This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Uchenna Okpala 50 years old , born on November 26, 1968 and passed away on December 24, 2018. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Adekunle Dosumu on November 26, 2019
Oga Uche like I call you. You would have turn 51 today but you are not around to celebrate today. Your memory lives on. Continue to rest at the feet of your maker. May God continue to uphold your family
Posted by Ijeoma Ejiofor on February 2, 2019
Speechless....May your soul continue to rest in peace
Posted by Osaretin Idehen on January 21, 2019
Hmmm am here to celebrate your life. And the measure of its worth to us all in walkie Talkies group. Every single life you touched positively while you were on this earth . Like your pastor rightly quote is not how old a man lives before passing on, but how well he lives, you surly passed your test. I guess your goal isn't to live forever, your goal was clearly defined to create something positive that will live within everyone you came across in your journey of life. Death cannot steal the good memories I shared with you , seeing you driving into Nickelby close to drop the kids off school, I will forever miss the man in his clean polo shirt with a nice sandals, calling out Walkie Talkies you never called me by my name. Rest In Peace .
Posted by Toyin Oniya on January 21, 2019
Where can i start? How do i start? I met you for the first time at Zachary's baby dedication. Such a gentleman. Nice and polite. Kept your little sis Golda's school mates company. Really my heart is heavy. But i know its only God who can give the family you left behind the peace that surpasses all understanding.
Posted by Carol Iwuanyanwu on January 20, 2019
My name is Carol Ebirim-iwuanyanwu.I am Goldas friend and classmate from Fggc Owerri.Uchenna Okpala was Goldas Brother.He was a Nice and Sincere Gentleman.May His Gentle Soul Rest in Peace and May God Almighty Comfort His Family.Amen
Posted by Neka Okolonji on January 18, 2019
Posted by Neka Okolonji on January 18, 2019
With great sadness over the unimaginable loss of a good friend Uchenna who is so gentle, caring and very supportive when in need. He was a loving and caring husband and father to his wife and children and laid a strong foundation to see that they have a great life. He is full of values and always cheerful, never had a dull moment with him.
His beautiful spirit will live on through his children and they will know how much he loved them.
He fought to stay with all his heart for them but God called him and he had to go.
Ever since i met him. I had no regret knowing him. He was full of smiles and very jovial.
He fondly calls me "Aunty" whenever we meet and we laugh over it.
Adieu Uchenna. May your gentle and peaceful soul rest with the lord Amen
Posted by Rita Emechete on January 17, 2019
That is how I remember your name being called. And then your never fading smile will follow.......Ahhhhh. I am lost for words, you were the most loving husband and father I always went out with you handbag(your beautiful wife..Anne) and was a good example of patience. Where do we start from Sweeeey...Where. Everytime I think of you I just see your smile, your humblness, your patients, your love for your Family and friends and your achievements in life.
Your loss is too devastating for words....May you rest in eternal peace....AMEN
Posted by Joy Abbe on January 16, 2019
Uchenna Sidney okpala, I remember the first time we met, it was at Zaria. Anne had introduced you to us as a “potential wanabe heartbeat”. she had wanted our candid opinion on the matter at stake before she dives so deep into it and all emotions starts running haywire. In just a matter of a few minutes we had made our decision and drawn our conclusions on the said assignment. I’m sure you got to know what our mission was and the feedback thereafter. Long story short, you proved us all right as you two became man and wife, and the best husband anyone could ever pray for! An exemplary husband a true companion to our sister/ friend Anne, father, Inlaw, brother and friend to all concerned. It has been a pleasure knowing you in good standing to date. Well, “life” they say “happens”. A time for everything. News of your passing dealt us all a terrible blow, but in God we put our trust. We pray he grants us all the fortitude to bear your loss, especially your better half chi-chi as you fondly called her. I have no doubt in my heart you are resting in peace with the most high God. We will surely miss you, Adieu my friend, and brother. Adieu wokoma, Uchenna Sidney okpala. May your soul eternally find rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen
Posted by Ayo Abbe on January 16, 2019
Mere words could not describe the feeling of a deep sense of loss at the news of the passing of Uche's gentle soul. But we do have the fervent hope that the same God who gave Uche life and numbered his days on earth unto him, is also able to raise him up again at the resurrection, to life eternal. This is our hope and prayer that God will comfort Uche's family and friends until that glorious day, in Jesus name. Amen
Posted by Florence Kareem on January 16, 2019
Anne oh, where do I begin from, Uche would be missed. I remember him as a very nice gentleman who was very humble and accommodating
I often described him as an ideal husband material, everyone just felt easy around him. Rest on, in peace.
Posted by Adekunle Dosumu on January 15, 2019
Adieu beloved brother Uche
After hearing the news of the demise of Our beloved brother I kept singing this song:
God is still God
