Tracy Michelle Lemoine- Butler
  • 38 years old
  • Date of birth: Jun 13, 1976
  • Place of birth:
    Houston, Texas, United States
  • Date of passing: Aug 20, 2014
  • Place of passing:
    Ellsworh, Maine, United States
Let the memory of Tracy be with us forever LOVE YOU MISS YOU
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Tracy Lemoine- Butler, 38, born on June 13, 1976 and passed away on August 20, 2014. We will remember her forever.
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by James Brady on 13th June 2017

"Was thinking about you at Ricky and Nancy's party it was great county line was playing and in between rain showers we played beer pong and everything it was great the rain finally stopped the party continued on to the wee hours of the morning... miss youTra"

This tribute was added by Mary Tate on 12th June 2017

"I miss you"

This tribute was added by Mary Tate on 8th June 2017

"Your Birthday is coming up soon and the thought that I can't see you or talk to you on your Birthday is eating me up I still miss you just as much today as the day I lost you I still cry every day for what should have been I know you send signs that you are still with me I planted a flower garden in your memory Trace and I was out here working in it just as I have many many times but that Day I dug up a penny after washing it off I found it to e a 1976 penny and it was like a message from you saying I am still here mom thank you I need those little things it made me"

This tribute was added by Mary Tate on 21st August 2015

"Trace I cant believe a year has gone by I will never be whole again I think of you always I cry for daily part of me went with you that day and will always remain with you you were my only daughter and that  bond will never be broken we will be together again there are so many things I want to talk with you about but you are not here  I talk to you daily I even ask your opinion you never steered me wrong I am havi g a really hard time Trace and I feel like I am going over the edge please help me hold on Love you Miss you Mom"

This tribute was added by Tonie Meeker on 18th August 2015

"I miss your voice... I miss knowing you aren't there .. I took for granted our friendship... i moved away....yes we called and saw eachother regularly but.. i don't think it was good enough.... I miss you coming into my room waking me up just to chat.. or are sneaking out to go sing and have fun...  A year .... A year i lost my best friend... A year of crying... I miss you and I need you!.. I miss late night card game... late night everything....just a sign Tra,,, a sign to know that your still around.... I love you my friend,.,,,"

This tribute was added by James Brady on 14th June 2015

"Tra, there have been times, when I just need too be around you and only your presence , your friendship, only your understanding would do...At times, I have set up your pictures, at night, when I'm alone and need a friend. I'll light a candle, and I can still feel you there. Mss you girl"

This tribute was added by Tonie Meeker on 12th June 2015

"The worst thing in the world is knowing that i can't pick up the phone and call you. There are no words that can express how much i miss you.. and to know that tomorrow is your birthday... and i can't be there to celebrate with you... you mean the world to me.. my heart tugs every time i remember something crazy we did... or the late night convos especially when you would wake me up..just to crawl in bed and talk.. I miss having that . We some how knew when the other one needed the other... I love you Trace!!! I miss you"

This tribute was added by Mary Tate on 28th May 2015

"missing you so much mothers day with out talking to you was one of the worst days trace memorial day I got thru it but now your birthday is coming up and I don't know if I can take it I really believe you are still with me so I am going to need all of your help I can gwt"

This tribute was added by Tonie Meeker on 19th May 2015

"I miss you more and more everyday!! really wish you were here,,, I miss your evil little giggle... the long nights of playing rummy or 10,000. The jokes and secrets, the going out, shopping or climbing out my bedroom window so we could be closer to the sun to we could tan. I miss you my very very you"

This tribute was added by Tonie Meeker on 8th April 2015

"a lot more lately i find myself crying because i want to be able to talk to you.. Its been almost 8 months, but its hard being in a city that everywhere i look there is not a memory us doing something crazy... I drive by my old apartment on Prichard st and just chuckle.. remembering how you hid from Lexi out on that back porch because you weren't done hanging out with me yet,,, .. I wish you would come back..I'm not done hanging out with you.... I love and miss you dearly my friend...more then words can ever express"

This tribute was added by Mary Tate on 4th April 2015

"Tomorrow is Easter Sunday I am having a hard time believing that another holiday is here without you I lve yu and miss you so much I still cant get thtu a day without crying for all that will never be Love you"

