Shared by Justin Cupp on September 8, 2011

One day me and Dad set out to a family member in Richmond KY, with a load of rough lumber dad was always trying to help someone some how. And we loaded the old Ford truck down the day before and tied all off it together we made it to corbin where we had to stop at a redlight and when dad pulled out all of the lumber came out of the truck and landed in a perfect pile right in the middle of the highway the look on dads face was shock and here we are right in the middle of 25E trying to pick up the lumber and neatly stack it right back in the truck dodging traffic the whole way  and I remember him looking at me after he secured the load again and sayin " if it comes off again it will bring the whlod fram off the truckand giggling to himself ads if he was picturing it. When we made up to our familys home dad looked at me and said it worked once lets see if it works again so he cut the rope and said stand back he dumped the clutch on that old truck and he was right it came off that old truck and landed in a neat stack right there in his driveway. I LOVE YOU DAD 

Shared by Justin Cupp on September 6, 2011


It still just dont seem right that we havent heard your voice. i catch myself looking for u with each passing day or recieving a call at work from u just to tell me that u wanted to hear my voice or just to say that u love me but i know if i could just see u now u wouldnt be short of breath or having to walk on a cane or ride in your power chair. now u have new legs and a new set of lungs a new heart you have a brandnew body and no doubt a chariot to take u up glory avenue i love u so much with each passing day my soul yerns for u THANK YOU FOR BEING MY DADDY AND MY BESTFRIEND I WILL SEE U AGAIN 


love u dad your little son Justin

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