Let the memory of William (Butch) be with us forever
  • 67 years old
  • Born on March 19, 1944 in Chicago, Illinois, United States.
  • Passed away on August 2, 2011 in Dewey, Illinois, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, William (Butch) Becker 67 years old , born on March 19, 1944 and passed away on August 2, 2011. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Shannon Becker on 21st December 2018
Daddy another Christmas without is almost here noone celebrates anymore .I just want you to know I think of you everyday and I Miss you so much. Give everyone a hug for me tell them all Merry Heavenly Christmas.Love you
Posted by Shannon Becker on 19th March 2018
Happy Birthday Daddy I love and Miss you so much.
Posted by Shannon Becker on 2nd August 2017
Can't believe it's been 6 years, I miss you so much. We all miss you, my grandkids are getting older . I wish that you could of gotten to know them all, the last one is Kelleys little girl she's 3 now. But I show her pictures and I tell her this is your papa. We all make sure they all remember you. I love and miss you so much.
Posted by Tabitha Becker on 2nd August 2017
Six years already can you believe that?!? Still miss you as much as I did six years ago. Wish you were here to see the girls grow up Kira misses you so much! Jocelyn was only four months when you passed but we talk about you often so she knows how great of a person you were. WE LOVE YOU & MISS YOU till we meet again RIP <3
Posted by Shannon Becker on 1st October 2016
Dad today your first grandson is getting married we all wish you were here to share this beautiful day but your here in our hearts we love and miss you
Posted by Kira Becker on 10th September 2016
I am really sad that I didn't get to say bye to you and it's been really hard for Meemaw grandma me and the rest of the family I really miss u a lot I can't wait to see u again and even more fun then we did when I got to see u ☹️
Posted by Shannon Becker on 20th March 2015
Happy Birthday Dad Mom and I spent the day in Chicago I Love And Miss you so much
Posted by Kristina Becker-Reyes on 4th August 2013
Only if u could have stayed my heart wouldn't ache in so much pain. Only if u could have said goodbye it would be easier to accept that u are gone:-( in 3 days it will be 2 years since the day I had to say goodbye it was so hard to look at u in the casket. Growing up I never thought about u leaving cause I knew the pain was just to much, the pain will never go away. I just wish u stayed<3u
Posted by Shannon Becker on 3rd August 2013
Well Dad Mom and I had a great day yesterday, we went to navy pier we released some balloons for ya.But I still wish you were here with us we already have next year planned out . Well Dad Im sending my love to you I miss you more and more everyday .I Love You
Posted by Kristina Becker-Reyes on 2nd August 2013
2 long years u went away I would give everything just to have u back. I miss u more then words can say I just wish u could come back and stay:-( our family is a mess only if u were here to bring us all back together. I love and miss u so much<3
Posted by Shannon Becker on 1st August 2013
Hay Dad well tomorrow its going to be 2 years that to heaven. I miss you more and more everyday. Mom and I are going to spend the day in chicago your old stomping grounds , Oneday we will all be together again until that day just know we love and miss you.
Posted by Andy Becker on 17th May 2013
Pop, I really have been thinking about you alot lthese past days. I don't know that your getting these messages but I guess it is theraputic to put the words out there. The reason I am not sure you don't get the messages is Mom is not there to turn on the computer for you! I just wonder about you and miss you! Love you Pops!
Posted by Andy Becker on 19th March 2013
WOW Pop, 69 years old! Happy Birthday Pops! It is really hard to believe your not here! I miss you and love you! Kep watching over Mom, I know she is still missing you more and more everyday! Love You
Posted by Susan Calabres-Becker on 19th March 2013
happy birthday honey as i sit here thinking of you and trying to understand why you left like you did i can only tell you i miss you everyday.and so does your dog .Please be waiting at the gates for us when our time is up.I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND MISS YOU WITH EVERY BREATH I TAKE .TILL WE MEET AGAIN 3LITTLE KISSES
Posted by Kristina Becker-Reyes on 19th March 2013
Happy Birthday Grandpa! I wish u were here life isn't the same w/o u! I miss ur jokes I miss ur voice ur laugh what I wouldn't give to have u back. There is a part if me missing it won't be the same till we are all together again. Keep watching over us and keeping us safe<3 until we are together again! I love and miss u everyday more and more!
Posted by Susan Calabres-Becker on 2nd August 2012
Well its been a year today that you left without a good bye.I know how tired you were but if you only knew how much i was going to miss you maybe you would have stayed a little longer.I am doing the best i can without you but I miss you everyday.Today shag and i went to chicago and released balloons for you from all of us.Hope you know how much your missed 3 little kisses LOVE SUSIE
Posted by Shannon Becker on 2nd August 2012
Well It's a year ago today that God took you away from us. I miss you so much, Mom and I are gonna spend the day in Chicago going to some of your favorite places. I wish you were still here with us,but we will meet again up in heaven.I love you Daddy.And I miss you every single day.
Posted by Kristina Becker-Reyes on 2nd August 2012
Grandpa u have been gone for 1 year now it still feels like yesterday I got the phone call. I miss you so much wish u were here to tell me when Im doing wrong. Cause life is not the same w/o u. I love u and can't wait to see u again u hate hugs but I'm giving you a big long hug.
Posted by Kelley Becker on 2nd August 2012
Its been a year since you been gone. I miss you everyday so much. You will be proud of me I graduated High School and Started college. Grandma is doing alittle better. and I know jingles still miss you like crazy. God took a very good man from our family so I hope he had a very good reason to. Well I love and Miss you very much and wish you still her. R.I.P Grandpa ♥
Posted by Susan Calabres-Becker on 9th July 2012
Well on thursday 6-29-12 Ireleased you in Raccoon Valley in Tenn.It wasalmost as if you were ready for me to let your spirit go.I felt at peace like a saddness was lifted from me.I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU AND WILL LOVE YOU TILL WE MET AGAIN WHEN EVER THAT WILL BE I WILL BE READY. I LOVE YOU JUST WISH I COULD HAVE MY 3 LITTLE KISSES.
Posted by Kristina Becker-Reyes on 21st November 2011
Its almost Thanksgiving our 1st one without, Its going to be a hard day but I know u are there with us in our hearts. I miss u so much our family is drifting apart since u left. I love u with all my heart and soul.
Posted by Susan Calabres-Becker on 25th August 2011
Posted by Kristina Becker-Reyes on 25th August 2011
Today I was thiking of our trip when we went to Tennessee, We had a good time and my Husband just had to pick the nasty motel lol u started out in the truck then came in by us. I miss u so much not aday goes by that I dont think of u.
Posted by Kelley Becker on 25th August 2011
Wow, i don't even know what to say, i still don't want to believe your really gone..I miss all of the names you had for everyone. I hope to hear you walking or your TV up really high were the whole house could heat it, but it don't happen I love and miss you very much!♥
Posted by Andy Becker on 24th August 2011
I guess the song "Gone to soon" Says it All! XOXO Miss You POP!
Posted by Kristina Becker-Reyes on 23rd August 2011
God saw the road was getting rough, The hills were hard to climb He gently closed your loving eyes And whispered Peace be thine. The golden gate stood open He saw you needed rest. He took the best it hurts so much with u gone and we all love and miss u more then ever. R.I.P Papa.

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