Let the Sweet Memory and Legacy of Uba E. Obasi be with us forever.
  • 83 years old
  • Born on September 20, 1927 .
  • Passed away on September 15, 2011 .

This memorial website was created in the memory of our Loved Brother, Husband, Father, Grand Father & Great Grand Father, Hon Rtn. Chief Uba Ekeagbara Obasi, (PHF). Ochi-Oha 1 of Abiriba, born on September 20, 1927 and passed away on September 15, 2011 at the Age of 83 years (5 days Short of his 84th Birthday).

A Rare Gem of his Time, A Great Man and "A LEGEND". We will remember him forever.

Posted by Nene Favour on September 20, 2019
Papanta as l fondly call you, whenever l remember your advice on making choice of partner it keeps me focused in life. l pray the good Lord will continue to keep you safe in his bosom.
Posted by Agbai Obasi on September 19, 2019
Our beloved Papanta and Ochioha 1 of Abiriba.
We will continue to miss you as long as we live and will always love you forever.
Continue to rest on perfect peace knowing that the family you nutured are doing great.
Posted by Ina Obasi on September 18, 2019
Forever in my Mind and NEVER FORGOTTEN. Will share some thoughts with you soon. Love you Always Dad. Keep resting in His Bosom.
Posted by ODII KELVIN on May 3, 2019
I miss you so dearly great achiever.
You might not know me personally but you knows my parents.
Am a partaker of your kind gesture. You saved my parents from the shame of not paying my school fees on time.
I will never forget that day until I die. The day my father brought me to your house with a broken heart seeking for your financial assistance in payment of my final year school fees. You and mummy Clara didn't waist time in wiping away our tears by dishing out a good amount of money to my dad.
I promised my self that I must come back with a thankful heart,but death has taken you away.
Great one, accept my thanks giving. Your kindness here on earth is evergreen. Keep resting in peace. We love you but your creator loves you more.
Posted by Ekeagbara Obasi on September 21, 2018
Today in Remembrance of Hon. Rtn. Chief Uba Ekeagbara Obasi .. He was a WORTHY DISCIPLE of His CREATION .. The scripture tells us .. He has told you men what is good and what it is the LORD requires of you ; ONLY to act justly, to love faithfulness, and to walk humbly with your GOD ... Micah 6:8 .. Dad please continue to Rest in the blossom of our Lord ... Love ya ! Aku
Posted by Chidinma Eziyi on September 19, 2018
Dear Uncle & father,
I wish you could read all the love expeessed to you in remembrance of your birthday at this time of the year.
I have grown now to understand your heart more,is a gold one and a blessed one.
I blessed the God that created you and bless the mother that gave birth to you.
Your were indeed a messanger and all the works you did beared fruit.
God has dried my tears on your loss and turned it into a great strength from him.
May the Lord bless the family you left behind and all your well wishers and friends.
Rest on wise one.
Posted by Effiem Abbah on September 19, 2018
Daddym, kaa.
This is always a difficult period of the year for me, as I remember your passing and mark our birthdays.
I still mourn your exit,
Wish you were here today;
to see the woman your little girl has become; To enjoy the fruit of your labor.
I miss you acutely and will cherish your memories always.
RIP, Daddym. All my love always,
Posted by Festus Uche Ogbuligwe on September 19, 2018
Just Now 7 years is gone, We missed you.
Your Legacy is still on, Sleep on and continue to rest in the bosom of the Most High God.
Posted by Ina Obasi on September 16, 2018
I stopped by your resting place and said a good word of prayer for you. I believe our Good Lord is with your good soul as you watch over us from above. Continue to rest in peace.
The journey has not been easy but Gods grace has been magnificent and we cant stop to thank Him enough. His Refuge Shall be our comfort zone Always.
Forever Loved, Forever missed.
Posted by Tolu Fabunmi on September 15, 2018
He is still being fondly remembered for what he has done. Continue to rest in peace Papa!
Tolu Fabunmi
Posted by Agbai Obasi on September 15, 2018
It’s been 7 years now and we still miss you more today as we did seven years ago. Continue to Rest In Peace Papanta.
Posted by Vera White on January 10, 2018
Hello Aku and family,
This is Vera White from Los Angeles, CA. I am so sorry for your lost, and pray all is well with you all. Your father was a tremendously man of wisdom, trust and fairness. He visited my home on 51st St. in L.A. what a wonderful gracious man he was. I thank God for him and his wife, his daughter effem, Andy, Aku and more. I love you all. Vera
Posted by Ina Obasi on September 15, 2017
Forever Loved, Forever Missed.

