Brothers Forever!

Shared by Ronald Tippie on May 19, 2019


Ron and Wayne were born in Sacramento, CA in 1941 and 1945 respectively.  We moved to Davis, CA mid to late 1940's and grew up there.  We lived in the country on 2 acres of land about 3 miles outside of town.  We had a great time growing up in the country.  Some of my reminisces are as follows:

Staking The Garden-Wayne would never let me forget the time we were helping Dad put in a garden and we were helping him put up stakes and string as an outline.  I told Wayne to hold the stake while I proceeded to hammer the stake into the ground.  Well, I missed the stake and hit Wayne on the top of the head sending him to the hospital with blood gushing everywhere.

Raising Rabbits-mom and dad were trying to be self sufficient in feeding the family by having a garden, chickens and rabbits.  Wayne and I were amazed at how fast they kept multiplying but really enjoyed eating them.

Sliding Down The Driveway-we used to have endless fun by putting the hose at one end of the concrete driveway and turning on the water.  We had the ultimate endless water slide and drew all the kids from down the street to join.

School Bus Blues-we took the bus to school.  We were the last to be picked up and were in school within 15 minutes.  However, on the return trip we were the last to be let off taking at least an hour for the trip.  I can remember us grumbling how long it took to get home.

Enlisting In The military-in 1960, Wayne and I went to Oakland for our selective service/military physical examinations to qualify for enlistment into the military.  I qualified and joined the Navy in March of that year.  Wayne was disqualified because he was 1/4 inch too tall at 6' 6 1/4" and went back home.


After I got out of the Navy in 1964, and eligible for the GI Bill for education, I convinced Wayne it was time for us to go to college.  We decided to go to college together in Sacramento, while still living in Davis.  We both agreed to take the same classes together and car pooled with another friend for 21/2 years at American River Junior College and 21/2 years at Sacramento State University.  We graduated in 1970.


One year in Australia-in 1966, we decided to take one year off from school and travel to Australia.  I had heard great stories of Australia while in the Navy and decided it would be a good time to take a break.  Wayne was 22 years old.  We booked passage on P&O Lines and cruised on the SS Oriana from San Francisco to Sydney, Australia in a 16 day trip.  We traveled through Honolulu, Suva, Fiji, Aukland, New Zealand and then arrived in Sydney.  We rented an apartment overlooking the Sydney bay with a great view of the water and town of Manly.  We took a motorcycle with us that had California license plates and everywhere we went a crowd formed wanting to talk with the Yanks and our Yank Tank.  Wayne really enjoyed this trip and returned to Australia for his 50th anniversary a few years ago.

Wayne The Chef-A lot of people don't realize that Wayne became a very good chef that year in Australia.  Back then, he would go to the individual stores for meat, dairy, greens, etc.  It was the time of the small grocer.  Wayne's Beef Stroganoff still conjures up good memories of his cooking.

On The Beach At Manly-We would go to Manly Beach every day from  8 to 4.  We would take a break around lunchtime and walk across the street for our counter lunch at our favorite pub.  We would always order a pint of beer(25cents) and the crumbed pork plate(85cents).  So a very good lunch and beer could be had for a little over a dollar.

Toned, Tanned & Tough-After a year of this living this is what we became.  I wish we had pictures but the only one I remember is both of us on Manly Beach right after we arrived.  Unfortunately it has been lost to time.  We were in a pub in late 1966 or early 1967 when we heard that Ronald Reagan had just been elected Governor of California and one his first acts was to raise the tuition of the California State school system.  After about a year in Australia, we realized that it was time to get back to school and finish our last 2 years at Sacramento State.


After graduating in 1970, Wayne and I both got job offers while in school.  We both were offered jobs as management trainees with Sea-Land Service, Inc., a growing ocean container transportation company expanding in the Far East.  Both of us accepted a position, but due to nepotism regulations only one of us could be accepted.  Since I was a military veteran, I was accepted.  Wayne accepted a position with Hartford Insurance in San Francisco and pursued a career in insurance.  We always kidded each other about careers in the shipping industry vs the insurance industry.


