Victor, the Gentle Footprints that your Kindness left behind will Forever Remain in our Hearts!
  • 58 years old
  • Born on June 21, 1956 in Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Passed away on December 5, 2014 in London, United Kingdom.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Victor Friday Ihezie, 58, born on June 21, 1956 and passed away on December 5, 2014. We will remember him forever. We appreciate your words of comfort so please feel free to leave your tribute for Victor on this site. Thank you and God bless you.

Mr Victor Ihezie was born in Lagos, Nigeria on the 21st of June 1956. He was the eldest of seven children. He left Nigerian shores at a young age of 18 to study in the United Kingdom where he graduated as an Engineer at the Universities of Wales and Westminster.

Victor, who ­proudly oversaw the construction of many landmarks in Britain, London to be precise, had a glittering 30-year career as an Engineer.

He was a man of the people and had a friendly relationship with a lot of people he came across from all walks of life. He was also revered for his fearlessness and ability to speak up for what he believed in. He had an impeccable dress sense and embraced his roots and culture. To Victor, if music was the food of life, it had to play, and boy, he had a great taste in music! He loved music: jazz, blues, rock and roll, country and folk, soul, reggae, bongo, etc. He loved to sing along, whistle and dance to the music. His collection of music was eclectic.

He was very jovial, loved football, had an inquiring mind and so he read so many books, watched documentaries and loved travelling and sightseeing in order to find answers to his inquisitive mind. He was very knowledgeable in politics and current affairs.

Victor was a great family man who truly loved and cared deeply for his family. In return he was loved by every member of his family for fostering the spirit of forgiveness and reaching out easily to people.

He is survived by:

Angela  – wife
Ashley, Maxine and Oderra  –  Children
Levone – grandson
Pa John and Mama Regina - His elderly parents
Aloysius – Brother
Chi –Chi, Stella, Chineze, Ifechi and Kelechi – Sisters
Several nephews, nieces, cousins, aunties, uncles, cousin and in-laws.

Victor’s sudden demise has left us very traumatised and he will be sadly missed as the vacuum he left will be very difficult to fill. However, although he is not here with us, his spirit lives on and he will forever remain in our hearts!

We love you Victor and may your gentle soul rest in perfect peace.... AMEN!

