Let the memory of {violet}be with us forever.
  • Born on January 30, 1956 in Freetown, Sierra Leone.
  • Passed away on January 21, 2019 in Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Violet Olorufumi Florence Theodora Kainwo, born 1956 and passed away 2019. We will remember her forever.

Posted by Angela Carew on February 22, 2019
Our friendship according to me.
I came face to face with her when I was in class 2, an incident where I and some other friends glued Jeetas hand, it was scary, but she was just different.
I went to secondary school and whilst in form 2 I met her again, by then she and mum were really close. I was a troubled child, had this nasty attitude and serious anger issues and got into fights that were not even my business. You don’t bully me or my friends, you don’t talk about us anyhow, I’ll fight you. The first day she saw me in action I was asked to apologize, and I said no, and she looked at me with this interest. She tried again and I said no, then they sent for my mum, but not before leaving me outside to kneel (I had got into a fight with someone who had said mean things about me). mum came, I was whipped for not obeying and put in her care. During breaks she’ll call me to her office to talk, pinch me and one day she looked at me and asked me to stand up. I did and she told me to walk across the room, which I did, and I was taught with enough pinches how to walk like a lady (stand up straight, square your shoulders, chest forward and now walk) I also learned to sit, talk and act like a lady in her office. Her love did not stop there, I was frequently invited over to her house at girls school. She will listen to me rant about everything that annoyed me, set me straight where she needed to, and hug me. I never loved hugging people, but she will hug and peck me and that warmed this ice-cold heart. We kept talking even when I moved to another school. She was instrumental in my becoming a better person.
One day in school, very close to my birthday which was around the same time we had our school thanksgiving, she asked me how I was going to spend my birthday and I told her quietly, she wouldn’t have it. She insisted it was that one day you had all to yourself to feel special so I should enjoy it. even if I stayed away (which I did mostly cos I really wasn’t up to talking or feeling), I always received a call close to my birthday reminding me I had to have fun and block every negative out. I fell into her trap and I began doing things that way since my 18th. My birthday is a day before hers
She wanted me to love and forgive, I wanted revenge, but that woman annoyingly never gave up and I learned what forgiveness was. She wasn’t perfect, she will sometimes misunderstand me or get mad at me, but I realized she had a lot of other babies to take care of and I needed to grow up and one time she enrolled me into the mme. Kainwo counselling services (my name for her time spent counselling) and it felt good forgetting your problems and helping others for once. So, all of you enjoying that service now, please light a candle for a fallen hero.
She prayed anywhere, before and after a conversation, (I remembered the time she met me on the streets and held my hand to pray for me, every passerby was looking at us funny, but she was my special person and I didn’t mind) she loved God and she spoke to him as if he was sitting next to her. She loved hymns and singing, she loved cooking and baking and funnily I loved those too. She said it helped her relax and I felt it was weird till it helped me too.
A month before her illness, she went to the extent of asking my dad for my number for she had lost her phone and she said it was important we hung out, cos we had a conversation to finish. I almost forgot but that woman didn’t. I went there and we had a great conversation. It got to a point she said, ‘people like us take care of others and forget ourselves, but I need you to sometimes make space for you’ she offered to get me books to help me. She told me the importance of friends and self-love and care. lastly, she asked about me settling down, cos she heard I was sick seriously for a while and she was worried. I told her the situation and it was a prayer point and a request to meet the said person to assess for God forbid her ‘baby’ married the wrong man. I was on the bike and she was still hoping I’ll change my mind and let her meet him. But thank God she didn’t, cos he was not the one.
I can’t stop crying not because she is gone, but because I have never met someone so openly loving, wanting to help and wanting people to be free and enjoy life like she did. She had her own troubles, but she gave the world the sunshine. Mme. Your shoe can’t be filled but I’ll try to get something comfortable like you asked me to.
This was hard, I couldn’t go to your house and stay long during any of your services, for I did not just lose a teacher friend and mother, I lost an ear and a heart.
I still can’t believe we had someone like you with us. Open, honest and all.
My parents never knew we were that close nor did my friends. They never really knew you were one of my few sources of strength. I salute you, woman of God and I say I’ll carry on the mission. No heart should be left unloved. No soul uncared for, for we are made strong by hands outstretched to us, so we must in turn not break the chain.
Good bye dear friend
You will forever be in my heart.
An angel just returned to heaven and a very brave one for loving me together again.
Posted by Kalma Thorley on February 12, 2019
You were one of the few people that actually welcomed my family back to Sierra Leone when we came in 2009,I had no idea who you were but you were so nice...I personally,I'm so thankful I met someone like you. All the times we spend together whether it was in class and you were my teacher or it was those times,i'd just pass by that small office of yours in TIS just to say hi.... I will definitely miss you! I love you Madam Kainwo! Take your rest.. <3 <3
Posted by Amanda Macarthy on February 11, 2019
Here we suffer grief and pain
Here we meet to part again
In heaven we part no more
Oh that will be joyful.
The memories will forever linger in our hearts most especially Leon who in his primary school days love to go visit you in the mornings for his usual beans and rice akara collection.
Our faces will look dry but our hearts still cry . As Leon says Mama let her rest let her rest endlessly he says let her rest as he slowly wipes his dripping tears . Grandma rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Reginald Pearce on February 10, 2019
We love you well but Jesus loves you best ... sleep on beloved, sleep and take your rest.... May your soul and the souls of the faithfully departed, through the mercies of God, Rest In Perfect Peace and may light perpetual shine upon you!
Please accept my heartfelt condolences Rev Kainwo and the entire family! May God comfort you in this time of grief!

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