our brother

Shared by Marlena Baca on May 8, 2011

our mother had 4 children billy the oldest, johnny second to the oldest, dora and me marlena.

we will always remember our childhood and it was a good one we had the best mom and dad in the world and billy and johnny and dora and me had the best childhood and it was fun to be growing up with my brothers and sister.


love you billy

your with mom now and she welcomes you with open arms.




easter memory 1997

Shared by Marlena Baca on April 21, 2011

i remember this easter very well because it was the first easter we had after our mom and dad passed away.

Billy drove out from las vegas to have easter with us over Dora's house and Johnny came to we all were there our kids and we just sat around Dora's dining room table talking and laughing so much and remembering our growing up and being together and it was just so nice.

It was very special because we were all together on a holiday and that was special to me that was my memory .


Brother and Sister Working together

Shared by Dora` Patsos on April 21, 2011

When I was 16 years old and still in school, I worked during summer vacation at Baker Shoe Store in Santa Ana where Bill was the manager.  This was a ladies shoe store and Bill always dreaded the first day of a huge sale.  I remember one time that just before he unlocked the doors, there were at least 10 women waiting to come in.  I stood behind the cashier counter and the minute he unlocked the doors, there was mass confusion.  Women were running through the store looking for their size and as he was trying to fit a shoe on a customer, another women had a shoe in her hand and was hitting him on the head asking him if that shoe came in her size.  I had a terrified look on my face but at the end of that day, we just sat and laughed at the whole thing.  We had a lot of good times and lots of laughs.

Those were the best of times.  

Love Your Sister, Dora

My Memories

Shared by Marlena Baca on April 21, 2011

The memories are still in my head and i can go back to when i was 10 years old and i rememer billy my brother always being with me taking me places and watching us when Mom and Dad were not there.

I remember every holiday he would stay over nite and i would get so excited cause we were all together my sister dora and my other brother johnny and billy cause we would wake up in the morning and share it all together.

As i got older we all moved away but billy was only a phone call away and we still visited and talked and enjoyed the holidays and each others conversations.

We had our differences as any brother and sisters would have but we always said i love you at the end of every conversation and goodnite or goodmorning.

I am going to miss those talks we had on sunday nites but i will always remember the memories.

love you billy your sis mar.


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