Posted by Angela Ihezie on 5th December 2018
4 years it is today since you made your painful exit...…. I still remember those dark and dreary days ……. It looked as if the clocks had stopped and any hope of moving on looked increasingly forlorn. However, I looked up to the mountains from where cometh my help and God sent His angels to watch over me and the children. We are doing okay and pray that you continue to rest in the Lord's bosom, Amen.
Posted by Andrew Okolo on 5th December 2018
Missed brother. Continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord
Posted by Maxine Ihezie on 4th December 2018
In an hour and abit, it will be 4 years since I last heard your voice. Not 1 day has passed where I haven’t thought of you. I love and miss you so much. Thank you for the memories - Oderra, mum and I still reminisce and laugh at the funny times we experienced with you. Rest in peace dad ♥️
Posted by Angela Ihezie on 5th December 2017
The 5th of December is a day we can never forget in our lives Victor as it was on this day exactly 3 years ago that all the lights went out. It has not been plain sailing but God in His infinite mercy has been standing guard at the cross-roads for us and pointing us in the right direction. We continue to thank Him for our existence and sustenance. May your soul continue to rest perfectly in the Lord, amen.
Posted by Andrew Okolo on 5th December 2017
Continue to rest in peace my brother Friday. We missed dearly.
Posted by Pam Baby on 5th December 2017
Brother Victor, You left too soon; Your death still baffles me as I miss your gorgeous smiles. But I thank God for having known you as a gentle, kind and lovely Bros. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Amen in Jesus name Amen!
Posted by Angela Ihezie on 27th July 2017
I can't believe how time has passed. It's just gone over 2 and a half years. A lot has happened since then. It has not been easy but we have been coping very well and the Lord has been our strength. Your good friends have not abandoned us and many angels have been sent our way to lead us through the rough patches. May your soul continue to rest in perfect peace, amen.
Posted by Oderra Ihezie on 23rd July 2017
Times like this I miss you the most... I will never you, love your son, Oderra (Enyinnaya)
Posted by Chris Benjamin on 5th December 2016
To a man, a father, a friend, an uncle and a husband who is truly loved and missed by many. May you Rest In Peace (RIP).
Posted by Maxine Ihezie on 22nd May 2016
I miss you xxx
Posted by Kihida Guehi on 5th December 2015
May you have an everlasting rest and peace in God's presence. You are missed by all of us
Posted by Maxine Ihezie on 5th December 2015
Papa! A year today and what a year it's been my daddy! It's been tough, but deep down I feel that your strength and resilience in the face of adversity was embedded into us and we have survived, survived such a tragic loss. You are still the light of my world, I am so grateful to have had you as a father, I really was a daddy's girl! Thank you for being an amazing soul. The warmth I feel when I think of you is what keeps me going! You shall remain in my heart and that of Oderra and mummy, till kingdom come. Never forgotten daddy. Remain looking over us with your protection and guidance. Continue to sleep in the bosom of the Lord. Till we meet again.
Posted by Kelechi Dibie on 5th December 2015
REMEMBERING YOU FONDLY ON YOUR FIRST ANNIVERSARY Whilst you were on this side, our strong friendship didn't need daily conversations or being together at the same place, as we did in our youth. However, as long as our relationship lived in the heart, as true friends, we were never apart. No day passes when I don't think of you. Although you have become a memory, that memory is a wonderful treasure to always hold in our hearts. We miss so much and hope that we'll meet again in refreshing eternity some day! May your positive spirit keep resting in the Lord's bossom. Oyins (Jo Dibie and Family), Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
Posted by Maxine Ihezie on 1st October 2015
I love and miss you x
Posted by Maxine Ihezie on 11th July 2015
Still making you proud out here :)
Posted by Kelechi Dibie on 23rd June 2015
Oyins, It doesn't take a special day To bring you to our minds, For days without a thought of you, Are very hard to find We cannot send a birthday card, Or make a cheery Father's Day call Your hand we cannot touch, But God will take our greetings To the one we love so much. Missing you loads! May your gentle and kind soul continue to rest in perfect peace! Jo & Kelechi Dibie and Family
Posted by Maxine Ihezie on 21st June 2015
Daddy Happy Birthday and Happy Father's Day!! Days before today approached I was dreading this day, these first big holidays without your presence. I couldn't bare the thought of not running to your side of the bed with gifts and a card singing 'happy birthday!'... Well I sang happy birthday for you. I looked at your picture and sang it loud and proud! I woke up with one of your favourite artists playing upbeat music and just felt blessed. Today we cooked, danced (even imitating your style), relived happy memories and prayed for you! Today we celebrated! We've felt your presence for sure. Oderra, Mum and I feel your spirit. Thank you for being our number 1! Our king our comfort. We love you dearly and will forever honour you and your memory! Once again, happy birthday and happy Father's Day sweetheart. Rest in peace! I love you xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Hannah Onwuka on 21st June 2015
Just wanted to wish you a Happy birthday, may your soul rest in peace. Love, Akuchi x
Posted by Sir Collin Anomneze on 21st June 2015
This Tribute is added today being father's day and coincidentally the birthday of my deeply missed brother; "you are a brother God gave me and a friend my heart chose"( proverb). "The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living"(Marcus Tullius Cicero). "The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins?" (Edgar Allan Poe) "Our dead are never dead to us, until we have forgotten them(George Eliot).The dead cannot cry out for justice. It is a duty of the living to do so for them"(Lois McMaster Bujold) My Brother I miss you so so deeply. . Happy birthday and father's day in Paradise.
