Valentino Calandrino
  • 82 years old
  • Date of birth: Feb 10, 1933
  • Date of passing: Sep 10, 2015
Let the memory of Valentino be with us forever
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Valentino Calandrino, 82, born on February 10, 1933 and passed away on September 10, 2015. We will remember him forever.
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by angelina erickson on 21st December 2017

"My Dad. I remember things about you every day. I'm realizing how much i did listen to you and your advise. You are missed more every day. The holidays won't ever be the same without you. You enjoyed them so. I hope you feel the love from us. I hope your having a feast with your family in heaven. Merry Christmas Dad. Love you❤"

This tribute was added by angelina erickson on 10th September 2017

"It's been 2 years Dad. Feels like yesterday. I still miss you and think about you every day. I hope your okay and are happy with us. I know you will always be my angel i feel you around. They say time heals all wounds but i still have a broken heart. I know we don't live forever i get that. Just wanted you around alittle longer. I miss you and your kind heart. I could always count on you to give me guidance. We will meet again someday. Untill than keep being my angel. I love you Dad and miss you every day.❤❤"

This tribute was added by angelina erickson on 18th June 2017

"Well it's Father's Day and your still remembered even more. Still miss you as much and hope you are looking over us. As this day pases you will still be needed and missed just the same by all of us. Sending you my love all the way to heaven. I love you dad❤"

This tribute was added by angelina erickson on 13th May 2017

"Dad it's been along winter. Now spring is here your thought of so much. I hope you feel us. Still can't believe your gone. You are truely missed."

This tribute was added by angelina erickson on 17th March 2017

"Well Dad you still helping from heaven. I hope you are okay with  our choices that we have made. I really feel you are. I thank you for your gift. I will always honor you for you were the best man in my life even if i didn't notice right away.  You are in my heart forever.  I love you Dad❤❤"

This tribute was added by angelina erickson on 10th February 2017



This tribute was added by angelina erickson on 28th January 2017

"Well dad almost threw another winter. Not to bad this year. It's been very cold but not alot of snow. You didn't like being cold. I'm sure you get alot of sun in heaven. Sure wish you could be here to meet a new addition to our family. Baby Lily will be here soon. Keep an eye on her for us you are our angel. I hope she gets your talent on art. I will let her know where she gets it from. You are always in my heart. I love you dad❤"

This tribute was added by angelina erickson on 14th January 2017

"Dad i found myself needing your option on a car i am buying. Since you weren't available i went to the next best thing. Brother Mike. He gave me some good advise just like you would of. He knew just what to say. Just like you would of. I hope you agree with his option. I sure miss the knowledge you had and good advise you gave. We will always miss that no matter where you are. Keep checking on us. As i know you do.  Love you dad..❤"

This tribute was added by angelina erickson on 1st January 2017

"Well Dad another new year is here without you. I hope your new year is filled with love you feel from me. I miss you forever. Love you Dad.❤"

This tribute was added by Michael Calandrino on 26th December 2016

"Wow, time sure flies Pops. Another Christmas has come an gone. we had a nice time and got together who we could and enjoyed the family, food and gifts. The smiles, laughs and wise cracks. It sure isn't the same however I suppose that is how it evolves. You enjoy the here and now and hold on dearly to all of your memories. I was going to get Maria a box of chocolate pop tarts, thought it might be funny however decided against it, that was your special thing. I am confident that you and all the family and friends had a joyous celebration in heaven. Love and miss you and any help is always appreciated."

This tribute was added by angelina erickson on 25th December 2016

"It's Christmas day. Wonder what your up to. Hope your day is filled with love and peace. I love you dad."

This tribute was added by angelina erickson on 20th December 2016

"It's me dad Angie. Well it's Christmas time. Everyone getting together with loved ones. We are missing you wish you were here. You are our angel i know you have helped us from heaven. You don't have to worry about the house it's winterize. I will miss you being here and enjoying seeing you after christmas that's how we did it. Always late. It was a tradition. And we enjoyed it. I just miss knowing your not gonna be there when we visit the house.  Keep looking over us i look forward to it. I hope you feel you are very missed everyday. I love you dad.❤"

This tribute was added by Michael Calandrino on 24th November 2016

"Dad you are missed every day but especially during the holiday season. You should be happy to know I nailed the stuffing this year and that makes me feel good to keep that tradition alive. You would have enjoyed all the good food and of course the chocolate pudding pie. We all miss you and appreciate you continuing to look out for us. Hope you had a special Thanksgiving in heaven."