Its been 6 years Today. I light a candle for you today as My Heart reaches out to your Soul.

Keep Resting in the Bossom of the Lord Daddy.
Posted by Ekeagbara Obasi on September 15, 2017
Yes Dad, May you continue to rest peaceably in the blossom of our Lord ... For you taught us that "The hope of a secure and livable world lies with disciplined nonconformist who are dedicated to justice, peace and brotherhood" You are forever missed and cherished indeed .. Love ya !
Posted by Agbai Obasi on September 15, 2017
It's been six years but the feeling is like yesterday.
Papa- nta , we continue to miss you - continue to
rest in the bosom of God Almighty.
Posted by Ekeagbara Obasi on September 21, 2016
You thought us to work towards fulfilling our life's purpose to our best interest ...Like what Pike Albert said " What we have done for ourselves dies with us, but what we have done for others and the word remains and is immortal " ... This sums the exemplary life and legacy footprints you left behind for us to fill ... Thank you, Dad !
Posted by Effiem Abbah on September 18, 2016
Daddym kaa.
I miss you so much!
No one has been able to fill the vacuum you left.
God has been our strength and fortress.
Thank you for all the love, care and wisdom.
Rest well, Daddym.
Happy birthday!!
All my love always,
Posted by Chidinma Eziyi on September 17, 2016
Papa,my great uncle,is clearer to me everyday as l grow older that you are more than a tribute b/c pen can write many words but who you are will live on in the heart of those you made impressions or who understood your heart.
l thank God for the queen my grand mum that gave birth to you and the rest of the family.
l am very proud of you and all that you are and did as everyday l see that you diid your best and all you can and the rest you left in the almighty hands of God to finish and he will for you b/c he is faithful.
You are more that a tribute,rest on.
Posted by Tolu Fabunmi on September 15, 2016
Papa is indeed still being remembered for what he has done! Your Legacy lives on.
Posted by Ina Obasi on September 15, 2016
5 Years Gone. Forever Loved; Forever Missed. Sleep On Papa. God Bless Your Soul. I pray for Gods Strength & Courage to keep me going. I Miss you Dearly Dad and With Tears, I reflect on this life changing day in Atlanta today.
Posted by Ina Obasi on September 15, 2016
Sleep On Papa. Forever Loved; Forever Missed.
Posted by Chidinma Eziyi on September 18, 2015
Great Uncle&Father my joy is that you are in a better place as you died un-compromised with your faith from what we know now,,that you are a man of pure heart who love your God and humanity,
Though none is perfect but l prefer you to many who claim God but love nothing.
l have searched,locked around nothing is close to your values,you are many blessings and l will never forget your lessons and will always for ever be grateful for my grand mum Queen Effiem Udegha Omokwo for you and all her blessed children.
Rest on as l know that the good Lord will not reward evil for good.
You are already rewarded in his arms as he is faithful that have promised.
Rest on glorious and compassionate spirit l've only seen your spirit in peace Amen.
Posted by Ekeagbara Obasi on September 16, 2015
As powerful witness to your work in me and mankind from the benefit of your unfailing love, immeasurable wisdom and wealth of Goodwill " Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in Heaven" (Matt. 5:16) ... We will continue to forever miss you "Dad" til the end of Time
Posted by Effiem Abbah on September 15, 2015
Daddy, I miss you more than words can say.
Thank you for teaching me to be selfless.
Your legacy lives on.
Rest well, sweet Daddy.
Love, effy.
Posted by Andy Ndukwo Uba Obasi on September 15, 2015
Dear Dad,
I missed you terribly. Words are not enough to express how much you touched my life, our lives and the vacuum your passing away created. It was an extremely devastating event to experience. Sharing life moments of you with friends and family did not heal the heart but provided some solace.
