Moms urn

Shared by Scott Lumbert on October 1, 2017

So this is the urn we got for my mom. It says "Small pleasures make the sweetest memories" and is covered with butterflies. My mom has always lived a simple life and the simplest things always made her happiest. She loved butterflies and as a child I remember her, my brother and I would lay on our back deck sun bathing. My mom would sing a song she made up it went "butterflies, butterflies come to us." and at the beginning of summer all of the butterfly cocoons at the edge of the woods we lived by would hatch from their cocoons and there would be hundreds of butterflies everywhere and they would come and land all over us and our deck. I'll never forget that summer we spent many days out on that deck we sang and laughed, and laughed some more. It was such a simple thing but it meant the world to all three of us. Out of all my memories from when l younger this is one that I hold most dear and reflect back on often. To this day when I see a butterfly it reminds me of my mom and how much she loved my brother and I and of that amazing summer and the precious moments we shared. I Love you Mom R.I.P.

flower boat

Shared by Scott Lumbert on October 1, 2017

So I made this little flower boat to put my moms ashes in so that her ashes wouldn't blow back on us during the release.

scattering ceremony

Shared by Scott Lumbert on October 1, 2017

So whenever My mom lost a loved one, friend, or pet. she would play a song by Ozzy Osbourn called see you on the side. so we thought it only fitting that we play it for her when we scatter her ashes. so we went to the lake for the scattering ceremony and half way through the scattering ceremony the song switched to judas priest's you got another thing coming (which was another of my moms favorite songs). My mom would have her husband Jay play this song everytime they would leave on a road trip, vacation, or just a drive to the store. so I want to believe that the switching of the song and to that song of all 1121 songs on my phone was her way of saying she's off to set out on a new adventure. 

State shoot

Shared by James Rice on September 10, 2017

WE where at the kentucky state shoot. I had just finished shooting doubles and she wanted a picture of this moment. We had a great time like we always did at most shoots we went to. The shoots just won't be the same with out her. Loved walking off the line and seeing her face lit up. Made me proud to see her enjoy her self so much.

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