A Poem Of My Last Memories With You

Shared by Shelby Cook on May 21, 2016

It's crazy to say, or even just dig into my mind for the way I felt the day I got a call, saying that you died. The last time I seen you, was either 09 or early 2010. You lived in Elmer, and a group of us got drunk then wanted to swim. The pastor across your house, had a pond at the bottom of a hilly. As we were all on our way there, you shouted out to my cousin Willy, "You got an inter tube?!" Serious, but not, it was jokingly. He didn't know how to swim. I remember you had a goldfish in a tiny fish tank in your kitchen. Your house was well kept, you even made sure your dishes were clean. The silly person you always were, paper plates with notes on them, of your serious but hilarious words. One specifically read, a note from your fish Gill. Demanding no one tap on his tank, cause it fucking pissed him off. Ended with a Thank You, with Your name Troy Cook- owner & operator, what a good laugh you gave us all. I wasn't given much time with you, I was a sophomore when you passed. But the little memories I do have, they will always, always last. 

You Were On My Mind Today Uncle

Shared by Shelby Cook on May 21, 2016

Six years have come & passed, six years since you left us here, and you passed. The sadness still lingers, sadness of you being gone. If Heaven had a #, I'd give you a ring, just to talk. You always wore a smile, that was ever so contagious. A laugh that caused a chain reaction, to making everyone laugh. If I could, if I could right now.... Today, I'd walk up The Stairway to Heavens steps, until I reached the top. In hopes you'd meet me there, with Aunt Peggy, and the best of all, your Ma & Pa. I hope that all of the angels, are singing melodically tunes. I hope that there is even a special angel, that was waiting there for you. If you could, would you make our family, and I a path made of just nickels... A path built for constant travel, and once we reached the end, you were a flower that would unravel. I've grown to live without your physical presence, only just memories. But I like to believe you are the wind, a light breeze. A single feather floating, a sign it's just you, a reassurance to keep letting your physical absence just be. And the wind whispers lightly, I Love You my sweet niece


Love Your Niece . . . . S.K.C.


Shared by Shelby Cook on July 14, 2014

Hey there Uncle Troy! Just thought I'd stop by and leave you a little something to read tonight. I was visiting Dad like a week ago I think and he asked me if I would take him into town to get some gas for his truck. So we got in my little red sunfire, almost exactly like the one Haley had. Except mine doesn't have a sun roof. Well anyways, we got into my car and drove over to Uncle Dannys to get his gas can too and some money. Well as we were driving to town, we finally got to the railroad crossing before you get into town. I absolutely couldn't help but remember the day me, you, and Dad hungout. It was sooo beautiful out too! We went into town for something in the truck you drove. I was in the middle, you were of course driving, and Dad was riding passenger. We approach the very same railroad crossing. And as we approach, the rails start to come down. Instead of stopping like anyone else would do, you gunned the gas pedal and we flew past the tracks, in between the rails, and came out on the other side. I just remember laughing and getting this big aderline rush. So a week ago, I couldn't help to remind Dad. And he surely remembered that very same day. I love and miss you so so SO much every day! Forever and Always . . . .

Shelby Kendra Cook  


Shared by Lori Shultz on November 6, 2011

You always made everyone laugh. I remember one day I was little and I had a mountain dew and a pepsi and I was mixing the two together. You came in and told me that I was making beer. We were arguing about it forever until you actually got me to believe I was making beer. I Love You and Miss You.


Shared by Lori Shultz on November 6, 2011

It was a year ago and me and mom had no place to go. You let us stay with you. I remember getting to your house and you Tony and Haley were sitting around the table playing a game. You guys were writing poems. But I can remember yours it still makes me laugh. The next day Haley and I had to go to school she took me. She pulled me out of class and asked me if I wanted to leave. I called mom and asked her if I could. Told the secretary that I had cramps. Me and Haley left. It was so fun living with you. I miss you so much. Nothing is the same without you Uncle Troy. I remember the day mom told me what happened. I couldnt cry. I wouldnt let myself. But I completely broke down until I couldnt cry anymore. You were the best Uncle that I could ever ask for. I miss you and Love you so.



this is a poem that dad wrote!

Shared by Haley Cook on August 4, 2011

if they only knew i must get home they would surly give me a ride for i got word shes very ill and probly wont survive.  a thousand miles is far away  for a man whos short on time if they only knew i must get home they would surly give a ride.  i know shes trying with all shes got to wait til i arive but with shaggy beard and ragged clouths its hard to get a ride. too far to walk too hard to run i will keep a steady stride and pray to god to let them see how bad i need a ride.

