Let the memory of William be with us forever
  • 39 years old
  • Born on June 19, 1976 .
  • Passed away on June 1, 2016 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, William Klug 39 years old , born on June 19, 1976 and passed away on June 1, 2016. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Jensie Caguimbal on 20th June 2017
A husband, father, professor, and friend that will be greatly missed. Touching lives that will forever remember a good man. Rest in heavenly peace and may the family and friends be blessed as they continue to mourn this tragic loss. May the memories of him be the greatest legacy as well as his young children.
Posted by Cheryl Hein on 3rd June 2017
I attended the luncheon on Thursday as well and was very moved by the remembrance talks and the sense of a very large loss that we are still growing in understanding of in both the personal and professional worlds that were Bill's life - the loss of a key "network hub", as Prof. Eldredge posed it. Mary Elise was especially moving when she explained the tokens she designed and gave to each of us - a wooden guitar pick with a linux command prompt (symbolizing two passions of Bill's) followed by the 'command' "best self" (I posted a photo of the 'become your best self guitar pick' here.) Mary Elise challenged each of us to honor Bill's legacy by doing what he did and inspired others to do each day: to strive to be and to become our best selves. What a perfect way to capture what it was to know Bill Klug, to honor his memory, and to carry forward his legacy! Thank you, Mary Elise for your quiet, fierce sharing of your insights and your love.
Posted by John Kim on 1st June 2017
Just attended a luncheon in memory of Bill at UCLA, where Mary Elise gave a moving speech, reminiscing her days with Bill. Also saw Bill's photo with his vintage charming smile! Almost every day I pass by your old office, and I cannot help but recalling your big charming smile. Bill, keep on watching your family and us, with a big smile, wherever you are now.
Posted by Lihua Jin on 21st June 2016
The day before the incident, Bill still sent me long emails to explain the resources at UCLA. He not only told me the factors, but also shared with me lots of his own experience. Bill, I don't have the fortune to be your colleague, but I believe your spirit will always be spread in the department.
Posted by Ali Hatamizadeh on 14th June 2016
Professor Klug was one of the nicest and most approachable professors that I have ever seen. I went to his office a couple of times to ask questions about my research and his guidance was indeed helpful. I was also surprised by how eager he was to help me during these meetings, even though I was not his student. I remember that even one time, he took the time to search his old notes to find a stiffness matrix which would work for my problem, and finally he photocopied some pages and handed them to me while I was in his office. I am sure that his memory will always be with us. My prayers are with him and his family.
Posted by Alan Edwards on 13th June 2016
Here at UCLA and here in CASIT we lost a dear colleague that was part of the solution. My daughters and I extend our deepest sympathy in this difficult time especially to his family, his friends, his immediate colleagues, and his students.
Posted by Adam Zlotnick on 13th June 2016
I met Bill about 7 years ago and was immediately impressed. He was the sole engineer at a conference on viruses, working to connect two very different fields. He gently but firmly disagreed with a very august scientist who was not particularly used to being disagreed with. I saw him last this fall, and we talked about challenges. He was a remarkable scientist but also a remarkable person to just sit and talk to about the future. He will be terribly missed.
Posted by Yong Chen on 10th June 2016
With memories of a loving colleague and teacher. Bill lived a full and active life, always caring for people and students in need. He loved being with his students and taught many things, and his passion was an inspiration to all who knew him. He is dearly missed.
Posted by Felix Schweizer on 10th June 2016
while I never met Bill, I know that he left a lasting impression through his teaching and humanity. Time will not heal the wound, but it will allow you to live with the active memory of Bill, crying, laughing and taking solace as well as getting guidance.
Posted by Argus Sun on 10th June 2016
Had the opportunity to interact with Bill as a graduate student, exchanges with him influenced my dissertation research as it approached it's final stages. Wish I had the opportunity to work more with him.
Posted by Diane Morgan on 10th June 2016
Our hearts are heavy with sadness as the world has lost an amazing man, although Heaven has gained an angel. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family. May they find peace and comfort as they begin to heal. ~ Family of Justin Morgan, MS-CS 2016
Posted by Alexander Sodt on 10th June 2016
Bill was generous with his time with me. He gave me important help with a problem. I will always remember him.
Posted by Michael Hagan on 9th June 2016
Bill was a great scientist, and also one of the most fun, kind, and generous people I have ever met. Although I only got to see him at virology conferences, hanging out with him was always the highlight of being at a conference. As one example of his generosity, when he discovered that I was interested in learning to surf, he drove home (two hours each way) to get a surfboard and wetsuit so that he could teach me. I will miss him dearly, and I can’t find words to describe what a loss this is for all of us, and most especially for Bill’s family.
Posted by Jensie Caguimbal on 9th June 2016
What a great loss for all of the family, friends and students that he knew and loved. A loss that no one at UCLA will ever forget. Such an unfair and horrible death to a young professor, father and husband. Lord, bless him in Heaven, hold him in the Palm of Your Hand. Let him rest in peace and await the meeting of his loved ones when they are reunited in Heaven.
Posted by Rodger Thomason on 9th June 2016
The loss of this brilliant young man was so tragic. My thoughts are with his family. Rodger UCLA Alumni School of Engineering 1982
Posted by Krystina Johnson on 9th June 2016
Professor Klug taught my first "real" engineering class at UCLA. He was the perfect personality to engage early engineering students and made us feel like we could take on the challenge of the program. A great inspiration for a generation of students.
