We just want to say good-bye Wade and we love you. We hope to meet again
  • 34 years old
  • Born on August 21, 1980 .
  • Passed away on July 4, 2015 .

Wade left us before anyone had a chance to say good bye. Please feel free to say your good byes here by leaving a Tribute, uploading any pictures you may have of Wade in your life, stories, videos, anything you might want to share to let Wade know from afar that we love him and we wish he were still with us. If you have a problem uploading anything just email it to me and I will upload it for you.


 Wade's sons have now lost both their parents and they need your help. A fund has been started by their sister Ernestine to help them with expenses. Please help if you can.


Wade also leaves behind his daughter Shaylee and partner Alma who also need the help of family and friends. Please do not forget these people who were so loved by Wade and who are now without him.

Posted by Mark Whitman on 21st August 2018
Happy Birthday Wade - I miss you
Posted by Deborah Lindberg on 22nd August 2017
You were always in Grandpa Whitman's thoughts and good memories. Now you are together again. My best wishes to your sons.
Posted by Martha Tapia on 21st August 2017
Happy birthday with God and his glory in heaven. You are truly missed by all your loved ones.
Posted by Savana Rose Woods on 4th July 2017
Not a 4th of July will ever come and go that I won't think of you. I hope your soul flies free in bliss now and that you are guarding Mateo, Nico, Shaylee and Austin. May you and grandpa be reunited where you both are now. Rest In Peace.
Posted by Deborah Lindberg on 22nd August 2016
You will live on through your children. May you rest in peace.
Posted by Savana Rose Woods on 21st August 2016
I'll never forget you or your birthday since your 1/2 brother, my son, Austin share the same birthday. He's 20 today and we wish you were here to Celebrate your shared birthday.. You are loved and missed Wade!
Posted by Joanne Walter on 21st August 2016
I remember his 2nd birthday and he was obsessed with his car steering wheel toy. Jump forward to his 16th birthday and getting his first truck and hoping he would like it better than he did :). Now I picture Mateo driving his last truck which he took so much pride in. Then I think about his death and his killer still driving his vehicle and sharing his birthday with his family and reality sets in. Still grieving and angry, but trying to hold onto the good memories and hopeful for the future of his children. Rest in peace Wade. We got ya covered. Justice will be served. I have to believe it. Love MOM and Grammer Joanne, who at 91 will be thrilled to meet you again soon.
Posted by Kristiianna Zamora on 21st August 2016
. May your family be blessed on this day and always and your memories live on forever....HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN HEAVEN WADE!!
Posted by Deborah Lindberg on 5th July 2016
I know you are guiding your children from above. A year later your story is still so beautiful. Many prayers and best wishes to all who love you.
Posted by Martha Tapia on 4th July 2016
Not a day goes by that Wade is not remembered.A year went by so fast. My grandson's are getting so tall Mateo is driving. Wade's memory lives on in my grandson's eyes, their Good looks, and in their hearts. God bless Wade in Heaven and all of us on Earth. May he have eternal rest. Gone but not forgotten forever Loved.
Posted by Linda Woods on 4th July 2016
Gone too soon a year ago. You are still remembered and missed and loved. I hope you are guiding and protecting your boys. They are precious.
Posted by Deborah Lindberg on 1st September 2015
My prayers and condolences are sent to Wade's family and many friends he made throughout his life. He has left beautiful memories for his children, friends and others like me, who only knew him briefly.
Posted by Linda Woods on 21st August 2015
Happy Birthday Wade! You are greatly missed. I will never forget your birthday since my son Austin, your half-brother, were born on the same day 16 years apart. We are forever tied by that. Peace to your soul.
Posted by Martha Tapia on 21st August 2015
Wishing Wade a happy birthday in heaven. Looking at all these nice memories makes me realize that you were loved by many and you will never be forgotten. May all the angels sing to you a happy birthday song. Gone but not forgotten.
