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The day God took you back

September 11, 2014

The nights drug on into the days and seemed like weeks,
It was only ten days...then last ten days I would see your face,  hold your hand,  comb your hair....
Nurses from hospice kept telling us "it won't be long" and as Mother and I looked at each other and agreed that it will take as long as he wants it to as he is a stubborn man and only he and God will decide when it is time to say Goodbye.

Travis needed to be at the airport on 9-11 at 5 am but had decided to be dropped off the night before so that I could stay at the home with you for the night as I had been doing since you returned from the hospital.  I dropped him off at the airport at 9pm that evening....

Harliquin and I returned to the nursing home around 11pm,  blanket in hand for another long night...but something was different....Harley was very aggitated and kept vigil by your bedside with her muzzle on your hand...every difficult breath you took awakened her to a faint cry but she would not leave your bedside or my side.
As we watched the 9-11 memorial service,  Amazing Grace began to play.
Harliquin alerted me to your status change and as I watched ....there was no more chest rise, no more breath were gone.

God had chosen to take you home, to free you of your pain and award you eternal life in our hearts and memories.

As the Hospice nurse checked for a heart beat,  I snickered a little ...she ask if I was ok and I said yes....but explained to her that your last testiment to us was the time in which you passed....never to be forgotten!  9-11-11 at 9:11am

I took your hand and prayed the Lord's prayer and prepared your body for the funeral director as your soul was already ascending.

After they took you away, I sat in the room with a feeling of such a void....I will never see your face again,  I will never hug you again...I will never hear your voice again....until I closed my eyes.....memories starting filling my heart and mind and it reminded me the wonderful life you provided me

A week later I returned to the funeral home and was handed a bag....An American flag and you "in a box." and yet another condolence from the funeral director.

As Emily and I packed up the Jeep and prepared to head back to Pa,  it was a quite we entered Interstate 95,  Emily said well "this is Pap's last highway run" and thus the trip back home to Pa would be your last run....we cried as every flat bed eighteen wheeler passed us on that open highway.

Finally you were layed to rest not far from the streets you called home as a child. Your spirit is not there but for us,  it is a place to go to "feel" closer to you,  to share the weeks happenngs,  share yet another "Coney Island" hot dog....

Today marks the third year since you passed but seems like yesterday.  
I am at ease knowing you are in no more pain and that I have yet another angel in Heavan to look down upon me.

I love you Dad,

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