The Vando and Idonije families announce with deep sorrow, the passing away of our beloved daughter, wife,mother, sister, niece,and aunty,Wally Vando. Please join us to celebrate the life of a Precious Lady with a heart of gold.


PROGRAM: A CELEBRATION OF THE LIFE OF "WALLY VANDO"    ===================================================

FRIDAY  JUNE 17TH 2016: Wake keeping from 7pm to 1am (mass included) @ 750 OTTS CHAPEL RD. NEWARK DE 19713
LESANS Dress Code:  Black and red scarf.

SATURDAY JUNE 18TH 2016: program @ funeral home (Mealley funeral home  @  2509 Limestone RD WILMINGTON. DE.19808). LESANS Dress Code: Blue Mama Maria uniform or the Ruby uniform. All other LESANS can wear their affiliated association uniforms.

11am - 11:40am: Catholic Mass & Songs from LESA

11:50am - 12:00pm  Documentary: 10 minutes

12:00 - 12:15:  Words of Remembrance & Sympathy

12:15pm - 12:45pm  Viewing and Paying of Respects: 30mins

12:45pm - 1:15pm  Celestial Service (30mins)

Procession to the Cemetery follows after the Celestial Service


Interment (Burial) at Old Drawyers Cemetry (Route 13 North of Odessa, DE).

                       RECEPTION / REPAST

                   Reception to Follow after Burial at 4:00pm @

                          LIFE COMMUNITY CHURCH HALL

                   750 OTTS CHAPEL RD. NEWARK DE 19713



The following Hotels have 10 rooms blocked each. Guests can start calling to reserve rooms.

Homestead Suites Hilton
Newark, DE
phone: 302-453-9700

Holiday Inn Express
Elkton, MD (5-10min
from Church)
phone: 443-350-9475
$129/night + tax

