May God's eternal light shine upon her forever.
  • 25 years old
  • Born on November 27, 1986 .
  • Passed away on March 25, 2012 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Tiffany Neff 25 years old , born on November 27, 1986 and passed away on March 25, 2012. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Nikki Rini on 27th November 2017
My dear Tiffany, not a day goes by without my thought turned upward to you. I know you keep watch over all of us. You know how much we miss you and love you. There are no words to express how sad i feel that you are not here with us. I know you are safe in the arms of Jesus. with love to my Angel... Grandma Nikki
Posted by Trish Duncan on 27th March 2017
Tiff, Tears just seem to stream as I think of you. You are so very missed. I wish you were still here with us. Time never erases you from my mind. I love you to the moon and back.
Posted by Rick Huckabee on 26th March 2017
Heaven truly received a special soul five years ago, bright, warm-hearted and always made me laugh. Miss you Tiff!
Posted by Sandra Lawrence on 25th March 2016
4 years of not seeing your beautiful face with your bright eyes and smile is so hard. You brought a light to this world, that should never have been dimmed. May you be in peace in the warmth of God's embrace today, knowing that you are still so loved and missed here on earth. I love you sweetheart, Mommy
Posted by Rick Huckabee on 25th March 2016
I will always remember her kind heart and infectious laugh. Love you Tiff.
Posted by Sandra Lawrence on 27th November 2015
Happy Birthday my angel. May you be soaring with your wings of gold today. Love you, Mommy
Posted by Nikki Rini on 25th March 2014
Dear Tiff, I can't help to miss your hugs, kisses and smile. I do feel your presence everyday in special ways only you understand. I made you a new Angel filled with white and yellow flowers. I will visit my own sweet Angel today. I love you . Grandma Nikki
Posted by Trish Duncan on 25th March 2014
I think of you daily. I miss you more than words can say. Keep a watchful eye over us. I look at your picture everyday as your smile is warm and contagious. Give Grandma Dell and Grandpa Ed a hug from me. I love you Miss Tiffany.
Posted by Zachary Lawrence on 20th February 2014
Been thinking about you a lot lately as I usually do. In fact, today you were able to get my class to end early, so thanks! I had to make a genogram of our family to present to the class. I mentioned you only being here with us in spirit now, and after that my professor let the class out early. I hate always sitting around and pondering about the unanswerable questions but I guess it's just something we all will always have to deal with. Life is complicated, unpredictable, and has ups and downs but we keep chugging on and doing the best we can. I see green pastures for the future. Miss you. Love, Zack
Posted by Nikki Rini on 27th November 2013
My dear Tiff, Happy Birthday to you. All the Heavenly Angels are singing today to you!! I made a Christmas Angel for you and I will bring it soon. You are in my heart and soul. Love you sweetie
Posted by Sandra Lawrence on 17th May 2013
Miss you baby. Mommy
Posted by Sandra Lawrence on 14th May 2013
Mommy misses you so much today. Daddy has big plans for your garden. I love you baby. Watch over us my angel with wings of gold.
Posted by Greg Gliba on 25th March 2013
One year - 10 years -100 years...u will always be remembered.
Posted by Nikki Rini on 25th March 2013
My dearest Tiffany, It seems so long since I have heard your voice or felt my arms around you, But inspite of that I feel your Heavenly presence everyday. A little giel who looked very much like you made me a cross out of her palm yesterday. She gave it to me with that same big smile you have. I know that was your way of reaching me. Thank you. I love you so much!!
Posted by Trish Duncan on 24th March 2013
Tiffany, As March 25th approaches I find myself thinking of you all the time. You are so missed Tiff, but we know you are watching over us. Time has not dulled my thoughts of your contagious smile, your soft voice and your bubbly personality. I love you so much & miss you beyond words.
Posted by Sandra Lawrence on 23rd March 2013
Thinking of you baby. I cannot believe it has been a year since I heard your voice.
Posted by Sandra Lawrence on 9th March 2013
Miss you baby.