Posted by Mateo Whitman on 15th July 2015
I love you dad, I will carry on you and the best characteristics you had, like helping anybody you could, especially your friends. You'd go out of your way to lend a hand. And you had your own view to life that you always shared with me, I think you and I are the only ones who have this view on life. You always told me to be the best person to everybody because life is short. You and I would always go for a ride around town with the windows down and take turns jamming out to our new favorite songs. You were a perfectionist at everything you did. From your designs, to handwriting to washing your car, you liked it perfect. You showed me to do the things that men do. I'll forever lean to the side when i roll just like you. You loved ava, your tattoos, your cologne, your car, 49ers, your work, your little things you kept around, you loved lights, but you loved your family more. On July 3rd you told me that our new life in Colorado was gonna be the best for all of us and we will strive there. We were only a few days away. On July 3rd I gave you a huge hug and told you how much I loved you and how good of a father you are, you said how much you loved me too and how proud you were of me and nico. It brought us both to tears. although all I'm left with is memories, you will never be forgotten for the amazing man and father you are. I miss you dad. And I love you forever. - your son Mateo.
Posted by Yiyoni Thurman on 13th July 2015
Nobody knows what we knew. I Pray God grants your children Peace.
Posted by Martha Tapia on 12th July 2015
This is Nicolas whitman- my dad was strong he was a parent that was so outgoing and knew his kids love him he was what's left of my parents and I know that if he knew that that would have happend he wouldn't have been there I'll never forget how much of a great dad he was.And I won't forget alma either she was a part of my dad that he loved she was caring and loving. but i can not explain how much I loved him. Thank you grandpa mark and grandma Ronda for raising my dad to be the best dad ever. Thank you everyone else for saying such nice things to answer some of your questions me and Mateo are holding up the best we can. Last time I spoke to my dad was on fathers day 2015 R.I.P dad
Posted by Kristiianna Zamora on 10th July 2015
May you rest in peace wade. And forever watch over those who you touched deeply and loved dearly. I know one thing wade loved the most was his boys. And definitely his music...I don't recall a time running into him and he didn't have his music jamming. One of his favorites was "back from the dead" by Skylar grey. I hope all of his friends here in roswell will stand for the man wade was. ..He was ready to obviously start a new journey in life with his 2 sons in Denver co...now we can only pray for the answers that his loved one so deserve.. God has a plan for everyone and sometimes we don't understand it..gob bless his family ..His 2 sons and all.of those who share a moment in their life with this man..wade loved his sons very very very much....I remember one time some friends and myself went out to the lake, And wade had a eye on his boys like a hawk on prey.!!! May your soul rest in peace wade and justice be served.!!
Posted by Elizabeth Mcginty on 10th July 2015
Wade had a love for life, people, music, his children, and love! He was the father my son's best friend and always made him feel welcome and happy. I always thought nothing but highly of Wade. He was so full of life and enthusiastic. Wade you will definitely be missed by so many people. Nick and Mateo I want you to know we love you and have been thinking of you and if you need to talk to anyone please call. Nick, Ethan has been thinking about you a lot and is worried so is peepa and grandma and the vampire. 575-623-1557 please call we would love to hear from your smiling voice. Wade may you finally rest in peace your work here on earth is done you may lay and rest and be with your wife, you will be so missed!!!!!
Posted by Jim Porter on 9th July 2015
I did not get to spend much time with Wade but he seemed like a fine young man and it must be true, just look at all these wonderful tributes to him from those who knew him well. I am sending positive thoughts and energy to Rhonda and Mark and the rest of his family and friends.
Posted by Bob Slama on 9th July 2015
Spike, I met spike at around the age of five. He was my new girlfriend's (Claudia/Bones) nephew. He was a happy little rascal who liked to wrestle. Later we played a lot of basketball and he soon grew taller and taller to where it was no longer fun having my ass kicked repeatedly. When wade moved away, we lost touch although his mother could always fill me in on what he was up to. I know I was his favorite uncle, no offense, and I had so many good times with that boy. He will have the wonderful open arms of my wife waiting for him. She will take him to the other side and guide him, comfort him, as she did many time on this earth. Bones was his favorite aunt. As tears come to my eyes at this time, I know how much I miss her and love her. It is the same for all of us who will miss Spike and loved him for the man he is. I will miss this young man, say hi to D. Walter and my sweet Bobo. Rest in peace.
Posted by Ariel Starr on 9th July 2015
I am glad that I was able to meet Wade the few times that I did. Though I was young, it was clear to me that he was a loving man who cared deeply for his family. My condolences to all of those close to him, my prayers go out to you. Rest in peace.
