Let the memory of Tyler be with us forever
  • 18 years old
  • Born on September 29, 1992 .
  • Passed away on November 27, 2010 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Tyler Howell 18 years old , born on September 29, 1992 and passed away on November 27, 2010. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Maxine Thompson on 27th November 2017
Tyler, I am so thankful for the 18 years I had you here with me, I miss you so much and wish I could just give you a hug and kiss and tell you how much I love you sweet boy! I really can’t believe it has been 7 long years since you have been gone. I look forward to the day I can see you again.
Posted by Maxine Thompson on 29th September 2016
It's hard to believe you would be 24 years old today but what's even harder to believe you have been gone from here almost 6 years! Sometimes it's like forever but yet sometimes it seems like yesterday! I miss you more and more as the days passes and so does your son , although he never met you he talks about you and loves you. I love you with all my heart!!
Posted by Angela Sword on 3rd October 2015
You are forever missed! Such a sweet, respectful person taken way too soon! We always enjoyed having you around, I know your still around just in spirit. Keep shining!! And keep watching over all of us down here!
Posted by Nathan Frymire on 29th September 2015
Hey buddy, I hope you are doing well up there. No matter where life took us the last few years of our friendship while you were here I always knew I had a brother in you. We had a lot together man! You and your family were my family and you were always a pal when I needed one. I miss getting to watch you make insane basketball shots as I would throw the ball up and hope it would go in every time lol. Wish we could go back to the days where the hardest thing in life was having to deal with the regret of being the first one to fall asleep at our sleepovers ha, or who got the crappier cards in their yugioh pack. Rest easy buddy and hope to see you some day soon!
Posted by Patricia Stoops on 29th September 2014
Tyler Heavenly Happy Birthday.You have left the most amazing legacy ever. We know you are watching down on JT Jr with amazing grace. He glows like you. We give thanks to our Lord God and Savior for such a precious child that lives for you, Is a part of you and will always be yours. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.
Posted by Maxine Thompson on 29th September 2014
I cannot believe 22 years ago today I held you for the first time and for the last almost 4 years all I dream of is to hold you again! !! I love you so much and miss you more and more everyday and still not understanding why you were taken from us. I went to see you today and all I could think of is wishing I was throwing you a heck of a birthday party, but instead all I could do was to bring flowers . I really hate that you and Ty are missing out on each other, you would be so awesome, since you were such an awesome son...I love you Ty babe with my whole being!
Posted by David Trentham on 27th November 2013
It's hard to believe it's been 3 years since we lost you but we really didn't because you are right here in our hearts. So many people loved and miss you. I would have loved to see you become a great father I know you would have been. We miss you and think of you daily. Love you, your uncle David.
Posted by Tony T on 27th November 2013
Tyler < I try not to think back to that day and probably will not do it again in this way. I never thought in a million years that when I was in my tree stand that morning hearing the sounds of trouble it would have been you. A lot has changed since that day , your little man has grown and is starting to really come into his own way of being. I wish so much that you could be here to physically watch him grow up and give your mother the hug she so longs for. We are doing alright and would like to thank you for keeping and eye on us as we pass though this life. We are all growing older each day. We will see you soon. I'm sure you are making wonderful things happen where you are. Stay cool Tyler
Posted by Maxine Thompson on 27th November 2012
Tyler...I can not believe it has been 2 years since I have been able to reach out and give you a hug and tell you I love you!! Sometimes it seems like forever but then other times it seems as if it was yesterday...I love you and miss you so much it drives me crazy I see so much of you in little Ty, your facial expressions especially and it just makes me laugh and cry...
Posted by David Trentham on 1st October 2012
Wish you were here, we miss you so much. Dad and Granny and so many more are hurting. You will always be in our heart as you are right now in my tears. Love you, Uncle David
Posted by Maxine Thompson on 30th September 2012
Tyler...here it is your 20th birthday and I woke up this morning wishing I could just call you up and wish you a Happy Birthday and you come by to pick up presents that we have talked about for months but that can't happen so as usual I start my day with tears and end with tears, Knowing how unfair it is for you and your sweet boy that you are not here...I LOVE AND MISS YOU SO MUCH
Posted by David Trentham on 26th February 2012
We miss Tyler so much. He would have made a very good father.Tyler loved his family very much. He was also very respectful. I think of him often and wonder what if? What if he could of had a chance to be a father. We Love and miss you Tyler.
Posted by Maxine Thompson on 24th February 2011
Tyler will always be remembered as being a loving son, grandson, brother and friend. He also loved his girlfriend Heidi very much and I wish he could be here to be the great father to his child like he was an awesome brother to his baby sister Kaitlin. Tyler you are on my mind and in my heart every moment and i miss you very much!!! I love you Tybabe!!!

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