Shared by Haley Cook on August 4, 2011

its a year today that you died, i miss you so much words can't say.  i know you didnt think of how this would make me feel but, im hurt so bad.  i dont ever feel like getting out of bed in the morning or talking to people.  sometimes i forget that your gone and i find myself on my way to see you or if i just need a friend i pick up the phone to call you.  if i could have you back for just one day that would be so great but, i know it would only leave me wanting more.  i went to Grandmas today with Tanner i knew that it wouldnt be a good day but i really tried my best to keep my head up...it didnt work out to well.  i know your happy were you are always laughing!  but i also know when im haveing a bad day your looking down on me and you make me feel better!

i love you more then you could ever know my heart is all for you!  you are by far the best dad that any little girl could get!!  i am so lucky that i got 18 years with you, i never knew how this would end up i guess when your a kid you dont think about what you would do if you didnt have a dad.  so when this all happen i was lost.  dont get me wrong i still have no idea what the hell im doing here.  i havent done anything with my life i would two jobs and make nothing but i know at the end of the day when i pray im talking to the best person ever...MY DADDY!!  love haley cook!


Shared by Haley Cook on June 4, 2011

hey here dad!

so its been awhile but, not much is new...its been really hot out an i work all the time.  i have two jobs.  really wish you were here allysons having a baby and her and robert are gonna get married this summer i think anyway.  everyones doing alright as good as we  can.  just hope i get to see you soon!

love you so much your son haley cook!

Shared by Haley Cook on May 22, 2011

my graduation was today...wish i could say that im happy about it but, im really not.  it was a nice day but it would have been better if you were there.  just wanted to stop by and tell you that i love you more then you will ever know!

i love you so much daddy, i wish you could come back and spend some time with me maybe go fishin or something im gonna try to make you happy with what i do for the rest of my life.  love you your son Haley cook! :)

october 11 2010

Shared by Debbie Cook on October 12, 2010

today was your birthday, a  very sad day . baker was married today, i was happy for them, kept thinking you should be there, i love you deb

just another day

Shared by Debbie Cook on October 5, 2010

last year during this weather we did so much together, came out while you worked on the house, i'd always sweep up for you, then we'd cook. alway's laugh, picked apples, rode around, now every time i walk outside,i just want it to go away, but everyday reminds me of you, i just wish you were here troy, i don't think i'll ever be able to really enjoy anything with you gone. miss you love deb

i should visit my brother by lisa shultz

Shared by Debbie Cook on October 5, 2010

  they told me you were gone, they said you were with our Lord and Savior-

they told me you were gone, they told me forever

but i know its not so, i know its not true

i know your still here, i know i can visit you-

but todays not good, i have way to much to do

no today i cannot come, no today i cant visit you

i know when i come to visit you, you'll welcome me like you do

you'll offer me some supper, you tell i've missed you

we will walk around your yard, all the things you'll want me to see

your horses, your dogs, your garden tall and green-

i'll say i have to go now, and you'll softly kiss my cheek

i'll say i love you brother, but i'll never want to leave

i cannot come today, and i cannot come next week

but one day i will come to visit, and brother i'll never have to leave.... all my love Troy Lee love Lis.......


hunting with dad

Shared by Debbie Cook on September 19, 2010

it was two years ago dad Tanner an myself went hunting it was real early in the morning an the sun wasnt up yet, on our way i farted in the truck now you see it was really cold out an dads truck had no heat...dad an tanner was very mad at me.  dad told me if i did that when we were out an i scared all the deer away i was in trouble!  dad an i sat together an tanner was on the other side of the woods we had been out there all morning i could feel dad shaking really fast then i could smell this nasty funk  i looked at dad an he had his finger up to him red face he was laughing his ass  all cause he had farted just like he told me not to do!  i always went hunting with dad started when i was little he said that if he couldnt have a boy then he would make me a boy!  he told everyone that i was the best "son" that he ever had!  i love you very much daddy!

                                                             Haley Cook

last time i seen you

Shared by Debbie Cook on September 13, 2010

you called me about july the 20 , ask me and clinton to come out for a weiner roast with you tony and harley, we ate hot dogs, you roasted clinton marshmellows and fed them to him like you always did, your colt Job was running up trying to bite us. we set out on the foundation by the garage, talked awhile , i loved talking with you, then tony sang a song, then you played the guitar and sang, clinton was talking so i had to get onto him, i ask you to start over, when you finished, i told you it was the most beautiful song i ever heard. you were the best brother, i kissed you for the last time that day.

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