God is still God
God is still God
He is still God
I never knew a time will come so soon for me to write about our beloved brother Uche (aka Oga Sir)
He was so pleasant, reliable and dedicated worker in the Lord’s vineyard
He truly loved his family and God and was passionate about making a difference everywhere he stepped.
His enthusiasm will be hugely missed. Our thoughts are with the Okpala family at this desperately sad time.
Your departure from this sinful world on the 24th of December 2018 was unbelievable.
I was shocked and saddened by that news that morning.
Anyway, continue to rest at the feet of your maker.
I will miss that lovely smile!!!
Rest In Peace
Posted by Bunmi John on January 15, 2019
Uche, what can I say? Your passing shocked me. It was news very hard to process but in surrender to the Almighty God, I accept your departure.
You were such a gentleman, so pleasant, so genuine, so warm and radiating peace.
You knew how to make people feel at home and your friendship rare and sincere.
I thank God for knowing you and your family and I treasure the fellowship we shared. Rest on dear brother until we meet again.
Posted by Chuks Emechete on January 15, 2019
Uche my good friend for life my one and only confidant I surelyisd you for all your brotherly advice for your support and for all your true brotherly friendship we have come a long and never knew death is going to divide is at our early age leaving with the burden of looking after your children but I trust the lord I serve will give me the strength and wealth and good health to continue where you stop I will never fail you as a friend sleep well in the Bossom of the lord from your brother and friend cetu .
Posted by Yinka Ade on January 15, 2019
A good man is gone.
Uche you are a complete gentleman and of great humility. Your passing was and is still a shock to me. On Sunday I still looked back hoping to find you behind me but it finally dawned on me that you have gone to be with the Lord you love and served whilst you are on earth.
Continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord my brother.
Posted by Paddy Anigbo on January 13, 2019
Tribute to my beloved friend
Dear Uche,
With heavy heart full of grief I’m in deep pain for your early exit leaving a vacuum no one can fill.
I loved you from the very day we met because of you aura of true friendship with selfless attitude to everyone that comes your way regardless of circumstance.
We played along and your intelligence and goodwill all around you benefited in one way or the other throughout our secondary school.
What you infused in all of us stayed fresh regardless of distance till we I was finally lucky to meet you again at work as a man with family yet you never changed in your charming charisma.
It is really unfortunate you have gone too soon and I pray God will be with you till we meet again. I really miss you!
Rest in perfect peace.
Sam J
Posted by Paddy Anigbo on January 13, 2019
To A fine Gentleman Uche
Rest In Peace Ouch
Always have been & Always will be fondly remembered as a fine gentleman and all round great guy.
Rest In Peace Bro
Anthony Uzo Oguike
Posted by Paddy Anigbo on January 13, 2019
Goodnight Uche
How can I begin to write a tribute to my lively Cousin ( Uchenna Anutie Beaty). Your death was a big shock and had created a big vacuum in our life.
Did you remember your Mum? Did you consider how difficult it will for her to move on without you? Tears...... Oh death why so soon? Uchenna you were a peace maker. God please on the Resurrection morning Remember him . Amen. Rest on cousin we shall meet again.   
Nwakaego your cousin.
Posted by Paddy Anigbo on January 13, 2019
Gone too soon my brother. We gonna miss you, but Gods time is the best time. You’re a good man, always talking about how life is too short and to leave it up. Am in pain, but I know you are in a better place. May your soul Rest In Peace my brother.
Frank Osuorji
Posted by Paddy Anigbo on January 13, 2019
For My Lifelong Friend Uche:
I've cherished the friendship I had with Uche and the memories that will linger on of our friendship from childhood through adolescence, and adulthood. He had made my life worthy of living because of the warmth of his friendship and the memories of him and his siblings and parents which have enriched my life. He had always been a true friend to me and never doubted his loyalty. Uche was a kind and caring person, cheerful and intelligent. In high school, he was one of few people I had a healthy competition about who gets a higher grade. That fondness and interaction only enriched my life and, I'm sure the lives of all the friends we had in common.
Uche lives behind his wife and children whom Uche never ceases to tell me good stories about every time we talk over the phone across the "pond". They will miss her more, along with his siblings and mother. I hope my family and I will continue to be a source of friendship to them as we all pass through this journey of Life.
Adieu, dear friend.
Derek U. Obialo (Houston, Texas)
Posted by Paddy Anigbo on January 13, 2019
It was with utter shock and sorrow that we, the Class of ’85, and indeed the entire Old Boys Association of Government Secondary School, Owerri, received the sad and unexpected news of the death of Mr Uchenna Sidney Okpala, who was one of us.
