed and much appreciated.
Posted by Julie Smith on 17th June 2013
Sorry to hear of this loss of a great woman and contributor to the PRI history. Sad that life is so short, seems it would be better if we could all live until 200 years old. Like life is just getting started when it ends. Peace to family and friends of this inspirational lady.
Posted by Linda Collins on 16th June 2013
Ray, Mike and Family, I n 1990 I was in one of the first classes for PRI in Georgia when I first meet Terry, what a contribution she made to the program. I am proud to have been a part of the PRI program and her life. Thanks for all the hard work and I will always remember her for her many contributions to our program. God Bless
Posted by Chuck Yzenski on 14th June 2013
I am praying for ya'll as you mourn this significant loss. May the God of all comfort provide you peace, courage and strength.
Posted by Pat Bero on 13th June 2013
So sorry for your loss of Terry's physical presence. She will live on in your memories and still be present in other ways. The work of the PRI has helped in both primary and secondary prevention in Waushara County So grateful for Terry's contribution to the Prevention Field. Her work lives on... Pat
Posted by Hope Christian Concepts on 12th June 2013
My heartfelt sympathy to all of Terry's family and friends!! I wish I had known her, but feel very connected to her everytime I teach PRIME for Life. May God give you comfort for each day and smiles through your tears! Janet Flowers PFL-Instructor
Posted by Suzi Q Hall on 12th June 2013
We are so sorry to hear about your loss. I personally did not know Terry or any of her family. However, we do use her resources for our school. She appeared to be a great lady with a big vision to help others. She will never be replaced on this earth but God will send the Holy Spirit to comfort each and every one of you. Your all in my prayers.
Posted by John Kato on 12th June 2013
Although I never met Terry, what she and Ray created in PRI has made a difference in how my students look at their behavior. To say that she left a positive and indelible mark is beyond question. The gentler approach of prevention has made the life of many better.
Posted by Dianne Hayward on 12th June 2013
I am so sorry for your loss. My deepest condolences to you all. When I first met Terry there was an immediate connection. There was an energy about her that just drew people to her. The world is a better place because of both her personal and professional contributions.
Posted by Carrie Keith on 12th June 2013
My Aunt Terry was the most special person in my life and was a 2nd mother to me. She was the kindest, most generous, loving and strongest woman I have ever known. We laughed so much together! She taught me so much about life and love. Words cannot express how much I loved her and will miss her. She had a joy and light around her always. I will carry her spirit and light with me forever.
Posted by Jody Broughton on 12th June 2013
I am so sorry for your loss. What a gift she was to this life! So glad you had her in your life and that we all (PRI family) benefitted from her talents too. I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. May you know God's loving comfort and peace.
Posted by Sallie Prewitt on 12th June 2013
we met on the trip. I am an introvert as is my husband. She said she tried to make a positive connection to every person she met. This intention and her example of openness, kindness and gratitude are the qualities of Terry I wish to embody in my life as an ongoing tribute to her dear, blessed Spirit.
Posted by Sallie Prewitt on 12th June 2013
Terry and I have only known each other for about 3 years, but our relationship has been deep, intense and helpful to us both. We went to Sedona together soon after we met to attend some of the final lectures by David Hawkins, a spiritual leader and philosopher. The lectures and scenery in Sedona were wonderful, but what was most instructive to me was Terry's engagement with every person
Posted by Jean Kilbourne on 12th June 2013
I met Terry and Ray at a conference in 1983. Prevention was still a radically new idea in the field and I was struck immediately by the brilliance of their approach. It’s been such a pleasure and a privilege to be associated with PRI for many years. Terry was so smart, warm, effervescent. She touched, influenced, and saved so many lives. I loved knowing her, both personally and professionall
Posted by Walter Kozik on 11th June 2013
Thank you, Ray, for telling us about wonderful Terry, and all she meant and has done for PRI; and to us. One day you'll be reunited with her and all those you and Terry touched. She truly has been an integral part of PRI and our lives, as have you. May her passing rededicate us to the good she did for our country, other countries and our fellow citizens. Walter
Posted by Sally Tallent on 11th June 2013
My remembrance of Terry is from a seminar at the Georgia Mental Health on Briarcliff Road in Atlanta years ago. She was dressed in a conservative navy suit; alive on stage connecting with everyone in the audience. "What is this thing called death, the silent passing in the night. It is only the genesis of things to come." My thoughts are with all of her family she leaves behind.
Posted by Cindy Wood Brochu on 11th June 2013
Terry was an extremely talented and personable woman. She touched so many individuals lives, those she knew and those who attend everyone's Risk Reduction Class. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and her PRI family. She will most definitely be missed.
Posted by James Haggerty on 11th June 2013
Please accept my deepest condolences. Though the ones we love leave us, they are never really gone, and I hope you find comfort in knowing that the impact she made in you and others will live on. Our thoughts are with you.
Posted by Susan Sisk on 11th June 2013
Terry made a difference in this world and I'm glad I knew her. My thoughts and prayers are with her family.