This tribute was added by Mary Tate on 20th December 2014

"4 months today Trace andI  miss you I I keep looking at my phone and hoping to hear from you hoping that I wake up and this was just a terrible nightmare there is not a day gone by that I have not cryed for you my only hope is that I will see you again someday love you miss you

This tribute was added by Mary Tate on 27th November 2014

"Happy Thanksgiving Tracy . no deviled eggs this year. that was your job since you were 6 and old enough to help in the kitchen i remember the first time you made them you were so proud telling everyone you made them all by yourself although I helped a little by boiling and peeling eggs cutting them in half and mixing the filling you did do all the rest and every holiday after that you were the deviled egg maker until you did do them all by yourself

I treasure every moment
you spent in life with me.
I hoped to have you longer,
but it's not meant to be.

You left this world so suddenly.

I think my heart went too.
I feel so lost and lonely,
and I cry from missing you.

I know you're in a better place.
I know you're happy there.
I know one day I'll join you,
but the wait is hard to bear.

My heart feels like it's breaking
as I try to carry on.
You were my life, my everything,
but now sweetheart, you've gone.

I pray that God will give me strength
until He calls me too.
Then what joy will fill my heart
when I'm again with you"

This tribute was added by Tonie Meeker on 24th November 2014

"Driving home from Gardner yesterday and we pass a mother teaching her daughter how to drive a standard.... I started laughing my but off.. remembering how you took me up to happy town rd , and told me i was gonna learn how to drive a cheap tricks I want you to want me came on the radio.. We had such amazing adventures I am truly grateful i have so many stories! there is not a day that i do not think of you,,,,,Autumn misses you dearly ..everyday day she walks by your picture and says hi Auntie tracy....I love you.... Thank you Tracy ,,,Thank you for your love and friendship forever my sister"

This tribute was added by James Brady on 13th November 2014

"Tra.....There are too many good times to count, from the days when I met you hanging out at the Jordan House with Tonie, all of the gang...I so wish I had the pictures to share that are in my memories. Those are the greatest days and Tra was always there when I needed a friend too...We would all meet there and pre game for big nights on the town, barbeque and just good times! Today is just like a day when I needed a friend, I could just call her and she would be there, dressed to the nines and be a friend and I miss her now...more than ever."

This tribute was added by Tracy Morrison on 22nd October 2014

"I miss the days of hanging out in Mass or Maine we took turns like good sisters. LOL We had many times together earlier on and it seems we started losing touch in our later teens. I have so many good memories with you and Ricky and I always knew that even if we didn't stay in touch as often as we should have we would always be there for each other if needed. I love you and miss you deeply. You were an inspiration of honesty and loyalty! I still look at our last Facebook conversation ending with Love you too!"

This tribute was added by Mary Tate on 18th October 2014

"Trace I miss you so much I still do not know why you were taken from us its been almost 2 months now and it just as much as then  I am in Houston Texas right now I wish you could be here with me this is where you began you would love the weather
Love and Miss you

This tribute was added by Mary Tate on 16th October 2014

"I am sitting hear at Galveston beach thinking of you you would have loved this place Tracy. The beach is is nice the water is warm you were born not far from here I wish you could be hear to share it with me  god I miss you it just seems so unfair that you were never given the chance to come back to Texas and visit but you will always be with me and when I take my walk down the beach to watch the sun rise I know you are watching it with me  
Love you miss you

This tribute was added by Tonie Meeker on 6th October 2014

"This weekend as we were driving around looking at all the leaves changing i couldn't help but smile ..i swear i heard you clear as day laugh at me and tell me you will be always be a tourist...  just as you have many times before..I miss you so much Tra not a day goes by that don't think of you..."