Posted by Sandra Lawrence on 18th February 2013
My dearest Tiffany, Today you were so missed. I now know that you are an angel of our Holy Father and have been given the Wings of Gold, please watch over Monica, Daddy, Eric, Erin, Zack, myself and the rest of your family for we love you and miss you so. We love you so unconditionally and love you even in your most holy presence as an angel.
Posted by Sandra Lawrence on 16th February 2013
Angel Tiffany Please watch over Monica, Erin, Zack, Daddy, Eric and Mommy. May your wings of gold protect us all.
Posted by Sandra Lawrence on 11th February 2013
I now know our Almighty Father only will chose the most perfect souls to be an angel and to watch over others. I can see you now with your beautiful wings of gold spreading out, larger then life to protect others. You are perfect and now are an eternal being and your light will shine forever, for you have looked into the face of God and have been chosen to now be our guardian angel.
Posted by Sandra Lawrence on 7th February 2013
It's almost a year since you have left us. I know you are here. Spread your "wings of gold" my angel. Mommy
Posted by Sandra Lawrence on 27th January 2013
Today I thought about you all day. I laughed about all the funny things you did and did not even mean too, but you found the humor in all those things along with us. Like the time you drove on a flat tire and then the whole tire fell off and you drove all the way home from Gilmour and when Eric asked you what happened to your tire you said " It fell off about a mile back, did I need it?
Posted by Sandra Lawrence on 17th January 2013
You have no idea how badly you are so missed here. Your brother Zack and sisters Erin and Monica miss you so and need you. We all miss you baby. Please shine your eternal light upon us. We love you so much angel.
Posted by Erin Lawrence on 16th January 2013
Tiff, Everyday you enter my mind, or something happens and I wish I could call my big sister. Even if its just to say hi and just listen to eachother laugh. You have no idea how badly Monica, Zack and I miss you.
Posted by Sandra Lawrence on 31st December 2012
Tonight is New Years Eve and you are not here. I am at a loss. I went by the cemetary today and I could not believe all the flowers and wreaths left for you on you gravesite by so many people. You were so loved by so many. Happy New Years Eve Baby.
Posted by Sandra Lawrence on 11th December 2012
Today is your sister's 21st Birthday. I so dearly wish you were here with us, to celebrate. You had the ability to some way make every day a celebration. Love, Mommy
Posted by Pam Gleisser on 28th November 2012
Dear Dear , you are a blessing and may love keep your family vibrant, and healthy
Posted by Trish Duncan on 27th November 2012
Happy birthday Tiff. You have no idea how much you are missed. You have touched so many lives in your short time here on earth. Thank you for all the love you gave. I love and miss you. You are in my thoughts every moment of every day. Aunt Trish
Posted by Julie Norman on 27th November 2012
Dearest Tiffany, Happy Birthday beautiful soul. Thank you for shining your eternal light on us. For transcending the physical to work your wonders from above. Your sacrifice was great, my heart still breaks and yet I feel your presence in my cells and know a peace deeper than my pain. Julie
Posted by Nikki Rini on 27th November 2012
Dear Tiff, Happy Birthday to my most beautiful and oldest granddaughter. I know that will make you laugh!! I miss you so much but I also feel your presence everyday. I will especially feel you today!! I know what a glorious day you will have today and when I feel your loss I will think of you in Heaven!! Love you Grandma Nikki
Posted by Sandra Lawrence on 27th November 2012
Happy 26th Birthday Tiffany. I remember every single moment about 26 years ago today and meeting you for the first time. You were so lovely and perfect. I couldn't believe God gave me such a wonderful gift. I was so blessed and lucky to be your Mom and having the honor of raising you from that little precious infant to the beautiful young lady you became. Happy Birthday Baby.
Posted by Erin Lawrence on 26th September 2012
I cannot believe 6 months has gone so fast. It seems like just yesterday we were making jokes, having drinks and laughing! Thinking about you all the time!!! Missing you all the time!
Posted by Sandra Lawrence on 21st September 2012
Hi Sniff, Yesterday was Brian's Birthday and I thought of you and him, I wished him a happy B-day, but it is not the same as if it came from you. I'm sure he misses you. Just know stiff you are loved.
