Please remember me and our good times together in this time of sorrow.
  • 33 years old
  • Born on February 9, 1977 in California, United States.
  • Passed away on October 21, 2010 in California, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Tyson Krider who was born on February 9, 1977 and passed away on October 21, 2010. We will remember him forever. We will all agree that Tyson was the best dad ever to his little Tay Rae! The most attentive father you ever seen, in fact. He always said he loved her more than all the grains of sand, on every beach, in the whole universe. This is the kind of profound love that Tyson gave. And, in turn, we could not help but love him profoundly back. Tyson was also a loving son, brother, boyfriend, grandson, friend and master. He had such enthusiasm for life and drive for adventure that it was contagious. Each day was a new search for excitement for Tyson. We are all tremendously lucky to shared some of those great moments with him. Tyson, as we all do, had his struggles in his life but, along the way, he still managed to spread his love, laughter, influence, drive and, knowledge of the cosmos. We must now go on without Tyson's energetic presence in our life. No day, hour or, minute will be easy. We shall keep strong and brave as Tyson would. if Tyson could say something to us on this day, he would say "Get Up! Dust yourself off! and, GO GET SOME! So lets do just that! Lets live life with wild abandon and carry Tyson's memory with us in our hearts everywhere and and always, just as he would have wanted...Marcella,

Posted by Tootie (Mom) Krider on 8th February 2018
Today is you’re birthday , I miss you so much .I will never understand how someone could take you’re life from me .You were such a warm good hearted young man.Love always MOM❤️
Posted by Tootie (Mom) Krider on 15th January 2018
Tyson another birthday coming soon .i think of you everyday several times a day so not fair not to have my son in my life I love and miss you so much .i have such fond memories but I wish I had you
Posted by Tootie (Mom) Krider on 9th December 2017
Tyson once again another holiday season without you . Yo so loved the holiday time and exspecially when you became a father you loved to make everything special for you're little TAY . Youd be so proud and so looking over her . I miss you so much not a day or hour do I not think of you . I dream about so often .hope I will see you someday
Posted by Tootie (Mom) Krider on 20th October 2017
Tyson I so mush you ! It doesn't get any easier . Everyday brings fond memories of you. But also makes me sad because I miss my son I hope you're in a better place and watch over all the ones that love you so much just not fair not to have you with us . You'd be so proud of taylor she's a lot like you a beautiful person. Miss you you're mother
Posted by Karie Spowart on 22nd July 2017
Hey Tyson, came across your picture yesterday. I wish I could still talk to you. So many things on my mind. I know you would try to make me feel better if you were still here. Thanks for all the times you were like a brother to me. Hugs from the other side......Karie
Posted by Jennifer Krider-Taylor on 9th February 2017
Happy birthday little bro!! Today you wouod've turned the big 40 If only I could have gave you kisses & hugs today and celebrated with you!! It was so cute your little newphew was so excited to send you balloons that he was telling everyone "it's my uncle Tysons birthday"!! He loves you so much eventhough he's never met you but the love he has is undeniable!!!
Posted by Tootie (Mom) Krider on 8th February 2017
Just sent up balloons blue and white happy birthday I love you Tysonmiss you so much you'd love it right now it's pouring. Reminds me of you miss you so much ❌⭕
Posted by Tootie (Mom) Krider on 8th February 2017
I I love you Son ❌⭕❌⭕❌⭕
Posted by Tootie (Mom) Krider on 8th February 2017
Today was a very special day for me , my baby boy was born .I have such good memories of you're birthdays I miss you so much Give anything to have one more hug and smile Tay Jen me and family sending balloons up I love and miss you so much
Posted by Tootie (Mom) Krider on 8th February 2017
Tyson today would of been a special birthday big 40
Posted by Tootie (Mom) Krider on 5th February 2017
Tyson I miss all the little things you would do such a warm heart you'd be so proud of you're little Tay I know how much you loved that little Tay I miss you so much so not fair such a whole in my heart give anything to have a warm hug from you once again
Posted by Tootie (Mom) Krider on 5th February 2017
Tyson ,another day another year I so miss you. Such a whole in my heart you're birthday coming wow 40
Posted by Kathy Troyer on 20th October 2016
I still miss you Tyson. You were there for me when there was no one else in the world. In my darkest hour you were my light. The hole that remains can never be filled.