Marriott Courtyard
phone: 302 737-0900



Posted by Jessicah Michira on June 19, 2019
Forever missed big siz
Posted by Elian Mambo on June 3, 2019
Sister Wally it's been exactly 3 years that you went to be with the lord but it's still like yesterday. .Big sis you were such a gem, the short time that I knew you , you showed me nothing but love. I know you are in a better place now, continue to Rest In Peace and keep watching over the family you left behind especially your children. Love you always big sis
Posted by Mildred Kangkolo on June 3, 2019
dear big Sis, 3years already....still like a dream that you moved on. I still have sooo many unanswered questions about your passing away; but I guess it was the will of God.I will always cherish the times we spent cooking and braiding the girls hairs! your good works lives in our hearts forever! May your gentle and kind soul continue to rest peacefully in the Lord! Gone too soon!!!!!
Posted by Caro Nkembe on June 3, 2019
It's been 3yrs sister Wally we're all missing u so much Continue to rest in the lord. Jesus is the only name . Yes it's still hurt so much but he remains forever the healer. Love u forever. You told me I was the strongest yes I'm trying to be.
Posted by Caro Nkembe on February 2, 2019
Another year another big day. Just remembered how we did the parking lot calls sometimes on this very special day..u getting to work early while I'm just getting off from work but will never miss wishing you Happy birthday at the start of this day. Miss those times. U will forever be missed. Love u . Your small sis Caro .Yesss!!!!! u called me Mme Chief. #Mboubog Nkembe. That's me
Posted by Caro Nkembe on December 25, 2018
Merry Christmas big sis. We all miss u so much. Just couldn't stop thinking about u this day. Love u. Rest well sweetie
Posted by Caro Nkembe on June 3, 2018
Lord when you choose to leave mountains unmovable. Please give me the strength to be able to say it is well with my soul. Its been 2yrs my loving sister we all miss u so so much. Continue to rest in the lord . It is well.  (The hurt and the healer).
Posted by Mary Gli on February 2, 2018
Happy Birthday Angel
Posted by Mildred Kangkolo on February 2, 2018
Happy birthday big Sis. Still like a dream. Miss you much...
Posted by Caro Nkembe on February 2, 2018
Hey!!!! Mami it's ya birthday again. Should have been the first to call as always. Hmmmh!!! Happy birthday Mami miss u so much . Hard to believe but I'm trying so hard really hard I know u understand. Miss all those weekend calls. Hmmmh!!!!
Posted by Mildred Kangkolo on June 6, 2017
Sis Wally, still like a dream that u have moved on. The void that u left will never be filled. May ur soul continue to RIP!
Posted by Elian Mambo on June 4, 2017
Sister Wally it's exactly one year today that you left us to go and be with the lord, as days goes by we miss you more but we are for sure that you are resting with the lord where there is no more pain nor sorrows, continue to Rest In Peace in the bosom of the almighty , a dieu grande seour et paix a ton arme
Posted by Caro Nkembe on June 3, 2017
Mami.ii.... we all miss u so much.
Posted by Caro Nkembe on May 14, 2017
Hey!!!!!!Mami Happy mothers Day.we all miss u so much. Mel was like I wish I could call aunty Wally 2day . It is well did u hear that. Love u so much. .little sis Caro. Miss u calling me Madame chief Nkembe hahaha
Posted by Caro Nkembe on February 2, 2017
Hey!!!!!!'s your Birthday. Happy Birthday big sis. I no go ask ask.ohhooooo. but how old re u 2day..Hahaha!!! .I can guess your reply. We all miss u so much.Mama says happy birthday. I'm just missing U so much. Bisou Bisou...your little sis.Caro.
Posted by Ekude Pendar on February 2, 2017
Happy Birthday Wally miss you much, Rest in Power!!!!
Posted by Caro Nkembe on January 1, 2017
Hey!!!!!!Maami...we re all missing u this Newyear.Mel just told me .wish I was with aunty Wally for Christmas and Newyear. It is well.we love u so much. Bisou Bisou
Posted by Caro Nkembe on December 25, 2016
Grande soeur. Wishing u a very Merryxmas. We all miss u..just missing giving up a call on this day as usual. I miss u so much. Bisou Bisou.
Posted by Caro Nkembe on November 24, 2016
Happy Thanksgiving Mami. I miss u so much.
Posted by Caro Nkembe on November 19, 2016
Hey!!!!!! Mami, what's up ha so I just use to call u everyweekend I as usual u go tell me all the kind kind chop u di cook. I miss u so much and this weekend catching up between sisters.hmmmmmm!!!!!!!! .we all re missing u so much. Rest in peace big sis
Posted by Elian Mambo on October 20, 2016
Sister Wally I know you are in a better place now resting with all the angels and saints, you were one of a kind person that I had to know, I knew you through your brother but you took me under your wing, you carried my problems on your head like yours, you took me like a lil sister and am really happy to know you. We loved you but loves you most and he wanted you to be by his side, dieu tata Wally et paid a ton arme, till we me again.
Posted by Nagella Nukuna on June 29, 2016
Remembering you always. Not a day goes by without a prayer for you. You loved to death but the Lord loved you more. Rest in peace, my sweet big sister. Your legacy leaves forever. love loads. Nagella.
Posted by Clarice O. on June 21, 2016
Goodbye Wally, and thank you. We will meet again. May you dwell in the company of angels and saints forever. May our Lord Jesus Christ receive your soul into His Kingdom. Wally rest in peace in the name of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Amen
Posted by Chris Mba on June 19, 2016
Wally, you are truly going to be missed. May the Good Lord send his angels to welcome you into the gates of his Holy Kingdom! RIP!!!
Posted by Rebecca Bamfo on June 18, 2016
Wally, Wally.Wally! I guess I was in denial about your passing and thought if I refused to acknowledge the news, it would just remain a figment of my imagination. Alas at your wake yesterday, Fri June 17th, I was faced with the stark reality that our loving, caring and awesome sister and friend had really departed this earth to be with her heavenly Father.

Having had the pleasure of meeting Wally for the first time about 10 years ago at Millcroft, I was immediately struck by her sense of style and strong personality.

In October 2015, I had the opportunity to know Wally at a close and personal level as she precepted me to substitute for her while she was on medical leave. She showed me pictures of her family, her accomplishments and confided in me about her dreams for the near future. The impression I gathered about Wally was a very compassionate and passionate individual. With Wally it was ALL OR NOTHING. Everything was planned and executed to perfection. Her staff and residents were an extended family. I told her that her shoes were too big to be filled and she gave me one of her signature broad smiles and said " You will do just fine ". I was unable to fill in for her as planned but I left her office with a renewed respect for her. Not only did she have the looks and sense of style, but she was also funny, dilligent, dependable, intelligent, wise, compassionate, pragmatic, God fearing, and humble. She tried to convince me to attend her church with her, to which I planned to do so in the near future.

