Let the memory of Warren be with us forever.

This memorial website was created in memory of my brother, Warren V. Mayo....

Warren transitioned from this life at the age of 53 on November 14, 2018.  He was born to Benjamin Paul Mayo and Jane Amelda Mayo on October 25, 1965 just minutes behind his twin brother Benjamin Paul Mayo II.   

We will keep the loving memories of Warren in our hearts and prayers forever. He is survived by his wife Allison Kimmins, step-daughter Brielle Kimmins, grandson Liam Kimmins, niece Asia Mayo, brother Benjamin P. Mayo, sister Marlene Mayo-Tripplin and her husband Darryl Tripplin.

Posted by MEGAburner 2.0 on 4th December 2018
Warren was someone that I looked up to when I was growing up, he was an amazing role model and lived a life of virtue and excellence. You were always generous and kind to me and my brothers, your humor was a little bit on the corny side but you were always 100% genuine. I am grateful to have known you personally. I will always remember you Warren as a highly intelligent, educated, successful, and a accomplished man who left us way too soon.
Posted by Peter Luquer on 25th November 2018
A few days ago, I had posted this on Facebook. My public acknowledgment of grief. I regret not making his memorial. Warren was a man true to himself. If he didn’t know who he was, he sure fooled me. Love to Warren, his family and all our mutual friends. A note for my roommate, Warren Mayo. My roommate sophomore year at B.U. was Warren Mayo, an affable good humored fellow from Metuchen, N.J. We proved odd but decent roomies sophomore year. Me, a wild, ner do well, class skipping miscreant, paired with a level headed, scholastic by comparison. We would laugh at our disparity. Still, we enjoyed our respective wits and laughed with (and at) each other for laughing at similar stupid stuff. To whit, a memorable exchange one day, on a porch in Allston at a keg party. Enlarging upon the argument about a woman’s right to choose and birth control (this was 1986 after all), I claimed to be “pro-fi lactic” to which Warren replied, “I’m con-dom.” We giggled over this for a while, and pathetically continued to giggle about it pretty much forever, which, over time, became all the funnier since we realized how pathetic it was we found it funny to begin with. Such is the odd way one bonds with another. I also worked for Warren at his first Company, Securities Research Group. Warren was extremely practical and had a gift for reducing complex thought to simple analogy. This gift was apparent for many of us who attended his “tutorials” cramming for exams. Warren was our communal tutor and scholastic mentor. He had an unusual combination of humor and an enviable way to simplify a complicated world. Many reading this who knew Warren will get that. He was a smart man and I always envied his ability to cut through the distraction and get straight to the point. We will ALL miss Warren. Rest peacefully my friend.
Posted by Elizabeth Gilliam on 25th November 2018
Iam still in shock and words are so hard for me right now. I was so encouraged when last summer me and my children were visited by Warren and his beautiful family. He was always in touch with us but trying to get physically together was difficult. My children had not seen their first cousins in so many years. Warren was a teenager when I came to their home in Plainfiled with his first cousin Eric V. Mayo. Uncle Ben got my husband a job in New York I remember. Warren Bennie and Marlene and Aunt Jane made Eric and I feel like we were home whenever we came. Warren had such a sense of humor. He and uncle Ben would keep us laughing. Oh I longed for that for my Sons to see their Mayo family and we were honored to visits with Warren and family over the summer. Such Joy just to look each other in the eyes and remember great time and to give The Mayo History. Something I learned Warren made a point to do. I, thank God for the reunion. So looked forward to staying in touch family. Warren, A Jewel, will be Forever Missed, but Never Forgotten. Rest In Peace Dear Cousin.
Posted by Kristine Allen on 25th November 2018
What I absolutely love about my cousin is his ability to make us laugh. Watching him go to battle with my uncle Ben was crazy funny...kept us in stitches. Mama jokes, jokes about the family or while watching boxing between commercials we couldn't wait to see what the two of them were going to say!
Posted by Marlene Tripplin on 24th November 2018
As you may know Warren would do anything for his friends and family. You would simple ask him and his reply would always be "A Piece of Cake"..... That's my brother. His ability to help anyone especially friends and family was something you could rely on. He would always come through for you. No matter how small or complex the favor was Warren made it seem as if the favor was just that for him.... a piece of cake. His warmth and kindness will be forever missed.

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