We will sorely miss Uchenna, fondly called Uche by most of us. He was a remarkably charming gentleman with an enviable sense of camaraderie. A good and wonderful mixer, his company, as a student back in our college days, and during his adult days, was characterised by warmth, humour, vim of aura and bonhomie. Exceptionally brilliant, he will be forever remembered for the supreme confidence with which he took up the challenges before him during those trying times at any level of his academic endeavour. A lively and interesting conversationalist, there was never a dull moment with him. His comeliness reflected the benevolence of his soul, which shone ceaselessly with broad and genial smiles. He related with all and sundry through the display of suave and gracious manners.
While we do not question God, who knows best about Uche’s sudden exit, we implore Him earnestly to get this dark, ugly and deplorable GONE‐TOO‐SOON phenomenon behind us all and the youths of the world.
Our hearts are sad and heavy, but we leave everything to God, the supreme comforter and healer of broken hearts. It’s our sincere prayers that the family Uche left behind will bear his painful absence with fortitude. May God’s presence remain with them now and forever. Amen.
May the soul of Uche Okpala rest in the bosom of our Lord.
From the Class of ’85,
Government Secondary School, Owerri, Nigeria
Posted by Paddy Anigbo on January 13, 2019
A tribute to my dear friend, Uchenna Sydney Okpala (Nov 26 1968- Dec 24 2018) From Chinenye C Onukwugha
We have often heard the expression. “Wonders shall never cease”, but never a time has it been more appropriate than this. The mere idea that I would be writing this tribute to Uchenna at this point in time is almost overwhelming and indeed a thing of wonder. It has been a difficult fact for me to process.
It’s hard to recall any memory of Uchenna that isn’t about laughter and rib cracking jokes .Most people that knew him share this common view. We both grew up at Owerri. My earliest encounter with him dates back over four decades to a time when friendship and social interaction required more physical effort in order to be nurtured. We would walk the streets of Ikenegbu, Federal housing, Trans-Egbu and anywhere we had to in order to simply meet up, share experiences, make plans, argue and LAUGH! This guy was fun. That was truly the age of innocence. During that time, our biggest fear were three common enemies known as WAEC, GCE and JAMB. Through all the laughter and fun, we constantly remained mindful of our inescapable date with these looming enemies. Our parents enrolled us for extra classes after school in Owerri in order to prepare us to conquer the threats from these enemies and that was where the nickname “TB” first started. I remember the original meaning and idea behind this nickname was not in any way complimentary, it was actually denigrating. ..But trust typical Uchenna, rather than take the expected position of kicking against it, he immediately warmed up to the joke and joined in laughing over it! He didn’t see the point in disrupting something that created humor for people even if the joke was on him. That’s how it stuck! He was more of a people person and more outgoing than I was and he really helped unlock my social skills. I can never forget how he came up with the idea that we must convince a close friend of ours that had great dancing skills to compete in the state’s Disco dance championship competition. The year was 1984 and break-dance had taken the world by storm. Uchenna knew our common friend had the skills but he (the dancer) was shy and extremely introverted. The challenge was how to instill the confidence needed for him to compete among several other competitors at a televised event. The grand price was a color TV! That was big in those days. With no income of any sort, Uchenna employed his persuasive skills and was able to muster enough financial support and confidence for our friend to be able to join the competition. We even had a support team for him. I can still remember the palpable tension we felt that evening at each stage of the elimination process of the competition. Finally, after eliminating several competitors, the top three were announced and we won the Number one price! That was a moment of glory for us. It paid off! Our friend was celebrated by the entire State and our pride knew no bounds. The idea was entirely driven and managed by Uchenna.
For me, that was a lesson of faith - In trusting and following my gut feelings and beliefs against all odds. Though the achievement may not amount to much today, it was my earliest personal practical introduction to what we can accomplish as human beings if we believe in ourselves and strive. I experienced that and a whole lot more with Uchenna Okpala. Though we both moved on to different locations and pursued different goals as we got older, we remained good friends bound by a common history and shared experiences that helped us feel connected even when we were not able to communicate for some time. He knew me and I knew him. Uchenna was my man! Time, distance and vagaries of life cannot alter this.
It really hurts as I bid you farewell. It is extremely difficult and painful for me to do. I wish you could have hung around a lot longer. You will always remain an important and unforgettable chapter in my life.
Farewell, Uchenna. Rest In Peace!
From Chinenye C Onukwugha
Posted by Paddy Anigbo on January 13, 2019
Uche Nnam
I still can’t believe you are gone for am still in shock, every day I still hear your voice calling me Lulu as you fondly do.
Uche you are such a sweet person I have never seen you get mad before for you are always smiling and full of life.
My heart bleeds as I write ,I still ask the question why my Uche but I know only God knows the best.
Uche you will ever be loved and missed so much, may your soul Rest in Peace.