Posted by Jordan Starr on 8th July 2015
Wade was my older and only brother. Growing up, he always seemed so cool: wearing baggy pants, playing basketball, having girlfriends, traveling to Milwaukee. When he changed his name to Spike though, that topped the cool charts. In an attempt to emulate his swagger, I decided to change my middle name from Ben to Berry. This was short-lived however, after he realized in about 2 minutes my new name's resemblance to "Jordan's Berry Store", and wouldn't let me forget it... As I have grown older, and the significance of our age gap narrowed, I imagined us someday introducing our families to each other, attending reunions and graduations, and sharing our life experiences with one another as friends. We'll never get that chance now, which is a great loss. I still hope to have equivalent experiences with his children. I offer them my condolences and an open ear/ door whenever they want to spend time with or learn more about their family on their father's side.
Posted by Mark Whitman on 8th July 2015
Taken from Mateo's Facebook page... I'll miss you. You're the best father I could ask for. Love you forever dad.
Posted by Melissa Antis on 7th July 2015
Wade I knew you from the time we were teens or should I say when we were going to our young adulthood. ;) you have always been an awesome friend. A real down to earth kind of dude. Sad to say we all went our seperate ways and lost touch with each other. (Until Facebook happened) after 16 years of list connection, I was blessed enough to see you one last time less than a month ago. We just picked up from where we left off. As if we were just hanging out the other day. You were to move here and start a brand new life. We were so excited. Wade you will be truly missed by us and all that have mad love for you. Rest in peace my friend. RIP
Posted by Mike Starr on 7th July 2015
Wade, The first time we met, I took you flying. Now in the same spirit, I’d ask that you open your wings and fly like an eagle, soar above the clouds and continue your journey. Some will say that you are gone but the twinkle in your eyes will forever remain in my heart. Mini
Posted by Klarissa Chavez on 7th July 2015
My Dearest Wade, I am not sure there are enough words in the English dictionary top describe you & me. Or the journeys & adventures you, me, teo, Nico, & Jazzy had together.. from the first time we met 4 years ago, to all the craziness that came from that, to our second time around & living together, you were definitely the cleanest man I knew.. the memory that sticks the most is me taking care of you every minute of the day last Sept.seeing you tear down every wall & being vulnerable with me & you coming out of surgery in Lubbock smiling ear to ear telling me that you were so glad I was there & you were scared I wasn't gonna be there when you woke up.. it's not fair, it's not right. You weren't suppose to leave the boys like this. I'm sorry I didn't help you get away from her my dear, I heard your cries, I did, but I didn't know how to help I guess.. you were my best friend, my lover, my heart for a long time wade. We both showed each other things that were unexplainable and beyond measure, & I'll miss you. I will continue to be in contact with the boys as long as they will have me.. I'd give anything to hear your voice one more time to hug you one more time.. So much for the big finale we always talked about.. Hasta que yo soy Negro y Azul.
Posted by Sherene Perez on 7th July 2015
Rest in Peace my Friend!! So glad we made peace and became better friends xoxo
Posted by Johnny Pedroza on 6th July 2015
Wade was a good friends with my cousin Lisa in High School. For 1-2 summers during my early high school years he was around and up to hang out with all of us,myself and her brother included,even if we were younger. He showed us the ropes, taught us how to cruise with the windows down and and the music up. Even how to talk ourselves out trouble for acting up at Disneyland. "I swear Disney officer, my friend has a medical issue that caused him to *deleted* off the side of the ride" Wade played basketball with us, took us to high school parties and was a genuine friend. Although I am certain I didn't spend as much time with him as most of his friends, for a few months during the most difficult part of high school the popular guy wanted by all the girls took us under his wing. Yea that's me the fat freshman cruising MV in a car with one of the coolest guys in the area. My heartfelt prayers to his family and especially his kids. Rest in Peace Wade.