Kid Brother Syndrome-while growing up I must have treated Wayne to a host of little brother indignities be seen and not heard, don't bug me while I am playing the pin ball machines, while talking with my buddies, etc.  While I don't recall these episodes, they were burned into Wayne's memory and instantly recalled upon our walks down memory lane.   

Spudnut Donut Shop-this was my hangout in Davis starting at about 15 years of age.  I would go there to play the pin ball machines, listen to Elvis on the juke box, talk cars with my buddies and see the girls.  Mom would always tell me to take Wayne along.  We would ride our bikes to the shop and the first thing I would do, according to Wayne, is to put him into the booth furthest away and not talk to me.  I was not very nice to my kid brother.

Middle Years-we grew apart in the 70's, 80's and 90's.  Wayne was firmly established in his insurance career and living in Los Angeles with Linda.  I was living in Chicago and then in the 80's moved to Asia for 4 years and then back to Chicago.  We just didn't stay in touch as much as we should have during that period of time.

Later Years-in the last 20 years or so, as we lost our parents and started to realize our own mortality, we started to become closer with frequent phone calls and family get togethers for weddings and other special events.

Regrets-I have many- I realize now that the time we spent together in our later years was fleeting at best.  Since Wayne and Lindy enjoyed cruising, I regret we never planned a cruise together to spend time on his favorite recreational pursuit.  On that cruise, there would have been the Scotch and Cigars extravaganza.  Wayne loved his Scotch and Cigars.  And so do I.  We will have to have a final Scotch and Cigars toast to my brother at his funeral.  He would have wanted it so.


Through all the turmoil of growing up together, I loved my brother.  Yes, we fought and disagreed over things, but recovered and always moved forward.  I was very proud of Wayne and his accomplishments.  He raised three wonderful boys and was very happily married to Lindy.

He had a successful family, career and friends.  Not a bad life, after all.

Cousins forever!

Shared by Mike Seaters on May 14, 2019

My memories of Cousin Wayne!

I always wished I could have spent more time together but our lives ended up on opposite sides of the earth.  We were in Europe for 24 years working away.  

 My sister, Ethel, remembers Ron and Wayne visiting our farm in Orangevale, CA when they were small boys.  Irene always had the boys all cleaned up and dressed in spotless clothes.  My brothers and sister, being a little older, couldn’t wait to get the boys all dirty on the farm, playing in the mud with the animals and riding our old horse, Paula!    

 I have lots of fond memories together with Cousin Wayne when we were growing up.  We would visit them in Davis occasionally.  Wayne, being 4 years older than I, would play games with me on the front room carpet and I would laugh so hard that I would pee my trousers and have to run to the bathroom.  

I remember taking Wayne deer hunting and frog gigging in about 1966.  I remember driving back into the Black Oak patch (hunting camp) outside of Red Bluff, CA with Wayne on the back of my Honda 90 trail bike at night.  We laughed and had quite an adventure for the entire 6 miles on the 4-wheel drive trail with large boulders and steep mountains to drive over.  Wayne being 6-8 tall with his knees touching his chin the entire trip.

I remember staying a couple days in LA with Wayne in 1972 while I was interviewing for a job right out of college.  I remember going to Busch Gardens together.   

On a business trip to London in 1986, Wayne took a 2-hour train ride to come visit us at our house in Yorkshire, England (see the photos in the gallery).

Wayne was responsible for helping me decide which college major to select.  I remember him suggesting this brand new field called Computer Science.  I did it, thank you Cuz!    

God Bless, Cousin Mike!

You are my hero now and forever

Shared by Brian Tippie on May 1, 2019

You were my hero, my mentor, my dad. you were always an inspiration to me growing up and will be forever. I love you dearly and will be missed beyond words.

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