Your Cousin, Lilian Ofoma
Posted by Angela Mokwunye on January 12, 2019
Nna bros, nah wah oh! Na so e be? Here today, gone tomorrow? I remember the day you came to see Chichi; it was as though I'd found a long-lost brother. As far as I was concerned, you were already part of my family; all we needed was to make it official. You (and Jesus) made my sister happy, you brought calm and steadiness to her life. I remember our conversations on important things (such as the superiority of Guinness over beer) or the essential things (making ourselves better). I regret that we did not speak as much in the past few years, but I'm so glad I had the opportunity to see and speak with you before God decided He had a job for you Upstairs.
So bros, no shaking, we go block for yonder. Until then, knock two Stella for me and try not to get into political arguments with Jesus.
Your sis, Nkechi.
Posted by Tony Nwabueze on January 11, 2019
Posted by DJ Kingboy Babafemi on January 11, 2019
Bros Uchenna...and I know you could still hear me loud and clear while resting with thy good Lord.
There is no pain so great as the memory of joy in present grief. It's really sad but God knows best when someone you know becomes someone you knew, tears are the silent language of grief and the joy of consolation is that, you're FOREVER resting at the right hand side of GOD your creator. A beautiful soul will never be forgotten, a mentor have carved his name on my heart and not on tombstones which will linger on and your memories will continually fill my mind like a million beautiful stars in the night sky. Sleep well bro and may you be granted a smooth passage to eternity. The family and loved ones left behind loves you and missed you and your role dearly. Adieu bros Uchenna.
Posted by George Apata on January 10, 2019
What a shock, what a loss. If only I can sit down and talk with you one more time. You left without saying goodbye my brother and my friend.
You came on stage and drew maximum applause from those who crossed your path. I will certainly not forget how much impact you had on my world.
You crammed ten decades of life experience into five. You brought colour to the picture.
Your love and dedication to your family is the envy of any husband or father. The Lord made you a gift to all who knew you.
Thank you for being there.
Good night my friend.
Posted by Florence Kenny Agbolahan on January 10, 2019
Bro Uche Okpala, What a great vacuum your sudden exit has created? Yoi will surely be missed. You were a good inspiration of what a godly husband, godly father and godly in-law should be. You were really a true role-model. Above all, you lived-out righteousness, gentlemanness and nobility in all our eyes. No doubt, you are resting at the right-hand of Christ, a better place where there is no pain or sorrow, where we all are hoping to meet up once again, at the feet of Christ, the God you worshiped till the very end. May you gentle soul rest in perfect peace. May the good Lord comfort and console the family, friends and the church you left behind.
Posted by Chris Uchime on January 9, 2019
Chief Okpala as I fondly called you in recent years,the news of your passing still remains a shock to me. You were so real and reliable. Being that I knew you since we were kids, I should have plenty to write here but I am just lost for words. May your gentle soul rest in everlasting peace.
Posted by Tanya Otti on January 8, 2019
Golda. I cannot believe that your big brother is now with us in spirit. I cannot even begin to imagine how difficult this time must be for you all. Just know that we are all thinking of you and your family in this difficult time.
Posted by Ngozi Allanah on January 7, 2019
How do I begin to write a tribute to my main man?
TB, has been an integral part of my life, and that of my family for as long as I can remember.
So many memories, that it would be almost impossible to write them all down.
A friend who stuck closer than a brother, (My wife calls him, 'her Chairman, and my Parents refer to him, as 'TB'!)
A confidant, and one who looked me boldly in the eye, and told me straight up, how things were; sometimes gently, and at other times, I'm sure our raised voices could be heard as far as the wind would carry.
.....and that laughter, how could you forget TB's full throated laughter?
It is amazing, how his passing could evoke so much grief across the lands, from Cape to Cairo, it has all been how much joy and laughter he brought into the lives of so many across the Globe.
Ol boy, no be small thing wey you do, all of us! I know this was not your plan, as there is no way you would have wanted to leave Chi Chi, and 'the gang' this way.
However, we bow to the Wisdom of Our Almighty God, and accept your passing into Glory, as His plan.
We ask God's comfort for your family, and friends.
Rest in Peace, dear friend.
Posted by Obidike Igwe on January 7, 2019
Brother Uchenna pka TB,
Like Everyone Else That Knew You ,I am Still Trying To Make Sense Of It All! Nna It Seems Like Yesterday That We Were All Bantering On The Aladimma Uk Forum.
TB As You Journey Peacefully Back To Kingdom Of The Comforter,Our Heavenly Father,The Lord Almighty,May You Find Peaceful Rest .
Jah Guide & Protect …..BrodaMan You Are Truly Missed
I Also Pray That Our Father Bestows His Comfort On The Entire Okpala Family,Home And Abroad Too,Whether They Journey Slowly Or Quickly Through Their Grief.
Posted by Emeka Onugha on January 7, 2019
This is probably the most difficult tribute I have ever written. It's just unimaginable to write a tribute for TB. This is one friend who loved life, loved living, and loved the perks of life. To associate him with death is ludicrous but as a realist I've come to accept the shock of his passing on
Christmas Eve. TB, to live in the hearts of those you love is not to die. May your gentle soul rest the Lord.