Posted by Angela Ihezie on 5th June 2015
Victor, it's exactly 6 months ago since you departed this world. It still looks like a dream but what can I say? A lot has happened since then but only God, the Almighty Father, knows what happened and why. God has surrounded us with His guardian angels and it has been well with us. Sleep in heavenly peace ........... Angela
Posted by Maxine Ihezie on 28th May 2015
I still don't understand. I love you. I'm looking out for my brother and mummy. You will forever live in my heart ❤️
Posted by Mrs GracemaryAdaobi Chigb... on 1st May 2015
Victor my dear you left too soon .May your gentle and kind rest in perfect piece .It was quite shocking when I heard of your death but I know one day we shall all meet in the bossom of the lord. It is only GOD who knows why HE allowed it. Rest in the peace of the almighty. May God console my sister your wife Angela and the children Maxine and Oderra.
Posted by Maxine Ihezie on 11th April 2015
Pops, it is well. Continue to watch over this house. May you rest in eternal peace my love. xoxo
Posted by Maxine Ihezie on 4th April 2015
Always thinking of you. Happy Easter ❤️
Posted by Anthony Onyekweli on 4th March 2015
Victor, I wish you can wake up for a minute to see all that has happened since you left all of us. Death is really the end. Rest in the bossom of the LORD, Amen.
Posted by Christopher Onyekweli on 26th February 2015
Chief Victor, i still remembered the first time we met, when you and your family came to visit me and my family while i was still living in London. The spark i saw was a gentle and kind soul. Thought we could still see again when next i visit? My family was saddened with this news. You left your beautiful family behind, and this gap is difficult to fill, but the Lord will be with them. May your gentle Soul Rest In Perfect Peace, Amen.
Posted by Charles Onyekweli on 23rd February 2015
Victor, dear am yet to come to terms that I will not see you again. The visit to ur home with my wife in 2012 when my son, Olisa got married will remain indelible in my mind. You took care of us. The love and care you display to all you come in contact with will be missed especially by your wife and children. Rest in perfect peace, Amen. Professor Anthony O. ONYEKWELI
Posted by Stella Okorie on 20th February 2015
Dedem it is all most three months I have not heard your phone call. I have completed my nursing career as you have wished me to be a nurse, The painful part I will miss you and I will not see you at my graduation, what a sad news,Well I still love you and I know one day we meet again.May your soul rest in peace Amen,
Posted by Hilda Onyekwere on 19th February 2015
words cannot express my feeling at this period of grief. I never felt like a guest in your house due to your friendly disposition to all of your wife's friends. Victor, you were the best any wife could ask for. Your family was your heartbeat. Well, if our feelings could bring you back to life, you would have been with us by now. May your sweet adorable soul rest with the Lord, amen Good night Victor. HIlda Onyekwere. Abuja Nigeria.
Posted by Maxine Ihezie on 16th February 2015
You're always on my mind daddy. I love you x
Posted by Maxine Ihezie on 5th February 2015
I have a candle lit for you in my room tonight, O God, who commanded us to honor our father and our mother, in Your mercy have pity on the soul of my daddy and forgive his sins. May I see him again in the joy of everlasting brightness. Through Christ our Lord. Amen
Posted by Maxine Ihezie on 4th February 2015
2 months today, still in shock. I love you to pieces and miss you dearly. Thank you for being amazing xxxx
Posted by Maxine Ihezie on 25th January 2015
Back again pops! I got a 2:1 and 1st in my first ever uni assignments. I know you'd be chuffed! Hope you're up there smiling daddy. Education is everything to you and don't worry I'll continue to make you proud. Nothing will get in our way. We're keeping strong for you and mum and us will see that all your wishes are seen through. Keep looking over and protecting us! I love you to bits ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Maxine Ihezie on 18th January 2015
This is a snippet of what I have to say but at this point I'm still in shock and in pain. I think about you everyday and miss you so bad, it's been just over a month, yet it feels like an enternity of sorrow. I love you daddy, you are my king, not 'were' because though I may not get to physically see you, speak to you, do our secret handshake and recieve a tight warm hug from you again, you'll still live on and be forever remembered and honoured. I love you like no other papa and I'm so grateful for having you as my dad. Rest in the sweetest peace, I 100% can't wait to finally reunite with you again. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Maxine Ihezie on 18th January 2015
This is a snippet of what I have to say but at this point I'm still in shock and in pain. I think about you everyday and miss you so bad, it's been just over a month, yet it feels like an enternity of sorrow. I love you daddy, you are my king, not 'were' because though I may not get to physically see you, speak to you, do our secret handshake and recieve a tight warm hug from you again, you'll still live on and be forever remembered and honoured. I love you like no other papa and I'm so grateful for having you as my dad. Rest in the sweetest peace, I 100% can't wait to finally reunite with you again. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Posted by FABIAN UKANYIRIOHA on 15th January 2015