Posted by Maribeth Morrissey on 18th September 2012
Sandy, thank you for inviting me to this incredibly beautiful memorial tribute. Thank you for sharing your love and memories about Tiffany. Although I did not know her personally I feel her angelic energy as I connect with you. Thank you for giving me a way to connect since I lost my mom just days after Tiffany went to live in the afterlife. As with my mom. Forever missed, never forgotten!
Posted by Sandra Lawrence on 18th September 2012
Hi Baby, I worked on your foundation (Tiffany's Way) today. I think we are going to help a lot of people. In no way, can this replace your unbelievable smile and love for life, but maybe together we can help someone else find a smile and a reason to keep going. I miss you pumpkin head. Mommy loves you.
Posted by Sandra Lawrence on 14th September 2012
Dearest Tiffany, I really wish you were here, I think Monica needed you today and if you were here to make her feel better, you would text her something funny and include one of those silly pictures of me that you both found so humorous and always would send back and forth to one another. That joke never got old for you two nuts. I love you, mommy
Posted by Sandra Lawrence on 13th September 2012
Dear Sniff (Tiffany), I remember when Daddy first called you Stiffany from the photo you took when you looked stiff as a board, when you were about 8 yrs old, then somehow we started to all call you sniffany, then just sniff. The funny part is, is that you answered to it. We all had so much fun and laughed all the time. It's hard to laugh without you.
Posted by Rick Huckabee on 8th September 2012
Sometimes words are not enough to express the sense of loss. Though the flame of life has been extinguished… the glow within our heart remains. Tiff will be truly missed.
Posted by Sandra Lawrence on 7th September 2012
Dear Tiffany, Monica and I laughed so hard the other night about that the close up photo that some one took of you at her graduation and I posted it on Facebook, you were mortified when I did that. How funny. You always found the humor in everything. You were always smiling. Mommy misses you and wish you were here to give me a smile.I love you
Posted by John Escano on 3rd September 2012
To our loving niece Tiffany, There's not a day that goes by that we don't think of you. We were very blessed to have you in our lives and we miss you dearly, especially that warm and bright smile. We love you very much. Love, Uncle John, Aunt Erin, Amanda, & John John
Posted by Nita Leff on 3rd September 2012
Dear Tiffany, Although I did not have the honor of knowing you, I know from your mother, how special you were, and how much you are missed. We will honor your wish and help many people at the Wellness Center. May God be with you.
Posted by Christine Winsberg on 3rd September 2012
Tiffany - although I didn't know you, I have heard such wonderful things about you and see your beautiful picture on Heights Wellness Center brochures. Please say "hello" to my dear sister Carolyn, who took her life in June 2007. May God bless each of you and may your goodness and healing energy bathe us all with love and peace.
Posted by Greg Gliba on 3rd September 2012
The effortless smile, likable personality and caring eyes...are amazing memories that will always live in us...
Posted by Nikki Rini on 3rd September 2012
The first time I saw you was when you peeked out from behind your Mom. You smiled that unforgetable smile and my heart was joined with yours forever. I love you. Grandma Nikki
Posted by Vincent Gentiluomo on 3rd September 2012
I can not find the words to express the gift of knowing U, your famliy (Escano's) and your Mom. Being with your family since your passing has again left me with out words. You have touched so many of us before and after your passing. Each tear is a tribute to your everlasting life with the Divine.
Posted by Sandra Lawrence on 3rd September 2012
Dearest Tiffany, Time cannot erase your memory, which is filled with an unending love. How I wish you were here today, to see your bright smile and to put my arms around you and hold my precious child again, even if just for a moment and tell you I love you. I would give anything for that honor.
Posted by Sandra Lawrence on 22nd July 2012
My dearest child, words alone can not express how much I miss you every moment of every day. You are now an angel in heaven, watching over us. Guide us and keep us safe until we see you again. Mommy loves you.
Posted by Enu Singh on 14th July 2012
You are so lovely Tiffany. Be wrapped in divine love and grace.

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