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Posted by Adekunle Dosumu on November 26, 2019
Oga Uche like I call you. You would have turn 51 today but you are not around to celebrate today. Your memory lives on. Continue to rest at the feet of your maker. May God continue to uphold your family
Posted by Ijeoma Ejiofor on February 2, 2019
Speechless....May your soul continue to rest in peace
Posted by Osaretin Idehen on January 21, 2019
Hmmm am here to celebrate your life. And the measure of its worth to us all in walkie Talkies group. Every single life you touched positively while you were on this earth . Like your pastor rightly quote is not how old a man lives before passing on, but how well he lives, you surly passed your test. I guess your goal isn't to live forever, your goal was clearly defined to create something positive that will live within everyone you came across in your journey of life. Death cannot steal the good memories I shared with you , seeing you driving into Nickelby close to drop the kids off school, I will forever miss the man in his clean polo shirt with a nice sandals, calling out Walkie Talkies you never called me by my name. Rest In Peace .
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Rude shock!

Shared by Obidike Igwe on January 18, 2019

It was a sad moment for me when I comfirmed this news from your mom. I have known you since Shell Camp Primary School, Owerri. You were such an amiable character. Often times, you came to see your sister, Sandra, who was in my class. We also found ourselves in UNN. Then we last communicated while you were here in Houston, last summer, when I invited you to visit. Little did I know it was going to be the last. My sincere thoughts and prayers are with your family, till we meet to part no more. May God wipe our tears! 

Chukwuma Anyanwu 

Shared by Mobolaji Olorire on January 7, 2019

Bro Uche, you left too soon but we are assured that God loves you more. Continue to rest in the blossom of your father. 

Shared by Chinenye Onukwugha on January 7, 2019

I can’t find the right expression for this. Words fail me. Each time I see a picture of you online, each time I see comments from people about you and each time I quiet down to grasp what happened on that day on December 24th 2018, I simply get so emotional and I feel like breaking down. This still feels surreal. 

We literally grew up together as brothers. I cannot recall a single day in those days we failed to see. We shared too much in common and you played an important role in helping unlock my social skills.

You will always remain an important and unforgettable chapter in my life! I will NEVER forget you, Uchenna. Farewell my dearest friend.