We miss you..
  • Passed away on October 17, 2016 in Chennai, India.

This is a memorial to our beloved teacher Ms. Thangam Pappu who tragically passed away on Oct 17, 2016 after a brief battle with illness.  

We can't quite believe that she is no longer with us. Thangam Miss, as we all know her,  was a passionate teacher of Mathematics and generations of students would remember her for introducing them to its many wonders. 

She had wide interests and an almost boundless desire to pass on her excitement to those around her. She was generous and thoughtful in ways that seem out of reach for the rest of us. A role model in more ways than one, she will remain a lasting influence on her students.

Her passing is a personal loss to many of us and a tremendous loss to Devi Academy where she taught. 

We will always miss you.  

Posted by Sai Teja on 30th November 2017
THANGAM MAM- "Known for her Mathematics" to all ... but for me she is like my dearest mother... It was my 10th and i was about to leave the school... No one cared about it but.. thangam mam.. she literally cried and was fighting with me to stay... She poured so much love to me in all my classes... I am really very unfortunate for not seeing you mam again... Salutations to you mam...No words to express my utmost grievances mam... TONS OF LOVE mam....! You are always there ..residing in our hearts... You are there mam...! MISS YOU MAM.....!!!!
Posted by Aruna Deepika on 30th September 2017
This is the long pending tribute for my deariee!!! Deariee.. You accepted me when life rejected me! You taught me Math! Till date Math is the only subject which I am never afraid of.. You gave me the world's best company (This is going to be my company for the rest of my life)... Our long lasting conversations on Ponniyin Selvan... The way we used to be angry at how kalki ended up the novel! Our love for Mahabharath! Your narration on Bon Ultimatum! My God! Life seems to run fast and its like the day before yesterday, we pulled each other legs, spoke about sivagamiyin sabatham and its like yesterday you were fighting a huge war of kurukshetra as a great warrior princess (The pain of your wound, i was more than willing to share) ..! Your Life to me is a proof of why I call it both fair and unfair.. It is fair because it connected you and me, unfair - because what you have gone through! Myni, I am your partha and you are my krishna, in guidance.. In friendship I am your Sudaama and you are my krishna! Hey the dark skinned beauty!! I wish we had those days back were I used to cuddle near you and feel your warmth, whenever we used to meet for family occasions.. Those days were you used narrate your college experiences as a student, how you wished not be "a teacher", how you wished to do servicet!! Those tearful laughters we had... Glad, we re-ran those conversations those last 9 months of your time with me!! When I was 6 you were also 6 year old when you played with me, When I was 20 you too were a 20 year old, when we shared best of the day to day happenings when we meet (Despite our huge difference in age).. The only thing which bothers me now is that you were a bestie that i never realised! Nevertheless, my warrior princess will remain in my memories and her wishes would live through me!! This month fully - you will be remain in every actions I do! This is my Margazhi Masam! So I will sing your favourite Thiruppavai!! My dearie!! My Myni!! My Warrior princess!! Your life was a learning to me! The way you lived remains a true inspiration! Like you, I will not look down someone who is facing difficulty in studying! For one last time, I am calling out, those times which I want to relive!! You laughter - which I used to make fun of, our landline phone conversation, how I used to run away - seeing you team up with your two brothers to pull my legs, how I used to team up with Anna and how Ganesh (your son) used to laugh at us, my tenth exam - how you made a failure to score - 186/200, our onam times... Love you myni!! Love you forever and ever!!
Posted by Bharath Kumaran on 1st January 2017
Can't believe she's no more. Inspired us all - always led by personal example. A genuinely wonderful human being. A deep personal loss for me, and for many of us.
Posted by Vignesh Subramanian on 21st November 2016
This was hard to believe,she had a good contribution to my developing of interest in the subject of mathematics which turned out to be my life today..You will be remembered forever.
Posted by Ragini G P on 1st November 2016
I am extremely shocked to hear about the sad demise of Mrs Thangam. She was such an ideal teacher and a lovely human being. She was known for her impeccable manners . A teacher loved by all. May her soul rest in peace.
Posted by N Tkker on 29th October 2016
It is better than gold to be well spoken of in such high regard." Her students loved her so dearly and it's proof that her caring ways and love of teaching touched so many people. Thangam Miss concerned herself selflessly for the good of many. Condolences to her family who were fortunate to share such love. Isaiah 25:8 informs us that death will be swallowed up forever and Jehovah will wipe away the tears from all faces. Facilitator to educator, "Job well done Thangam Miss
Posted by Anirudh K Muralidhar on 28th October 2016
Thangam miss has definitely played a huge part in my life. If I could do some mathematics in my masters degree now, I owe her too. This loss is shocking, but I am sure she would be proud of all her students. Miss you mam.
Posted by Hrishikesh Srikanth on 28th October 2016
Mrs. Thangam was one of the few teachers who really cared for our wellbeing.
Posted by Swathi Ramesh on 28th October 2016
She never stopped teaching us. I have learnt a very important lesson from her that it is important to pledge your organs. I am going to do that ASAP. I am doing it as a tribute to my teacher, my second mother and mentor. I hope all her students will do the same to honor her... She never left us and she is always with us to bless us and guide us in all our endeavors..
Posted by Krishnapriya Gajendran on 26th October 2016
"When some1 u love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure" V treasure ur days with us mam.. V al miss you alot ... :(