Today Wally might be gone in flesh but her memories will forever linger on. I know she will be vying for a managerial position in heaven because Wally is a leader. Thanks for being an inspiration to all of us.  We are saddened by her loss but God loved her more. Wally rest in eternal peace, till we meet again.
Posted by Geraldine Oyebog Ndip on June 17, 2016
My dearest Wally,
I have been holding off really expressing how I feel. I need to do this now as I am here. I need closure my dear. I am hanging on to your last laughs on phone.
You are such an angel and I know you are fine now, free of pain and in a much better place where we will meet again some day.
I can not question God why he took you so soon. After watching the video you asked me to watch, and with all I know about you, I believe you have served your purpose on earth.
I will miss your physical presence on earth, but I will continue to pray that your soul rests in peace.
Have no fears about your family for God will always fulfill his promise to his children. As your time is up, I believe he has made provision for your children, husband, mother, siblings, your close friends and all the loved ones you left behind.

Wally, I love you girl, and always have the fondest memories of you. Rest in Peace my dearest- until we meet.
Posted by Dennis Asubonteng on June 17, 2016
Wally was an embodiment of a perfect ideal woman. She was fantabulously beautiful in body, mind, and spirit. Her intelligence, diligence, and honesty impressed me very much. I knew Wally to be reliable, discipline, independent and mature, as well as a positive person. She was also kind, caring, courteous, respectful, and very pleasant with a great sense of humor. As a nurse, Wally’s ability to connect with her patients, families, peers, friends, and her passion for providing excellent care and fairness to all, were very impressive. Wally was a true role model among her peers and will truly be missed. Thanks for your friendship, Wally. May your soul be preserved in the blossom of God until we meet again in paradise. Adios my friend!
Posted by Mary Gli on June 17, 2016
Miss Wally, hmmmm! I still don't believe you are gone! You were an amazing person, an angel sent from above. You will forever remain in my heart. Rest in perfect peace angel wally
Posted by Laura Kilo on June 16, 2016
My dearest friend, every morning when i wake up, it is hard to believe that you are gone forever. My heart is breaking into a million pieces and i ask God everyday why you had to leave us so soon. You have left a huge void in my heart that can never be filled. I am so grateful that in your final moments, i had a chance to tell you how much i love you and to say goodbye before you took your last breath. Thank you for that beautiful gift.
The first time i met you, i knew we will be friends forever. We went through so much together and we shared many laughs, many tears and our innermost thoughts. I knew your heart and you knew mine. what will i do without you now? i know i will never have another friend like you again. You were kind and gentle and very caring. You were a loving wife and great mother to your children. they all loved you so much. i can't imagine how they will cope without you.

Thank you my beautiful Rose for your friendship.
I will miss you forever until we meet again.
Posted by Ekude Pendar on June 16, 2016
Dear Wally,

I was in shock when i received news of your passing. You are a very beautiful person inside and out. You always had a kind thing to say when anyone needed a shoulder to lean on or advice. You were extremely caring to all those you met and touched in life. we love you but God loved you most. RIP love
Posted by Trufosa Mekenye on June 16, 2016
Wally, you were not just a boss to me but a mother i never had. Your memories will forever be in my heart. I loved you but God loved you more may your soul rest in Perfect peace. Till we meet again.
Posted by Mildred Kangkolo on June 16, 2016
Sis Wally you had a warm and kind heart from the very first day i met you. You were more than a big sister to me. You went extra miles to make me comfortable so i could stay focus in school. All the times we spent together with the kids, and your siblings; the laughter we shared. If only i knew that i would not have time again with you, not even time to say goodbye...My heart aches in sadness to learnt of such an untimely death. Words can not express how i feel. Thanks for being so much more than a big sister; thanks for being there for me. You will always be in my heart. With all my love, Rest in peace!
Posted by Rawlda Alexis on June 16, 2016
What an amazing person and what a remarkable life. I feel so lucky and privileged that I got to know Wally. A good and generous person who is willing to share good advises and give words of comfort for those who needed it at the right time. I know I will miss your fun and loving spirit so much. The magic of Wally’s touch and sunshine in her smile make it worthwhile, her laughter is a source of joy, her works are warm and wise, her kindness and compassion to be found in those she inspires. Wally, the angels are happy to have your shining star in heaven and I will sure miss you. Love Alexis
Posted by Sandy Zimmerman on June 15, 2016
Dear Wally: THANK YOU for always being an inspiration to me with your smile and outgoing personality. You always greeted me with HEY GIRL which I LOVED, our little talks and just you being you. :) and especially I had to comment every day about your fashionable outfits, in which I will always remember. Thank you for touching the lives of many of us. God truly gained an angel and may you rest in peace.
With love, Sandy xoxoxox
Posted by Claudia Achoja on June 15, 2016
My dear friend, to say I am sad is a gross understatement, I am heart broken, I'm not ready to let you go, but I guess the good lord wants you now. It is hard to believe that you are gone so soon forever. You were so full of energy and life. You were like a sister to me, I will miss you greatly. Above all, rest in perfect peace in the lord until we meet again. Good bye.
Posted by Susan Fletcher on June 15, 2016
Walley you are truely are going to missed. You had the biggest heart, always helping everyone you met. Great spirit, just all around great person . Farewell my dearest Walley. Rest in peace until we met again!!!!!
Posted by Metuge Alobwede on June 14, 2016
Wally, it was a big surprise that you left us forever. I hope you are in a better place. Although we haven't seen each other for so many years, the last thing one could expect was death. Whatever happened, it was God, s decision and I do respect that. May your kind soul rest in perfect peace. Pa Metuge and family.
Posted by Kandi Eliza-ngum on June 14, 2016
Big sister may your soul rest in perfect peace.