Posted by Wanda Beckley on 10th June 2013
Those eyes, the wit, the passion and power as she presented will be remembered. If only we could pass on a fraction of her love gift to others when we leave this world. I'm sad for your loss but so happy she shared those years with you. May God bring you peace in this season of your life. Wanda
Posted by Sam Evans on 10th June 2013
Our thoughts and prayers are with your family. May god grant you peace and comfort during this difficult time. -Person Centered Court Services, LLC Sam Evans, Alejandro Del Rio, Jason Benton, Frank Fowler, Virginia Tumen
Posted by Kristine Kittle on 10th June 2013
I did not know Terry, but I am a PRI instructor and really have enjoyed PRI and feel like family. Peace to Ray, Mike, Hong and their family. May the Lord's graces and ever lasting arms embrace her for eternity.
Posted by Rania Hawas on 10th June 2013
Dear Terry's Family, I am extending my heartfelt sympathy to you. Terry was a great neighbor and a wonderful person to be around. She will definitely be missed but her cheerful and loving spirit will always be remembered.
Posted by Vern Howard on 10th June 2013
Thank you. I never had the pleasure of meeting you personally but I have met you through the works of PRI. I, too, hold a great passion for the recovery of alcoholics and addicts. My mother is the greatest woman in my life. Michael, I pray for you and all of your family and for you, too, Ray. May Terry have a good seat in eternity. Vern
Posted by Pat Moore on 10th June 2013
Dear Ray and family, Our thoughts, prayers and thanks are with you all, Peace, pm and KSU CYAAR
Posted by Michelle Ellison on 10th June 2013
Terry was the true drop of honey that stuck me to PFL in 1992. As my director at the time said, I never looked back after experiencing the training. Terry's gentle, persuasive delivery inspired me to keep PRIME-ing for the past 20+ years, and will continue to guide me every single day. Miss you Terry O.
Posted by Linda Wagner on 10th June 2013
Well said Michael, your mom was a true inspiration. She was the force behind giving me the courage to complete my training. She molded my 23 year career of touching lives. Which thanks to her I continue to touch lives daily. She will be truly missed. I am sincerely heartbroken over this loss. Her legacy will live on forever. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.
Posted by Donna Wiesenhahn on 10th June 2013
Dear Mike, family and Ray, Yes, Terry was so inspiring. Her smile was contageous, her humor appreciated and her curiousity about life that never dimmed. She shared so much of who she was with all of us-her inspired work, quilts, passion for seeing life differently. We were all blessed. Blessings and Peace to all.
Posted by James Cameron on 10th June 2013
I was privileged to have been trained by Terry and Ray when Prime for Life kicked off in Iowa in the 80's. I have taught the 12 hour DUI class since and have seen it change peoples lives in so many ways. Her work has impacted the lives of thousands. Prayers to Ray and family.
Posted by Bill Carey on 10th June 2013
To Ray, Mike and Family The professional greatness of PRI is only but a tribute to the personal greatness Terry and you have spawned. Your collaboration has been derived from sincere love, dedication and commitment and has served as a beacon for me and the entire PRI family. May our future work together be an ongoing tribute to Terry.
Posted by James Claiborne on 9th June 2013
Because of the program, Prime For Life,, My life has been enriched in so many ways. I was fortunate enough to have been ordered to take the course and in turn to become an instructor for which there are no words to explain how my life has changed. To all of you whom I love so much in this group. my heart goes out to you and Ray and Mike, We will share your loss.
Posted by Bobbie Hooks on 9th June 2013
Terry was a wonderful influence when I trained with PRI in 1991. Ray, be blessed and know that her influence is still with you.
Posted by Bobbie Hooks on 9th June 2013
Terry was a wonderful trainer. I'm fortunate to have been influenced with her when I started with PRI in 1991. Ray, be blessed and know that Terry's influence is with you.
Posted by Bobbie Hooks on 9th June 2013
Terry was a wonderful trainer when I started with PRI in 1991. Terry, we'll all miss your wonderful influence. Ray, I pray for your comfort. Keep up the good work, and know that Terry is with you.
Posted by Mary Jane Duke on 9th June 2013
Ray and entire family, we extend to you our love and heartfelt sympathy at the loss of your dear wife and mother. A wonderful, talented and smart lady, who will be greatly missed but always remembered fondly. May God surround you with His love and comfort during this time. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Posted by Marigail Sexton on 9th June 2013
I was shaped by Terry. She taught me what it meant to be professional, the importance of having high standards, the value of pushing the envelope and that smart women are cool. My work today is directly influenced by what I learned from her. Her spirit exuded compassion, creativity and kindness. What a loss for this world. I am saddened so by her death. Love and peace to Ray and family.
Posted by Jane Hartzog Martin on 9th June 2013
Dear Ray, Mike and family, My heart goes out to you and the whole PRI family for the loss of your beloved Terry. Terry was an early mentor, wise counselor, and friend in my career and will forever be one of my most memorable characters. She was there for me through some tough times, and oh, we laughed! I will never forget her wicked wit. Love forever Terry.
Posted by Lucy Letton on 9th June 2013
I'm sorry for your loss, and grateful for her contributions.
Posted by Roger Meador on 8th June 2013
My deepest sympathies in your time of loss. My prayers are with you in this dark hour. God be with you to comfort & console.
Posted by Cynthia Darden on 8th June 2013
There are no words for me to say to your Family and to the Closest among your friends, other than, "I am so very Sorry." My first impression of Miss Terry will always seeing the LIGHTS OF LOVE, COMPASSION, NON-JUDGMENTAL, UNDERSTANDING, PATIENCE, WISDOM, and HUMOR. She made it okay to be Different.

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