Posted by Harini Srinivasan on 26th October 2016
She has been a wonderful Teacher who has brought many students like me to touch greater heights. Most people tend to escape from mathematics but she makes us feel comfortable with the subject with no fear. More than a mathematics teacher she has been a part of everybody's success. The relationship does not end in schooling, it continues even after our schooling. She is one of the best teacher ever i have seen so far, I am here today is because she is one among the person who moulded me in all aspects. It has been 13 years i have completed my schooling but still, i remember every moment. Nobody could replace her at all, entire Devi Academy would be missing her :-(
Posted by Vishwanath Venkatesan on 25th October 2016
She was one of the teachers who shaped me into who I'm today. I'm forever grateful to my teachers, be it school or college...Very sad to know that she is no more in this mortal world....
Posted by Roopeshwari R on 25th October 2016
"Just as you are named, so are you; an antique so precious." If it weren't her, a lot of hearts would have been burdened with numbers and numerals. A preacher in reality she taught much more than our books. It was a pride to every heart of Devi Academy when in one of the years she was awarded the best teacher and that we came to know for our surprise she took a day's leave only to receive her memento. I m sure even today to many she remains the best teacher. She was a good human being that the Almighty had created which is why he wanted her to return to him instead of battling alone. Mam , May be you are not present, but all our memories remain a crescent. We miss you a lot. Bless us all.
Posted by Suresh Sundar on 25th October 2016
She was the one & only INSPIRATIONAL maths teacher in my life , because of her I'm standing here now , we can't forget ur maths in the black board and the graceful smile on your face , We missed you so much mam .
Posted by Ranjhani Balasubramanian on 25th October 2016
Such a sweet soul with a smile on her face always.RIP Mam
Posted by Hakshatha Saravanan on 25th October 2016
A cluster of memories sprinkled with tears, Wishing God had spared you a few more years. We miss you ma'am !
Posted by Santhosh S on 25th October 2016
I have got many punishments from her but, coming to know that she is no more is the most painful punishment In my life.
Posted by Deepthi Apsara on 25th October 2016
My relationship with Thangam mam was established due to my love towards mathematics......she was my tutor for about six years....thr wer a lot of punishments i would hav gt only frm her...but her presence in my life had made me wat i m now....i represented her during my teacher's day.....the last one with her
Posted by Stina John on 25th October 2016
It has been four years since I left Devi Academy. The school has taught and shaped me to a better person today. I am deeply saddened to hear about Thangam Miss. She was absolutely the best teacher I ever had and I was fortunate to have her in Grade 9. She is the first person to have confidence and faith on me that I can do better in Math. I still remember, she came to me and said "Girls should not cry, and you should be bold." Every time, I go through some thing, those words always comforted me and made me more stronger. She always had a smile on her face and a positive person that I can ever look up to. Besides school, she has taught us important life lessons that prepared us for the future. May her soul rest in peace!!!
Posted by Varun Varadarajan on 25th October 2016
We could still not that she is not with us.. She is the person who instilled the interest in maths for me, and many of us as a matter of fact. The moment I heard of her name, every math lessons flashes in my mind. She always inspired us and motivated us when we were weak, made us score marks and love the subject as an apple pie. Teaches with that smiling face, no matter how many times you ask, without hesitation. Even during those annual days and all, I would see a big avataar in miss, always running from first floor to ground floor, then to the fourth floor.. Took personal care of students.. Such a an awesome teacher, and a wonderful person.. We miss you Thangam Miss...
Posted by Eazhil Arun on 25th October 2016
Apart from an excellent maths teacher , the interest and knowledge in the subject was phenomenal !! You stood as a unique personality not only as a favorite maths teacher but painted colourful memories in each and everyone's heart by means of your humble mesmerizing character and nobility! ! You have only faced a physical end but you'll stay ever within all your friends and students! !
Posted by Anirudha Deshpande on 25th October 2016
Maám I still remember you taught us Maths in 8th Standard. Such a soft spoken and inspiration you were as a person. You will be remembered for ever. Rest in peace Maám.
Posted by Karthik Anand on 25th October 2016
The beauty of stars and constellations Will be admired all the more now Our Thangam miss is up there Shining like a bright star Miss u mam!!
Posted by Janakiraman Kkr on 24th October 2016
Inspiration: she always encourage her students.she told a story about zen saint i still remember her words - zen saints use to enjoy even a small things they do ,if they drink even a cup of tea they use to enjoy each n every sip of it. like wise she tells us to enjoy the work we do be it maths or any things we do. It's more than 15 yr still i remember her words that's the inspiration she spreads... We all miss you a lot thangam miss
Posted by Malathy Sreenivasan on 24th October 2016
It is a personal loss for me. Besides Principal -teacher relationship we had many things of common interest to discuss .Discussing about Kalki's ponniyin selvan ,barathiar kavithaigal,thiruppavai,divya prabandam,sudoku,puzzles,sience fiction ,sujatha's stories and many more...........Our wave length was similar.Loss of a great friend.A person with only good qualities. Miss you Thangam .
Posted by Radhika Sivakumar on 24th October 2016
We miss you Thangam miss....

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