In remembrance, I continue to pray and ask the good Lord to continue to grant your generous and compassionate Soul Eternal Rest!!!
Posted by Tolu Fabunmi on September 15, 2015
I still told someone a few days back what a wonderful selfless father- inlaw I had. I couldn't have wished for someone else as my father inlaw. Part of the best gifts he gave me was his acceptance for me to marry his wonderful daughter. Continue to rest in the bossom of the lord. We will do all by the grace of God to continue to make you proud of us. You are always remebered for all you have done!
Posted by David Ogba on September 15, 2015
I can't believe it is four years already, it still feels like yesterday. Papa Nta as we fondly call you, your words of wisdom and your generosity of love will forever be remembered. Sleep on papa Nta, sleep on Nwanne oha!!
Posted by Ina Obasi on September 15, 2015
Dear Dad, Four years seems like yesterday. Very unbelievable and yet flashes of the day going through my face. Your Legacy and Light will keep shinning in the mist of difficulties, challenges, worldly ignorance and misunderstandings. I will always keep my eye on the Ball and never let any of them to drop. I see clearer each day, and cannot imagine what you had gone through in your 83 years on this Earth, doing selfless things that you knew human being could not appreciate but God. It is Well with your Soul as you keep sleeping in His Bossom. Rest Well Papa, Rest Well and let the Peace of God be with you always. Love Dad.
Posted by Effiem Abbah on September 20, 2014
Sweet Daddy,
Today is our birthday! I thank God for your life and the special bond we shared. I miss you terribly and will never forget you.
Rest well my beloved.
Posted by Uba Anya on September 15, 2014
Papa, I could not have asked for a better Uncle, a name sake who guided me like a Son. The moments we spent together, the wisdom you shared continues to form the person that I am.. I remain ever so grateful for your kindness to me and my family. God bless you!
Posted by Ina Obasi on September 14, 2014
Three years gone by, yet it seems like yesterday. A lot has Happened, a lot of what you said and we talked about has been made clearer. I only thank God for who you were and for your gentle soul to be Blessed. It is well? Your remembrance gets me through the days and make me stronger. I miss you a whole lot, I Love you Always.
Posted by Tolu Fabunmi on September 22, 2013
......Only the truth in the life we have spoken
Only the seed that in life we have sown
These shall pass onwards when we are forgotten
Only remembered for what we have done
He is indeed still remembered for what he has done! (Act 9:39)
Posted by Elizabeth Okoro on September 20, 2013
papa, I will forever miss you! love you always! God loves you most and I know you are having fun in Heaven! till we meet again continue resting in peace.
Posted by Dorothy Ndukwe on September 16, 2013
Papa Nta----a kind gentleman-- continue to rest in peace, God has you in His keep and we'll continue to have you in our hearts.
Posted by Effiem Abbah on September 15, 2013
Sweet Daddy, I miss you so much.
Thank God for the example nary life you lived.
You will forever be remembered.
Lots of love,
Posted by Ina Obasi on September 15, 2013
Daddy, two Years today and tears Still in my eyes. "The Greatest is HE that serves. Forever Remembered; Forever Missed". I LOVE You and thank you for What you are and what you Gave to the World through Service.
Posted by Ina Obasi on September 15, 2013
Dear Granpa, I have always Loved you and Miss You. You have been a Great Granpa. Love your Grandson, David Uba Ina Obasi
Posted by Festus Agwu Nnanna Mbonu on September 15, 2013
Pa Nta,

It's exactly two years today you left.us, but the legacy of your exemplary life still lives on.