I light a Candle that will glow forever in delightful remembrance of an icon, one of the uncontestable GENTLE men that walked on this Earth, the Great ONYIMA, Man of the People. Onyima, you never took offense and you never gave one, you indeed , painstakingly absorbed all odds to ensure Peace, may the Peace you gave remain with you eternally, may God grant your GENTLE Soul a perfect repose in his bosom and grant your family the fortitude to bear this sudden loss. Fab Ukanyirioha.
Posted by Onyekweli Louis on 12th January 2015
The first time I saw your face There was that twinkle in your eyes Twinkle of hope and love The first time I ever called your home There was that rich and mellow voice to welcome me. That voice that always says "How is Uncle from Canada doing?" That inviting and welcoming tone that will never be replaced Let's not forget how you welcomed myself and family into your home . You were very kind to give up your bed to make us comfortable. Our son says that Victor is very warm hearted. We all miss you Victor. May the peace of the Lord be with you and comfort you forever.
Posted by Onyekweli Louis on 12th January 2015
The first time I saw your face There was that twinkle in your eyes Twinkle of hope and love The first time I ever called your home There was that rich and mellow voice to welcome me. That voice that always says "How is Uncle from Canada doing?" That inviting and welcoming tone that will never be replaced Let's not forget how you welcomed myself and family into your home.. You were very kind to give up your bed to make us comfortable. Our son says that Victor is very warm hearted. We all miss you Victor. May the peace of the Lord be with you and comfort from the angels
Posted by Clara Ada Onyekweli on 11th January 2015
I hereby light a candle for you, my very dear brother-in-law, Victor Friday Uzoma Ihezie. You were an epitome of gentility, life and happiness; and topped it with in-depth love for your wife and children. You thrilled one with pleasant surprises when one least expected it. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace…Amen Well, my darling sister, Maxine and Oderra, fear not for God Almighty is right there with you to give you all sorts of means and resources to help you through this difficult time and move on with life. Life in itself is fast and the speed of life whisks us away from the very thing we need most, i.e. the spiritual aspect of it which reconnects us with our God, with whom we experience the much needed peace of mind and soul. We must therefore have Him lead and we follow. Please, take heart.
Posted by Ashley Ihezie on 11th January 2015
Cherished memory's  I will always remember my dad to be a proud man who loved his family, his heritage and the thought of all of the next generation his family to be well educated  I remember the times he used to write out questions for me to answer before I could play out, I remember being able to answer questions well beyond my years like algebra at the age of 8 or 9 because of the way he explained things, he made it easier to understand by his logic and way of thiking. I used to think and still do that u were better than my maths teachers. At the time I hated it but now I can see it gave me incentive, incentive to do work in order to get what u want in life.  I remember how I couldn't wait for Christmas and summer holidays just so I could spend them with my dad in London and how he would meet me at the train station with a big smile on his face, the things he would do to put a smile on mine, the drives to the airport because he knew i wanted to be a pilot, trips to hamlets, a world of toys and u would treat me..wrestlers and action men but you knew that's all I wanted, so much so that u would have tapes ready for me that u stayed up an recorded knowing that I was cuming to visit.   How u used to be my friend aswell as my dad from childhood to being an adult, how u would try and play the mega drive with me and scaelctric or toy fight. All the drives we would go on while you listened to fela i can picture him singing along , the partys you would take me to were you always dressed impeccable!and your friends we would visit together. We would eat together, would watch boxing together because we both loved it, mainly Ali an Tyson, we also watched football together I have never known any one to switch teams more times than dad, Liverpool , Arsenal, Chelsea. couldnt keep up with him , but his no1 team was Nigeria an I will never forget watching them win the Olympics and how happy and proud he was. The time we spent together as me being an adult when we would sit at the table together to eat or drink an we would speak for hours not only as father and son but as man to man.      How happy he was to meet my son, his grandson for the first time and to see the instant bond. That brought me joy and still does, I'm so glad the two of you met.  To see the famous big checks when u smiled the family trait!! All your outfits, your determination and your talent,, I remember piles of paper and old letters with your sketches and diagrams from your civil engineer work and how easy u made it look to do them and when you could no longer do the work by hand because computer sketches were needed how u went back to uni to get the qualification needed and never let it stop want u needed to do. You came back and went on to to help build many places and landmarks around London and contributed to the country were he came to study forty years ago and have a better chance in life, and he succeeded in doing so.  The times when it was time for me to go home and u would take me back to the train station, and give me a hug and kiss before the train would set off, and how I would cry and not wont to let go, you would tell me don't cry and stay strong even though I know now it hurt you aswell. Not much changed I still don't won't to let go but have to stay strong.  But mostly I will remember that u was a happy man who loved his family, his wife Aunty Angela , his children myself Maxine and oddera, his parents, his brother and sisters and nephews and nieces and cousins and who was loved by many and will never be forgotten by family and friends.  All my love Dad/ Grandad   R.I.P We pray for you and pray you watch over us             Miss and love you forever!!!!    Ashley & Levon  