Posted by Tootie (Mom) Krider on 13th February 2016
Tyson , 39 years ago you were the best valentines gift a mom could ever have . I miss you so much so not fair you're not here with us love you baby
Posted by Tootie (Mom) Krider on 9th February 2016
Tyson I want you to know we all will always look after you're little Tay. You'd be so proud.theres not a day or hour I don't think of you . Miss you so much
Posted by Tootie (Mom) Krider on 9th February 2016
Tyson I miss you so much , Jen,Taylor, Steavean and little Skyelar you're nephew all sent up balloons
Posted by Hillary Kerns on 9th February 2016
Happy birthday (yesterday). I hope you celebrated wherever you are. I wish I could've met you, but maybe someday. Until then, I'll keep my eye on Jenn and Skyelar for you. Lots of love, Hillary
Posted by Mike Donahe on 2nd November 2015
To this day I she'd tears over u brother. U were 1 of the very few I could call my friend. Some people see different but who cares. I didn't take sides and if it was reversed I'd of been there for u as my friend. I hope to see u again some day ty. It still seems so unreal. I stayed at the house because it was my way of hanging on. I'll never forget building the trampoline n the rushing river. Good times. We had so many good times and you always seem to b the motivation behind it. You live on in my heart. Love you stud
Posted by Tootie (Mom) Krider on 22nd October 2015
Tyson,another year has passed I miss you everyday
Posted by Tootie (Mom) Krider on 20th June 2015
Tyson just want to say I miss you so much I have such good memories of times spent riding bikes coming to see your family miss those times .the hikes we all did at alum rock could always have a good time spent miss those times so much. Have good memories you tought us just go do it ! Love you tyson
Posted by Tootie (Mom) Krider on 20th June 2015
It's Father's Day and wanted to say you would be so proud of you're Tay and to say she looks so like you ,you'd be happy we're all sending our love to you . I miss you so much Tyson . There's not a minute of the day that I'm not with you. So many people miss you and always will remember youre big heart and what a wonderful father you were to you're little Tay . She's adorable .im sending your favorite color blue balloons today
Posted by Tootie (Mom) Krider on 17th February 2015
TYSON, I so miss you! miss everything about you always a hug and your laughter. watching you with your daughter TAY, YOU WERE SUCH A GOOD FATHER .Know mother should have loose a child such a hole in my heart .Hope to see you someday. xoxo
Posted by Hillary Kerns on 12th February 2015
In honor of your birthday on the 9th, I've laid a flower for you. I never met you, but from what I've seen and heard, your heart was pretty magical. Losing you changed a lot of lives forever, you just left that type of an impact on people. I'll do whatever I can to pick up some of the pieces that I have access to, but I know you are there to help comfort and care for those who are paining for you (Jenn & Taylor). I hope to meet you someday. Thanks for listening and God BlessYou! Hillary Kerns
Posted by Karie Spowart on 9th February 2015
I remember you, Tyson. I remember how your deep voice sounded when you were talking which was most of the time. You we're hardly quiet. I remember the penetrating look in your eyes. Seemed as if you could look right through me sometimes. I remember your wild spirit. You were always game for something crazy. But most of all, I remember how you brought people together and healed them with your silly smile. Thank you for all the good times brother. Save a star for me up there!
Posted by Jennifer Krider-Taylor on 9th February 2015
Tyson, another year passes and I'm still waiting for your phone call!! I's not going to happen but just the thought of it makes me smile. :)) The family let balloons go at 6PM in your honor to celebrate your 38th bday. YOU ARE LOVED & TREMENDOUSLY MISSED EVERYDAY!!! Your sis, Tay XOXO
Posted by Amber Prevost on 8th February 2015
Daddy, i miss and love you soooooooooooooooo much. I love you more than all of the grans of sand on the planet and bubba does too. You tough me sooo many things that i still do today, like when your about to sneeze to look at a light and it will make you sneeze. I also have soooo many good memories that i had with you. Like the time we went to Disneyland or when we went bike riding. that's another thing that i love about you. you always took me somewhere whether it was to Disneyland or it was just on my bike we naver just sat at glad i got to spend the time i had with you having fun. p.s. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! -taylor ;:)
Posted by Tootie (Mom) Krider on 5th February 2015
TYSON, youre birthday is here again i miss you so much . youre laugh . you were such a caring young man . you d be happy that Taylor looks alot like you and her hair is long lol iI THINK ABOUT YOU EVERYDAY ALL TIME LOVE YOU HON .
Posted by Jennifer Krider-Taylor on 20th October 2014
4years ago today.... You are tremendously loved and missed by all that love you!! Mom went to the coast today, one of the places you enjoyed! She misses you so much Tyson!!! OUR LIVES HAVE CHANGED FROM THE DAY YOU LEFT US HERE. Gosh how we miss you laughter, jokes, the thoughtful and charming person you were. I can remember at every chance I'd ask you to make your beaker face...boy how that made me laugh. LOL Love you, Mom, Dad, Steavean, jenn, spunky, Alyssa, Skyelar (the nephew you never got to hold) WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!