This tribute was added by angelina erickson on 2nd November 2016

"Dad. You came to me in a dream today. You were smiling at me. You didn't speek. It startled me cause you seemed to be so real. You seemed happy not upset. I hope you understand why we are selling the house you left for us. I think that is why you came to me. To let me know it's okay. I hope you know how we have tried to keep things going but it just didn't work out. I thank you for all you have done and still do. I know you are still looking out for us snd that makes me happy. I know what you told me about the house and we all decided to sell it. I know you worked hard all your life to give us a good childhood and most of it was good. I just can't worry anymore it's starting to affect my health. I wish i could of told you how much you ment to me as my dad. Our last words were the best. You said you loved me and i told you i love you too. And than you were gone. You didn't say that to often to me and i didn't say it enough to you. But just know i have always loved you and am proud to be your daughter. I will always be greatful for you doing all the things you did. Even if i didn't agree. I understand why and i will always love you. Feel free to visit me in my dreams i look forward to it. I love you dad."

This tribute was added by angelina erickson on 9th October 2016

"13 months have passed. Feels the same as if it was yesterday. Maria and i talked about you and other things all night. I found out some things i never knew about you. You have always protected us from harm. You were a very good man and i am proud to be your daughter. Thanks for guiding Maria. I knew things would work out for her. We took care of your wishes and you took care of ours. No matter where you are you will always be in our hearts.  Love you dad"

This tribute was added by angelina erickson on 24th September 2016

"Thanks dad. I knew you could help even from heaven. Maria needed you and you came threw. Thank you. Love you dad."

This tribute was added by angelina erickson on 22nd September 2016

"It's almost fall time to trim the trees and get things done before winter. The cracks in the driveway. Sure do miss your wisdom and guidance. Well maybe you can help from heaven. You know what i mean. It's funny jow much i remember growing up. I remember all the time things you did for us and things you tought us. What a great thing i have memmories. Thanks for that. Miss you."

This tribute was added by angelina erickson on 10th September 2016

"Well here we are a year has passed and we still ask for your help. Some how you need to guied Maria in her next journey. She always took your advice. She has alot going on right now in her life. If you can send her a sign to let her know she's not alone and she will be okay.  I am here for her but i know it's not the same. It would be nice if you could let her know to. She is strong like you and smart. No matter how you can i know she will figure things out. Thanks dad. Miss you very much."

This tribute was added by Michael Calandrino on 9th September 2016

"Dad, father, Valentino and my best counselor. I miss you so much and appreciate all the love and guidance that you gave me. Your values I hold sacred. I miss you everyday and will continue to live my life in a way that would make you proud."

This tribute was added by angelina erickson on 9th September 2016

"Well here it is a year. Can't believe your not here. Wish i could tell you how much you are missed and loved. You taught us to be kind and careing. We are all alot like you and thank you for that. I am and have what i do because of your guildeness and will always be glad you are my dad. Hope your at peace and be proud of all of us. We are doing the best we can. I hold you in my heart forever. I love you dad."

This tribute was added by angelina erickson on 15th August 2016

"My dad. Can't believe it's been almost a year. Time is flying by. Still miss you everyday. Thank you for having me. Love you dad."

This tribute was added by angelina erickson on 20th July 2016

"My dad what a good man. You are missed more than you will ever know. I learned so much growing up from you. I realise everyday how much good things you tought me. I did listen and it did stick. Thank you for that. I planted a red rose bush for you. Just can't get over you not being hear to talk to. I miss you everyday. It's so hard. I still hear your voice and i still hear your laugh. I hope i never loose that. I love you dad forever."

This tribute was added by angelina erickson on 6th June 2016

"Dad just wanted you to know how offten you are thought of. My garden is booming. Planted early girls your faveriots. Wish you could be here to enjoy them. Hope you are looking over me and are at peace. Brother is taking good care of the house. You worried so much about everyone now you don't have to. We will always remember how you taught us to take care of our family. They come first. Just wish i took better care of you. We will meet again someday and we can talk about it. I miss your kindness and love. I will never forget. Love you Dad"

This tribute was added by angelina erickson on 2nd May 2016

"My Dad. Spring is here everything is starting to bloom. I know you liked this time of year. Telling everyone how to trim bushes and trees. We didn't mind that's the artist in you. Bet you have perfect bushes in heaven. We will trim them to your liking as they were every year. I think of you alot and know i do miss you and love you Dad."