Posted by Stormi Perkins on 6th July 2015
Wade is my oldest daughters god father..... He is one of my best friends!! He helped me through so much he lifted me when no one else was there he encouraged me to keep going when i wanted to give up he never got the chance to meet my newborn he was so excited to meet her he was supposed to come by but never made it.....The girls & i love you wade with all of our hearts i hope life is better for you now and i hope you get to fulfill all your dreams in paradise reunite with your wife whom i know u missed so dearly this is all so unreal i wish i could wake up and it would all be a dream!! Im so thankful i had the opportunity to meet an amazing person like u im so grateful u were a part of my daughters life..... Ill never say goodbye its more like a see ya later you are dearly loved and will be missed terribly ill always have the amazing memories of my best friend my family!! Til we meet again ill be forever loving and missing u.... You're always in my heart ❤ Wade "The Come Through Kid" Whitman!! <3 <3 i love you always rest in paradise<3<3 #GuardianAngel #RecievedHisWings #FlyHigh #InParadise
Posted by Lisa Gaitan on 6th July 2015
Wade was my best friend during most of Jr. and High School years. He would come over even if " there was nothing to do" Wade would still show up at my door about 20 mins later. Pretty much everyday! He would introduce me to his friends and I would introduce him to mine. I'm still friends with a lot of them and I owe him for that. He would make my boyfriends jealous and his GF weren't very fond of me either. We were inseparable for a while. He picked on me and told on me. He became part of my family. My other brother. My mom even bought him his first car! He would go cruisin' n the big boat the Monte Carlo around Mission Viejo looking for his "Girl friends". I hated it! thats when i really felt like the little sister tag - a long. He would play basketball with my brother Luis and talk with my mom and tell her stories about what he wanted to accomplish in his life. At one point Wade moved in with us. He always had struggles and obstacles in his life. We lost touch for a while but with the magic of social media found each other again. He told me about his late wife and his kids. Then later about his beautiful daughter and how he was working on make up for lost time with her. I told him I was going to come out to visit but something always came up. My brother was lucky enough to go and visit him and his family. When he came back Luis had nothing but great things to say about Wade. How kind he was with his kids. How great he was doing. Im so sorry I didn't have the chance to see all this in person. Life is beautiful and we never know if we will get another chance to do so. I'm so sad about the entire situation. We are truly heartbroken. Please let us know if we can help with anything on our part.
Posted by Joanne Walter on 6th July 2015
I'm very sad about Wade. He was so loving & sweet to me when I saw him a few years ago. There was a "connection"-maybe because a part of him remembered that when he was a baby, I babysat for him for a period of time and grew very attached to him even if all he did was cry and drink milk. My condolences to his girl friend and family. I can relate, believe me. His "grammer" on his mom's side
Posted by Andrew Perales on 6th July 2015
Going to miss you my friend, we didn't know each other very long but the times we shared will never be forgotten. RIP homie
Posted by Alma Perales on 6th July 2015
Wade was everything to me my world. We were both 49er fans and Laker fans your favorite color was blue you loved taking pictures of the sunset n sunrise and anything beautiful and you loved your boys with all your heart and would do anything you could for them. You were a big part of mone and my girls life. We had planned to move together combining our families together as one big family. I loved you very much you had changed my life for the better and I will never forget you. You were suppose to be my forever I used to say I couldn't see my life without you and now I have to. I have to go on with my life without you I have to wake up without you I have go to sleep without you and I don't want to but I know I have to. I love you with all my heart and it's hard to threw my day knowing your not here. I will miss you every day of my life.
Posted by Martha Tapia on 6th July 2015
Wade was a part of my family for about the past 16 years or so. He is also the father of my two wonderful grandsons Mateo and Nickolas. They lost their mother 5 years ago she also loved him devotionally. It breaks my heart deeply to see my grandsons in so much pain and emptiness from not having a mother and now a father. I always told Wade how proud I was of him because he was doing a great job with the boys. Wade loved them and watched over them,they were his life. Wade always shared them with all my daughters keeping the promise to his wife to never separate them from us. I would tell him I loved him even if I wasn't always happy with some decisions he would make, none to do with the boys. He was loved by many and will never be forgotten. I love you Wade Mosley because my daughter and your children loved you so much and you loved them. Martha
Posted by Tiffany Ropele on 6th July 2015
What seems like a lifetime ago, when I was just 16 years old I had my very first boyfriend and first love Wade Whitman. We dated for almost 2 years which in high school was a lifetime filled with laughing, new adventures and of course a huge helping of drama :) Even through all the years since I was still happy to call him a friend and wish him well. I watched him turn from a boy to a man, husband and father. I honestly can't believe he is gone and taken in such a tragic and senseless way. My prayers are with his three children, his family and all those who loved him. There are constant reminders that life is short and fragile. I am grateful for the time and life lessons we shared and the friendships our relationship helped create that I still have today. You will be missed friend <3
Posted by Linda Woods on 6th July 2015
Despite many challenges in life, you always had a good heart. The best of you came out when you became a father and I watched from afar your devotion to your boys. I'm deeply affected by your passing and grieve for you and your family. I pray your soul is finally at peace.
Posted by Mark Whitman on 6th July 2015
Good bye my son, I love you, rest in peace
Posted by Austin Whitman on 6th July 2015
May your soul rest in a better place.

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