Elizabeth Fortibui .
Posted by Jessicah Michira on June 14, 2016
Isaiah 57:1-2 The righteous perish, and no one takes it to heart; the devout are taken away, and no one understands that the righteous are taken away to be spared from evil.
Thank You big sis for allowing your spirit find me at work to come and pay my last respects as you transitioned to meet The one who loved you more than us.
As I watched you take those heavy breaths and finally calming down, I knew when I left the room, I will not see you anymore but I still said I will see you in the morning. I did not want to leave, but I knew your wishes.
Rest in Peace sis, you will live in us and we sure will make you so proud.
Daniella and Gabriella are a reflection of you and watch as they amaze you. As for Nathan, his dream of making a house with an elevator is going to come true for you and Charles.
I am so glad to hear that you are not in so much pain sis.
rest peacefully in the arms of Jesus.
Posted by Myra King on June 14, 2016
Wally is one of a kind. Her spirit and love was for everyone! My family and I loved Wally. She was always willing to help anyone. If you knew Wally you knew her family, her strong faith and that she prayed daily. Wally is in heaven. still smart and BEAUTIFULL. You .will never be forgotten! Love always,  Myra
Posted by Love DaLinda on June 14, 2016
Wally my sister in Christ, my friend,
You left this earth in your own way, quietly and privately.
Like many I wished I could have been there for you because you were always there for me when I need a friend through the good and bad- you were there. You were an unconditional friend!
I will miss our talks but will cherish your spoken words. I will miss you sending me pictures of you and your family vacationing each year on the beach, or at a celebration.
I will missed how your face would light up talking about your children or how tickled you would get telling of something they did that you thought was cute or amazing! They were your heart.
I like many who knew you, I feel blessed to have known you and thank God for gracing me with your friendship!
Only once in a lifetime do you ever meet someone with a genuine selfless heart-you were that person for me.
You were beautiful on the outside but your beauty was far deeper on the inside.
Always giving to others and asking nothing in return. Always inspiring someone's life. You got such joy in lifting others up.
God allowed your angelic presence to touch my life and I'm so thankful.
Gone to soon from this earth but I pray you continue to be a guiding light to your children and to those who loved you.
The Bible describes you well- You were the Virtuous Woman.(Proverbs 31:10-31) A phenomenal woman!
I know when you got to the gates you stood out and God shouted "welcome home my angel!"
"Well done my faithful servant". (Matthew 25:23)
Thank you for being a light in my life. You will be missed but your memory will always be embedded in my heart and others.
Love you my sister/friend.
Posted by Lucretia Jones on June 14, 2016
Wally I guess I was God sent to be the one to care for you. My insides wepting trying to whole back the tears,keeping your word listening to what you where telling me.You're a beautiful person you will always be my angel I miss your smile. The greatest wife,mother,friend and encourager. I just want to thank you like you said to me when we last spoke together.
Posted by Agnes Stewart on June 13, 2016
Wally I will always love you as a sister. You were and will always be a part of me. My heart is so heavy and my mind is in shock. I know that Father God does not make mistakes and we are all on loan from him. Many thoughts are going on in my head. I thinking about your husband and children whom I know you loved very much. As they love you and I am sure are devastated too.Why didn't I know how seriously ill you were Wally. I am sooo heart broken and sad with your passing. I know God calls home the very BEST when they are young. He has better plans and was in need of your precious soul...I will always love you and will be here for your family if the needs arises. Take care my beautiful sister until we meet again. I will always love from the bottom of my heart.❤️
Posted by Hilda Akkum-Hayden on June 13, 2016
Earth has one soul less,
And Heaven, one angle more.
wally - you fell asleep without goodbye.
Time may pass away, but memories of you will always stay.
In God's care you rest above, In our hearts you rest with love.
Words are few, thoughts are deep.