This tribute was added by Mary Tate on 2nd October 2014

"Wishing you were here today

But I know it can't be this way

I think of you with each passing day

Together we'll be one - forever to stay

Each new day brings you closer to me

This is the way God meant it to be

Time stands between you and me

Sometimes it's hard for me to see

Until the day we can be together once more

Just want to say I love you so ever more

But I wish you were here but I'll just have to wait

But I will be waiting for you    LOVE YOU MISS YOU


This tribute was added by Mary Tate on 26th September 2014

"Love and Miss you"

This tribute was added by Debbie Neighbor on 25th September 2014

"My condolences go out to the family and friends of Tracy.  From reading about her I know she will be missed and was loved by many.  No matter what, it can truly be said that death is an enemy and soon it will be brought to nothing (1Cor. 15:26).  I have found much comfort in the Bibles promise of a resurrection hope of our loved ones at John 5:28, 29 and hope you will too.  Death was never a part of Gods original purpose, in fact he yearns to soon bring an end to it and the suffering it causes your family and friends.  Revelation 21:4 states: "And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away."  I did not know Tracy, but I read her obituary and I hope these scriptures will help to bring some comfort knowing that others care.  If you would like to learn more about the Bibles promises and the hope it brings, please feel free to contact me."

This tribute was added by Chet Cochran on 21st September 2014

"I remember and miss the days when Tracy and me and a few others use to hang out when we were teens, having fun joking and laughing, I've always thought of her as a younger sister, we were there for each other thru good and bad, one of the funniest things I recall is when we found a garder snake and chased Ricky around cuz at that point he was scared of them, and I enjoyed partying with her cuz she was the life of the party with the best sense of humor and good ideas when we had nothing to do, Mary was always good to me and Ricky was like a lil brother, the 3 felt like a second family to me and I thank God for putting the Lemoine family in my path, Tracy may be gone in the physical sense but she'll always hold a place in my heart and memories forever and a day, I love and miss you lil sister, may you be reunited with your father and RIP for all time in Heaven <3"

This tribute was added by Mary Tate on 20th September 2014

"By  Richard Perez                                                                                                                       I remember when I first met Tracy Lemoine, I was walking in fitchburg on high and johnson street and I see Tracy fighting two guys who didnt like her rejection, I said to myself here goes a pretty strong girl, literally both pretty and strong. I WAS INSTANTLY attracted to Tracy I mean how can you not be, you didnt have to know her to fall in love with her beauty. I love the fact that Tracy stood up for herself no matter what. To this day Tracy left me with a reminder for direspecting her everytime I look in the mirror I remember, I remember Tracy standing up for herself and my front tooth flying in the air but ironically enough thats when I truly fell in love with Tracy, unfortunately I wasnt man enough to hold on to her though I was older Tracy matured before I did. I will never forget good or bad all the memories we shared, I am happy to have met Tracy. There is so so much more but heres a lil something for now, love you Mary Tate, Ricky lemoine, and Xzavier Rios.   FROM :

Richard Perez"

This tribute was added by Tonie Meeker on 20th September 2014

"Every evening I sit on my porch and reminisce on all the good times we would have,praying that if i continue speaking out loud i would hear your voice. Losing a friend like you is like losing a sister, my heart will never be the same. We have been through a lot together. Then fun we had getting ready to go out, to you being my hair dresser lol.. I remember the time when we were living at your moms and we were getting ready to go out, we had just but dye in my hair and I got so busy talking to Julio that i forgot i had dye in my about stop traffic red hair that happened lol,,, you didn't have the heart to tell me chunks of my hair fell out until after you fixed my hair.. So many memories i cherish of are never far from my thoughts,,,,I love you tra for ever and always"

This tribute was added by Mary Tate on 20th September 2014

"Trace it has been1 month today and my heart is still as broken as the day I heard I feel as if part of me is gone too I keep looking at my phone for that simple little text I always got from you all it always said was    ( Luv u miss u )   but it always made my day how am I going to get thru the rest of my life without you  LUV U MISS U

This tribute was added by Mary Tate on 18th September 2014

"Tracy this is so unfair I still can't believe it you weren't just my daughter you we're my friend  love you forever do you remember the book we used to read X forever and ever my baby you will be .LOVE AND MISS YOU Mom"

This tribute was added by Michele Wornham on 17th September 2014

"Always remember Tracy at our OOB girl's weekends and especially the year she brought down lobsters and we had lobster races before dinner!   lol"

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