Forever remember you!!!
Forever missed you, "the Great One"!!!.
Posted by Nene Favour on September 15, 2013
Papa nta, this is complete two years you left us, but your memories still linger, l missed your goodly advance and may your gentle soul rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Chidinma Eziyi on September 15, 2013
when l was young it wasn't very clear to me but today l will always bless God for my grand mum who produced you andChief Ina Obasi.
You were really wonders on assignment and the spirit of God will preserve both of your spirits to eternal rest.Your work,desires and wishes will live on Adieu good one.
Posted by Okenwa Stanley on August 9, 2013
I came in contact with chief Ubah sometime in 2009, that was when his late senoir friend¨s daughter(name with held) had health challenge. chief ubah not only welcomed me as if he knew me before but also sent his gracious wife with a good sum of money to accompany us straight to his the teaching Hospital. He is kind hearted. We miss him.
Posted by KALU ANYA on September 20, 2012
Ochi Oha 1 of Abiriba, Papa Oha---You would have been 85 years today! I am always grateful for having met you as a young boy through your friedship with two of my uncles. The influence you exerted, the wisdom impacted, will always remain a legacy that I will always cheerish. Rest In Peace PAPA!
Chief Kalu Okoro Anya
Posted by George Okiyi on September 20, 2012
‘Great in life, Awesome in death’; for only a few could that be said of.
Your footprints are getting bolder and clearer with each passing day
Keep resting in HIS bosom; for heaven will delight your presence
Sleep on and sleep well, Papa.
Posted by Tai Adelabu on September 18, 2012
Dear Chief, It has been one year since you left and what I have learned since your passing is that there is nothing on earth more important than keeping peace and love with your family. You always tried to teach us that and now I am trying to pass it to your grand daughter Tanina Kalaria ObasI.  May you rest in peace!
Posted by Effiem Abbah on September 16, 2012
its been one year since you left us.
It still hurts so much......just like yesterday.
I thank God for your life and thank you for the wisdom, patience, peace and humility you exhibited. I will keep your keep legacy, by God's special grace. Rest well. ka.
Posted by Dorothy Ndukwe on September 15, 2012
Already one year? Just like yesterday.
Great Man, continue to rest in the bossom of He who loves you most.
Papa, you're now our Angel. We miss you. ADIEU.
Posted by Festus Uche Ogbuligwe on November 30, 2011
Late Hon. Rtn. Chief Uba E. Obasi lived a life that was felt Positively by others, He established different Companies to make way for Nigerians and Foreigners where they made fortunes. He Left a Legacy that is Worthy Emulating. He is the Kind of Politicians that can Change This Country to be Great. Instead of investing in Abroad, He brought them here to develop the Country. For Me This is What we
Posted by Tai Adelabu on November 30, 2011
You are a wonderful man with kindness, wisdom, charity, honor, dignity, family, god fearing. Chief you will be missed by a multitude of people. Thank you for all that you have given us and all that you have left us with and may all your children, grand children, relatives and extended family be blessed and continue good deeds in your name.  May Gods mercy and peace be upon you.
Posted by Festus Agwu Nnanna Mbonu on November 20, 2011
Abiriba has lost a visionary and creative genius; immensely, we have lost an amazing human being, a philanthropist. Those of us who have been fortunate enough to know, stay and work with OCHI OHA 1 of Abiriba, have lost a dear friend, brother, uncle, a beloved father and an inspiring mentor. OCHI OHA leaves behind a legacy, that only he could have built, and his spirit of love, kindness, genero
Posted by Chekwube Abah on November 16, 2011
Never met you papa in your lifetime, but from what I heard from those very close to you and reading the several tributes, there is no doubt in my mind that you finished your earthly race with flying colours. Your uncommon achievements while on earth have earned you a deservedly heavenly crowns. My prayer is that those you left behind will forever keep your legacy.

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