I remember when we were kids in primary school/ Small Mankon and Church Center, respectively.
We parted for a while, as we took different paths.
But re-United, again, when you moved up station with your first husband.
Then you left us again, on transfer to Y'de.
I later learned that you travel to the U.S.
When i came here, i was hoping that we'll meet again someday, but we never had the chance. And now you're gone.
God Bless and keep you in His care, until we meet again.
Posted by Caro Nkembe on June 12, 2016
Big sis "Mami" just missing u so much. I'm comfortable because u're in a better place. your gentle and peaceful nature, the most generous being I've ever met here on earth. Precious memories of u will for ever remain in my heart miss u so much "MAMI".
Posted by Sharon Romero-Smith on June 12, 2016
Wehhh! darling Wally, heart aches so much just thinking I can no longer hear your sweet, comforting and loving voice...ohhh!.why so soon dear?...why did you leave us like this... I would've loved to be beside you, care for you and love you...why didn't you give your friends a chance to do all the beautiful things you do for everyone else...wehhhhhh!... I will forever miss you my one of kind sister and friend
Posted by Fidelia Tidze on June 12, 2016
Wally my dear sister, I was blessed growing up with you and it was a blessing re-uniting with you again in the United States. All these years combined, you gave me the privilege to enjoy the kindness of your heart.I didn't miss any opportunity also to show you I care. This exemplary memory will stay with me forever. I'm proud of the legacy you've left behind. I will miss you. May the good Lord welcome you in his arms.
Rest in peace Mamie.
Fidelia Tidze.
Posted by Stella Che on June 11, 2016
RIPP Sis.Wally,You were a kind,very cheerful and very funny Big Sister.I just loved and admired your demeanor.What I can offer is just to continue to pray for you,your mom,sisters and brothers and most importantly for your Dear husband and the young kids you have left behind.Sleep well Sis!
Posted by Christie Aganifor on June 11, 2016
Wally my dear, I may not know you that much but as a Lesan you are my sister. Listening to your darling younger sister Relindis Vando Fofung talking about you in tears, gave me an inside look at the pretty person you were. it was heartbreaking watching her say all these beautiful things about you and at that moment I felt as if I have known you for ever. Your ways as I understood was gold. You are beautiful inside and out. Oh what's life...hmmmm. My darling sister may your perfect soul rest in peace. As much as friends and family are missing you, God needs you most because you would've still been here with your lovely family and friends if God didn't say your work on earth is completed. Farewell beautiful lady till we meet. RIP
Ma Christie Galabe Aganifor
Posted by Gladys Ambe on June 11, 2016
May the souls of the faithful departed through the mercy of God Rest in Peace, Amen. Wally this is not what we planned, God decided for you to be with Him so soon than be closer to us. We called you "mama eehh" because you were always there for us, u loved us like your children, U were there for me when I needed a sister to talk to. God love you most. I will forever miss u my sweet sis. You went to be with the Lord on the eve of my Birthday for a reason. Love you and Go in Peace.
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Posted by Jessicah Michira on June 19, 2019
Forever missed big siz
Posted by Elian Mambo on June 3, 2019
Sister Wally it's been exactly 3 years that you went to be with the lord but it's still like yesterday. .Big sis you were such a gem, the short time that I knew you , you showed me nothing but love. I know you are in a better place now, continue to Rest In Peace and keep watching over the family you left behind especially your children. Love you always big sis
Posted by Mildred Kangkolo on June 3, 2019
dear big Sis, 3years already....still like a dream that you moved on. I still have sooo many unanswered questions about your passing away; but I guess it was the will of God.I will always cherish the times we spent cooking and braiding the girls hairs! your good works lives in our hearts forever! May your gentle and kind soul continue to rest peacefully in the Lord! Gone too soon!!!!!
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Shared by Geraldine Oyebog Ndip on February 2, 2019


Today would have been your 54th birthday. How time flies. I miss you girl and will always love you. Until we meet again sister.