Posted by Augustine Akali on 10th January 2015
Dear Victor, your legacy to us remains your endearing attitude of putting others first before yourself. Your honour to your parents and family remains etched in all our hearts as an indelible memory to you. Rest in Gods gracious and glorious presence. Our Lord and God will comfort and provide for your family.
Posted by Tina Ihezie on 7th January 2015
In loving memory of my dearest brother-in-law Victor, words cannot express the shock, disbelief and grief we are all experiencing at your sudden loss. Only God knows why he called you so suddenly but this was too soon for us. A piece of our hearts have gone with you. You were an intelligent, kind, peacemaking gentleman, forever smiling and always there for me when I needed a shoulder. I truly cannot find the words great enough to describe. You will be forever missed but your spirit lives on . Rest in perfect peace dear Victor. 'Lady T'
Posted by Hannah Onwuka on 7th January 2015
My beloved uncle, it pains me that I am writing this so early. I am short of words to describe the amazing person you are. As an uncle you always listened to me, no matter how small the problem was. You were always all ears, and that is something I will never forget. I hope I will make you proud in all that I embark on in the future. I do not just have my mother as a motivation, but also you uncle, as a drive to achieve the best I can. I love you so much and you will be missed greatly by the whole family. May your soul rest in everlasting peace. -'My girl' Akuchi Hannah Onwuka
Posted by Austine Onyekweli on 5th January 2015
My dear in-law. You were more like a brother to me than an in-law. We became friends from Day-1 and we always had wonderful times each time I visited London. I still fondly remember your care in making sure we went to the Nigerian Independence celebrations some years ago. A wonderful, caring man who mixes very well and could count priests among his friends. A lover to his wife and the hero of his children! Dear friend and brother, rest thee well in the bosom of Jesus, your Saviour. Austine Onyekweli
Posted by Kelechi Dibie on 5th January 2015
Finally, I've managed to bring myself to write on this memorial page. It hasn't been easy. At last the reality of your passing has suddenly hit me! We played, day-dreamed, ate, drank our first whiskey, went to same parties, played childhood and teenage pranks; and did virtually everything together. We were indescribably inseparable to the point that we both made the decision to travel to England for studies in the same year. We gained admission to two different colleges, for the same course - Engineering! We were both practically-minded people, thought alike and found the same things funny. Being an only child, you were the sibling that I never had. Although Caridiff and Newcastle were 350 miles apart, you always called in like I was living next door to you. Over the years you've called me twice or thrice a week even when visiting Nigeria. You were the bridge that linked me up with islands of old Lagos friends that we both knew. You have been part of my family life, like I've been part of yours. 2014 Christmas was drab because I never got that early bird call and the usual, "Oyins happy Christmas!" from you. My brother and my friend. This is going to be some deep wound that will take long to heal. Rest in perfect peace until we meet to part no more. May your gentle soul and the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God rest in peace. Eternal rest grant Victor O' Lord; and let your perpetual light shine upon him. Sun re o! Jonathan Maduka Dibie -For and on behalf of the Dibie Family. (Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Tyne & Wear, UK)
Posted by Emma Opiah on 4th January 2015
Knowing Victor was like knowing a smile. I cannot think of a meeting with him that was without a smile. As I look at him now through my mind’s eyes all that I can see is that smiling gentle face of a well beloved Victor which will be greatly missed. May his soul rest in perfect peace, Amen! E. Opiah & family
Posted by Alero Sulaiman on 4th January 2015
Our dear brother Victor, may your soul rest in perfect peace with our Lord. May God keep and comfort your beautiful wife and children and the rest of the family. I thank God that my husband and I were fortunate to have met you...
Posted by Lasbrey Ejehu on 4th January 2015
Dear Uncle Victor, words cannot even begin to express my sorrow on hearing about your death. We can only comfort knowing that you are in a better place and your legacy lives on through those you have touched their lives especially your kids and siblings. Rest in peace.
Posted by Kevin Mgbe on 3rd January 2015
A strong family knows how to keep their life in order. Even with tears in their eyes. They still manages to say I am ok with a smile. I send this to you because you are a very strong family that's why God heard your prayers and said hard times are over Accept our deepest and sincere condolences on the sudden and heart piercing demise of your beloved husband, dad, brother, son, uncle, Engr. Victor Ihezie. It is really shocking and unbelievable. May Almighty God strengthen the entire family during this difficult time. Chief Onyima Rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Dorothy Ozor on 3rd January 2015
Brother, brother-in-law, we are saddened by the news of gone-so-soon of victor. Your brother George is saddened by your so-soon departure. The Mighty God knows why He wants you this quick, we don't know. We are consoled because you are in good Hands of the Lord. You are now an angel, watch over Angela and your children. Angela, the Lord giveth, the Lord taketh, may honor and glory be to His Holy name. Angela, all is well. Mma Regi and papa, all is well. May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God rest in perfect peace. We love you.

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