This tribute was added by angelina erickson on 27th March 2016

"Well Dad it's Easter today. One if your faveroit holidays. All the good food. I will miss making you a cholate pie. And you eating everyrhing on your plate. I hope you and mom and Michael are having your own feast up in heaven. I miss you and wonder how we will get threw another day. All of you are in my thougjts and prayers i hope you are at peace and watching over us. I love you Dad."

This tribute was added by angelina erickson on 15th March 2016

"Well another month has gone by without you. I think about you everyday and wish we could if spent more time together. I guess we are alot alike hard headed. But I'm glad we had the time we did. I'm getting ready to plant my garden and i wish you were here to give me advise on things.I'm sure you have a beautiful garden in heaven. Keep looking out for us. We all miss you everyday. Love you Dad."

This tribute was added by angelina erickson on 24th February 2016

"Dad thanks for guiding Michael today. You were there when he needed you. I hope you continue to look over us. We miss you and we love you"

This tribute was added by angelina erickson on 17th February 2016

"Dad i hope you are looking over us. It takes comfort to think you are. We all miss you and hope your happy with all your family in heaven. Hope you and mom are getting along. It's so hard loosing you and mom 3 months apart. It's not fair don't understand it. I have tried so hard to get past the mourning and start with the memories. Little things bring a smile to my face but i still miss you both very much. Love you dad"

This tribute was added by Maria Calandrino on 10th February 2016

"Happy Birthday Dad. Today I would of called you at lunch and teased you about another birthday like you do me every year and then we would of talked about the debates and that damn Clinton, the whole crooked bunch... Lol can hear you now! And Trump, what a joke you would of said. Now Bernie, you would be pulling for him
. You always see tthe good in everything including people. Miss those talks. Miss getting those cutie oranges for you every time I came by. Today I raise a glass to the first man I ever loved, you are always in my heart and what they say about daughters comparing men to thier dads is right! No body can ever fill your shoes. I love you, I miss you, and I carry you with me always. Give Mom and Michael a hug for me, you are not alone anymore. Your brothers, sisters, mom and dad are with you celebrating your birthday today. You can visit now like you used to:
Happy Birthday Dad, butterfly kisses...I love you"

This tribute was added by angelina erickson on 10th February 2016

"Dad here i sit awake at midnight thinking of you. It would of been your 83rd birthday today. We will celebrate your life as it will be tough. Wishing you were here to talk to. I thought of you today but that is nothing new, I thought about you yesterday and days before that too. I think of you in silence, I often speak your name, All i have are memories and your picture in a frame. Your memory is a keepsake from which I'll never part. God has you in his arms, I have you in my heart. Love you Dad.❤"

This tribute was added by Michael Calandrino on 6th February 2016

"Wow Dad as you know life is full of many journeys. Of course the best path would have been the one you laid out for me, however I chose to do things my own way. It has been an exciting journey with some ups and downs along the way which I guess is expected. The main thing that always stuck with me is the work ethic and respect and general caring for loved ones and people in general. That alone has taken me along way and I believe will continue to do so. I sure miss our short but sweet and informative conversations. As I continue through my journey I will do my best to make you proud and be the best person I can be. I love and miss you very much every day."

This tribute was added by Nicholas Valentino Gene Perry on 6th February 2016

"Nonno, it's always hard to think about you not being here with us.
I miss talking to you about my job and career path but I know you'd be happy  seeing where I'm working now. I miss you everyday and will never forget the lessons you taught me and the wisdom and knowledge I've gained from spending time with you. I could go on forever about how much you've given me and now I will carry your name with me forever like we talked about.  Repoza en pace. Te amo mi nono thank you for helping me become the man I am today."

This tribute was added by Maria Calandrino on 6th February 2016

"I miss talking to you, visiting with you, knowing you are there when I need you. So much reminds me of you and what you taught me everyday. Thank you for making me the person I am today.
Love you dad."

This tribute was added by angelina erickson on 6th February 2016

"Dad i miss you i hope your okay in heaven. Wish i could of had one more day with you.  Your birthday is coming and i just want you to know i will always miss you and i love you dad."

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