Let the memory of Toni be with us forever.
  • 55 years old
  • Born on July 11, 1963 in Columbus, Ohio, United States.
  • Passed away on October 10, 2018 in Columbus, Ohio, United States.

Antoinette M. Bellisari, 55, passed away on October 10, 2018. She was born on July 11, 1963 in Columbus, OH. 

She was preceded in death by her mother, Patricia Ann Bellisari. 

Surviving family includes son, Anthony J. Pace, father, Ronald (Mary Sue) Bellisari, grandchildren, Aurora Ling, Kyrian Breeze and Michael Breeze, brother, Ronnie Bellisari, sister, Tiffany Bellisari, niece, Brittnie Whited, nephew, Devin Teale, great-nephew, Mace Rochelle. 

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Toni Bellisari. She was a very big hearted woman and was loved by many.  I am her best friend and decided to make this for her Family and Friends and myself.  I know alot of you are like I am and miss her alot.  This is to share thoughts and memories and pictures or anything you want to share about our Toni.  I hope that you all enjoy this as much as i know I am going to. Love you all.

                                                        Tammy Marie Smith

Posted by Tammy Smith on April 9, 2019
I come here almost everyday Toni. Just to look at the pics of you and think of old times. I miss you alot. I love you.
Posted by Tammy Smith on March 30, 2019
I am thinking about you alot!!!!!! Wish you were here to talk to. I am going to meet up with Sissybug next weekend. We will think of you. Wish you could be there too. Miss you Toni. Love you.
Posted by Tammy Smith on March 16, 2019
I miss you so bad. I dont understand why you had to leave us. Some of us still really need you here. I am one of those people. Sometimes I need to talk to you so bad. Its 3:16am..... We talked alot around now..lol Sometimes I just dont know what to do without you.......
Posted by Tammy Smith on March 4, 2019
Hey Toni. I usually talk to you today every year on this day. You usually help me through Dad's birthday. You know how much he meant to me and we talk about him. I really miss you. I really need you alot sometimes. Need to hear your voice and your laugh. Love you lots sis. Hugs.
Posted by Anthony Pace on March 3, 2019
I miss you mom.
Posted by Tammy Smith on February 23, 2019
I am missing you alot lately. Some days are easier to handle. But at night we always had our late night talks. And I miss them alot. I dont have anyone to talk to late at night now. I love you Toni and I miss you so darn much!!!!!!! I dont understand why this had to happen. I cry alot. But its tears cause i miss you and love you.
Posted by Tiffany Bellisari on February 18, 2019
I miss you soooo much sis. Every weekend I sit and think about our weekends together....we always did something. It's just not ever going to be the same. We always laughed together....even at silly commercials. Man I miss you. my heart will never quit hurting.
Posted by Tammy Smith on February 4, 2019
Hello to all the family and friends of our Toni Bellisari. I just want to say I hope this is something you all will enjoy. Something that we can all come to when we are missing Toni. Sometimes I just need to feel close to her. So we can tell stories and share photos and know Toni even better than before. She will NEVER be far from our hearts!!!
Love and miss you forever my friend/sister Toni!!!!!!!

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