Posted by Tootie (Mom) Krider on 9th February 2014
Son,happy birthday i hope you can watch over us i miss you so much remembering all your litllte birthday parties with your best friend Cody he also misses you so much . not a day passes or hour that i dont think of you . so not right what happened to you just not fair . i really try to stay strong . love you honey 2/09/14
Posted by Jennifer Krider-Taylor on 9th February 2014
Happy birthday Brother ;)) Miss you so much!!
Posted by Amber Prevost on 9th February 2014
Happy birthday!
Posted by Tootie (Mom) Krider on 31st October 2013
SON, Another year has past which seems like yesterday still and always will. I miss you and taylor so much . such a hard time of year .You know how much i love you . Youre always in my heart and thoughts everyday. So many things remind me of you and the times we all had together. I HOPE YOU CAN ALWAYS WATCH OVER YOURE TAY RAE she i know misses you so very much. I miss her too,
Posted by Amber Prevost on 21st October 2013
She tells all of her friends that her Daddy is an Angel and I truly believe you are her angel. Tay wants me to tell you she loves you more than all the sand in the whole universe xoxo
Posted by Amber Prevost on 21st October 2013
We are coming into the roughest part of the year for her with Halloween, Christmas, and both your Birthdays coming up so please continue to watch over her as I know you have always done. Even if you can’t be here physically for her anymore she still needs the comfort in knowing you are still with her in her heart.
Posted by Amber Prevost on 21st October 2013
It’s not fair that you were taken from her when she needs you most. Her life is now filled with unnecessary sorrow and struggles growing up without her Daddy. Every Holiday, Birthday, Father Daughter Dance, and Father’s Day is now a sad and depressing time instead of happy like it should be.
Posted by Amber Prevost on 21st October 2013
You truly will be forever missed…………….not a day goes by that your name isn’t brought up and me and Tay laugh at the funny things you did. Tay really misses the adventures you used to take her on. You never wasted a day just sitting home. She will never get the chance to have those days with you again so I’m so thankful that you did as much as you did while you were here.
Posted by Jennifer Krider-Taylor on 20th October 2013
It still feels like yesterday that you were taken from us. You had the biggest heart and cared for so many people. I miss you and will always cherish the 33years we had together. Until I see you again I will hold all our memories close to my heart. Love you brother......your sister Tay ;))
Posted by Tootie (Mom) Krider on 14th November 2012
tyson its been 2 years and seems like yesterday i miss you so much and youre daughter taylor youre sister had a little boy gave him yor nametoo. hes our little miracle baby. i think of you every day. and miss you so much. my whole life was wrapped around my family .very hard when there gone but your always with me love you mom
Posted by Karie Spowart on 10th October 2012
I remember the smell of your light. Your blues, greens and trailblazing dreams. I grieve like falling leaves the sound of that gasp when you moaned. Your name marks the spot to where rays still align. There were dances of light, parades on the sky, bits of the ocean, yet still fire and hues of extreme contrast of patterns printed in flight. I remember you in the perfect smell of sunshine.
Posted by Marcella Yvarra on 16th February 2012
Tyson, I took mom to the beach on your birthday. We thought of you and remembered our good time with you. I will forever be here for her now. We love you and miss you dearly. Not a day goes by that our hearts do not ache for you. It's so hard. You should be here with us still. XOXO Marcella
Posted by Tootie (Mom) Krider on 8th February 2012
Tyson today is your birthday. I miss you so much, on the coast today I think of you each and everyday not a hour passes by that i don't hold you close in my heart you are so missed by everyone i love you xoxoxo still doesn't seem real that i not have you in my mom
Posted by Cindy Nault on 18th October 2011
I never got a chance to meet you however I got to know about you from your Father. He loved you so very much. I know he misses you each and every day. There is no greater love then that of a parent for a child and you are truly missed.....
Posted by Jennifer Krider-Taylor on 29th May 2011
Tyson, you were my rock, someone who I could always turn to! The one person who undersood me for me. I will truly miss you! Love your sister, Tay
Posted by Jennifer Krider-Taylor on 26th December 2010
Tyson, my wonderful son. From the time you were born, you were very special to my heart ,like your daughter, the love of your life. You have touched many lives. You will be in my heart everyday and always missed. I love you Tyson...Mom,

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