Posted by Keenan Burt on 9th June 2016
Words can't express the extreme sadness I feel at the passing of Professor Klug. He was an incredibly nice guy and extremely passionate about student learning. I fondly remember the different ways he made engineering exciting like making a FEM to show the collision between a baseball and bat. I can honestly say that if not for professor Klug, I would not be where I am today. In a place where I often didn't speak to my professors at all, he took the time to get to know me personally. For that I am extremely grateful. Sending thoughts and prayers to his family
Posted by Eugene Fotinich on 9th June 2016
Deeply saddened by the horrible event that happened in my Alma Mater and took a life of a young and bright professor. We did not meet, but my thoughts are with you. Rest in peace, William...
Posted by Eric Chiou on 9th June 2016
I feel very sad that we loss you. I still remember the moment we received the CAREER award together, the time we got promoted together, and the time we share our research ideas in the meeting and in the hall way. I will miss you.
Posted by Chris Lynch on 9th June 2016
You will always be with us. The lives you have touched in your short time have left the world a better place. You are sorely missed.
Posted by Jaime Marian on 8th June 2016
Those basketball games and lunch outings that we had while we were both at Caltech will be a treasured memory that I will always carry with me. Also, I will be forever grateful for your generosity when I first came to UCLA, providing encouragement and practical help. I feel immensely fortunate to have been able to know you. Your memory lives on Bill, we'll never forget you.
Posted by Mohamed Abdou on 7th June 2016
We have all come to know you as outstanding teacher and brilliant scientist who cared so much about his family, community, colleagues, and students. I will never forget your friendly face and shining smile everytime I saw you.
Posted by Cheryl Hein on 7th June 2016
Dear All, I want to first share the note, below, that was sent, on the evening of June 1st, to those among our extended CASIT family who knew Bill or were aware of his incredible contributions to our Virtual Tissue research project under Dr. Benharash. We meant it for all who join us here, too, as we come together in our grief and would add that this site will also, especially, help us come together in celebration of his life. Thank you to Greg and the MAE department for creating this site. "Dear Colleagues, We extend our sincere condolences to each of you for our shared loss on this tragic day. It was with the greatest sorrow that we learned that our mutual colleague, William Klug, was taken from us earlier today in the shooting on the UCLA campus. We are deeply shocked and heartbroken that his vibrant life was cut short. We have few words for such a terrible loss and are reaching out in fellowship so that none of us need remain alone in our grief. We extend our deepest sympathy in this difficult time especially to his family, his friends, his immediate colleagues, and his students. Sincerely, E. Carmack Holmes, MD Erik Dutson, MD Areti Tillou, MD Peyman Benharash, MD Cheryl Hein Center for Advanced Surgical and Interventional Technology (CASIT)"
Posted by John Kim on 7th June 2016
Oh your charming smile, Bill, it has been etched in my memory, and I will miss it dearly. Many times, especially when I ran into you very early in the morning, your smile has brightened my days. Want to let your kids know that their dad had touched his friends and colleagues happier simply with his charming smile. I also recall that you sometimes came to work after early morning surfing, and I told myself, wow, what a southern California life! Your life has been cut short, but it seemed that you have lived yours to its fullest. Rest in peace, Bill.
Posted by Adrienne Lavine on 7th June 2016
The things that stood out the most for me about Bill were his gentle spirit, his decency, and his great integrity. I will miss Bill for these attributes and many other characteristics that have been noted here by others. My heart goes out to his family for their tremendous loss.
Posted by Dennis Hong on 7th June 2016
Sending healing prayers and comforting hugs to all. We shall miss our colleague and friend who will never be forgotten.
Posted by Mitchell Spearrin on 6th June 2016
As the newest faculty member in MAE, I only had a few short conversations with Bill, but he impressed me as kind and very willing to share his experience. Having learned more about him in recent days, it is clear Bill achieved a soft-spoken authority and balance of work and family that I will strive to model.
Posted by Jack Johnson on 6th June 2016
Bill was a gifted engineer that brought his talents to virus structure and function. I had the privilege of knowing him for a decade and always looked forward to meetings with him. We last met in January, 2015 at a Gordon Conference in Ventura and his ideas on bacteriophage maturation were exciting. Few things have moved me more than this tragedy. Inexpressable sadness for his loss and the grief that his family has to endure. Such a huge loss for so many. RIP Bill.
Posted by Mohanchandra Panduranga on 6th June 2016
Time may pass and fade away, But memories of you will always stay.
Posted by Nasr Ghoniem on 6th June 2016
Your memory will forever be etched in my mind. Your brilliance, humanity, friendship, and smile will never be forgotten.
Posted by Tsu-Chin Tsao on 6th June 2016
The first time we met thirteen years ago I was immediately impressed by you and Mary-Elise -- the young couple that are bright and smart with a touch of wit and low-key profile. Rest in peace Bill.
Posted by G Carman on 6th June 2016
It is hard to find the words that adequately convey my thoughts but I will try. Bill Klug made our department a better place to come to work every day. More importantly Bill was able to find that perfect mix between spending time with family and conducting state of the art research that advances our society. In engineering speak, he understood that the world was made up more than two discrete bits of memory and you did not have to be an up or down spin but you could truly have states in between, i.e. balance between family and research. Bill you will forever be missed by all of your colleagues and hopefully we can find that balance you so successfully achieved. Take care my friend.

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